Sex Dream Analysis


To dream that you've committed adultery means that you could have sexual desires or be sabotaging yourself. This likely comes from the root of your subconscious mind. You could be drawn into an issue that is not within your best interest such as a legal situation.

To dream that your mate or spouse has cheated means that you have concerns about abandonment. You may sense neglect within your own relationship. You could also feel as though you're not living up to what others want from others.

To dream that you are cheating with your friend's friend means that you're probably feeling forsaken by your own self.

Anal Sex  

To dream about anal sex symbolizes compliance and obedience. You harbor concerns about revealing your inner thoughts and emotions to others for fear of experiencing pain.


To dream of participating in bestiality with an animal larger than yourself indicates a feeling of powerlessness within a sexual relationship, and an unconscious desire to dominate a partner whom you believe is more powerful than yourself.
Dreaming of dominating an animal smaller than you may indicate a power imbalance in your intimate relationship that you are not comfortable with.
To dream of watching bestiality and enjoying the experience may indicate a wish to 'tame the wild beast' within yourself. Dreaming of bestiality in any form shows a personal power issue that is on the verge of being resolved.

Birth Control  

*Please See Contraceptive.


To dream that you bisexual, when you are not in your waking life, is a suggestion that you are holding back your needs and desires related to sex. Perhaps you are unable to communicate these needs properly. You may be perplexed or bewildered by your masculinity or femininity.


To dream about being in bondage represents segments of your feelings or being that are monitored too closely or that are being subdued. You might feel that the circumstances surrounding you have captivated you and you require more expression of the self. In a sexual aspect, bondage within dreams signifies your wish to be dominated or that you have yet to address deeper sexual desires.


To dream of an unwrapped condom suggests that you are experiencing issues related to sex. Perhaps you are worried about becoming pregnant or contracting a disease as a result of a sexual encounter.

To dream that you or your partner is wearing a condom may imply that you are comfortable and secure with expressing and exposing your emotions to your partner. 


To dream of using or seeing a contraceptive implies that you are reluctant to expose your thoughts or emotions. Perhaps you are embarrassed or afraid of how others will view your imaginative ideas and inspirations. It may also reflect fears such as pregnancy or a STD.


Our universe presents opposites and contradictions, thus making it so unique and vast.

To dream that you are a hermaphrodite refers to having opposite characteristics in your personality and indicates a sense of balance.


To dream of impotence implies a general pressure to perform, but particularly in the workplace. It is possible that there is a situation occurring in which you are being emasculated; your unconscious is alerting you to the importance of regaining your power at this time.


*Please See Sex.


To dream that you are masturbating implies that you have hidden fantasies and requirements regarding sex. It suggests that you should satisfy some inner personal needs. Perhaps you should try harder to strengthen the bond between you and your significant other.

To see others masturbating indicates that you are nervous about expressing your inner feelings and emotions. You feel restricted. It's possible that some aspect of your life isn't gratifying enough. This dream doesn't always have a sexual meaning, but it may be indicative of some issue or association in your life. 

Oral sex  

To dream of oral sex suggests eagerness to provide or accept gratification and happiness. It is a representation of your artistic vigor, and reaffirms that you are taking the correct path in life.

The dream may also be a retort on discussions about sex. You may have to articulate your sexual wishes and desires to your lover. It is also possible that your dream of oral sex is an actual manifestation of your sexual fantasies.

A dream about you performing oral sex on yourself symbolizes a yearning for self-satisfaction.


A dream about ovaries indicates uncertainty about fertility and motherhood. You may be nervous about your performance as a parent. You may also be curious what it would be like to have a child. Ovaries also symbolize potential and success in a new life.


To dream of watching pornography suggests your concern for control, vigor, potency, and staying power in a sexual relationship. You may have doubts about your sexual performance, or you fear exposure of your inadequacies.

To dream you are in a pornographic film indicates a desire for more exciting or extraordinary sexual experiences. It implies lust and wish fulfillment.


To dream you are pregnant signifies growth and development in your personal life. You may find that you are unprepared to act on it or to even discuss the matter with other people. It may also symbolize the birth of new ideas, projects, directions, or goals.

To dream of being pregnant with a dying baby suggests that your hard work is suddenly doomed to fail. It denotes anxiety over things that are unfolding in ways you never expected.

A pregnant woman having dreams of her pregnancy usually conveys her worries in various stages of her pregnancy. First trimester dreams are usually consist of small creatures, furry animals, flowers, fruits, and water. Second trimester dreams usually cover birth complications and self-doubt about motherhood. You may also dream of giving birth to a non-human baby. Finally, in the third trimester, you tend to dream of your own mother.

