Monday, January 30, 2017

कान पर तिल होना अच्छा होता है या बुरा होता है ?

कान पर तिल का विशेष महत्त्व है इस से व्यक्ति के गुणों और धन -सम्पदा और दांपत्य जीवन का पता लगता है ।

औरत के कान पर तिल होना :

ऐसी औरत सौभाग्यशाली होती है और ससुराल अमीर मिलता है ।

कान के बहार की तरफ (earlobe) पर तिल होना :

ऐसा व्यक्ति अमीर होता है लेकिन सम्पति जमा नहीं कर पता है ।

कान के अंदर तिल होना :

 ऐसा व्यक्ति दीर्धायु होता है ।

English : Is it good or bad to have mole on the ears?

Is it good or bad to have mole on the ears?

In the physiognomy, ears represent one's juvenile fortune, wealth, health, and are in charge of the mind and wisdom. And from the mole physiognomy speaking, people with moles on the ears, would be very clever, filial and understanding. Of course the different parts of moles on ears might also have different predictions.

The First:  A woman has mole on her ear

The woman with mole on her ear usually would have very good fortune with good home environment and rich material life. She would have great chance to marry a rich man without worrying about food and clothing.

The Second: There is mole on the earlobe

This is a very good mole physiognomy, the person could have very good wealth and make money easily, and would also very generous in spending money, but couldn't keep money. You might lose your wealth if you knocked down the mole for wearing earrings.

The Third:  There is mole on the basal part of the ear

This is not a good mole physiognomy, which indicates that the person would have something wrong with health and might get sick often. It would be no use of pointing it out.

The Fourth: There is mole in the ear

There is mole in the ear, which is a characteristics for longevity. But some people have the habit of picking the ears, in fact this is not a good habit. It might suffer their own health fortune.

Hindi:  कान पर तिल होना अच्छा होता है या बुरा होता है ?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tarot divines if you could find your true love

Nowadays everyone is self-centered and is no longer willing to be suffered, so the faithful love is less and less. Most people want to know that if they still have the chance to find true love if they broke up with lovers. Let's do this tarot Divination If you are interested. You would know the answer at once. Please relax yourself and choose/click a card from the following intuitively.

 The Sun

Ace of Swords - Tarot

The opportunity of meeting true love is 20%
This tarot card indicates that you would have “quiet as pussy” “Elegant and delicate” mind.  

Especially If you encountered bad fortune in love, other people might be hesitant to give the old lover one opportunity, but you would definitely use “magnifying glass” to view of your lover for everything. Because once you decided to break up, you would criticize your lover not worth a cent, so as to convince yourself that the decision is correct. Because you still do not have gentle personality, so in the future the chance to find true love after breakup would be 20%.

The Magician - Tarot

The opportunity of meeting true love is 80%
This tarot Card implies that you would hide “enthusiastic and unrestrained” soul in your gentle appearance. You would suppress your feelings. 

You've always taught that girls should be inclusive and intimate, must forgive the bad temper of the other half before, so you could not be yourself. If you encountered bad fortune in love, you would really have a chance to profoundly review of your personality and behavior in love. Because you are a talented and emotional person, unsmooth feelings and marriage process could not affect your power to pursue future happy life. So in the future the chance to find true love after breakup would be 80%. The key is to have confidence in yourself.

Eight of Cups - Tarot

The opportunity of meeting true love is 60%
This tarot Card implies that you are hiding “indifference and unpredictable” personality in your “clever and sensible” appearance actually. 

Especially If you encountered bad fortune in love, you would believe that it is your fate to break up. You would not think as other people would do.  After then, two people would never mind the other’s business, each could have independent life. Of course you would not express so unfeeling, you might say “we are still good friends”. But you actually would like to never contact with the other any more. So once you break up, it is as the water difficult to recover. As you know how to put down the old wounds, so in the future the chance to find true love after breakup would be 60%.

Tarot - The Sun

The Sun

The opportunity of meeting true love is 100%
This tarot card indicates that in your “innocent and happy feeling” appearance, actually you are hiding “fragile self-esteem and pride”. Especially If you encountered bad fortune in love, other people are hesitant to give the old lover one opportunity, you first take into account would be that “if I accept the other, how is my honor?” Because you would be very concerned about face-saving, especially the other side betrayed the vows and asked for forgiveness, you would feel yourself unworthy and disconsidered seriously. 

So your love bottom line would be, “for my pride, a breakup is indifferent”. Because you would have great personality. A good horse will never turn round to graze on an old pasture. So in the future the chance to find true love after breakup would be 100%.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What kind of people are popular to opposite sex by Palmistry?

By observing the shape, trend and color of people palm's Venus mound, marriage line, success line and heart line, we can understand roughly if the people are popular by opposite sex, let's have a look at what palmistry do people have with flourishing opposite sex's popularity.

A.  People with developed Venus mound are popular by opposite sex 

Venus mound is located under the first Mars mound, the inner part of the lifeline also is the Gen palace of palm bagong. People with developed Venus mound are kind, compassionate, treat people gently, are affectionate particular by opposite sex, if have the mesh lines covering it, there will have a lot of friends of the opposite sex around them.

B  People with Venus aura are popular by opposite sex

A semi-circular line is under the middle finger and ring finger, above the feeling line is called Venus aura. People with Venus aura are emotional, eloquence is good, at good at bearing themselves, have very good popularity, and both men and women have good beauty, elegant temperament, and the artistic talent, are very attractive to the opposite sex.

C. People with messy heart-lines or Chain shaped heart-lines are popular by opposite sex

People with messy heart-lines or Chain shaped heart-lines are observant, attentive, can easily attract the opposite sex's attention, in addition, end of feelings have many branches, this kind of people are enthusiastic to the friends, they are attractive to the opposite sex.

D. People with many heart lines are popular by opposite sex

Marriage line is the site to observe people's happiness in marriage, also can see the popularity of opposite sex. People with many marriage lines are often emotional, more passionate, with good popularity by opposite sex, there are always anisotropic surrounding. However, it is difficult to maintain a long-term relationship for this kind of person because of excessive heterosexual margin,, so the love is not smooth.

E. People with clear success line are popular by opposite sex

People with clear, profound and neat success-line are cheerful, considerate, are onsiderate of others, can get the help of others, and all wishes come true, gain both fame and wealth, such a person will naturally attract the opposite sex.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

What woman is charming by palmistry

More attractive woman's love is not lonely road, that indefinable femininity touched, gave spiritual and sensual intimates double enjoyment. Reversed beings in a woman, a man fascinated rapture, just around the corner at the same time, women also gave myself more opportunity to choose from a variety of men. What kind of woman you have charm? Your favorite charm of a woman is a man do? Charm of how you can use to get the best play? Us together look, you can finish the charm of a woman shrouded, people lasting.

Venus appears in your hand ring? There Venus ring of friends, love radar anywhere was open, very sexy, the emotions of others also very sensitive. If Venus is the full twelve rings can cultivate through literature and art of music, becoming love invincibles; For a complete three, can naturally show sexy charm, is a natural master of love.
Many people Venus ring-shaped fracture is intermittent, so you, some little more sexy, passionate, treat heterosexual some bother, because of the very sensitive to the reactions of others, so it is suitable in the hospitality industry of others, can often Let by service providers at home.
You's emotions into a chain-like you? your affectionate, attentive, both intimate and charming, life can not live without love, touched for the very type is very easy, because exudes the qualities you want to protect the opposite sex, so very popular with the opposite sex, not surprisingly, very sexy.
Have this palmistry wife who will be able to play blooming femininity glamor, the family and the warm atmosphere. To remind you that this palmistry you, if not in time to find a good object marriageable married, because the character of excitement, more passionate hate is easy to become emotionally Gypsies, to be self-aware.
Lifeline medial twenty-three parallel lines? Have this friend of parallel lines, most have beautiful appearance and so men with chronic poisoning charm, elegance benevolent character, impressionable, how to please others, has a very good intuition, So let the people around inspiring, is often seen in artists who palmistry.
Lifeline inside no parallel lines, mostly palm thick skin people, character is more rugged, the other party mood for love and sensitivity is low, so favored by the small chance of the opposite sex, love life often lack a sense, through reading and artistic cultivation gradually develop sensitivity towards life and others to obtain advance Oh.
The little finger side of the prestigious line? Little finger side of the raised line near the wrist, probably one or two three, probably in length 2cm ~ 5cm, people who have this lined, deeply loved, taken care of by everyone, to the opposite sex has a particularly attractive, sexy index is quite high.
Many actresses or well-known artists have prestige line. If the person in the service industry lacks prestige line, will not be easy for a long time to attract customers. There are women in this line, and more able to get her husband the child's love, and happiness; have this line of business operators, many guests are happy to visit, a hotbed of activity. Says this line is lucky line too.
The little finger side of the prestigious line? Little finger side of the raised line near the wrist, probably one or two three, probably in length 2cm ~ 5cm, people who have this lined, deeply loved, taken care of by everyone, to the opposite sex has a particularly attractive, sexy index is quite high.
Many actresses or well-known artists have prestige line. If the person in the service industry lacks prestige line, will not be easy for a long time to attract customers. There are women in this line, and more able to get her husband the child's love, and happiness; have this line of business operators, many guests are happy to visit, a hotbed of activity. Says this line is lucky line too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

जानें महीने की 5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो का स्वभाव KNOW ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY ACCORDING DATE OF BIRTH 5

5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो का स्वभाव जानिए कैसा होता है Personality Test by Date of Birth 5

अंकज्योतिष जिसे अंकशास्त्र के नाम से भी जाना जाता है जिसमें अंकों का अध्ययन करके व्यक्ति के जीवन से जुडी बहुत सी बातें बताई जाती है. साल में 15 महीने और एक महीने में 1 से 31 तक तारीखें होती हैं. 

