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Mars Line In Palmistry

The Line Of Mars

The usual starting point of this Line is the Lower Mount of Mars. It runs inside the Life Line and very close beside it.

Function Of Mars Line
By and large it supplements the functions of the Line of Life.
If the Mars Line runs close and parallel to the Life Line on the Lower Mount of Mars and the Mount of Venus. It corrects many of the breaks and defects in the Line Life.
It represents the vital force in man which offers greater power of resistance to withstand any disease, nervous debility or unexpected shock.

Mars Line In Palmistry

Characteristic Features Of The Mars Line

Deep or broad - A sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.

Sister lines running parallel inside the Mount of Venus - Influence of other people over the life of the subject.

Terminating in a fork - Super abundance of the animal nature - intemperance of every kind.

Terminating in a fork one prong of which enters the mount of Moon and ends in a star - Alcoholic intemperance.

If you want to know more about Mars Line in detail then visit below link : Detailed Information About Mars Line

Meaning Of Double Life Line In Palmistry

The Life Life

First you need to understand about life line and role of life line on hand.  Life line is also known as Vitality Line and this normally starts just below the Mount of Jupiter and goes round the Mount Of Venus.  If the life lines on both hands are long, deep, perfectly flawless and healthy pink in color, then the subject will enjoy a good life span.  But there are some very important features to be borne in mind.  Such Life lines must at the same time also be free of crosses, breaks, starts and any irregularities such as fading away for any considerable length.  Only then, with all these very important points being observed, can a good palm reader promise the subject a long life on this earth planet.   

Double Life Line is considered as auspicious sign. Double Life Line denotes protection from long-illness and accidents. Double lifeline indicates good health and vitality.  Double Life Line shows influence or impact of spouse and family.

Separation Due to Abroad Travel In Palmistry

If fork on marriage line at both sides then it indicates separation between husband and wife due to travel/overseas job.

This type of fork on marriage line is rarely found on hands.  If fork is big (inside of palm) on marriage line then there are strong chances of divorce.

If fork is big (outside of palm) on marriage line then there are strong chances of separation for long period of time.

Fork on marriage line is always considered a bad sign and unfortunate sign which denotes unhappy married life.

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Eye Forehead Neck Nose Tongue Ear Eyebrows Cheek Lip Twitching And Itching - Astrology - Part 2

Meaning Of Eye Nose Tongue Forehead Neck Ear Eyebrows Cheek Lip Twitching And Itching - Astrology - Part 2

Twitching of body parts is just not a superstition but twitching means a sudden, quick pull or nervous movement of the body parts.

Body Part :-  Forehead Twitching
  • Whole forehead - Hard work. Loss of money. Unsuccessful foreign tour.
  • Right side of forehead - Gain of object through journeys
  • Left side of forehead - Success 

Body Part :-  Neck Twitching
  • Neck - Gain from foreign tour 
  • Right side of neck - Happiness and gain
  • Left side of neck - Relations with the opposite Sex

Body Part :-  Ears Twitching
  • Left ear - Meeting important persons and gain through them 
  • Right ear - Gain in business or profession 
  • Back portion (either ear) - Troubles through friends 

Why Are My Eye Twitching

Body Part :-  Eyes Twitching & Blinking

  • Left eye - Worries 
  • Right eye - Success. Money gained. Meeting beloved.
  • Center of eyes - Separation from wife or loved one.
  • Middle portion of eyes - Gain of object and money.
  • Back side of eyes - Popularity.
  • Upper portion of eyes - Meeting with friends.
  • Lower portion of eyes - Quarrels with some persons.
  • Right eyelid - Happy news.
  • Left eyelid - Worries.
  • Right under eye - Blame 
  • Left under eye - Expenditure. 
  • Pupil of right eye - Happiness through children.
  • Pupil of left eye - Good Luck.

Body Part:  Eyebrows Twitching
  • Right Eyebrow - Fame Money gain.
  • Right eye and eyebrow - Success
  • Left eyebrow - Birth of child pleasure with friends
  • Left eye and eyebrow - Good News

Body Part:  Cheek Twitching
  • Right cheek - Loss of money
  • Left check - Worries
  • Both cheeks - Happiness.  Gain of good wealth
  • Center of either cheek - Birth of female.  Good news from daughter

Body Part:  Nose Twitching

  • Nose - Gain of wealth
  • Right side of nose - Quarrels
  • Left side of nose - Happiness
  • Tip of nose - Troubles. Mental worries.  Physical disease
  • Inside of one nostril - Pleasures
  • Inside of both nostrils - Fame, gain and honour

Body Part:  Mouth Twitching
  • Mouth - Happy news from son
  • Right corner of mouth - Pleasures and honour
  • Left corner of mouth - Honour happiness.

Body Part: Tongue Twitching
  • Tongue - Quarrels

Body Part:  Lips Twitching
  • Upper lip - Promotion
  • Lower lip - Good news
  • Both lips - Pleasure, good news
  • Upper side of lip - Success and gains
  • Lower side of lip - Friendship

Body Part:  Chin Twitching 
  • Chin - Separation from loved ones
  • Right side of chin - Troubles
  • Left side of chin - Prosperity 
  • Center of chin - Success in hopes and wishes

Body Part:  Shoulder Twitching

  • Right Shoulder - Gain of wealth but also worries
  • Left Shoulder - Victory over enemies.  Hopes fulfilled
  • Both Shoulder - Quarrels and disputes be continued.

The Itches/Itching on Body Parts - Astrology

People generally give little importance to itches. However the results of itching on different parts of body are detailed below for the guidance of readers. Itching on healthy body only produce results.

Good luck
Left cheek or left ear
Good repute. Praise by others
Right cheek or right ear
Ill-fame. Accusation
Left eye
Troubles. Disappointments
Right eye
Meeting with the opposite sex
Inside of nose
Bad luck
Outside of nose
Gain of money
Left shoulder
Right shoulder
Gain through inheritance
Left elbow
Bad news
Right elbow
Good news
Left palm or left ankle
Right palm or right ankle
Gain of money
Enjoyment     with    friends     and

Private Parts
Sex act with the opposite sex
Left knee
Gossips. Waste of time
Right knee
Good news
Unpleasant surprise
Left foot
Aimless and unprofitable journey
Right foot
Profitable journey and success

Most Common Superstitions In The World/USA

Superstition Meaning 

What is the definition of superstition? 

Superposition is a principle of quantum theory that describes a challenging concept about the nature and behavior of matter and forces at the sub-atomic level. You can check most common superstitions in the world at the bottom of this post.

1).  Right twitching superstition gives good news
2).  Left eye twitching superstition gives worries
3).  Itchy palms superstition gives money
4).  Cross fingers superstition gives success and good luck
5). Finding and picking up a penny is good luck.
6). It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding
7). Seven is a lucky number
8). Knocking on wood prevents bad luck
9). It's unlucky to walk under a ladder
10). Breaking a mirror brings seven years bad luck
11). Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck
12). Friday the 13th is an an lucky day
13). Throwing spilled salt over the left shoulder prevents bad luck
14). A black cat crossing your path is bad luck
15). Stepping on a crack is bad luck
16). 13 is an an lucky number
17). Wish on star for fulfill of wish
18).  Horseshoe protects from evil eye
19). Throw salt over left shoulder prevents bad luck



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