When a man dreams of getting a girl pregnant, it is a warning that serious consequences may result from his sexual activities.


To dream of being raped suggests a subconscious desire to be sexually abused or humiliated. You might be conveying a hidden desire to be violated, conquered, or forced.
Some women secretly wish to be sexually overpowered without being battered. Also, it may indicate hatred and ill-feelings toward the opposite sex.

Alternatively, it indicates you are feeling violated or your well-being and self-esteem is being impinged. Your dream may also be a sign that you are being forced to do something against your will.

Dreams of rape are mostly experienced by actual rape victims. The dream is usually a manifestation of their traumatic encounter.

To witness a rape being committed denotes sexual incapacity or ambivalence.


To dream of behaving sadistically may be enlightening you to a suppressed feeling of anger or rage. Note who or what you are hurting or wanting to hurt and examine your conscience for truth in connection with your everyday interactions.

To dream of being attacked with malicious sadism indicates there is an implication of guilt over wrongdoing in your life. You need forgiveness.


To dream of sex represents teamwork, stability, serenity, fulfillment, affection, harmony, matrimony, relations, and adoration. All aspects of your life are in perfect balance. It can also denote that you are satisfied with your home life.


To dream of sperm represents productivity and male aspects of the personality. It also indicates the possibility of progression and expansion.


To dream that you are a transsexual signifies your fears and confusion as to how you should rightfully behave. You show reservations in dealing with some emotional issues. If you are planning to undergo transsexual surgery, then the dream represents your anxieties about the procedure, recovery, and post-surgery.

To see a transsexual in your dream implies that both the feminine and masculine side of your personality is in disarray. You may be reluctant to discover yourself.

Venereal Disease  

To dream that you have venereal disease symbolizes an imbalance in your sexual desire and/or self-confidence. There may be an emotional or physical problem giving you anxiety over your sexual performance or self-esteem.
To dream that others have venereal disease indicates a fear of sex or a fear of becoming vulnerable to others.


Voyeurs are typically afraid to face their own sexual needs and desires. They find themselves feeling ashamed and embarrassed by them. As a result, they tend to hide themselves from relationships.

To dream that you are watching someone means that you should consider what you are hiding yourself.




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  • सुलेमानी हकीक एक ऐसा चमत्कारी पत्थर है जो आपको लोगो की बुरी नजर से बचा कर रखता है । आपका व्यवसाय काला जादू या टोना - टोटका की वजह से मंदा चल रहा है तो सुलेमानी हकीक पत्थर उसका काट कर देता है और व्यवसाय में बढ़ोतरी होती है ।
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  • सुलेमानी हकीक राहु, केतु और शनि द्वारा आ रही बाधाओ को दूर करता है और व्यक्ति को सफलता मिलने लगती है |
  • आपको सुलेमानी हकीक को मध्यमा उंगली (middle finger) में धारण करना है व चाँदी की अंगूठी में धारण करना है व सीधे हाथ में करना है | सुलेमानी हकीक को धारण करने का दिन शनिवार है और फिर आपको इसको हमेशा पहने रखना है उतरना नही है |
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आपका पता व फ़ोन नंबर ई-मेल कर दे |

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  • आपको सुलेमानी हकीक कौरीयर सर्विस या स्पीड पोस्ट से भेजा जायगा और ट्रॅकिंग नंबर दिया जायगा |
  • आपको अपना पता  देना है और आपके पते पर सुलेमानी हकीक आपको भेज दिया जाएगा । 

    आपको सुलेमानी हकीक 5-6 दिन में मिल जाएगा ।

Price :

Enerziged Sulemani Hakik Gemstone Rs. 650/- (No extra shipping charges) 

सुलेमानी हकीक की कीमत सिर्फ Rs. 650/- है और भेजने का कोई शुल्क नहीं है । 

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व्हाट्सप्प पर वो ही व्यक्ति संपर्क करें जो सुलेमानी हकीक खरीदना चाहता है क्योकि दूसरी बातो का जवाब व्हाट्सप्प पर नहीं दिया जाएगा ।

You can wear gemstones in neck as pendant/Locket or in fingers as ring.

