Examination of the Right or Left Hand? Palm Reading

A learner of palmistry is faced with the question as to which hand of the client should be studied before a prediction is made — the right or the left?

According to ancient treatise on Hindu palmistry, Samudrika Shastra, a woman's left hand and a man's right hand should be read for making predictions.

The author's view is that the left hand indicates the innate qualities of a man while the right reveal the changes brought about by the owner of the hand through his own actions. That is why both the hands must be studied, but more emphasis should be on the right hand (the active hand). This holds good in the case of women too.

 An active hand is that with which a person writes; the other hand should be considered of minor importance.

There is no need to distinguish between men and women on this score. What the palmist should try to identify before he makes a reading is which of the hands his client uses to write with.

 Most people work with their right hand and if the lines on the left palm are favourable and those on the right unsatisfactory, you can take it that your client has more inborn qualities but has destroyed his destiny with his own actions. If the lines on the left hand are infavourable and those on the right acceptable, it means that the person has improved his prospects in life because of his ability and talent.

To sum up, both the hands should be studied. Signs which are similar on both hands can lead you to reach definite conclusions. But, where the signs are not similar, the deciding factor would be the signs on the main hand (the active hand).

Very rare are the cases where the signs on both the hands are similar. If you find such a person, you can be sure that there will not be many ups and downs in his life. If the signs are different, they signify many ups and downs in the life of such a person. Whether those changes are good or bad, you will learn on studying the book further and as you acquire practice in palm reading.

source: All the Secrets of Palmistry

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