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Slap To Girlfriend In Dream Meaning

Slapping Dream Interpretations

Every person sees something or something in the dream. If a person has a good dream then he definitely gets the fruits. Sometimes a bad dream also means good.

meaning of slapped dream

So everyone should know the meaning of their dream and be prepared for what is going to happen in the future. Everyone slaps anyone slap and someone is killed. If you slap in the dream, then it means success in the work and if you slap someone, it means trapping in a fight.

Slapping someone in dream means you will get success in your job.

Slapped by girlfriend or boyfriend in dream means there are chances of breakup soon.

Slapped by parents in dream means you will get punishment soon.

Slapped by strange person in dream that means you will get engage in fight with stranger soon.

Slapped by someone in dream means you will engage in fight soon.

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Seeing Yourself Crying In A Dream - Auspicious Or Ominous

Meaning & Interpretation of crying dream- 

Today I will tell you what it means to see crying in the dream. Seeing crying in the dream can also mean auspicious or inauspicious, you can see yourself weeping in dreams and also to the other. 

meaning of crying dream

There are many types of dreams, some people dream in the morning, dreaming at night, but dreams can be true. The meaning of dreams are received in the near future, which can be good or bad.

Meaning of crying in a dream

According to the scriptures, every dream has a special meaning. How do we feel in the dream, what do we feel, this has a relation with our life nowhere. If needed, only understand the messages from these dreams.

If you see crying in a dream, then according to the scriptures, it is considered an indicator to increase your honor in real life. This dream tells that the circumstances are coming soon, which will enhance your honor in the society.

But there are some other signs that take different meanings of the state of crying in a dream. If you find yourself crying in the dream, then it shows your mental state.

There may be no such scenario in the dream which you may have to cry, but still you are crying. It means that there is such a special reason in real life that you are crying in a dream.

The cry of self in the dream shows 'pain'. But psychologists say that in the real life, those who do not cry, their pain reduces from crying in the dream. Therefore, seeing yourself crying in the dream and getting up while crying is mentally correct.

Now talk about the next sign. According to the scriptures, being able to cry on someone's death in the dream is indicative of the longevity of that person.

But if you are watching someone crying, then it tells you that you want someone's support in real life. It is possible that the work you are unable to do yourself is unable to reduce the pain on your own, then seeing someone crying in the dream gives you peace of mind.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy Related Dreams Meaning

What does it mean when u dream of being pregnant ?
What does it mean to dream about someone being pregnant ?

meaning of pregnant woman dream

Answer: If you are married then it means fulfill of your wish, increase of love between you and your partner but if you are unmarried then it indicates there are chances of sexual harassment with you soon (in any manner). So you need to be careful from opp. sex.  

What is the meaning of my dream if I see abortion ?


Seeing abortion in the dream is considered to be an extremely inauspicious trait. It is believed to be a crisis, disease, or children's crashes in the coming times.


What is the meaning of my dream if I see abortion to wife ? 
Answer: Seeing abortion to wife in the dream is considered very bad.  This is clear indication of upcoming trouble in life which will you face soon.

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Dream Astrology - All Dream Meaning & Interpretations

Dream Astrology

According to the dream astrology, every dream that is seen in sleep is of value. From these dreams we can know what is going to happen in the near future and many times it also indicates how it will happen. 