इन्हीं तारीखों में किसी न किसी व्यक्ति का जन्म होता है तथा हम हर व्यक्ति की जन्म की तिथि से उसके स्वभाव के बारे में जान सकते हैं तो आइये जानते हैं क्या कहती है आपकी जन्म की तिथि आपके बारे में.

5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो के लिए लकी चीजे Lucky things of people born on 5 date
  1. लकी कलर – पीला, सुनहरा, भूरा रंग
  2. लकी डे – रविवार और सोमवार
  3. लकी रत्न- पुखराज, पीला हीरा, कहरुवा और इस रंग के रत्न, जवाहरत
5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों का स्वभाव Nature of people born on 5 date
जिन लोगो का जन्म किसी भी महीने की 10 तारीख को हुआ है ऐसे लोग दिखने में बहुत ही खूबसूरत, और प्रोफेशनल तथा विनम्र स्वभाव के होते हैं. इसके अलावा ये लोग बहुत ही रचनात्मक होते हैं. तथा इनमें खोज करने की प्रवृत्ति भी प्रमुख होती हैं ये लोग किसी भी कार्य को करने के लिए काफी खोज-बीन करना पसन्द करते हैं. अपने इस व्यवहार के कारण इन लोगो की समाज में काफी इज्जत होती है. 10 तारीख को जन्म लेने वाले व्यक्ति की ख्वाइश हमेशा रहती हैं कि इन्हें हर जगह मान–सम्मान मिलें.
ये लोग अत्यधिक मान-सम्मान प्राप्त करने की इच्छा रखने वाले होते हैं साथ ही दुसरो को भी सम्मान देना पसन्द करते हैं. ये लोग चाहते हैं इनके आस-पास रहने वाले लोग हमेशा खुश रहे क्योकि ये लोग किसी को बहु उदास या दुखी नहीं देख सकते. इनके इस व्यवहार के कारण सभी लोग इनसे आकर्षित हो जाते हैं तथा भीड़ में भी ये लोग अपनी अलग ही पहचान बना लेते हैं. साथ ही ये लोग चाहते हैं की इनका व्यवहार हमेशा दुसरो के प्रति अच्छा बना रहे तथा ये लोग सफलता को हासिल कर सके.
5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों का करियर career of people born on 5 date
जिन लोगो का जन्म किसी भी महीने की 10 तारीख को हुआ है ऐसे लोगो का कारक ग्रह सूर्य है. कारक ग्रह सूर्य होने के कारण इन लोगो को समाज में पूर्ण मान-सम्मान प्राप्त होता है तथा ये लोग शासन, प्रशासन, चिकित्सा और राजनीति का क्षेत्र में कार्यरत हो सकते हैं. इस तारीख को जन्मे लोग अपनी सफलता के मार्ग में आने वाली हर बाधा पर विजय प्राप्त कर लेते हैं. यह लोग अति महत्वकांशी होते हैं. ये लोग जिस भी क्षेत्र में कार्य करते हैं सफलताएं और ऊंचाइयां प्राप्त करते हैं.
10 तारीख को जन्मे व्यक्ति हर प्रकार के कार्य करने के लिए तैयार रहते हैं तथा इन्हें हर कार्य में जीत भी हासिल होती हैं. इनकी मुख्य विशेषता यह हैं कि ये हर कठिनाई का सामना करते हुए अपने जीवन में आगे बढ़ते हैं. इसीलिए इन्हें हर क्षेत्र में सफलता हासिल हो जाती हैं.
5 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों की लव लाइफ Love life of people born on 5 date
किसी भी महीने की 10 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो की यदि प्यार के बात की जाय तो 10 तारीख को जन्मे लोग बेहद रोमांटिक और स्मार्ट होते हैं. ये लोग अपने प्यार को छुपाकर नहीं रख सकते. ये लोग दिखने में बहुत ही आकर्षक तथा खूबसूरत होते हैं, जिसके कारण कई लोग इनकी तरफ आकर्षित हो जाते हैं लेकिन ऐसा नहीं है कि हर किसी से इनका नाम जुड़ता है, मगर जिससे जुड़ता है ये लोग उसके प्रति हमेशा लॉयल रहते हैं तथा उसे कभी दुखी नहीं देख सकते. अपने पार्टनर को खुस रखने के लिए ये कुछ भी कर सकते हैं. इनमे अपने पार्टनर को खुस रखने की अदभुत कला होती है. इनके इसी स्वभाव के कारण इनका पार्टनर इनका दीवाना हो जाता है तथा ये लोग अपनी लव लाइफ से काफी खुश रहते हैं.

जानें महीने की 27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो का स्वभाव KNOW ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY ACCORDING DATE OF BIRTH 27

27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो का स्वभाव जानिए कैसा होता है Personality Test by Date of Birth 27

  दोस्तों हर दिन सबके लिए अपने में कुछ खाश होता है,खाश इसलिए है क्योंकि महीने के हर दिन  किसी न किसी व्यक्ति का जन्मदिन होता है,तो आज हम आपको  बताइये आपकी जन्म की तारीख क्या कहती है आपके स्वभाव, करियर व लव लाइफ के बारे में , 27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो के लिए लकी चीजे Lucky things of people born on 27 date

