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Position of Life Line - Palm Reading

          It starts from mid way between the thumb and index finger, that is from below the mount of Jupiter and lower Mars area, covering Venus area in a semicircular way, and finally terminates at the end of the palm, that is wrist girdle. (See Fig. 59) This line is present in hands of almost all the persons. In India it is called `PITRI REKHA' and in Western Countries as 'The Vital line or life line'. In Indian Palmistry it is also called as `Pitri Rekha', `Gotra Rekha', Wool Rekha' and Thriti Rekha'. It is the most vital and significant line and scholars have written a lot about this line. If any palmist can clearly determine exact life span of a person. his reputation will rise multifold, and entire humanity will remain indebted to him. This line signifies longetivity and health status of a person and it also covers various aspects of human life. It also guides about rise and fall, physical capacity, types of diseases to which a native is bound to be inflicted. I am of the firm view that all the lines on a hand indicate about various aspects of a native's life and if this life is not in order, nothing else could even be in order, because events exist or occur when one is alive. Hence determination of exact, at least, near about age is the most important factor in hand-reading and resultant prediction.

I have examined hands of thousands of persons and have correctly predicted the past events through reading of life line. Not only past, but events of present and future life can also be disclosed. There is hardly any person who does not have any life-line which denotes life span of a person. If it can guide about a native's life span, it also guides us about the diseases likely to befall him. As a glaring exception to the above facts, I have come across only one hand wherein the life line was non existent; as can be confirmed by the following figure (Fig-60) This native was simply breathing so to say, there was complete absence of vital force and living like a dead body, as if body is a burden for him. Such a person can die at any moment. But, if thumb is strong and brain line is also good, then the native can remain alive for a limited period, as thumb and brain line partially compensate the damage caused by absence of life-line. If thumb and life-line are strong, the native gets a lease of life. All said and done, there is no method by which we can foretell exact time of death or his exact span of life but can certainly tell him about the danger to life at a specific period of life. However it is also a fact that a native does have a life-line, even if it is faint and weak, but it does provide life-line. But in the absence of life line, entire energy gets focused and centered around/in the blood vessels but if nerves are also weak or imperceptible, life can come to an end at any time. 

 Position appearing in figure — 60, rarely occurs in one out of two Lakh hands and it is also possible some palmists may not have come across such a case, even once during their life time. 

Many misconceptions exist about the life-line. If we carefully look at the above figures we can get confused and may take Saturn line as the life-line (Fig 6I ), consider other effective and dominant line as the life line (Fig 62). In figure —63, line of Saturn is also discharging functions of the life line, but the point at which real life line ends, it is followed by Saturn line —actually this is the life line and the inner line supports the life line, as the supporting line is quite powerful and effective. One aspect must be borne in mind this. In all conditions, it is the life-line that causes emergence and formation of mount of Venus, but does not proceed upwards or near about it." 

Inherent life-line

Natural course of emergence of life-line being that it lies on one side of the palm towards the thumb) and engulfs the zone of Venus in a semi-circular form. (See figure — 63) 

Source: Wonders of Palmistry

Heart-line intersected by marriage-line (Death of the life partner) - Palmistry

If marriage line declines or bends to such an extent that it touches or even proceeds ahead after intersecting the heart-line, it is an indication of widowhood. Such a life partner passes away in the presence of his/ her spouse.  You need to check other signs on hand also before reach to a conclusion. 


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Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

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Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

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