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Palm Reading Number Of Relationship

Marriage Line In Palmistry

The marriage line exists on the Mercury mount of the palm just below the little finger. This line starts from outer side of palm towards inner palm. Thick marriage line refers as good heath and wealth of the partner. Thick and clear marriage line which is curved toward heart line is known as the best marriage line. Marriage line as referred below in succeeding paragraphs, are with problems in married life.

Fork marriage line

Fork on marriage line appears either on the starting point or at the end point. The
fork on the starting point of marriage line indicates separation of partner at the early age just after marriage. There are many social circumstances which cause separation of partner, i.e. it may be due to the job of both partner at different locations .
    If fork appears at the end point of marriage line, the separation of partner would take place at the old age. This may be due to separation of children, where one partner goes with one child and another lives with second child .

Love marriage line

Love marriage line is positioned at different location of the palm ( to know about love marriage line, please read will I do palm reading love ).

Curved marriage line

Curved marriage line when touches the heart line, then the death of partner occurs due to illness.  But when this downward curved line does not touch the heart line then the married life remain quarrelsome. The opinion of both the partners never matches and they always quarrel with each others on silly points.
    When marriage line gets curved upward at the end point, the person does not marry in his/her life. He/she thinks marriage as a futile aspect of the life.

Spot and Island on the marriage line

Spot and island if appears on the marriage line, it indicates married life with full of hurdles.

Two marriage line

It happens in many cases that two marriage lines appear on the palm. In this case if the both marriage line are equally thick in the both hand palm, then two marriages are sure. But in case if one line is thick and another is thin, then thick line indicates about marriage, whereas thin line shows affairs.

Breakage on marriage line

If any breakage is noticed on the marriage line then it can be said as it is clear case of divorce .

Cross intersection on marriage line

Cross intersection on marriage line indicates the breakage of marriage or the illness of the partner.

Which palm should to look for marriage line?

Generally the right hand palm reflects the current status of the corresponding lines. All the lines of right hand palm get minor changes after certain period due to the traveling of planetary dasha/position. However, marriage line on left hand does not change; hence it would be appropriate to look right hand palm for marriage line. If the right hand palm shows a defective marriage line, then left is to be referred if the both palm are showing same defect, then the corresponding problem would happen in life. In case there is black spot on the marriage line of left hand palm but right hand palm is showing good line, then nothing bad would happen to the partner.

Marriageable age according to marriage line

Marriage age as per the marriage line in palmistry can be calculated with the following method.
  1. Measure the distance from heart line to the root of the little finger.
  2. Measure the distance of thick marriage line from heart line.
If the marriage line is positioned in the center, then marriage would take place after the age of 28 years. But when the marriage line is adjacent to the heart line, it indicates an early marriage. The distance of marriage line from heart line indicates the age of marriage. In case, if the marriage line is available adjacent to the root of little figure, this type of line is meaningless, since the marriage after 60 years of age do not serve any purpose. In some of the countries people do marry even after the age 60 years also, hence these parameters are applicable for them.
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