Auspicious Day, Metal and Finger in which you should wear your Gemstone

Ruby (Manik):  Wear on Sunday, Gold or Copper, Ring Finger
Pearl (Moti): Wear on Monday, Silver, Little Finger
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): Wear on Thursday, Gold, Index Finger
Diamond (Heera): Wear on Friday, Silver or White Gold, Middle Finger
Red Coral (Moonga): Wear on Tuesday, Gold or Silver, Ring Finger
Emerald (Panna): Wear on Wednesday, Gold or Silver, Little Finger
Blue Sapphire (Neelam): Wear on Saturday, Gold, Middle Finger
Hessonite (Gomed): Wear on Saturday, Gold or Silver, Middle Finger
Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya): Wear on Tuesday, Gold or Silver, Middle/Little Finger

Before wearing any gemstone you need to purify and energize it.  If you powered your gemstone properly then it can increase the benefits and power of a gemstone greatly.

Mostly this procedure is only done by the experts.  The experts call this procedure ShudhiKaran and Praan Pratishtha of the gemstone. 

In case if you do not have any expert/pandit with you then you can follow simple method of it.  You need to wash your gemstone on its auspicious day with GangaJal (Holy Water) or with raw Milk in a small bowl and after this step you need to recite “Gaytri Mantra” x11 times and blow on it, now your gemstone is ready to wear.  If you are Muslim then recite "Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem" x11 and wear it.

If the above method is not possible for you then you can do this method:  Just go to a nearby temple and tell the Pujari (priest) to put your gemstone in legs of Lords for few seconds and now your gemstone is ready to wear.

Some gemstone causes some mental and medical side effects which usually can last for 10 to 15 days after wearing it for the first time.  It takes some time to adjust so you need to keep wearing it.

Ruby (माणक)
Color of Gem : Reddish
Nature of Gem : Hot
Metal to be used : 
Minimum weight : 5.00 carat/3.00 Carat
Planet it represents : Sun
Sub-stones : Garnet, Star Ruby, Sun stone, Red Agate

Diseases : Blesses a person with good health problem, 
relieves headaches, indigestion

Yellow Sapphire (पीला पुख्रराज)
Color of Gem : Yellowish
Nature of Gem : Cold 
Metal to be used : 
Minimum weight : 2.90 Carat
Planet it represents : Jupiter
Sub-stones : Golden Topaz, Smoky Topaz, 

Lemon Topaz, Citrine
Diseases : A destroyer of diseases and negativity. 
Should be worn for a healthy body and mind. 
A cure for jaundice, diarrhea, cough, phlegm, 
respiratory and chest-related problems. Particularly 
recommended for those desirous of being blessed with children.


Pearl (मोती)
Color of Gem : Off-white
Nature of Gem : Cold
Metal to be used : Silver
Minimum weight : 3.50 Carat
Planet it represents : Moon
Sub-stones : Moonstone, Opal
Diseases : Cure for tuberculosis, 
cough, bile, phlegm, dehydration, diabetes. 
Improves memory, cures insomnia, uterine disorders,
breathing and digestive problems. Improves  general health, 
enhances complexion, beauty and charisma.


Red Coral (मून्गा)
Color of Gem : Reddish
Nature of Gem : Hot
Metal to be used : 
Minimum weight : 3.00 Carat
Planet it represents : Mars
Sub-stones : Orange Agate
Diseases : Helps in cure of anemia, allergies,
inflammations, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia,
measles etc. Cures malnutrition and inadequate 
or slow development in children. Prevents abortion, 
miscarriage or other pre-natal complications. Cures 
mysterious diseases and blood infections & impurities. Stops nightmares.


Emerald (पन्ना)
Color of Gem : Greenish
Nature of Gem : Hot
Metal to be used : 
Finger for wearing ring : Pinkie finger
Day & Time of wearing : Wednesday, Morning
Minimum weight : 5.00 Carat/3.00 Carat
Planet it represents : Mercury
Sub-stones : Peridot, Jade, Onyx, Green Agate
Diseases : Improves eye-sight & memory, cures 
stammering, reduces psychic fears, fickle-mindedness & harshness 
in speech. Improves control over brain & nervous system, 
digestion, liver, lungs, tongue & vocal chord. Is used as a cure 
for hyperacidity, hepatitis, ulcer, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia,skin problem etc.
Caution : Emerald is not recommended for those suffering from allergies, 

skin disorders, or epilepsy.


Diamond (हीरा)
Color of Gem : Transparent
Nature of Gem : Hot
Metal to be used : 
White Gold
Minimum weight : 0.25 Cents
Planet it represents : Venus
Sub-stones : White Sapphire, Zircon
Diamond is the King of all precious stones, and 
considered the most beautiful, durable and precious of all.
Diseases : Most effective cure for sexual weaknesses, 

sex-related problems and diseases of private parts. 
Strongly recommended for sexual vigor, vitality, power & energy. 
Cure for diabetes, STD, skin diseases, insomnia. Increases longevity.
Caution : Bad Diamonds produce negative energy and cause ailments, 

tensions & depression. Should be of very good quality, 
with pro-active positive spiritual energy. Only an Expert 
Spiritualist or Astrologer can distinguish between  Diamonds with positive or negative rays.

