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Interpreting dreams is tricky business because the things that you see in dreams are highly symbolic. If you see an ex-friend, your dream may not be about your ex at all, but about the time in your life or the personal characteristics that ex represents. Likewise, a terrible car wreck or teeth falling out might represent a loss of control in your life, and not those terrible circumstances actually coming to pass. By now, you've hopefully collected a number of dreams in your journal. I've also asked you to highlight any dreams that did turn out to be precognitive and literally came to pass so that you can note any patterns regarding when they occur.

You should also have been circling nouns that might be symbols, and tallying them up on a page. Take a look at the symbols that appear most often in your dreams. They may be people such as a spouse or a parent, or they may be common everyday objects like cars or telephones. YOU might even notice particular building structures as themes, such as narrow hallways, doorways, or bridges. You might notice particular weather or certain times of day in which your dreams appear to take place. Choose just one of those symbols and turn to a page in your psychic journal. Write the word across the top and start brainstorming meanings. The meanings for the word can be well known cultural meanings or meanings that are personal to you due to an experience you've had in life. Try to draw any parallels between why this symbol was in your dream and what's going on in your life right now. If you can't find the connection, choose another word that appeared in a dream and analyze it in the same way. Now analyze those two words together. Does a new meaning pop into your head when the two terms are juxtaposed? Leave plenty of blank space on the page in your notebook. Chances are that some of your symbolic meanings will change over time as you have more life experiences with those things or as you start to notice patterns in your dreams that make the meanings more clear to you.

*Go through your dream journal and try to interpret a few recurring symbols.

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