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Rare Tantric Plants in Mountains - Astrology

Astrology and Ayurvedic Plants in Mountains
There are many plants in the mountains which are very beneficial to mankind and are used in or as medicines. The same plants are very useful in Yantra and Tantra.

We provide below a few plants with their uses.

1. Amarkantiki
This plant is available in India between Ranikhet and Bhuwali and also in the mountains of Russia. This plant is about four feet in height and its girth is about 2 feet, roots 6 to 8 inches deep, its leaves are pointed and thorny. In winter, the plant has good growth, whereas in summer the leaves wither away. The colour is green.
In case one takes the juice of the roots of this plant, one is cured of bronchitis, palpitation of heart and gasping, body weakness etc. If one takes this medicine or juice of leaves for six months continuously, the weakness in sexual power is removed and one leads a happy life and looks much younger in age. This is specially useful for old age. In Russia, this is very widely used. Its root when put in water turns the water colour yellow. This water cures many diseases.
Another use of leaves of this plant is that the juice of its leaves, passed through the process of calcination, (i.e. reducing metals to ashes in a hole in the earth) is used as medicine for one weak, removes old-age signs, sexual power is increased and man looks very youthful.

2. Mayurkand
The plant is found in Kulu-Manali area, the people of this area worship this plant. Its roots, trunk and leaves all can be used. It cures rheumatic pains, cancer, brain fever and other diseases, grey hair turns black through its use.
This plant is three to four feet in height and looks like a Tulsi plant.
If its roots are powdered and taken regularly for two months, the dark skin scales off and a fresh red skin appears, which removes all oldage wrinkles and makes the user look young. Ladies can use the juice of its root to retain their beauty. The face shines and black rings round the eyes are commonly seen to vanish and the lady becomes young and attractive.

3. Rudra Vanti
The root of this plant is very useful. Diphtheria, cough, cancer, weakness of organs, gastric and other diseases connected with the belly are cured. The paste of its leaves, if applied on the head for 3 days, cures baldness and hairs grow black in colour. The growth of ordinary hairs is increased, specially for ladies. The falling of hairs is stopped. The root and leaves can be used to cure any pain or defects in joints and bones.

4. Aam Tari
This plant is found around Dehra Dun and Mussouri area and in Lal Tiba area of Mussouri. It is barely four to five feet in height, has small leaves, which shine in the darkness.
Its leaves are soaked in water for three days and then ground to a paste. If this paste is applied on the face, hands, body etc. all wrinkles will vanish to make one look young. The powder of its dried roots, if used for a month, will change grey hair to black. Ladies who do not concieve or have irregular menses or face abortion can be cured through its leaves.

5. Kali Tumbi
This tree is found in the jungles of Rajasthan, the mountains of Manipur and near Gangotri. Its fruits are like coconuts, which fall after they become ripe. Of these fruits, the black fruit is rarely found. Actually this is very useful for Tantric Sadhanas. The seed of the Kali Tumbi is rubbed in ten-years-old gur to make a paste. At the time of sidhi many Tantriks offer their chipped off tongue and body parts to Kali. These parts are healed by applying this paste regularly.

6. Black Turmeric
It is known as Kali Haldi and is used in Tantrik Sadhana. On the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, Makpur Distt. of Nepal and the plains of Vastor this plant is found. It is used in the preparation of medicines for bronchitis. The paste is used as Tilak by Tantriks on the forehead of Kali.

7. Black Rice
During the rainy Season its growth is natural in the Assam hills in a small quantity. When it is chewed, the colour of the mouth becomes red. It is also called Bloody Rice. The red water extracted from it is used in Tantrik Sadhanas and offered particularly for Durga sidhi.

8. Dhanwantri
This plantis available in the Jammu and Kashmir area. It is about three feet in height and its girth is about two feet. This plant glows like a fire at night. Its leaves are pointed, some thorns are found with its root. Its trunk, leaves and roots are very valuable and are used for the cure of many diseases.
One does not feel hungry and thirsty for 24 hours if one chews its leaf. One leaf taken with honey by a woman safeguards her from pregnancy. The powder of the leaf can also be used with milk, to cure eye diseases.
Its roots, when mixed with vegetables and cooked, bleaches the skin. The powder of its root processed through calcination and applied as a paste helps in acquiring a new pink, healthy colour of skin and makes one look beautiful. If the powder of its root is taken, one can shed excess weight.
The powder of its leaves mixed with honey, if taken for a week, strengthens one's virility. For ladies, the plant acts as a magic.

If its root is cooked with dal and taken for 15 days a clear blemishlcss skin and body is indicated. When the powder of its roots mixed with hair oil is rubbed in the hair, grey hair turns black and long. The juice of it applied on the face for three days, removes all spots of Small pox or Scars and the face becomes clear and glows.


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