Friday, March 4, 2016

Lalaaṭ kee rekhaaen

Haath kee rekhaa_on ke atirikt aapake mastak kee rekhaaen bhee bahut kuchh bolatee hain. Yah baat alag hai ki saamaany taur par inhen najar andaaj kar diyaa jaataa hai. Agar haath kee rekhaaon ke saath mastiṣk (lalaaṭ) rekhaa_on kaa bhee adhyayan kar liyaa jaae to bhaviṣy jaanane men aur bhee aasaanee rahatee hai,tathaa praamaaṇaikataa bhee asndigdh rahatee hai.

Isakee pahachaan nimn prakaar se hai.

1- lalaaṭ men baalon ke neeche jo pahalee rekhaa hai vah shani rekhaa hai.
2-isake neeche vaalee rekhaa guru rekhaa hai.
3-teesaree rekhaa mngal rekhaa hai.
4- chauthee rekhaa kaa svaamee soory hai jo maan-sammaan aur yash pradaan karataa hai.
5-mastak kee paanchaveen rekhaa kaa svaamee shukr hai jo aapako jeevan ke saare sukh upalabdh karaataa hai.
6- chhaṭhee rekhaa ke svaamee budh hain.
7- saataveen rekhaa jo in sabake neeche hai ,vah chndr kaa sthaan hai. In rekhaaon ke atirikt daahine netr ke ooparee bhaag men uṭhee huii ek chhoṭee see rekhaa soory rekhaa kahee jaatee hai aur baaiin taraf aisee hee rekhaa chndr rekhaa kahee jaatee hai.

Shani rekhaa- yadi shani rekhaa seedhee ho to vyakti buddhimaan hotaa hai aur agar yah ṭeḍhxee-meḍhxee ho to chidchide svabhaav kaa hotaa hai.

Guru rekhaa-yadi yah seedhee ho to jaatak iimaanadaar hotaa hai parntu ṭeḍhxee yaa ṭooṭee ho to vah anaitik kaary karane vaalaa hotaa hai.

Mngal rekhaa- yadi yah rekhaa seedhee hai to vyakti ko sabhee kṣetron men safalataa milatee hai ,parntu ṭeḍhee-meḍhxee ho to har kaam men asafalataa kaa saamanaa karanaa padtaa hai. Soory rekhaa-yadi yah rekhaa seedhee ho to vyakti buddhimaan tathaa jeevan men safalataa praapt karane vaalaa hotaa hai. Yadi yah ṭeḍhxee ho to lobhee aur knjoos hotaa hai.

Chndr rekhaa- yah rekhaa seedhee hai to jaatak buddhimaan,chatur tathaa sookṣmadarshee hotaa hai,parntu ṭeḍhxee-meḍhxee ho to kamajor dimaag vaalaa maanaa jaataa hai.

 Shukr rekhaa-yah rekhaa seedhee ho to jaatak saty path par chalane vaalaa tathaa samast prakaar ke sukhon ko bhogane vaalaa hotaa hai. Isake vipareet rekhaa chhinn-bhinn ho to prem ke kṣetr men badanaam hotaa hai.

Budh rekhaa- yadi budh rekhaa seedhee hai to vyakti safal bhaaṣaṇa dene vaalaa aur saamane vaale ko prabhaavit karane vaalaa hotaa hai. Yah rekhaa ṭeḍhxee ho to vah asatyavaadee tathaa dhokhebaaj hotaa hai.

Anya chinh

1-lalaaṭ men trishool hai to vyakti deerghaayu hotaa hai.
2- jisake lalaaṭ men seep jaisaa chinh hotaa hai vah adhyaapak tathaa aadarsh vyakti hotaa hai.
3- lalaaṭ par neelee nasen dikhatee hon to vah vyakti khoṭee neeyat vaalaa hotaa hai tathaa bharosemnd naheen hotaa.
4-mastak par svaastik ke chinh vaale karodpati hote hain.
5- chhoṭee lalaaṭ vaale log mndabuddhi v dhanaheen hote hain.
 6-oonche mastak vaale raajaa ke samaan jeevan vyateet karate hain.
7- golaakaar lalaaṭ vaale knjoos hote hain.
8- jinake maathe par arddhachndr ho ve prasiddh udyogapati hote hain.
9- maathe par vajr yaa dhanuṣ kaa chinh spaṣṭ dikhaaii de to vyakti atul snpatti kaa svaamee hotaa hai.
10- trishool v shnkh ke chinh vaalaa vyakti atynt saubhaagyashaalee hotaa hai.


Send Me Your Palm Images For Detailed & Personalized Palm Reading

Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?
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Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

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Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:- 

  • Your Gender: Male/Female 
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Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

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Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

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Client's Feedback - DECEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.