Knots in Fingers In Palmistry

Knots in Fingers In Palmistry
 If a person has fingers carrying clear knots (if the joints of the fingers are very obvious to eyes and touch), this denotes a very analytical approach and a very inquiring mind that asks a thousand questions about everything. It seems that they have X-rays fitted into their eyes and it becomes very difficult for them to digest any information without asking questions about it. They live in a world of reason and logic. They can be good in analytical pursuits like philosophy, mathematics and science.

On the contrary if a person has supple fingers (when touched the joints in them don't look prominent and coming out), they tend to fill the gaps of their knowledge not by asking questions of others, but rather by telling themselves the possible answers of those questions.

For example, if there is an accident on the road then a person with knotty fingers would ask questions like 'when did it happen?', 'how many people died?', 'whose mistake was this?' and so on. But a person with supple fingers would tell himself possible answers such as, 'I'm sure it happened in the night', 'the car is crushed so the driver is definitely finished' and so on. Now you just need to check a few hands to verify it. []

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