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Star Symbol Prediction In Indian Palmistry

EVERY human hand contains good or bad signs, which are important to the general behaviour of the lines on the palm and mounts.


A star is formed by three or more lines cutting each other at a point and forming at least fine, clear radii. It is re-presentative of the fusion of life current at a point. If it is separate and independent, it is powerful. Its position in the hand will indicate whether it is good or bad.

A star on the top of the Mount of Jupiter along with a good Head Line shows the acquisition of great honour and position. If the star is found without a good Line of Head, it predicts a head injury or an operation for tonsillitis or separation from wife in old age. When the star is at the base of the mount, the person has contacts with rich and eminent people. If there is a star in the left hand on the Mount of Jupiter, the native is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and will achieve a good position in life. If the Life Line is joined to the star on this mount, the native will achieve success by his intellectual ability.

A star on the top of the Mount of Saturn shows a fatalistic life. There is a risk of paralysis or injury from fire or electric shock. This sign is found on the hands of martyrs. 

If the star is not on the mount but on its side or near the finger, one is connected with the above class of persons.

A star on the mount of Sun brings fame, success, wealth and prestige but without mental peace generally in old age. If it is on the side of the mount, the native comes in contact with rich and renowned persons.

If a star is formed or connected with the Sun Line, fame through work of art is indicated. The best place for it is in the centre of the Line of Apollo.

A star on the Mount of Mercury on a good hand shows proficiency in science, business, medicine, law or oratory, according to the type of the hand. It also shows some risk of poisoning.

When there is a star on the Upper Mars (negative), under the Mount of Mercury, a person gains through patience and fortitude in life.

On the Lower Mars (positive), military honours are foretold, but with the possibility of some injury in combat. In case any of the above mounts are defective, the hand is otherwise bad and the thumb clubbed, the person can go into a violent raga and can even kill the offender.

A star on the Mount of Luna shows reputation gained from the use of imaginative faculties. Some experts say it shows death by drowning, when the Line of Head is weak and sloping.

If a star is found on the Life Line and on the Mount of Moon, the risk of suicide is indicated.

A star at the commencement of the Life Line shows death of parents in childhood. 

A star at the end of the Line of Head shows loss of memory in old age or paralysis.

On the Line of Life, a star predicts a serious accident, but if the Life Line is intact, without any bad sign on it in the left hand, and the Line of Mars is present, the person will escape serious consequences.

A star on the Mount of Venus results in gain from a love affair. If the mount is raised and rayed, the person has a loose character. 

A star on this mount on both hands causes loss of vitality and virility in one's youth.

A star on the Fate Line denotes that the person may suffer from financial loss.

A star on the Line of Mars shows accidental death and unhappy married life.

Indications of a star on the thumb and finger are:

First phalange-Rich but of a loose character
Second phalange-Has temptation to do wrong

Jupiter (Index Finger/Pointer Finger)
First phalange--Rise in career
Second phalange-Chastity, nobility
Third phalange-Shameless, immoral

Saturn (Middle Finger) 
First phalange-Martyrdom, assassination (if on the fingers of both hands)
Second phalange-Assassination (if on the fingers of both hands)
One star on the first and second phalanges indicates death by hanging or on the scaffold
Third phalange-Criminal tendencies in men and sterility in women

Sun (Apollo Finger/Ring Finger)
Finger First phalange-Success in fine arts
Second phalange-Success, talent
Third phalange-Desire for self-praise, lack of corr-structive attitude

Mercury (Little Finger/Pinky Finger)
First phalange-Oratory, politics
Second phalange-Bad mental attitude, ill-fame
Third phalange-Wisdom, wit, oratory.

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