Which Hand to Read? Palmistry

Which Hand to Read? Palmistry

Which Palmistry Hand Needs To Be Read?
A palm reader will hear this question almost every time he or she begins a reading.The quick answer is that, to do a thorough job, you should look at both hands. However, for a fast reading, you will want to concentrate on the dominant hand. On a right-handed per-son, the left hand is considered the hand of past influences and the right hand represents the present circumstances, although a few palmists recently have questioned this assumption, claiming that information is equally distributed across both hands.

When we are born, both hands are very similar. As we mature, the dominant hand changes faster, acting as the agent of our thoughts and desires. We write, eat, defend ourselves, and caress our loved ones with this hand. As we react to the world and as our personality develops, the dominant hand records these changes.The passive hand evolves, too, but at a much slower rate. This is why classical palmists say the right hand represents the present and the left hand represents the past. Sonic schools consider the left hand the repository of past-lift information and karmic issues that we bring into this life at birth.

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Client's Feedback - January 2018

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.