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Ever since humans have been walking upright, the hands have had no other purpose than to feel and manipulate the immediate surroundings. 

Once freed from use in four footed walking, the hands soon started fashioning tools. The tools then increase the hands’ effectiveness even more. This trend has evolved to the point now where a simple push of a button can operate a huge machine doing the work of many hands.

Difference Between Male and Female Hands

Over the eons some differences have evolved between the hands of both sexes. Man, the hunter, has developed a stronger grip and larger grasping area than the female. Typically a man can grip approximately 90 pounds, and possibly increasing up to 120 pounds with special training. The female’s grip is approximately half as strong but is more precise in movement. The male’s strong grip evolved in primeval times as the men made tools (and weapons) and used them to hammer, twist, tear, cling, and carry. The male’s power grip is achieved by opposing the whole thumb against all the fingers at once. The female developed a more delicate and precise touch and control for gathering foods and tending the children. This led to thinner and more flexible fingers, and use of the digit tips rather than the whole finger surface. Since the Stone Age these differences have been a major factor in determining the physical division of labor between the sexes for best survival.

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