  1. लकी डे –शुक्रवार, बृहस्पतिवार, मंगलवार
  2. लकी कलर- लाल एवं गुलाबी
  3. लकी डेट- 3, 6, 9
  4. लकी स्टोन – लाल मूंगा
27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों का स्वभाव Nature of people born on 27 date
इस अंक का स्वामी मंगल है। मंगल के प्रभाव से ये लोग जल्दी क्रोधित होने वाले होते हैं। कभी-कभी जल्दबाजी में निर्णय भी ले लेते हैं. ये लोग अपने उत्साह और साहस के बल पर बड़ी-बड़ी परेशानियों को आसानी से दूर कर लेते हैं, हालांकि इस अंक लोगों को जीवन में कई बार छोटी-छोटी परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ता है, लेकिन अंतत: इन्हें सफलता अवश्य प्राप्त होती है।
वैसे तो ये स्वभाव से बहुत सीधे व शांत दिल के होते है, पर जब इन्हे गुस्सा आता है तो ये खुद को काबू नही कर पाते, ये अपने गुस्से के प्रति खुद को बदलना चाहते है पर इनसे नही हो पाता. ये लोग बहुत दयालु किस्म के होते है, किसी की भी बातो में जल्दी आ जाना इनके स्वभाव में है,इसलिए कभी- कभी इन्हे धोखा भी मिल जाता है जिससे इन्हे बाद में बहुत पछताना भी पड़ता है, लेकिन  इसके पश्चात भी ये लोग किसी पर दया करना नही छोड़ते । इन्हे रोमांटिक सांग सुनना काफी पसंद है, ये पूरी गहराई से अपने फेवरेट सांग को फील करते है।
27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों का करियर career of people born on 27 date
इस अंक के लोग अति परिश्रमी और साहसी होते हैं। ये लोग किसी भी कार्य को पूरी ईमानदारी के साथ पूर्ण करते हैं,और इसी वजह से इन्हें ऑफिस में प्राथमिकता दी जाती है। और ये लोग दिमाग से बहुत तेजस्वी व उग्र स्वभाव के होते हैं। आजीविका की दृष्टि से आर्मी,पुलिस आदि क्षेत्रों में शीघ्र सफलता प्राप्त करते है,यही नही ये लोग मन के भी बहुत साफ होते है, इसलिए ये अपने स्वभाव के कारण अच्छे पदों में होते है. इन लोगो की एक खाश बात यह है की ये लोग अपने किसी भी निजी कार्य को संगठन में करना इन्हे काफी अच्छा लगता है। इनकी छवि सबसे अलग होती  है,क्योंकि ये अपने कार्य के प्रति पुरे ईमानदार होते है,और ये लोग अपने लाइफ में हमेशा कुछ नया करने की सोचते रहते है।
ये लोग हमेशा कामयाबी पर पहुचते है। ये लोग किसी भी परिस्थिति से निपटने में काफी माहिर भी होते है, और अगर इनके आर्थिक स्थिति की बात की जाये तो इनकी आर्थिक स्थिति बदलती रहती है ये बहुत ख़र्चीले भी होते है, इन्हे हर किसी जगह से आय की प्राप्ति भी बहुत जल्द हो जाती है क्योंकि किसी भी कार्य को करने से ये कभी पीछे नही हटते है ,ये अनुसान व सिदांत के भी बहुत पक्के होते है।
27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगों की लव लाइफ Love life of people born on 27 date
27 तारीख को जन्मे लोगो की लव लाइफ की बात की जाये तो ये लोग प्यार के प्रति बहुत रोमेंटिक होते है, ये लोग अपने पार्टनर के प्रति थोड़ा थोड़ा शक्की होते है और ये अपने पार्टनर पर अपना पूर्ण नियंत्रण चाहते है ये चाहते है ,इनके पार्टनर इनकी कहि बातो को सुने उसी के अनुसार चले,इसी कारण कभी -कभी इनका अपने पार्टनर के साथ आपसी मतभेद भी हो जाता है,अगर ये अपने पार्टनर से गुस्सा करते है तो जल्दी मान भी जाते है क्योंकि ये स्वभाव से थोड़ा भावनात्मक होते है, जल्दी अपने पार्टनर के बातो में आ जाते है क्योंकि ये इन पल के लिए अपने पार्टनर से दूर नही होना चाहते है,और ये लोग अपने लाइफ में लव मैरिज में बहुत विश्वास रखते है,ये अपने शादी के लिए भी बहुत उत्साहित रहते है, इसके साथ -साथ इन्हे अपने पार्टनर के साथ शॉपिंग करना व घूमना काफी पसंद होता है.

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Low Set Mount of Mercury Or Little Finger Palmistry

Description: Turn your palm up to face you and look at your fingers. For most people, the base of the fingers seem to form a gentle semicircle. In this case, if your pinky is set well below the other fingers, then you have a low-set pinky.

Meaning: In palm reading, the little finger is often associated with dreams and ambitions for the future. A low setting little finger can indicate that you live in a dream world and that you have many plans and aspirations, but sometimes, you have trouble translating those ideas in the real world.

Little Finger Length Equal To Ring Finger Length Palmistry

Description: Usually, most people have their pinky finger smaller than their ring finger. It is rarely the same length, or as described above, longer.

Meaning: Most people with a pinky finger the same length as their ring finger tend to be driven and power-hungry individuals. You are likely to see this type on CEOs, presidents or celebrities - they tend to be found on the type of people who have the sheer force of will to massively change the world, but they also have the potential to wreak havoc.

Little Finger With Square Tip Palmistry

Description: Look at your hand, palm facing down. Look at the top part of your pinky finger. If the tip seems to form a flat, horizontal line, your pinky has a square tip.

Meaning: A square-tipped pinky indicates that you have a handful of admirable qualities. You may also tend to be extremely blunt and plainspoken - which can be both a strength and a weakness. This type indicates an inability to connect with sensitive and easily offended people. Nevertheless, their honesty and forthrightness will win them a lot of trust. Good, reluctant leaders often have a square-tipped pinky.

Little Finger With Pointed Tip Palmistry

Description: If you have a pointed finger tip, your little finger will appear to slant on either side toward a higher juncture at the center.

Meaning: Individuals with this pinky type are excellent public speakers and writers. They tend to be eloquent, yet diplomatic individuals. They can address any topic with delicacy and tact and pair exceptionally well with square-tipped pinkies.

Prediction Based On Ring Finger Length Palmistry

Finger lengths vary depending on the person. However, there are three main types that most of us identify with. Take a look at your ring finger and how it compares with your index finger–is it the same length or is one slightly longer than the other? Now look at the image above to see which hand looks most like your own, A, B or C.

Figured it out? Good. Here’s a breakdown of what it all means.

A) Charming and Logical

If your ring finger is longer than your index finer, you are a charmer. You are also a problem solver who can talk your way out of any situation. You can get aggressive, but are also super compassionate.

B) Confident and Efficient

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger, you are confident and know how to get things done. You love to work alone because that is how you most efficiently accomplish your goals. However, you are by no means an introvert. You appreciate what you have but are always striving for more.

C) Peaceful and Easy-going

If your ring finger is the same size as your index finger, you are a peacekeeper who tends to avoid conflict. You want to get along with everyone and are a loyal, caring partner. However, there is a fiery side to you that comes out if someone gets on your bad side!

Bible Dream Meaning & Interpretation


The letter S in a dream represents confusion or not doing what you're supposed to do.

S is the 19th number of the alphabet and in numerology the number 19 represents confrontation with the end of a situation.

To dream of making sacrifices or giving up something you like represents feeling that it's important to get rid of certain aspects of your life at all costs. Putting long term goals or happiness first. It may also reflect a sense of selflessness.

Negatively, making sacrifices may be a sign that you are giving up too much to eliminate something undesirable from your life.

*Please See Ritual Sacrifice

To dream of being sad may represent feelings of disappointment, failure, or loss of something important. Feeling unfulfilled, apathetic, or depressed. Missing people or something in your life a lot. Dreams of sadness common occur around relationship breakups.

Negatively, sadness may reflect your fear of losing something important. Insecurity, low-self-esteem, or not believing that something good in your life with last for long. Difficulty accepting loss or unpleasant changes.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking at her pregnant belly and being really happy and then suddenly being overcome with sadness. In waking life she was pregnant and then had a miscarriage.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being overcome with sadness. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being overcome with sadness. In waking life he was having trouble dealing with his divorce.

*Please See Depression

*Please See Mourning

To dream of a safe represents an aspect of yourself or area of your life that you intentionally want kept away from others. Something you never want others having, learning, or getting access to. The security of your secrets. Feeling that others aren't ready to know something.

Negatively, a safe may be a sign that you feel insecure or threatened by other people learning something about you. Placing too much value on secret information.

To see an empty safe signifies loss or lack of security. A secret may have gotten out.

*Please See Safety

*Please See Locks


To dream of feeling safe represents feelings of reassurance. Feeling that a risk or danger has been averted. Feeling safe may also reflect how happy you feel in a relationship. Feeling that a turbulent relationship or situation is a lot happier than it was before.

To dream of a need for safety represents caution, nervousness, or an aversion to danger or risk-taking. A mindset of avoidance. Wanting to avoid certain people or embarrassment at all costs. Is there a major source of tension in your life right now?

Negatively, feeling a need for safety may be a sign that you are too risk-averse. It may also reflect problems accepting a relationship or situation as being dangerous when you are getting clear signs that it may be. Being in denial about danger.

To dream of reaching a safe distance from someone or something may represent a difficult or tricky waking life situation you have escaped from. Feeling that you've gotten away from other people's undesirable ideas or opinions about you.

Example: A man dreamed of not feeling safe anywhere. In waking life he had difficulties that he felt were too important to ignore.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a man standing beside her that made her feel safe. In waking life she felt a lot more confident about herself in certain social situations when her boyfriend was with her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his friend constantly trying to redirect him to a safe spot to stand. In waking life his friend was constantly trying to reassure him during a crisis.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of feeling a lot safer than before. In waking life she had finally figured out what she wanted to study in school as a career.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of running to safety into the arms of her boyfriend whenever a monster came. In waking life she was in denial about how dangerous and violent her boyfriend was slowly becoming.

Safety Pins

To dream of a safety pin represents feelings about safe way to maintain a situation from getting out of control. An obviously safe gesture in appearance to prevent a situation from causing embarrassment. Action taken to maintain a situation as it is without hurting anyone's feelings. A safety pin may also reflect an idea about to how to maintain a situation in a manner that is emotional safe that doesn't embarrass anyone else either. Maintaining a situation without risk or without angering anyone else.

