How To Check Astrologers Prediction Accuracy

Astrology is Business or Science
Most astrologers working today would not be 'predicting' - but rather 'forecasting', in much the same way a meteorologist or economist forecasts.
Astrology is Business or Science

That is, they look at a range of indicators, past history and so on ... and make a reasonable forecast about the probability of certain conditions being met in the future.
Putting this into an astrological context, one example is that around the age of 29, when Saturn returns to the position it was at the time of our birth, there's a strong probability that particular kinds of events will unfold, more than mere 'chance.' Yes, that's anecdotal evidence, and it would be great to find a way to empirically evaluate this.
Plenty of scientists, including meteorologists, make forecasts that don't quite work out how we expected. And their discipline is not dismissed or mocked as a result, even though uncertainty is acceptable and part of their practice.
It seems that some skeptics would like astrology to 'predict' an event, down to the day. And if astrologers can't do this - well, it's 'game over' as far as astrology is concerned. The baby is thrown out with the bath water.
I don't know of any current astrologer who works at 'predicting' along these lines. They forecast. So there is a mismatch between a skeptical view of astrology, and what it actually is, and how it's actually practiced today.
Yes. Astrology is a perfect science and it can predict the future. It can predict all future good or bad occasions, their intensity and period also...sometimes there is problem with astrologer or because of his fault people say astrology is just for's painful.

But you always make a difference by your never say die attitute. More or less. Its like umbrella in rain...
It is impossible to say whether an astrologer will predict your future accurately.  It depends on many factors:
  1. The experience and skill of the astrologer,
  2. The accuracy of the birth date, time and place given to the astrologer,
  3. The techniques that are used by the astrologer, and
  4. The clarity of the question being asked.

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