astrology meaning of dream meanings

Let's know about 251 such dreams and their meaning- 

Auspicious dreams and their meaning 

(1) Sexual intercourse with women - realization of wealth
(2) Rice watching - Ending hostility to someone
(3) see worshiping-end of problems
(4) Seeing the baby going on the go- receipt of the paused money
(5) Viewing the kernels of meaning - Sign of quick money gains
(6) Gold on the bed - Gaining glory
(7) Seeing a green forest - will be happy
(8) To see the open door - will be friendly to someone
(9) See closed door- loss of money
(10) Viewing the trench- Receiving wealth and fame
(11) Chasing glasses - increasing the knowledge
(12) Watching bulls- grains will be cheap
(13) Full meal - news of happiness
(14) Watching copper - detecting secret secrets
(15) Lamp burning - new opportunities
(16) See electricity in the sky - stability in business and business
(17) Seeing Meat - Accidental Money Benefits
(18) Seeing farewell functions - Increase in wealth
(19) Seeing a broken roof - the sum of the getting money
(20) Watch white dove - befriend friend
(21) Seeing Bee- Increasing Love with Friends
(22) Gloves visible - Sudden money gain
(23) Seeing the pair of lions- Compatibility in married life
(24) Watching Me- Getting the Best Health
(25) Watch jewelery- a work done
(26) Junk food - a problem to be re moved
(27) Playing gambling - Profit in business
(28) Appearing mule - money related problem
(29) To see the mausoleum - the good fortune
(30) Seeing yourself flying - get rid of any trouble
(31) Fighting with someone - getting happiness
(32) To be killed in battle - The sum of the realization
(33) Appearing dung - benefits in livestock business
(34) See Supra-liberation from the disease
(35) See blackjack - achievement
(36) See empty bullock cart-loss
(37) Kindle Matching - Receiving Money
(38) Seen or eye-scratching- Money gain
(39) Seeing the dead-sickness away
(40) Seeing bangle - good fortune
(41) Borrowing money - earning excessive money
(42) Watching the Moon - Respecting the Moon
(43) Viewing Silver- Getting Profit
(44) Seeing ripe wheat in the field - getting money
(45) Meaning-eating food - getting money
(46) Putting glasses - Increasing know ledge
(47) See red flowers - shine luck
(48) Watching white flowers - get rid of any problem
(49) Cutting the white snake - earning money
(50) Drinking river water - gains from government
(51) Eating Chapatti – Money comes in your hand.
(52) See Cotton - Sign of being Healthy
(53) Watch Dogs - Meet Old Friends
(54) Declaration on the bow - Growth and promotion in the achievement
(55) Bed on the ground- Increase in longevity and pleasure
(56) Making home - getting fame
(57) Watching the horse - the crisis is going away
(58) Watching beads - daughter reception
(59) Seeing Pomegranate - The sum of money receipts
(60) Show fast money - Sudden Money Profit
(61) Watching the market - the absence of poverty
(62) Talk to a dead person - fulfillment of desire
(63) Seeing the meaning - relieve the disease
(64) Viewing grasslands- Sign of money gains
(65) Hitting the wall - Benefit from an elderly per son
(66) Watching the wall - increasing respect
(67) Seeing the waterfall - the end of suffering
(68) Seeing burning light - increase in age
(69) Observe sunshine - promotion and refund
(70) Write check - get money in heritage
(71) Viewing water in wells - Money benefits
(72) Looking at the sky - the son's receipt
(73) Watching dung - Profit in livestock business
(74) Watching Beautiful Bride - Success in Love
(75) See bangle - good fortune
(76) Watch well-respect
(77) Seeing the Guru - getting success
(78) Watching Rainbows - Best Health
(79) Watching the cemetery - Reputation in society
(80) See lotus flower- get rid of disease
(81) Visiting the Goddess- freedom from disease
(82) Seeing underwear- good fortune
(83) Looking stabbed - freedom from crisis
(84) Child visible - Child growth
(85) Watching sandalwood - Goo d news
(86) Jathedars see the monk - good start of time
(87) See trident - Freedom from enemies
(88) Viewing the constellations - Good luck growth
(89) Vision of Snakes - Money Profit
(90) Seeing a friar- donating
(91) Watching the postman - meeting with a distant relative
(92) Tapping - Victory on the enemy
(93) Appearing in the teeth - Arrival o f Aries
(94) Seeing the mother of her - the achievement of respect
(95) Viewing the post office - Advance in business
(96) Viewing the map - Success in a plan
(97) Seeing salt- Benefits in health
(98) Viewing the Trail- Solving Problems
(99) Seeing a relative - the start of the best time
(100) Seeing the couple- Compatibility in married life
(101) Seeing the enemy- Best Riches
(102) Watching cards- Increase in problem
(103) Arrow showing - moving towards goal
(104) Seeing grass - Problems in life
(105) Seeing Lord Shiva - destruction of plagues
(106) Seeing the weasel - Freedom from hostility
(107) Watching the turban - an increase in honor
(108) Seeing milk- Economic advancement
(109) Viewing the temple- collaborating in religious work
(110) Viewing river- Good fortune growth
(111) Seeing blue cow-realization of physical pleasures
(112) Viewing the billboards- Increase in the grains
(113) Seeing your own sister - Love increases in family
(114) Watching through worship - getting benefit of any scheme
(115) To see the sage - Highly auspicious meaning
(116) Seeing the cow's calf - a good event
(117) Seeing Spring - Increase in Good Luck
(118) Seeing Paradise - Increase in physical pleasures
(119) Watching a wife - Love increases in a couple's marriage
(120) Swastika visible - having money
(121) Watching Brother- Becoming New Friends
(122) Seeing honey- compatibility in life
(123) Seeing the death of self- Freedom from severe disease
(124) Rudraksh Watching - Good News Meetings
(125) Seeing Money - Money Profit
(126) Parrot showing - good luck
(127) See Cardamom - Receiving Honor
(128) The philosophy of mother of jesus - rise in intellect
(129) Seeing Cuckoo - Gaining Great Health
(130) Lizard sighting - Theft in the house
(131) Appearing bird - promotion in job
(132) Seeing the girl coming into the ho use- getting the grace of mother of Jesus
(133) Milk giving buffalo - Sign of best food benefits
(134) See empty plate - Sign of money acquisition
(135) Seeing jaggery-good signals coming in time
(136) Lion sighting - Victory over enemies
(137) Elephant sighting - achievement of euphoria
(138) Looking at the camel - Money benefits
(139) Sun viewing - meeting with a particular person
(140) Wear ring - Getting beautiful woman
(141) Flying in the sky - traveling a long way
(142) Common food - getting money
(143) Drinking pomegranate juice - getting rich wealth
(144) Watching beak bird-benefits in business
(145) Seeing clouds in the sky - fast progress
(146) Hiding on the horse - to be in business
(147) To see the face in the mirror - to increase the love of a woman
(148) Watching the garden - be happy
(149) Seeing the haircut of the head- g et rid of debt
(150) Seeing bed- getting money and longevity
(151) Watching bullshit - meeting with scholar
(152) Seeing yourself laughing - dispute with someone
(153) Seeing yourself crying - getting happiness
(154) Viewing the Flowers - Meet the Lover
(155) Putting dirt on the body - Sign of money acquisition
(156) Walking on the bridge- Working in the interest of society
(157) thirst-greed
(158) Pan food - Achieving beautiful woman
(159) Immersion in water - doing good work
(160) Seeing Rich People - Yields of Money
(161) Almond food - earning money
(162) Egg-feeding
(163) Seeing your own white hair- age will increase
(164) See scorpions - will gain prestige
(165) Mountain climbing - will get progress
(166) Watching the Sword - Victory Over the Enemy
(167) To see green vegetables - be pleased
(168) Seeing a gun - Destroying enemies
(169) Running arrows - fulfillment of desire
(170) Seeing Pheasant - Increase in Honor
(171) Watched watermelon - will be hostile t o anyone
(172) Seeing the ship- A distant journey will be
(173) Watching the flag - Religion will increase i n faith

