The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading Palmistry - W. G. Benham

THE line of Mars rises on the lower Mount of Mars and runs inside of the Life line and very close beside it (535). The two are sister lines, in fact, and in order to be in full strength the former must run so near to the Life line that it is manifestly related only to it and is not one of the lines of Influence on the Mount of Venus. This line was called the line of Mars because it rises upon one of the Martian Mounts, and its effect is to strengthen its sister line and to indicate a stronger constitution than is shown by even a deep Life line.

The line of Mars must always be used in connection with the Life line and with the type of the subject. If the Life line be thin, broad and shallow, or chained, and a line of Mars be present, the subject will be inherently delicate, but there will be an underlying vital strength which will prevent the delicacy from taking any serious form. If the Life line be deep, and a strong line of Mars be also present, the subject will have tremendous vitality, great endurance, and much aggression. These subjects are intense and their danger lies in overdoing. The great vital force which they possess is constantly impelling them to action, and they never do anything by halves. They have vitality to spare, and are constantly seeking a source of outlet. If Jupiterians, they are great feasters and drinkers, and if red color be present will indulge in carousals in which only those as strong as themselves can keep the pace.Martians with this marking are also great eaters and drinkers, and in addition are natural fighters. They can endure more physical strain than any other type, consequently they make good soldiers and campaigners. The danger to such a subject is that when he is not kept under the strain of physical exertion, he will work off his surplus energy in rioting and drinking.

Many confirmed drunkards have this marking, their trouble having originated in an excess of vital force, without hard work enough to use it up. Black or red hair on the hands adds to these indications. If the line of Mars extends the full length of the Life line, its strengthening power will be present during the entire life of the subject. If it runs but part of the way it will be exerted only during its presence, the age at which it disappears to be read from the Life line. If any defects be seen in the Life line, and a line of Mars runs past this point (536), the delicacy or danger shown by the defects will not prove fatal, owing to the underlying vitality indicated by the line of Mars. If lines rise from the Line of Mars and cross the Life line (537), they show a constant tendency of the subject to rise in life, owing to the strengthening of the constitution indicated by the line of Mars. If a line or lines rise from the line of Mars and merge into the Head line (538), the subject will have increased mental strength, owing to the overflow into mental channels of some of the vitality of the line of Mars. If a line rises from the line of Mars and merges into the Saturn line (539), the upward career of the subject will be more certain, owing to the strong vitality behind him.

If rising lines from the line of Mars cut the Head line (540), the great vitality will be too strong for the brain, and it will be injured by constant straining. In this case the subject is so strong that he does not know when he has overtaxed his strength, and the brain shows the first indication of wear. If the hand be sensual, developed at the base, and have a large Mount of Venus, together with a strong Life line and line of Mars, the subject will be excessive in the indulgence of sexual appetites. He will be so very healthy that the sexual powers will be great, and, with a sensual hand, which is sure to be filled with desire, he will not stop to consider morality but will indulge his appetites. If with such a hand and a strong line of Mars, a line rise from it and cut the line of Apollo or Saturn (541), the indulgence of his desires will be a decided check to the career. If the Line of Apollo ends in a dot, cross, or bar, the reputation of the subject will be lost. If with such a hand a rising line from a strong line of Mars cuts the line of Affection, the unfaithfulness of the subject will ruin the happiness of the married life.
This will be intensified if the line of Affection ends in a fork (542). If the line of Mars sweeps across the hand at its base and ends upon the Mount of the Moon (543). it will show so much vitality that the ordinary length of life is not sufficient to expend it. This is a frequent marking on the hands of drunkards, who have all of the restlessness of the Lunar subjects. They will be great travellers, and expend a good deal of energy in this way. The rest will be used in "wine, women, and song." If this line ends in a cross, dot, bar, or star, the subject will die very suddenly after a life of great excess. If the Life line ends in a cross or star, this reading will be intensified. If the Head line about midway becomes defective it will show that the pace is too rapid and the brain is being exhausted. If the Head line ends in a star, the subject will at that age become insane. If the line of Mars be deeper than the Life line it shows that the underlying strength is more powerful than the natural constitution. With such a marking this secondary force will be a stronger factor than the Life line, and the line of Mars must be read most carefully by applying to it the same methods used with the Life line.

If the line of Mars be thinner than the Life line, it shows that it is simply acting as a sister line, and its effort will be to strengthen the constitution and improve the condition of life for the subject. The line of Mars, of itself a good indication, may, by running to excess, prove disastrous. There will be no trouble, however, to accurately gauge its effect, if good judgment be used and the line be made to fit the type of subject having it. If the Life line runs an even course to the end of the life, and is supported by a line of Mars proportionate to it in strength, the subject will have a smooth career, unclouded by ill-health, with vital force enough to meet all the necessities of life ; he will live well, peacefully, and long, and die beloved and respected. Gladstone had such a.Martianline as this.
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