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Dream Dictionary A To Z Guide To Understand Your Unconscious Mind

Dream Dictionary

Welcome to the online Dream Dictionary

This dictionary is intended to give general meaning to dream symbols and is being compiled from dreams that have been analyzed by Expert.

Each of these general meanings is further refined by the situations of the dream and any specific colors, tones, or archetypes that are recognized. In other words, these meanings are only guidelines. The actual meaning of a dream is further refined by your own frequency and the frequency of the dream itself.

What this Dream Dictionary is NOT: 

Comprehensive. It is not meant to list every possible dream symbol (that in itself, is infinite). It is not meant to give a concrete, final definition of a dream symbol - there is no such thing. The definitions shown here are generic and are further modified by the frequency of the dream and the frequency of the individual who dreams it.

What this Dream Dictionary is: 

This online dictionary is a compilation of dream symbols from analyzed dreams that are submitted to Expert for analyzing. Key symbols from those dreams will then be added to this online dictionary.

Al (older man): God-Mind within
Alcohol: Altered state of reality
Aliens: Aspect of personality with which you are not familiar
Aluminum/Metal: Fixed thinking
Angry at Family: Unhappy with personality traits within yourself.
Ankh (gold colored): Opening a brain pathway to a higher matrix level
Anthony, another: Alter
Anti-theft Device: Holding on to your old paths.
Apple, becomes a plum: Ovarian symbol/dangerous choice for activation
Archway: Sexual desires or yearnings
Armed Guard: Right brain protection
Atlantic City: Taking chances; gambling with choices
Attention/Paying Attention: Reconnects programming
Auditorium: Putting ideas on display
Autumn colored trees (orange gold red): Family issues bring out the truth of God-Mind that makes you angry

Badge Number: Frequency or rate of vibration.
Bare Feet: Allowing the future to unfold naturally.
Base: Manipulation and/or control over you.
Basement: Foundational programming.
Bartender: Activation alter.
Bathroom: Need to release an experience.
Beach: Balance between physical and non-physical existence; pineal gland, balancing energy.
Beard: Strength of words; important saying or knowledge.
Bed: Putting old ideas to rest.
Bedroom: Altered State. Bedroom, Father's old: Spiritual idea not used.
Bee Sting: Activation of program.
Being: Programmer.
Belgian: Illuminati agent.
Bicycle: Subliminal sexuality.
Black Jack: Gambling with Dark Side.
Black vehicle: Secret movement.
Blanks, shooting: infertility.
Blood: The joy of life.
Boat Guy: Creative thoughts that "keep you afloat".
Booby Trap: Deception.
Boogie Boarding: Riding out circumstances in life.
Books: Knowledge from your Oversoul
Boot, ostrich, yellow-colored: Mind-control force that is hidden

Cake (with soft pudding): Easy life of happiness.
Camp/Retreat: Buried memories.
Canyon: Falling into a trap or deep problem.
Car: Manner in which you take your chosen path in life.
Car, blank: hidden modality in life.
Car (full of people): Oversoul with various personality aspects as you go through life.
Car, midnight blue: worry about future lifestyle.
Cars, a lot of: Many ways to get through life.
Car, unmarked: A manner in getting through life that is unknown.
Cash: What you need to do now.
Cell phone: Receiving new frequencies in the brain.
Chandelier: mind-patterns activated.
Change (coins): remnants of programming.
Chest: emotional connection.
Children, few: Some new ideas.
Children, grown: Ideas that are no longer present or useful.
Chiropractor, young: A new adjustment from your right-brain; infusing a creative or emotional idea. Church: Established Spiritual Beliefs, fixed/controlled spiritual ideas.
Church (was a bar/club): Playing with Spirituality.
Church cash/casino check: Your spiritual ideas cannot be applied now.
Cicadas, big, green: big emotional issue becoming known.
Closet: Hiding; keeping ideas buried.
Clown, joker, jester: false intelligence.
Coffin: Locked issues.
Color, Bright: Problems becoming evident or exposed.
Computer: Mind-pattern.
Confront: Actively assimilating new mind-pattern.
Construction Zone: Changing or rebuilding of mind pattern.
Cover, orange: Overall truth and creativity.
Crawl: sneaky/hidden function.
Crowd, large: Personality aspects/alters.
Crying: Purging irritations.
Cup of tea: preferences.

Dark house: No awareness of Soul-Personality.
Dawn: A new beginning; shedding light on an event.
Demon: Alter guardian.
Desk/Lamp: Idea.
Diamonds: Heavenly plane programming.
Digging holes: Looking into self.
Digital Camera: Memory/specifics.
Dirt Road: Difficulties in accomplishments.
Disintegrating: Femininity is being lost.
Disintegrating, Seat Cover: No longer hiding what you do not need.
Disk: Pineal gland.
DNA Testing: Fixed learning and belief system.
Dog, brown: Balancing spiritual ideas.
Dollars, 110: New beginning in your environment.
Dollars, 32: Healing energy.
Dollars, over 2000: Anger at physical and nonphysical.
Doorbell, ringing: Arrival of new frequency in your life.
Doorways: Connection to various alter groupings/families.
Dress, white: Cleansing what you show to others.