Negatively, a safety pin may reflect feelings od disliking too much carefulness to avoid hurting others feelings. Disliking too much carefulness to avoid angering someone. Feeling held back by rules that are too safe. Feeling held back by rules that fear violence.

Example: A young woman dreamed of shooting a safety pin bullet at an alien that was chasing her. In waking life she was desperate to avoid to being subjected to a very unusual decision that someone else was making and attempt to safely maintain the situation as it was without hurting the other person's feelings.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a recently deceased friend with safety pins in his chest which she helped to remove. In waking life she was slowly finding it easier to talk about her deceased friend to other people without feeling the risk of upsetting them.


To dream of sage represents feeling good figuring out an answer on your own. Feelings about a particular choice giving you the answers you seek through a personal experience. Pride in self-teaching or feeling good being self-taught. Feeling good knowing that you don't need anyone else helping you.

To dream of drinking sage tea may represent feelings about practicing patience being a way to help yourself easily get all the answers you need.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a wise old man telling monk students that they needed to drink sage tea everyday regularly. In waking life he was a teacher who was frustrated about how to give his students an easy answer and choose instead to instruct them to be patient and practice on their own so that the answers they were seeking would easily come to them as their experience grew.


To dream of a sailboat represents a higher degree of control while navigating uncertain or negative situations. You have an ability to adjust and respond to problems as they arise. You may have experience or knowledge that helps a great deal.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a sailboat moving through the ocean. In real life he slowly recovering from traumatic shock.

*Please See Sailing


To dream of sailing represents your ability to navigate uncertainty or negative situations. How well you are able to handle life's difficult problems. Smooth sailing through rough water is a sign that you are overcoming difficulties.

To dream of sailing through uncharted waters represents stability as you confront uncertain situations that you've never experienced before. You lack experience but are handling yourself well.

*Please See Sailboat

Sailing Ships

To dream of an large sailing ship with masts represents your slow progress through a difficult or uncertain situation that is totally dependent on conditions you can't control. It may also reflect your confidence while you slowly get through a troubling time.

Example: A man dreamed of grabbing a rope to climb onto a large sailing ship. In waking life he was a webmaster who has experiencing a major traffic penalty from the search engines due to a mistake he made. He was confident that having corrected the problem that slowly and surely all his traffic would return to normal.


To dream of a sailor represents an aspect of your personality that is adept at navigating negative or uncertain situations. Feelings about yourself being experienced with troubling situations to the point of being an expert at keeping life smooth no matter how difficult the situation gets. Experience in the "deeper waters" of life. Experience at dealing with difficult emotional situations and relationship problems.

Positively, a sailor may reflect experience and perseverance to get through a troubling or highly emotional situation. Experience safely enduring the worst possible situations. Experience with keeping difficult situations smoothly running and progressive. Expertise at managing turbulent moments in life.

Negatively, dreaming about a sailor may reflect awareness of dishonest behavior being used to keep your own life in "smooth waters" while other people are unhappy. Smoothly maintaining your own happiness through a difficult situation while other people are unhappy. Perseverance to endure any difficult situation only for your own happiness. Using deceptive tactics through a difficult situation to maintain stability for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an evil sailor. In waking life he was a young man trying to move out on his own to enjoy his new successful career. He felt that his father was using deceptive tactics to stall him and keep him living at home so that the father could maintain stability in his own life and resist any change to the family life. He felt that he father was very experienced at being deceptive at keeping life unchanged for himself without any consideration for the dreamer's feelings. The evil sailor in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father's dishonest attempts to avoid any family turbulence whatsoever.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an sailor on a sailboat. In waking life he had endured a very dangerous situation safely and intelligently. He was very preoccupied with never having to experience the same situation ever again and felt that he was smart enough to ensure he didn't while still having anxiety about potential problems.


To dream of being a saint represents an aspect of yourself that noticed for being perfect or never having done anything wrong. Acknowledgment or recognition for total honesty, fairness, or innocence. Genuine goodness or service to others on display. Being respected for having lived by your principles.

Negatively, a saint may reflect anxiety or an assertive attitude about avoiding being noticed having done anything wrong. Lying to others that you could do no wrong. It may also reflect jealousy or resentment that someone else is respected more than you.


To dream of a salad represents feeling good not going overboard. Having a grown up attitude. Purposely avoiding excess because it's beneficial. An open mind about positive influences. A wish to make positive changes in your life. Doing something to improve yourself or encourage personal growth. Healthy reductions is behavior that you believe may not be good for you long-term.

Negatively, a salad may reflect your wish to reduce dishonest behavior to feel better about yourself without stopping the dishonest behavior completely.

Example: A woman dreamed of talking about salad being easy to make. In waking life she was dating a married man and felt it would be a good idea to see him less.

Salad Dressing

To dream about salad dressing represents your need to add some pizzazz to your life. "Spicing things up." Making a bland change more interesting. Consider the type and color of the salad dressing for additional significance.

Alternatively, salad dressing may reflect your attempt to feel better about a positive change you are making in your life.


To dream of a salamander represents you or someone else that wishes to avoid being noticed. You may might have a problem or personal issue you are trying very hard to keep a secret.

Example: A man dreamed of scary salamanders. In waking life he was dealing with a very embarrassing health problem that was making his eyebrow fall out. He was wearing hoods in public avoid embarrassment.


To dream of a sale or that a certain object is on sale represents opportunities or experiences that are easier than they were previously. A barrier or obstacle has been reduced. A situation where less is being asked of you to achieve the same goal or objective.

To dream that you put something on sale may reflect lowered expectations or just wanting to get something done quickly.

Negatively, putting something on sale may reflect how you are not believing in yourself enough or are underestimating yourself. It may also reflect feelings of desperation.


To dream of a sales person represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to convince you or sell you on an idea. You may be struggling to accept or compromise on a situation and trying to weigh the pros and cons of it. You could also just be trying to convince someone else of something.


To dream of your mouth watering with saliva represents your eagerness, desire, or obsessed focus with wanting to experience something.

*Please See Spit


To see a salmon in your dream, represents determination, adamance, and strength of character. Doing whatever it takes to achieve success.


To dream of being at the salon represents a wish to impress others. You might be concerned about leaving a good impression on someone else. You may also be considering making changes to habits, lifestyle, or to your appearance and want others to notice it. A sign that you are self-conscious about how others think about you. Negatively, you may be trying too hard to impress someone. It could also point to deception or a cover-up in some situation.

Hair in dreams typically reflects your thinking style and so a salon would symbolize your attempt to improve yourself or change bad habits in ways that other people will notice.

Alternatively, a salon may reflect a new outlook toward life.

Example: A girl dreamed of getting her hair trimmed at a salon. In real life she was considering changing the way you acted around a guy she liked so that he would notice her more. She was generally shy around him and was trying to speak to him more wanting to impress him.

Salsa Sauce

To dream of salsa sauce represents feelings about experiences or choices being enjoyably easier, laid back discussions, or having a good time thinking nothing is serious. Feeling good not having to explain yourself. A situation where everything feels happy. Enjoying choosing things you like without any hard work to carry out yourself. Enjoying approval from all your friends or family.

Alternatively, salsa sauce may reflect group optimism or enthusiasm. Everyone feeling good talking to each other in laid back social atmosphere.

Negatively, dreaming of salsa sauce may be a sign that you are spending too much enjoying talking about how easy or fun something is that requires a lot of effort. A lack of foresight or critical thinking for how much effort or serious thought something requires. Feeling good getting "swept up" in the moment. Too much optimism.

To dream of having salsa sauce shoved in your mouth may reflect feelings about someone wanting to force your discuss a difficult situation as though it were easy. Feeling robbed of a challenge.

Example: A woman dreamed of flushing salsa sauce down the toilet. In waking life she was pregnant and got frustrated with plans she had enjoyed preparing for her unborn born once the birth got closer. The flushed salsa may have reflected her realization that some of her plans for her baby were not going to be as easy and fun as she had hoped.


To dream of salt represents being objective or trying to be more realistic. The amount of salt being used may reflect the degree of objectivity.

To dream of having too much salt may reflect feelings about a lack of moderation or objectivity when you feel it's important because something in your life is excessive. Objectivity or moderation that is inconsiderate of people's feelings.

To dream of not having enough salt may reflect feelings about objectivity or moderation being important because some area of your life is lacking it.

To dream of eating something salty represents your feelings about how objective your are thinking or acting. How good or bad it feels noticing your objectivity or level of restraint. Feeling good about not having gone too far with a decision. Experiencing perfectly reasonable, rational, or moderate situations.

