On Ethical Readings and Finding the Right Words

Many people think that, because a person has active psychic abilities and is doing psychic readings, that person is somehow more "spiritual" and has higher standards of behavior than the average person.

 While I haven't quite fallen into that error myself (I'm psychic, and I know how many "bad hair days" I have had personally), I've still been amazed throughout the years how many psychics there are who are "ethically challenged".

There are many psychics who are honestly trying to help people. They concentrate on empowering the people they're reading for —on giving you the information you need to make good decisions. There are also many who aren't helpful. There are many who are just in it for the money, and will say or do whatever keeps that flowing, whether it's truthful or helpful, or not.

Worse yet, there are some psychics who are in it for the power, who enjoy playing head games and controlling people who come to them for help.

If you run into a psychic who makes you uneasy or that your inner wisdom tells you is bad news (such as those described above). I encourage you to excuse yourself to go take a phone call, leave and don't go back....

While I'm perfectly o.k. with people either charging money for readings or not doing so. dependent on the situation and their own values. I think the priority needs to be with two things.

First, providing the best, most accurate information that you are capable of. according to what's right for the client (Standards of "right" include such things as age, comprehension, and what that client can handle at the moment.)

Second, to do this in a way that empowers people to make their own best decisions, as opposed to you, the reader, choosing for them.

 I like to think that I'm in the business of putting the client in the driver's seat. I don't drive for them. 

To do this, you need to first respect each client as being unique and worthy of respect. 

I've heard many psychics say they "can't be bothered" with reading for giggly teen-aged girls or skeptics or (fill in the group of your choice here). It's like it's somehow beneath them to use their gift for people that they don't value; but to a teenager, the question of whether a boy likes her may be the most important thing in her life at this moment. To a skeptic, a glimpse that the world is slightly bigger and more magical than he'd thought can change everything. 

It's not our job to say whose concerns are important and whose are not. lust to serve. 

You'll also run into people with different values than you. While some of these values may be leading to places the client might not want to end up (and it's your job to alert them to that), you do need to give that client the information on what's best for them, not how they can best follow your values. (For instance. I'm a very monogamous kind of woman who has on multiple occasions read for people with open relationships. That was the right thing for them at that time in their lives. I needed to read telling them what would work for them, even though it's not my way of doing things).

 Different strokes for different folks. One truly key issue feeding into ethical readings is the question of Free Will. 

God. Goddess, the Universe or whomsoever you believe in has given you the ability to chose in life and, by choosing, have some control over who you are and where your life will go. Thus, you don't have just one future, but many possible ones, based on which choices you make; and any good reading tells you the statistically most likely future based on the direction you're heading now. 

But you can change it....

In other words, if you keep doing things the way you're doing them, the reading tells you where you're going. If you don't want to go there, you need to see the exit ramp and get off. Change how you're doing things. If you change enough of the right things, who you are changes and the future changes to go with it!...

 In palmistry, this means that, if you change the direction of' your life enough, who you are changes and your future changes and (wait for it!), YOUR HANDS CHANGE TO REFLECT IT!!! (Sorry to shout but this is really important.) Your lines can change, the bumps called mounds can change, and even the shape of your hand can change. 

This is crucial to know, not only for you but also for the people you read for. 

Many people fear palmistry because they're afraid that I'll say something that they don't like and that they'll be stuck with it. When they find that Free Will makes palmistry a flexible roadmap as opposed to an inflexible portent of Doom, their fears vanish and they're ready to use it as it was meant to be used-as a guide to make better, informed choices. 

I tend to explain this to each person I read for at the start of the reading, so they can use that reading to chose the best course for themselves. 

Finally, people have differences about how much they're ready to hear, especially in regards to "challenging issues" (my term for what some readers call "bad stuff') and areas such as life expectancy. 

Your job, as the reader, is to find the best way you can to help them hear as much of the truth you see in a way that they can hear and benefit from. To empower as opposed to overwhelm them. Because Free Will is an important factor in readings, what you see is likely but not inevitable, and you need to find your best way to help them to cross at the crosswalks, rather than be a deer in the headlights. 

You also need to respect their right to take what they can but no more. A reading's not about you getting all this into out. Its about being there for the client and being sensitive to when they've gone as far as they can go. 

For instance, there are signs that indicate depression in a palm. Because of Free Will, I interpret this as a vulnerability to depression. and talk to clients about making good choices, taking care to nurture themselves and avoiding dropping themselves into "the blues". 

If they're already depressed, they'll admit it, but they still need this info to help get out of it. If they're on the brink, I avoid creating a self-fulfilling prophesy and pushing them into the pit of despair.

 Now each of you will end up finding your own ways to interact with clients in a sensitive and respectful fashion, say sooth (tell the truth) in a way that your client can best hear and benefit from it. and have a style uniquely your own. 

In addition to being a soothsayer, I'm a bard, an empath and a short, round, cute Teddy-Bearish woman. Because of this. I have phrases and stories that help people understand empowering concepts; tell jokes and act silly to help people hear challenging things; and really tune into my clients' energies to "hear" how best to reach them. I'll be glad to share my techniques with you, although you may find some work for you and some don't. At that point, please feel free to steal my "window trimming" as it works for you, or create your own.

 I do. however, charge you, no matter your style, to be sure that you read in an ethical way, with your client's best interests in mind.

 Empower them, and the World is a better place.... 

source:  Adventures In Palmistry

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