East: Right brain symbol.
Emerald green: Wizard of Oz programming.
Escalator downstairs: Opening old DNA.
Euro: New programming.
Europe: Original or older way of thinking; old mind-patterns.
Exercise Control: Fix mind-pattern.
Exits: Solutions or alternatives.


Family: Soul group.
Father: God-Mind within you.
Fetuses (3): Ideas that were never given a chance for completion
Foothills: Starting a higher way of thinking.
Furry: Strength/or hiding oneself as a form of protection

Gang, Latin: Wild passionate actions.
Girl: Left-brain/personality.
Gold-colored ankh: Opening a brain pathway to a higher matrix level.
Government: Control issues.
Gray: Confusion, doubt.
Greece: Ancient DNA related to power and sexuality.
Greek girl: Logical DNA memory.
Green BMW: Past emotions quickly coming to the surface.
Green Grass: Past Issues.
Grey: Confusion. Doubt.
Grocery Store: Need to make decisions in life.
Gun: Phallic symbol, penis.
Guy: God-Mind within.
Gym: Need to strengthen.
Gypsy: A wandering mind-pattern; unfocused direction.

Hack squats: Force in the future.
Hammock, wood frame: Relying on balance; grounding.
Hard to swallow: Domination sequence. Hay, pile of: Searching for information.
Head(bang against wall): Feeling blocked.
Head Gestures: Thinking instead of acting.
Heart, being drained: Emotions removed to perform function.
High Security: Self-protection; feeling vulnerable.
Hispanic Men: Exciting ideas of a creative nature.
Homeless: Moving consciousness outside of the Oversoul.
Horse: Message
House: Oversoul/personality.
House, buying: New soul-personality characteristics.
House, furnished: Thoughts in the soul-personality.
House, to the left: Left-brain; ego personality.
Hundred Dollar Bill: Total Awareness of God-Mind.
Husband, without: Not balanced; lack of creativity or emotion.

Ice Blue Chips: Communicating a little bit at a time.
Ink: Thought waves.
Ink, black on white paper: Imprinting a mind-pattern.
Insurance Guy: Old support structure in right-brain.
Investigators: Self-analysis.
Issue in black: Hiding thoughts.
Issue in violet: Filtering and protecting thoughts.

Jail: Totally locked off.
Jog, go for: Running a program.
Joker, jester, clown: False intelligence.

Key: Ability to unlock something (idea; mind-pattern).
Kiss a girl: Merging.
Kissing: 1 -Balancing ideas between masculine and feminine aspects. 2 - (Programmed individuals) merging of two programs.
Kitchen: Arranging the choices one has made in life.
Kitchen window: Looking out at your choices in life.
Knight: An honorable disagreement with another.


Left, second from: Balancing ego or left-brain.
Lipstick: Masking words...what color? Lost $60: Diversion from cycles.
Lots of People: Personality aspects.
Lush Trees: Rich Family history.
Lying On Top: Taking control.

Magazine: New and various ideas.
Magenta: Anger in the love emotions.
Mall: Many choices in life.
Man(in Suit): Oversoul. Man(sat down on chair): Alters taking your place.
Man, older, fat: Guardian.
Man, very stern: Internal programmer.
Mangled: No longer useful mind-pattern.
Marble: Fixed mind-pattern. Maroon: Courage.
Mattress spring: Activation of dormant alter.
Men: Right brain; intuitive ideas.
Men, older: Strong guardian alter.
Metallic grid: Your matrix.
Midwest: Balance and old ideas.
Migrant: Unstable ways. Mini Casinos: Taking chances with each choice.
Model: Perfect Logic.
Monaco: Taking a chance/gamble.
Money: Value of life.
Monkey: Programming.
Monkey toy: Problem/control function.
Moon: Female issues/hidden control issues.
Motel: Temporary condition.
Mother: Original left brain/ego ideas of self.
Mountains: Raising levels.
Mouth, into: Need to absorb information.
Mouth, roof of: Information specifically for future.

Neighbors: Unassimilated personality traits.
New Car: New way of moving through life.
Newspapers, stack of: Information to download.
Nipples: Programming Trigger.
Numbers 1-12: Fragment personalities with construct.
Nurses: Need to heal the ego issues.
Nuts, bolts, testicles: Sexual power toward creation, i.e., sexual magick.