*Please See Pepper

To dream of saluting represents feelings of yielding to or respecting authority. Respectfully showing someone that are important. Reverence.

Negatively, dreaming about saluting may reflect feelings of being forced to respect someone arrogant. Accepting a subordinate role, your status, or where you stand in life. Resignation to abusers of power. Feeling embarrassed that you need to show an "total asshole" respect.

To dream of seeing former dictators like Hitler or Saddam Hussein saluting may reflect feelings about confronting a powerful negative controlling influence in your life that cares about withholding power from you. Feeling good facing your worst problem once and for all. Feeling taunted by a tyrannical force in your life. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you have serious issues with total control.

Example: A man once dreamed that he was weeping with anger and guilt as he slowly raised his hand inch by inch in a Nazi salute. In waking life this man was living in Nazi Germany and felt frustrated and distraught about having to respect the Nazi regime as they turned Germany into police state.

Samurai Soldier
To dream of a samurai soldier represents a defensive attitude that scares others into compliance with higher levels of honesty, integrity, or safety. Demanding perfect loyalty, honor, duty, and discipline from others with serious consequences if they don't. Scaring other people with your demands that perfectly respecting you is mandatory. An aggressive attitude about something positive in your life never being embarrassed ever again. Scaring other people that they are in danger if they don't start doing what they are told.

Alternatively, a samurai solider may reflect your serious attitude about feeling it's your responsibility to boss people around who are not being perfectly honest or not perfectly doing what they are told to do. Being too bossy about honest or safe behavior. A complete unwillingness to accept criminal or dishonest behavior at all. Feeling that it's your duty to insure perfect honesty or safety with no regard for needing to be nice about it.

Negatively, a samurai solider may reflect your fear of being told what to do by someone you don't like listening to. A wish to avoid perfect compliance because you don't feel it's as serious as someone else feels it is.

*Please See Ninja

San Francisco Streetcar

To dream of a San Francisco streetcar (cable car) represents a journey or experience in life that is both pleasant and unstoppable. A pleasurable recurring experience. Often a symbol for successful people waiting for their paychecks.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a San Francisco Streetcar on fire. In real life he was independently wealthy from an automated web business that was under threat from competition and he feared losing a lot of money.


To dream of sand represents feelings about something in your life not mattering at all. Feelings of no desperation. Feeling that you can afford to deal with a difficult or unpleasant problems.

Positively, sand may reflect a healthy or confident attitude about problems reaching the end point that requires progressive change. Not fearing facing your fears anymore. Feeling that you have reached rock bottom and now you can finally confidently confront a problem you avoided confronting.

Negatively, dreaming sand can reflect nothingness or total worthlessness. A situation in your life that doesn't care about anything at all. It may also reflect your own total uncaring attitude towards others. The emptiness or meaninglessness of a situation. Feelings about a relationship being totally empty or worthless. Alternatively, sand may reflect wasted time. Faith or hope lost. Wasted time. Discomfort about feeling forced to confront a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of drowning in sand. In waking life he was having a lot of anxiety about his future. He felt overwhelmed by feelings that all his preparations for a new career were giant waste of time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking on a beach with beautiful white sand that had snakes on it. In waking life she and her fiancee had decided to get married, but her fiance wanted her to leave her job and get pregnant. The beautiful white sand in this case may have reflected her feelings of completely lacking desperation relationship-wise...feeling that with her engagement that her life was set for her...her future easy. The snakes may have reflected her feelings about quitting her job to start a family ruining her future career.

*Please See Desert

*Please See Beach

*Please See Hourglass

*Please See Sand Castle

Sand Castle

To dream of a sand castle represents something in your life that you built for yourself that is sensitive to being ruined. An accomplishment that is at risk.

*Please See Beach

*Please See Sand

Sand Storms

To dream of a sand storm represents feelings about being overwhelmed with emptiness you can't avoid. Impending emptiness that scares you. Serious unpleasant changes you can't avoid. Feelings of emptiness about an unavoidable change in your life being close to occurring. Feeling that everything in your life is going to be different soon and that you won't like it. Feelings of emptiness about an unavoidable change in your life being close to occurring.

Example: A woman dreamed of an orange sand storm getting closer to her. In waking life her family had decided to move and this brought with it a lot of unpleasant stressful changes that needed to be made as she had to find homes for animals she couldn't keep anymore. She worried about the animals a lot. She also felt that giving up her animals was going to unbearable and didn't know what to think about her future with her animals.


To dream of sandles represents an approach to life that is confronting negativity. A sign that you are very focused on dealing with problems or putting up with negative situations.

Sandals in a dream are also a sign that you are worried or concerned with just getting a negative or uncertain situation over with.


To dream of a sandbox represents awareness of yourself doing something that you know doesn't really matter. It may also reflect awareness of yourself doing things that never work.


To dream of a sandwich represents stress or pressure being placed on you. Getting through a difficult situation.

Consider the ingredients on the sandwich for additional significance.

To dream of a half slice sandwiches represents a difficult or stressful situation that you want to deal with incrementally. You don't want to confront something all at once.

To dream of a peanut butter sandwich symbolizes being carefree, or not being concerned with something in order to get through a stressful or difficult situation. You may be telling yourself that something isn't important in order to cope with a problem.

To dream of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich represents a difficult situation you are experiencing where you are trying to not take things to seriously while remaining hopeful. Grape jelly reflects accepting a need for patience, and strawberry representing temporary pleasures that comfort you.

To dream of a ham sandwich represents your frustrations about things you have to do during a situation you may feel is ridiculous or pointless.

Example: A man dreamed of being given a sandwich. In waking life his business had just failed and he was doing his best to survive financially.

Sanitary Napkin

*Please See Maxi Pad

Santa Claus

To dream of Santa Claus represents your feelings about getting every single thing that you feel you deserve. Your expectation that positive karma will be delivered. Expectations of good things happening to you because you feel you deserve it.

To dream of an evil Santa Claus may represent feelings of being treated unfairly or having to face consequences that you don't feel you deserve. Fairness, justice, or karma that has turned on you. It may also reflect your hostility as you repay someone else with revenge that you feel they deserve.

To dream of Santa Claus leaving you or abandoning you may represent you feeling that you were lied to about restitution. Not getting what you deserve after believing that you would have.

Spiritually, dreams of Santa Claus may reflect feelings about God abandoning you or not giving you special treatment for being a good person. Too many expectations about God treating you special or giving you the gift of punishing someone you think is negative.

Example: A man dreamed of Santa Claus leaving his house. In waking life he was expecting a huge financial settlement to reimburse his suffering and then he got screwed over in the end.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Santa Claus. In waking life she was very angry that god was not punishing her cheating husband. She felt that because she was a perfect Christian that she deserve it as a gift for being a good person.


To dream of a blue sapphire represents feelings about yourself or a situation you are experiencing being perfectly insensitive. Incorruptible honesty that is difficult to endure. Enjoying witnessing yourself being a insensitive honest jerk while other people look stupid.


To dream of a sarcophagus represents feelings about finality in a situation being too powerful or dangerous to override. Anxiety or insecurity about being able to afford exploring something expensive.

To dream of having your own sarcophagus may reflect a wish to make sure that nobody can outdo you ever again once you step down from power. Being jealous of yourself ever being embarrassed by someone better than you once your "time is up." A wish to be remembered as having been too perfect.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an ancient sarcophagus in a hole and then watched a beautiful women come out of the sarcophagus saying to him "Don't let them bury me." In waking life the man was an engineer for an oil company working in Kuwait and the next day discovered the largest oil field in history. The dream have been reflected the man's insecurity about using company money or oddly redirecting resources to drill in a strange hole he had only suspicions about.

*Please See Tomb


To dream of a sash represents a sense of entitlement or being better than other people. You may also feel that you are the best at something or deserve unquestioned leadership. Consider the color and style of the sash for additional insight.


*Please See Bigfoot


To dream of Satan represents powerful controlling negativity. Very strong fears, anger, greed, or deviousness that totally controls you. It may also reflect a negative person or situation that feels inescapable or is purposely hurting you. Feeling that someone or something never wants you to feel good ever again. Permanent negative situations. Feeling cursed forever. Permanent jealousy that feels intentionally imposed on you.

Satan in a dream may reflect one of your worst problems. Something that keeps you in state of mind that feels like hell. A powerful tormenting problem or fear.

To see Satan in your dream denotes that there is something very wrong in your life that you need to stand up to or fix. You may be choosing to permanently suffer by never asking for help.

Alternatively, Satan may reflect your own enjoyment or insatiable need to hurt others. Feeling good trying to permanently keep someone else away from happiness.