Blue Sapphire (नीलम)
Color of Gem : Bluish
Nature of Gem : Very Cold 
Metal to be used : 
Minimum weight : 3.00 Carat
Planet it represents : Saturn
Sub-stones : Lolit, Lapis Lazuri, Turquoise, Amethyst,
Gun metal, Black star
Diseases : Protects the person against risks of accidents, 
mishaps, disaster, and any unforeseen calamities. Heals 
ailments like vomiting, nausea, headaches, body pains, boils, 
allergies, abscess and hypertension. Grants relief from mental 
agonies, miseries and frustration, and is known to cure alcoholism 
and bad eating habits. Can cure heart disease in some cases.
Caution : Blue Sapphire should be worn only under guidance and 

after consultation of an expert Gem Therapist. Extra care and caution 
is required to carefully watch and monitor it's affects.


Hessonite (गोमेद)
Color of Gem : Rust Brown, Deep Brown
Nature of Gem : Cold 
Metal to be used : 
Silver, Penta Alloy
Finger for wearing ring : Middle finger
Day & Time of wearing : Wednesday, Morning
Ideal weight : 5 Rattis
Planet it represents :  Rahu (Dragon's Head)
Sub-stones : Amber
Diseases : Cures diseases of Rahu and Saturn. 
Increases appetite and vitality. Improves general health and well-being.

Cat's Eye (लेह्सुनिया)
Color of Gem : Two color
Nature of Gem : Very Hot
Metal to be used : 
Minimum weight : 4.00 Carat
Planet it represents : Ketu (Dragon's Tail)
Sub-stones : Chrysoberyl, Eagle eye, Tiger eye
Diseases : Cure for allergies and skin disorders. 
Relieves tensions and fears, and cures psychological 
dysfunctions like mania, schizophrenia, depression etc. Helps cure paralysis too.


Date of Birth
Lucky Number
Lord of Number
Your LuckYGem
Sun (Surya)
Moon (Chandra)
Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Yellow Sapphire
Dragon Head (Rahu)
Mercury (Budh)
Venus (Shukra)
Diamond, W.Sapphire
Dragon Tail (Ketu)
Cat’s Eye
Saturn (Shani)
Mars (Mangal)

Gemstone Available

You can contact me if you want to consult about wearing gemstone or want to purchase any gemstone.  I provide all types of gemstones. All gemstones are "Abhimantrit" by me.

Ruby (Manik)

You need to wear Ruby gemstone in your right hand's ring finger on Sunday in Gold Ring.
Price Of Energized Ruby ( Manak ):   Rs. 700/- 


Pearl (Moti)

You need to wear Pearl gemstone in your right hand's little finger on Monday in Silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Pearl ( Moti ):   Rs. 500/- 

Coral (Moonga)

You need to wear Coral gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Tuesday in Silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Coral ( Moonga ):   Rs. 500/- 

Emerald (Panna)

You need to wear Emerald gemstone in your right hand's little finger on Wednesday in silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Emerald ( Panna ):   Rs. 700/- 

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

You need to wear Yellow Shapphire gemstone in your right hand's index finger on Thursday in Gold Ring.
Price Of Energized Yellow Shapphire ( Pukhraj ):   Rs. 700/- 

Topaz (Sunhela)

You need to wear Sunela gemstone in your right hand's index finger on Thursday in Gold Ring.
Price Of Energized Sunela:   Rs. 500/- 

White Zircon

You need to wear White Zircon gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Friday in Silver Ring.
Price Of Energized White Zircon :   Rs. 250/- 

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

You need to wear Blue Sapphire gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Saturday in gold Ring.
Price Of Energized Blue ( Sapphire ):   Rs. 700/-  

Kathella or Neeli (Alternative/Substitute of Blue Sapphire)

You need to wear Katela gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Saturday in silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Katela:   Rs. 500/-  

Hessonite (Gomed)

You need to wear Gomaid gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Saturday in silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Gomed :   Rs. 400/-  

Cat's Eye (Lahasunya)

You need to wear Lahsuniya gemstone in your right hand's middle finger on Saturday in silver Ring.
Price Of Energized Lahsuniya :   Rs. 350/-  

Email :

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