Oatmeal: A grounding energy.
Office: Daily Activities.
Office building: Matrix construct.
Old Dancers/Cheerleaders: Foundational enthusiasm from left-brain thinking. Selfencouragement for old ideas.
Old Lady: Ego-thinking; left brain.
Old teachers: Original thought patterns that directed you.
One-story: Surface layer of meaning. Open Door: Vortex.
Over-the-hill Women: Thoughts from the ego that are no longer valid.
Overweight Color Guard: Weight down by protecting the old way of thinking.
Own Hands: In current life.

Paned Window: Altered reality.
Paramedics, male: Creativity/emotion.
Parents: Old, left-brain, right-brain ideas that guide one.
Party: Group of alters coming together.
Passengers slid off: Removing personality aspects that no longer suit you.
Peter: Fixed sexual ideas pertaining to male figures.
Phone, over the: Connecting to a frequency.
Photo image: Alter-replication/imprint.
Pitch Black: Very in-depth thinking; a void; hidden secrets.
Pittsburgh: Unbreakable sequence.
Planet, another: Alternate lifestyle.
Plum: Uterine symbol.
Poison Gas: Negative emotions that you avoid.
Pornography: Basis for underlying mind-pattern.
Pounds (300): Creating twinning program.
Previously Hidden: Subconscious awareness coming to the surface.
Prince William: Illuminati prototype-function.
Princess Diana: New World Religion icon.
Princess of Wales: Mother Goddess of Ceremony.
Psych building: Mental fixations.

Queen, losing composure: Release of control from one internal program to another.

Rape: Forced merger of left brain/right brain.
Realtor, male: Aspect of right-brain that helps to search for answers.
Reception room: Pineal gland function.
Red Carpet: Energy coming into brain for alters. Red/$5: Need to heal anger.
Red Hair: Uses anger as strength.
Relatives: Aspects of self/personality pieces.
Right Arm: What one is able to grasp right now about spiritual and creative ideas.
Right to Left: Going from mental to physical.
Road, opposite side of: Crossing over to another reality; balancing. Road, third on right: Superconscious mind.
Rummage sale: Salvaging old ideas.

Safe: Locked sequences.
Saving document: Downloading a solution.
Seagulls: Scavengers/people who take from you without returning anything.
Seeing oneself dead: End of current lifestyle.
Seminar: A lot of things to learn at once.
Sex: Need to blend or merge left-brain with right-brain.
Shoes: Protecting the future.
Shoe boxes (3): Feeling all ideas about future support are closed off.
Shoulder: Burdens being carried.
Shower: Need for a cleansing or refreshing situation. Sitting, people next to you: Aspects of your own personality. Skeleton: Support structure; secret idea.
Skinny Mountain Peak: Narrow focus toward Oversoul.
Skull: Ingrained thoughts; stubbornness.
Sky blue: Communication/command. Sleep: Downloading information. Sleep Away: Buried memories.
Snowed overnight: Cleaning and cleansing negativity.
Snuggle: Preliminary energy for merging left brain/right brain.
Space Ship: Higher awareness.
Space Toilet: Eliminating spiritual ideas that no longer serve you.
Stage: Activated program.
Standing on Sand: Supporting your balancing abilities.
Starfish: Receiving interdimensional information related to healing.
Steps: DNA Strands.
Stolen Car: Missing the old manner of proceeding through life.
Stringy Hair: Unsure of own strength.
Suffocated: Emotionally overwhelmed.
Sun is out: Awareness of God-Mind.
Swarming with small bugs: Many annoying thoughts/ideas.

T-shirts: Need to balance underlying mind-pattern.
Table/desk: Something to be learned.
Tall, skinny ET: Alter leader.
Taurus: Creating your world/environment/circumstances.
Teetering on the side: Changing your belief system.
Teeth: Adjusting to a situation.
Theater: Matrix construct.
Three knobs: Three levels of awareness – Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious.
Three pages: Three levels of awareness – Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious.
Throne: Crown Chakra.
Tongue, snake-like, forked: Reptilian twinning/deception.
Top of church: Rising above fixed spiritual ideas.
Top was Rocky: Difficulty understanding Oversoul.
Town Home/Townhouse: Connecting personality to Oversoul.
Tug of War: Trying to balance mind-pattern.
Twelve Noon: Time to balance self; centering.
Twirling Flags: Warnings coming to your awareness.
Two-Lane Road: Left-brain, Right-brain.

U-Shaped: Magnetic quality; something attracted.
Umbrella: Protection.
Underdressed: Feelings (mind-pattern) of lack.

Vest, padded: Protection of alter.
Villages: Constructs in a matrix.
Voodoo: Artificial control.