Example: A 16 year-old young boy dreamed of seeing Satan sitting on a throne with dead trees at his sides. In waking life he was very good-looking and suddenly developed an illness that caused his hair to fall out. He felt that his life was over and that he would permanently be an ugly loser who would never be happy every again.

Example 2: Giuseppi Tartini dreamed that the Devil came to him in his sleep, sat on the end of his bed, and played the violin for what eventually became the musical piece "The Devil's Trill Sonata." In this case the Devil playing the music may have reflected Tartini's feelings of total embarrassment that God or "something else" was revealing itself to be behind all his inspiration and musical talent and that Tartini wasn't really as talented as he thought of himself to be. The Devil was then Tartini's feelings about how negative it felt to believe he could never believe in himself being genuinely talented ever again because of the dream.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of hearing the name "Devil" and secretly thinking about Hitler when police officers came up to her to inform her that a thought control machine had read her mind and caught her comparing the Devil to Hitler. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany under the increasing repressive laws of the Nazi regime.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a baby with devil eyes. In waking life she was pregnant and was beginning to think about the pregnancy realistically. The permanent need to grow up and live her entire life in a mature way may have felt scary to her or that the baby would never allow her to enjoy being young ever again.

Example 5: A woman dreamed that her daughter was Satan. In waking life she was living in her childhood home with her husband. This childhood home was a place where she was sexually abused as a child. She felt that the house was evil because she felt forced to live in it with her husband due to finances. Satan in this case may have reflected her feelings about the home being cursed or evil. Feelings about the home intentionally forcing her to live in the torment of remembering her past.

*Please See Demons

*Please See Hell


To dream of Saturday represents feelings about a moment in time allowing you to take time off if you want to. Feeling minor relief that some effort or strain has been removed. Getting a break from people you don't like having to talk to all the time. Feeling that nobody likes you or would prefer to do things with other people besides you. Feeling that nobody cares about money.


To dream of Saturn represents feeling that your life revolves around someone else. Not being as interesting as someone else. It may also symbolize your feeling that someone else always gets more attention than you do. You can't stand out to others the way you want to. Saturn might also be a sign that you feel overlooked because someone else did what you did first. You may feel lucky to have anything happening to you at all.


To dream of sauce represents something that makes what you're already doing more interesting or exciting. A belief, situation, or bonus makes what you're doing more special. Factor that makes something more lively.

Saudi Arabia

To dream of being in Saudi Arabia represents a mindset that is immersed in social situations where you feel there is no room for mistakes or embarrassing others. Feeling that others want permanence or obedience before all else. Experiencing a situation where someone has told you never do something ever again. Having to do what your told no matter what to maintain someone else's integrity or appearances. Feeling a need for compliance "just because." Having to allow someone else to feel biggest no matter what.

Negatively, Saudi Arabia may reflect blind paternal control. A "do what your told" situation for no other reason except that someone said so. Having to respect other people no matter what. A constant feeling for the potential for rash consequences if you get out of line or embarrass someone even a little bit. Never expressing your true feelings because of someone else's ego or dignity must be kept in tact. Feeling that change or standing up for yourself is dangerous. Feeling that a situation requires blind subordination or respect before all rational thought.

*Please See Saudi Arabian People

Saudi Arabian People

To dream of Saudi Arabian people represents aspects of yourself that are sensitive about having to lose ever again. You or someone else that will never allow themselves to be embarrassed ever again.

Positively, Saudi Arabian people may reflect putting up with unbearable control or arrogance because one misstep could be dangerous. It may also reflect permanent acts of revenge on your enemies. Punishing or embarrassing someone with permanent consequences to protect integrity.

Negatively, a Saudi Arabian person may reflect feelings about parents or people who have control over you that require total respect no matter what. Feeling that change or speaking up for yourself is dangerous. Feeling the potential for powerful insensitive consequences for getting out of line. Alternatively, Saudi Arabian people may represent your own overly strict policies or harsh reactions.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Saudi Arabian men slaughtering animals that were standing in a very long line. In waking life he began to realize that his father had been lying to him for years about carrying out a promise to let him move. When it came time to let him move his father came up with every excuse possible to stop him and prevent any change to their family life at all.

To dream of a sauna represents a casual approach to facing a lot of negativity all at once in order to improve your life. Choosing to put up with a lot of discomfort, trouble, or problems to quickly deal with all of it. Intense short term stress for long long benefits.

Positively, a sauna may reflect a proactive attitude about facing problems or a realistic attitude about the long term. Wanting to "get it all over with now" so you don't have to deal with it at all later on.

Negatively, a sauna may be a sign that you are not realizing that a problem is more sophisticated than you think it is. You may not be able to simply face all your problems at once. A fast intense approach to confronting problems may not be beneficial.

To dream of a sausage represents feeling good knowing that it isn't difficult to confront your problems. Feeling good knowing it's easier to confront problems quickly. Confidence that perfect honesty that is difficult to reveal will work out for you if you quickly tell the truth. Enjoying doing something challenging that you don't usually do. Feeling good getting something difficult over with.

Negatively, a sausage may reflect feelings of feeling obligated to finish something difficult.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a large pile of sausages. In waking life he was planning on humiliating his arrogant controlling father in front of the whole family with a forwarded email telling his father about his new well paying job so that his father controlling father would look stupid using poor finances as an excuse to keep controlling him by not releasing money that was
promised. The sausages may have reflected his feelings about enjoying the difficult act of publicly humiliating his father quickly with a mass-forwarded email to get the money owed to him.


*Please See Barbarian


To dream of saving up money may represent a desire for stability or security. Restoring balance to some area of your life. Not wanting to feel threatened or anxious.

Alternatively, saving money may represent your frugality or conservation of personal resources. saving money may represent preparation or Considerations for the future. Biding your time.

To dream of saving something from being lost may represent a restoration of faith or confidence. Diverting or avoiding a risk.

To dream of saving a life represents feelings about having rescued or saved something important to you. It may also reflect waking life situations where you were looking out for someone else. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are desperate to prevent having to be honest or face a hard reality.

*Please See Rescue

*Please See Hero

*Please See Sale

Savings Bonds

To dream of savings bonds represents helping or investing in someone else knowing it will pay off later. Your commitment or responsibility to another person or situation. Helping yourself by helping someone else first.


To dream of a saw represents doing something as hard as you can to stop having to share with someone or put up with something. Cutting off some area of your life or a specific situation.

Negatively, a saw may reflect strong bitterness, jealousy, or anger that is very motivated to stop a situation from happening ever again. It may also reflect a strong resentment that wants to "cut off" someone else's happiness.

*Please See Tools


To see or play a saxophone in a dream represents making other people consider or pay attention to your feelings. You may have spoken up for yourself, made a complaint, or appealed to someone to pay attention to your needs.

Alternatively, it may also represent your view of another person that wants others to consider their feelings or needs.

Saying Grace

*Please See Grace


To dream of a scab represents a healing process or awareness of yourself "getting over" something. An emotionally ugly recovery of some sort is taking place. Uncomfortable feelings or embarrassment that takes time to get over. A need for patience, understanding, or forgiveness so that you can move on.

To dream of picking a scab represents issues with letting a healing process take it's natural course. You may be getting angry or aggravated with some aspect of a conflict that has been settled. Nitpicking, pettiness, or hypersensitivity after an apology has been made. A sign that you have issues being forgiving, understanding, or patient.

To dream of scabs on the face may reflect you or someone else that is emotionally recovering from a significant unpleasant confrontation about their behavior. Conflict about one's actions, habits, or behavior that has resulted in sensitive feelings or unpleasant feelings about changes being required.

Scales of Justice

To dream of the Scales of Justice represents balance, fairness, or good judgment.


To dream of a scalp represents awareness or insight into why you or someone else thinks a certain way. Seeing the root cause or influences of a thinking style. Noticing why someone acts the way they do or understand their past influences.

A bare scalp may reflect feelings about someone else having a dangerous thinking style. Your perception of someone else purposely not caring about anything at all. Negatively, a bare scalp may reflect remorselessness.

To dream of seeing a person being scalped with a knife represents feelings of being intentionally made to never like yourself or enjoy yourself ever again. A person or situation that leaves you with a permanent reminder of not being important. Feeling that someone has embarrassed you so badly that you can never stop talking about it.

*Please See Bald

*Please See Shaved Head


To dream of a scalpel represents separation or conflict that is precise, accurate, or very attentive to details. You or someone else may be confronting a problem with expert knowledge. Knowing exactly what to do to remove a problem.