Bad dreams and their meaning 

(1) wear a shoe-a fight with a woman
(2) Seeing the Moon break-up - Coming of any sudden problem
(3) Lunar eclipse-looking sick
(4) Mascara in the eyes - physical pain
(5) Seeing crying animal - possibility of accident
(6) Watching the mill - losses in the hands of the enemies
(7) Seeing teeth break-up- Increase in problems
(8) Watching smoke- Loss of business
(9) See earthquake- distress to children
(10) Seeing the self-destructed self- getting the news of the death of a near kin
(11) Seeing a dry garden - Being a heavy burden
(12) Watch the wolf - Fear of the enemy
(13) See the death of the politician - there is problem in the country
(14) Watching the hills moving - having a disease
(15) Watch spit-trouble
(16) The bird saw crying - being poor
(17) Seeing bog-worries growing
(18) Watching scissors - disagreement in the house
(19) Watching the ant- Trouble in a problem
(20) Watching jar - loss due to bad association
(21) See fighting cats - fight with friends
(22) Watching white cat - loss of money
(23) Watch the fox - cheating someone close to you
(24) Seeing a dry forest - trouble due to some reason
(25) Watching the eagle - Fear of enemies
(26) Declaring himself as bankrupt
(27) Getting Gold - Loss of Money
(28) Watching the crow - the news of the death of a relative
(29) Watching smoke - loss in business
(30) See earthquake- distress to the child
(31) Drinking alcohol in the crematorium - early death
(32) Owls - loss of money
(33) Watching coal- trapping in a futile dispute
(34) Calling the dead person - suffering and suffering
(35) Seeing falling from the tree- suffering from any disease and die
(36) Dry food meals- increasing the problem
(37) Seeing a limb cut in the body- the sum o f the death of a near kin
(38) Lightning fall-trapped in crisis
(39) Seeing the sheet - Sign of defamation
(40) Watching gems - expense and sadness
(41) Flood Watch- Loss in Business
(42) Seeing the whip - having a fight
(43) Watching the net - loss in the law suit
(44) Drum showing - fear of an unknown accident
(45) Cutting the pocket - Losing the trade
(46) Flowers appear - condemnation
(47) Seeing firefly - The beginning of bad times
(48) View of grasshopper groups - loss in business
(49) See doctor- health problem
(50) Watching the weapon - losin g in the lawsuit
(51) Seeing as a nude statue - death of a old man in the family
(52) Celebrating the festival - mourning
(53) Watching court-going into controversy
(54) Watch dancing and singing - Sign of getting bad news
(55) Begging - loss of wealth
(56) Shocking handcuffs - a huge crisis in the future
(57) Pigeon-seeing - get rid of the disease
(58) Seeing Python - loss in business
(59) Seeing crow - getting bad information
(60) Falling from the sky - trapped in trouble
(61) Seeing thin bulls - grains will be expensive
(62) Playing the flute - Being disturbed
(63) Seeing himself sick - suffering in life
(64) Seeing a storm-storm - suffering in travel
(65) Falling from the height - Having trouble at home
(66) Seeing rain - lack of grain in the house
(67) Snow watching - Seasonal illness
(68) Camel ride - getting diseased
(69) Falling from a horse - loss of business
(70) Bathe in the pond - Loss from the enemy
(71) See food plate - Sign of defalcation
(72) Watch white cat - loss of money
(73) Seeing hair scattered - Loss of money
(74) Seeing pig- Enemy and health problem s
(75) Watching buffalo-trapped in trouble
(76) Seeing the Cage - Sign of imprisonment
(77) Drinking oil - Fear of a fierce disease
(78) Sesame food - blurred

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