Wake Up(on chair): Alter Activations.
Warrior: Ready to fight for something.
Waist Deep: Sexual/creative issues.
Waves: Turbulence in life.
Water: Represents your life.
Wet Sand: Unstable balancing.
Whales: Big problems in life.
White: Cleansing; purity.
White flowers/scepter: Triggers for activations.
White light, flash of: Realization.
Window: An opportunity presented; need to get out of current situation.
Windows, black, tinted: Hiding inner thoughts.
Woman: Left brain; ego self.
Woman, (in crimson): Anger at physical reality.
Woman, wrapped in carpet: Abduction/control of logic.
Woman, older, dead: End of egotistical thinking.
Woman Priest: Concept of loving physical reality more than spirituality.
Wood: Balancing.
Woods: Grounding in life. Wood, mahogany: Deeply grounding the present time period. Wooden Leg: Shaky Future. Wooden stairway: Time travel.

X-Rays: Looking behind the scenes.

Yelling: Pent-Up Emotion.
Yellow school bus: Controlling force for personality pieces.
Young wife: Newer logical ideas.

Source:  Expansions Publishing Company

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Indian Palmistry Blog - Brief summery of Indian Palmistry (Hindi name of lines and signs)- Pradhan Rekhae Aur Unke Naam (Main Lines) - 1. Jeevan Rekha (Line of Life) 2. Mastisk Rekha (Line of Head) 3. Hridya Rekha (Line of Heart) 4. Surya Rekha (Line of Sun) 5. Bhagya Rekha (Line of Fate) 6. Swastaya Rekha (Line of Health) - Gaun Rekahe Aur Unke Naam (Secondary Lines) - 1. Mangal Rekha (Line of Mars) 2. Vasana Rekha/Suman (Line of Via Lascivia) 3. Vivah Rekha (Line of Marriage) 4. Atinindhriya Rekha/Chandra Rekha (Line of Intution) 5. Putra-Putri Rekhae/Santan Rekhae (Line of Sons and Daughters) 6. Bhai-bahan Rekha (Line of brothers and sisters) 7. Mitra Rekhae (Line of Friends) 8. Bandhav Rekhae (Lines of Relatives) 9. Yatra Rekahe (Lines of Travels) 10. Manibhandh Rakhae (Lines of Bracelates)(Nitin Kumar Palmist) 11. Diksha Rekha/Guru mudrika/Bhrihaspati chandrika (Ring of Soloman) 12. Shani Chandrika (Ring of Saturn) 13. Surya Chandrika (Ring of Sun) 14. Budh Chandrika (Ring of Mercury) 15. Shukra Mekhela (Girdle of Venus) 16. Vidhya Rekhae (Line of education) 17. Nikrist Rekahe (Worst Lines) 18. Prabhavik Line (Line of Influence) 19. Rahu Rekha (Line of Worry) 20. Aadi Rekhae (Vertical lines) 21. Khadi Rekhae (Horizontal lines) 22. Sahayak Rekha (Supporting Line) 23. Urdho Rekhae (All the lines ascend towards the fingers) 24. Kapi Rekha (Triangle in the end of the Life, Head, Heart, Sun and Fate Lines) 25. Sarpa Rekha (Wavy Line) 26. Kuthara Rekha (Sword like sign) 27. Machhli/Macchli Rekha (Fish tail/Fish Sign/Fish Line) 28. Khandhit Rekha (Split Line) 29. Yavmala (Chained line) 30. Gopuch Rekha (Cow tail) 31. Dweeshakayukt Rekha (Forked Line) 32. Janjirdaar Rekha (Crossed line) 33. Siddidaar Rekha (Ladder type line) 34. Kamsutra Rekha/Kamshakti Rekha (Lust Line) - Haath Pr Chinha Aur Unke Naam - 1. Gunaak Chinha(Cross Sign) 2. Nakhastra/Tara Chinha(Star Sign) 3. Trikon Chinha (Trangle Sign) 4. Varg/Chatuskaun Chinha (Square Sign) 5. Dweep Chinha (Island Sign) 6. Macchli/Matsya Chinha (Fish Sign) 7. Jaal Chinha (Grill Sign) 8. Magarmacch Chinha (Crocodile Sign) 9. Shankh Chinha (Conch Sign) 10. Khstara/Dandh/Dhvaja/Chanwar/Pataka Chinha (Flag Sign) 11. Sinhasan Chinha(Throne Sign ) 12. Dhanush Chinha (Bow Sign) 13. Kamal Chinha (Lotus Sign) 14. Parvat Chinha (Rock Sign) 15. Bhala Chinha (Spear Sign) 16. Talwar Chinha (Sword Sign) 17. Mayur Chinha (Peacock Sign) 18. Ghada Chinha (Pot Sign) 19. Darpan Chinha (Mirror Sign) 20. Trishul Chinha (Trident Sign) 21. Ped Chinha (Tree Sign) 22. Mandir Chinha (Temple Sign) 23. Swastik Chinha

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