To be attacked with a scalpel may represent problems or situations that seem to effect you or attack your strengths with surprising accuracy. Something knows exactly what to do to harm your interests. It may also reflect an excessive need for perfection that's frustrating you or distracting you.


To dream of a scar represents pain, struggles, or a negative experience that you can never forget. Negative emotions or memories that linger. Never being able to forget how bad something was for you.

Negatively, you may be living too much in the past or allowing it to influence your present life.


To dream of a scarecrow represents an attempt to scare others without effort.

Negatively, a scarecrow may reflect impotence that tries to scare others. Positively, a scarecrow may be a sign that you are facing a fear that is all image with no substance.


*Please See Fear


To dream of a scarf represents your unwillingness to allow an unpleasant situation to embarrass you at all. Going out of your way to ensure you stay comfortable during a problematic situation no matter what. Feeling above a situation or another person. Never allowing yourself to feel like a loser.

Negatively, a scarf may represent feelings of being too good to "get your hands dirty" or lower your standards.


*Please see Smell


To dream of a scholarship represents advantages you have during times of stress or anxiety. Special benefits or support you've gained through a close relationship. A scholarship may be a sign that you have more resources or opportunities than others.

To dream of wanting or working towards a scholarship represents a desire to feel special or be supported in difficult times.


To dream of a school most often represents social concerns, insecurities, or anxieties. Worrying. Anxiety about how well you are being perceived by others, or how well you are performing in life. There is something happening in your life that you are sensitive about, or that's very important to be to careful about.

Schools symbolize a state of mind when you are caring about what you are thinking. You may have issues at work, or other areas of your life that are weighing heavily on your mind. You are concerned about something.

Positively, schools may reflect your concern with work or long term projects being perfectly accurate. Carefully thinking about what you are thinking. Enjoying learning something difficult. Learning about your problems, your past, or how to improve yourself. A school dream may also appear if you are an expert at something and are very concerned about potential mistakes. Analyzing written work, theories, or ideas.

Negatively, dreams about schools may reflect heightened levels of anxiety or prolonged periods of fear. An unbearable problem that you can't stop worrying about. Worrying or having second thoughts about how other people will react to negative comments you made about them. Second guessing yourself. A worried attempt to come up with excuses or "get your story straight." Feeling stupid that you aren't perfect.

The level of difficulty of an institution, or the grade you are in may reflect how serious or emotionally taxing an issue is. Where as elementary school may simply reflect caring about an issue, university may reflect a more serious concern that requires your full and constant attention.

Attending specific classes in a school may represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes your attempts to solve a difficult unforgiving problem that requires a perfect solution.

To dream of a school hallway represents anxiety or a concern about something that is important to you during a transitional moment. You may be concerned or worried about a change that you are making.

School hallways may also carry personal symbolism for current emotions based on memories you have had at specific spots inside the hallway. For example if someone hurt your feelings or made you concerned about what they thought in a certain location (hallway, doorway, or back of a room) in a dream it may reflect your concerns about what other people think.

Examples life situations that may encourage school dreams may be nervousness about dating someone, anxiety about work, or caring deeply about how others will react to a project you are working on or plans you've made.

See the themes section for school for a more in depth look at school symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of being in school. In waking life he was very concerned about his book being very accurate. He was spending a lot of time reviewing his past work for mistakes.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hiding in a classroom. In waking life she was very nervous about what to say to someone she angered and was carefully thinking of an excuse.

Example 3: A man dreamed of standing on stairs inside a school looking at a shirt made of good material but looked like poor material. In waking life the person received some rather harsh criticism. The school may have reflected their concern about what other people thought about them or anxiety that what they were doing in life was wrong.

*Please See Tests

*Please See Exams

*Please See High School

*Please See Elementary School

*Please See College

*Please See University

*Please See Private School

School Bag

*Please See Backpack

School Bus

To dream of a school bus represents a prolonged learning process that is preparing you for a more difficult situation. Getting prepared to concern yourself with something more serious. Preparing for a difficult or worrisome situation that is approaching.

Positively, a school bus may reflect a responsible long term attitude about being ready for situations that could be dangerous or serious. An attitude that doesn't waste time learning all it can to be prepared for a problem that is still a long time away.

To dream of missing a school bus represents feelings about a missed learning opportunity.

Example: A young girl dreamed of getting on a school bus. In waking life she bought something at the mall and knew that her bigger older sister would force her to let her borrow it for a week before ever getting to enjoy it herself. The school bus reflected her emotional preparation to care about noticing her sister getting her way no matter what.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being on a school bus. In waking life she had just gotten pregnant and felt a lot of pressure to learn to be a good mother for when the child was born.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his son refusing to get on a school bus. In waking life he didn't want to sign begin a divorce settlement with his wife because it would lead to a single life that he was not comfortable having again.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being on a school bus and eagerly grasping for coins before he got off the bus. In waking life the man was very concerned about life being a lesson that he had to be as perfect in as he could before he died. The school bus in this case may have reflected his anxiety or serious thinking about life as it slowly proceeded from year to year before death arrived.

School Credits

To dream of school credit represents experience or accomplishments you are building up in some area that is important to you. Having school credit reflects what you have already achieved or what you've been through.

To dream of not having enough school credits to graduate represents feelings of lacking experience or accomplishment to achieve a goal or make progress. Not having what it takes to get to the next level of your career, relationship, or lifestyle. This type of dream is common to people who secretly feel their talents or accomplishments are flukes. You may not be giving yourself enough credit for what you have achieved.

School Gymnasium

To dream of a school gymnasium represents anxiety or concern about being the best at something. Anxiety or concerns about not achieving an accomplished status. Awareness of yourself taking risks of embarrassment to achieve a goal that is better than you anything you have experienced before. A serious attitude about winning or achievement. Feeling that it may be dangerous to risk to be the best at something. Feeling pressure to excel at something you fear failing at.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in a school gymnasium. In waking life he was trying his best to grow the biggest marijuana plant he had ever grown in his life while worrying about the police catching him.

School Shooting

To dream of a school shooting represents you or someone else in your life that is taking out their frustrations on others in big way. Feeling fed up having to care about a problem ever again. Being unwilling to be accept being undermined or embarrassed ever again with issues that cause you anxiety. Exacting revenge on people who refuse to let you be yourself, solve an issue your own way, or understand your unique concerns.

School Trip

*Please See Field Trip

School Uniform

To dream of a school uniform represents your personality always being worried or concerned about something. Alternatively, it may reflect a very studious mindset that you or someone else has. Awareness of yourself or someone else being very concerned with learning new things. The personality that is very focused on learning everything it can about a particular person or subject.

Negatively, a school uniform in a dream may reflect excessive feelings of anxiety or fear that you are not good enough at something. Taking a passive role while you try to understand a situation or study other people's behavior. Never feeling that you are good enough to achieve your goals. Anxiety or worrying that causes you keep learning new ways to adapt. Jealousy of appearing less intelligent than someone else.

To dream of seeing people you want to date wearing a school uniform may reflect your concern about never embarrassing yourself around them. Wanting to learn what they like and dislike because your are focused on the goal of dating them. You might see a school uniform in a dream when you are going for a job interview or constantly trying to maintain a good impression with someone you feel the need to learn to understand so you can please them.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a girl he liked in a school uniform. In waking life he was very self-conscious whenever he was around her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a school uniform. In waking life she was talking to an expert who was learning from her.


To dream of studying science represents thoughts or situations in your life that are experimental. New ideas, new habits, or new methods of dealing with problems. You are learning from these new experiences, or methods.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing science equipment in a giant lab and then noticed a scary invisible monster running around the lab. In waking life he was experimenting with different ideas to commit suicide while being afraid of death.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a science class at school. In waking life he was having anxiety about living separate from his wife who "just wanted to see what would happen" if they separated . The science symbolism may have reflected his feelings about his relationship confronting an "experimental moment" with his wife trying to see if she would be happier without him.


To dream of scientists represents as aspect of your personality that is experimenting or trying new ideas. You are exploring new territory in some manner. You may be trying express yourself to others differently, taking new approaches to life situations, or trying new things just to see what happens.


To dream of scissors represents decisiveness, emotional separation from issues, or getting rid of something. You may be making a choice, or cutting something out of your life. It may also reflect some area of your life being severed.

Negatively, scissors in a dream could reflect a fear of being cut off or quickly "severed" from an area of your life. Fearing being fired too easily or broken up with by your partner without any discussion. A decisive action that is not in your best interest. Alternatively, from a negative perspective a pair of scissors in a dream may reflect your own insensitive actions to severe ties or relationships you don't want anymore. A lack of consideration about other people's feelings when you quickly take things away from them.

