Formation of palm lines

Formation of hand lines:

The human body is composed of molecules in motion arising out of conglomeration of several biochemical reactions. This continuous process sets in the generation of electrical charges in the human system. It is appropriate to quote Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa who compares this mechanism of electricity and its generation to a flash lamp: "If you go to a shop and buy a battery for your flash-lamp you get a container with a zinc case and a carbon electrode in the center - a piece of carbon, perhaps as thick as a pencil - and a collection of chemicals packed tightly between the outer zinc case and the central carbon rod. The whole affair is quite moist inside; outside, of course, it is dry. You put this battery in your flash lamp and when you operate that switch you get a light. Do you know why? Under certain conditions metals and carbon and chemicals react together chemically in order to produce something which we call electricity. This zinc container with its chemicals and its carbon rod generate electricity, but there is no electricity within the flashlamp battery; it is, instead, merely a collection of chemicals ready to do its work under certain conditions.

The brain generates electricity of its own. Within the human body there are traces of even metals such as zinc, and of course we must remember that the human body has carbon molecule as its basis. There is much water in a body, and traces of chemicals such as magnesium, potassium, etc. These combine to form an electric current, a minute one, but one which can be detected, measured and charted."

Thus we recognize the existence of an electric field in the human body which brings about electromagnetic induction. This is precisely what is called personal magnetism. This electricity is generated in the brain, the center of the nervous system. Thinking about the different organs of the human body it is the hand that has a larger number of nerves that connect the cerebrum and the hands are seen to he in a highly developed state and act as transmitting agents of ideas, thoughts and feelings in an inexplicable fashion. The impressions whatever, from the brain arc chiefly carried with the help of a nervous fluid more subtle than electricity; it is these impressions that make special marks on the palm in the form of lines, rays, crosses and others.

Misconception about their formation: 

There is a prevalent mistaken notion that these lines are left there on the palm because of the folding of the hands. But the truth is that these lines are clear enough even at the time of the child's birth. If at all they are formed on account of folding, there can be only horizontal lines. But we find that vertical lines are formed when we do not fold our hands in a manner that cause the formation of vertical lines on the palm. []

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