Saturday, September 9, 2017

The "Latent" Synastry of Donald Trump & Melania Trump | Astrology USA

Donald Trump - Learn What The World's Most Powerful Presidential Horoscope

latent synstry of donald trump and melania

Along with taking oath as America's 45th President, Trump has become the most powerful person in the world. Trump has become president, but the challenges before him are not even short. The eyes of the whole world are on their decisions. In such a situation, the kind of trump the decisions can take, and on whose strength they will face the challenges ahead, according to Indian astrology, their horoscope can be studied. Astrology astrologers have studied their horoscope, let us know which planet is trim on the Trump in 2017 and which planets will create hindrances in their path. If you have any problem in any aspect of your life, then it may be a negative effect of the planets. To know the auspicious and inauspicious yoga in your horoscope, you can consult the astrologers of the country's well-known astrologers. 

Name - Donald John Trump
Date of birth - 14 June 1946
Birth time - 10:54
Birthplace - Jamaica, New York

According to the above description, Donald Trump is a person of marriage. Their lunar zodiac is Scorpio and they have been born in the Senior Star. Jupiter's Mahadasha is currently underway and Jupiter is also there in the interdependence.

Donald Trump's bride is a lion and the people of this marriage are treated like a lion. Such people have the potential to suddenly jump long. They are also considered to be evil minded. In their marriage, the Yogasagar planet is Mangal, which is very nice for them. The kind of yoga that is in the horoscope of a trumpet, such people are strong willed and conceptualized personality.Being mercury in marriage makes them cruel in nature and this is also a factor in their success.

In the year 2017, due to the change of Saturn, there has been a change in Saturn due to their amount which is very beneficial for their political life. With some harsh decisions, some countries in the world can be very much stirred. This movement can be seen from job, business to security area.

See also from the numerical point of view, the sum total of 2017 is made 8 which is the number of Saturn. Saturn, which is a legitimate planet and is considered as a public indicator. In 2017, the focus of the trump may be on taking certain decisions so that they can communicate directly with the public's resources. However, it may also be that people initially find Trump's decisions some unbelievable, but far-reaching consequences of these decisions can be positive.

After the first few months, Saturn will try to put pressure on the political enemies of Trumpets. Or say trump can be over. But trumps will easily be able to overcome these challenges. At present, the Mahadasha of Jupiter is underway in the horoscope, which is said to be in the second house by Panchmah. It will also work to increase their intellectual strength and strengthen their ability to make decisions.

The only reason for concern for trump is Saturn, which will require them to be especially careful about mental anxiety and health.

Overall 2017 year is a successful year for trump.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump Love Compatibility

to be continued.....

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