Example: A woman dreamed of being chased with scissors. In waking life she was having anxiety about being accused of stealing from work and getting fired for it even though she knew he was innocent. She feared the quick decisive action of her employer to fire her without question.

Scooter (Foot Powered)

To dream of a scooter represents easy or steady progress. "Breezing" through a situation or problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone using a scooter. In waking life she felt trapped by a controlling husband and that doing what he wanted made life easier. The scooter reflected her perception of her life being easier to get through if she stayed with her husband.

*Please See Hot


To dream of a scoreboard represents feelings about how well you are doing in life or how well you are comparing to others. Attention that is being drawn to whether or not you measure up.

Consider the numbers of the score for additional meaning.


To dream of a scorpion represents the expectation for pain or hardship. A lingering possibility for bad news or an altercation. A potential for retaliation or a threat that keeps you on edge. It may also reflect an expectation of painful news or an unpleasant situation. A feeling of not knowing when a suspected problem is finally going to rear it's head or when a "death blow" will strike. Feelings about a bad or untrustworthy person inevitably turning on you. Arrogant people who are fully aware of themselves never doing anything they promise to do.

To dream of being bitten by a scorpion represents the realization of pain or hardship that you were expecting. Something bad happened that you were hoping wouldn't happen.

Example: A woman dreamed of a scorpion sitting on her shoulder. In real life she was having a long distance relationship and constantly feared her partner would grow bored and end it. The scorpion reflected her constant feeling that a painful breakup was always possible.

Example 2: An employee dreamed of seeing a customer turning into a scorpion. In real life the employee hated dealing with this customer and was constantly on edge because they always knew the customer might return and ruin their day.

Example 3: A man dreamed of desperately trying to kill a scorpion. In waking life he was struggling to find ways to fight off a stubborn infection his child had while hoping it wouldn't return.

Scotch Tape

To dream of scotch tape represents casual feelings of maintaining a situation with temporary measures. Not believing you need to be an expert to control a situation in the interim.

Example: A woman dreamed of scotch tape being used to tape a pen to a feather. In waking life she was insecure about expressing her feelings openly on a facebook post. She ended up deleting the post. The scotch tape may have reflected her temporary insecure state about feeling free to express her true feelings.


To dream of being in Scotland represents a mindset that insensitively notices itself being better or stronger than someone else. Noticing a number of people around you always thinking they are superior to you. You or others that are meanly or rudely arguing over who is "stupider." Feeling competitive with people who think they are better than you. Feeling the need to prove you are smarter than someone else. Feelings about yourself or other people behaving boldly.

Negatively, being in Scotland may reflect a waking life situation with people in a argument about who is "positiver", smarter, or more deserving. It may also reflect people that are arrogantly refusing to accept a loss or concession no matter the cost to avoid their own embarrassment. Feeling surrounded by people who think they are better or smarter than you. Watching people arguing with each other over who is bigger loser,

Example: A man dreamed of being in Scotland. In waking life he was witnessing two members of his family in a bitter lawsuit for control over an inheritance.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in Scotland to study. In waking life he was the webmaster of website in a competitive field and felt he had to work harder than usual because his competition was starting to embarrass him that they were smarter than he was.

*Please See Scottish People

Scottish People

To dream of a Scottish person represents an aspect of your personality that insensitively notices itself being better or stronger than someone else.

Positively, Scottish people may reflect you or someone else that is insensitive about drawing attention to a priority. Acts of generosity that completely embarrass other people. Brilliance that scares less intelligent people. Telling your enemies or dangerous people that you will enjoy destroying them. Jealousy of not doing something perfectly right or letting a problem slip past you.

Negatively, a Scottish person may reflect you or someone else that feels good noticing someone having less than you. Enjoying someone else's weakness or vulnerability. Telling someone to their face why they are weaker, stupider, or below you. Enjoying exploiting someone else's weakness to their face. You or someone else that feels good being mean about your advantages or superiority. Embarrassment of thinking they are better than other people. Being in love with yourself thinking you are better than someone else no matter what.

Scottish people may appear in a dream during bitter arguments. They are also common during lawsuits or court cases. Rivalry that proudly discusses others weaknesses or flaws out in the open.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Scottish man talking to him. In waking life he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be rich and notice a girl he liked totally broke so that she'd have to be with him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being afraid of a Scottish man. In waking life he feared that his father would laugh in his face if he ever told him about a problem he had.

To dream of playing scrabble represents a struggle of competing ideas. Wanting your take on a situation to be stronger. It may also reflect competing rhetoric. You may be fighting or at odds with someone about what to define something as.

Example: A woman dreamed of playing scrabble. In waking life the doctors told her that he father had no chance to recover from his coma. She didn't want to accept this and believed it was better to give her father time to recover. The scrabble game reflected her competing view with the doctor about how to define death.

To dream of a scrapbook represents your memory of what life or others have done to you over the years. Old feelings and memories that you've forgotten. An event or situation in your life that makes you "walk down memory lane." A scrapbook may show up in a dream when you are visiting locations from your childhood or spending time in places where something happened that you can't forget. Reliving things you've put behind you. Perhaps, you've ever seen someone from your past.

Negatively, a scrapbook may reflect problems letting go of the past or feeling stuck in a rut. Feeling unable to move forward. A sign that you need to try harder to start a new life for yourself.


To dream of getting scratched by a person or animal may represent feelings about people not liking you. Feeling that someone's hostility or unfriendliness is intentional. Someone in your life that you believe wants to you feel unliked or hated. Feelings about being unable to leave a situation unscathed. Bitterness. Wounding comments. A situations that is acrimonious. An angry person in your life.

Alternatively, a scratch in a dream may reflect feelings about a minor problem or conflict that has the potential to get worse.

Negatively, being scratched may be a sign that you feel stupid for having ignored someone else's hostility or warnings. Jealous conflict in your life that is beginning to feel serious or dangerous. Feeling that someone jealous wants to erase what you have created or achieved.

To dream that you are scratching someone else may reflect jealousy, bitterness, or anger at being ignored. Hostility or making insulting comments.

To dream of a scratched object may reflect situations where you feel terrible that something will never be perfect again. Perfection or innocence lost. Unpleasant feelings about having to remember a stupid mistake you made.

To dream of scratching an itchy body part may reflect feelings about minor irritations, annoyances, or frustrations.

Example: A man dreamed of fearing being scratched by a tiger. In waking life he was fearing having to speak to a very aggressive woman who was hostile to him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her fiancee badly scratched by a lion. In waking life she had experienced her fiancee getting into a very bitter angry fight with her daughter.

Scratch Lottery Ticket

To dream of a scratch lottery ticket represents feelings about taking chances with luck by intentionally not treating something special. Hoping that if you compromise, ignore, or are purposefully reckless with something that you might get lucky with something you desire.

Negatively, a scratch lottery ticket may reflect intentional carelessness that hopes to get lucky with something bad happening to someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of scratching a scratch lottery ticket. In waking life she was hoping that if she behaved in a certain manner that her boyfriend would break up with her so that she didn't have to break up with him. She was afraid to break up with him and hoped to get lucky with an easy way to make sure she broke up with him.


To dream of screaming represents shock or disbelief at how negative a situation in waking life is. A scary situation that has taken you by surprise. A desperate need to address a problem. Your sense of helplessness and frustration with some situation.

Alternatively, you may be powerfully expressing emotion in some manner which you has been suppressed for too long. Desperation communicating with or getting through to someone.

Dreaming of screaming may also reflect your perception of someone else's desperate need for help.

To dream that you can't scream represents mixed feelings of desperation and futility. Feeling that nothing can help you.

Example: A young man dreamed of hearing a terrifying scream. In waking life he was shocked to realize that he was losing his hair which at the time was beautiful.

*Please See Yelling

Screen Door

To dream of a screen door represents emotional or psychological filtering. Something you like thinking about, but don't wish to expose yourself to for real. A sign that you want to enjoy something, but don't want to deal with the reality of actually doing it. A screen door may also reflect situational protection. Taking in the good and ignoring what you don't like.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a beautiful girl behind a screen door. The girl was someone desirable, yet had family and friends the dreamer didn't like. The screen door reflected his wish to fantasize about her while ignoring the unpleasant reality of her friends and family.

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  • Indian client needs to pay me 600/- Rupees in my SBI Bank via netbanking or direct cash deposit.

  • SBI Bank: (State Bank of India)
       Nitin Kumar Singhal
       A/c No.: 61246625123
       IFSC CODE: SBIN0031199
       Branch: Industrial Estate
       City: Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 

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Client's Feedback - NOVEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.