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How to Read lines in Palms

Palm reading is a method used by many modern forecasters as a form of divination or read personality. Deciphering the lines in your hand is an important part of palm reading. Palm reading requires understanding that there is a so-called main line / major and minor lines. This article will explain how to interpret the different lines on the palms.

Choose a hand that will be read lines. 

In palmistry (the art of prediction palms), there is the concept of hands active and passive. Your active hand is dominant hand while your other hand is a passive hand.

  • Passive hand is the hand that is used to read the traits.

  • Active hand is used for reading the state change the default for perisitiwa things that happen in life, and so forth.

  • If there is a noticeable difference between the lines in the hand in the hand of passive and active, it means the person has been striving to develop itself.

Find four main lines. 

These lines are the heart line, head, life and fate line (not everybody has this line): 

  • Heart line is a horizontal line at the top of the palm. These lines reflect both the physical condition of your heart, and the condition of your heart emotionally.

  • Head line is a horizontal line in the middle of the palm. This line describes the state of mind and your brain.

  • Life line is a curve near the bottom of the thumb, started in between the index finger and thumb. Contrary to popular belief, this line does not indicate how long your age, but described other aspects such as strength, vitality, and well-being.

  • Fate line is a vertical line from the bottom of the palm of the hand to the middle (not everyone has this line). This line indicates aspects such as success, career, and work. 

Read the heart line

This line can be read from any direction (from the little finger to the index finger or vice versa), depending on which tradition you follow. This line is believed to signify emotional stability, love life, depression and heart health. How to read this line and what they mean specifically is as follows: 
  • If the heart line starts from the bottom of the index finger, it means the person is a voter in love. Heart line that starts under the middle finger indicates a selfish person in love. If it starts in the middle of the palm, it indicates that it is easy to fall in love.
  • The absence of heart line indicates that a person is governed by logic and not emotion. Thin line indicates someone who is alienated and only pay attention to the feeling.
  • The lines were straight and short signify someone who is not interested in romance. The lines were long and curly signifies someone who express their feelings freely. Wavy line signifies a lot of girlfriends or lovers, but nothing serious.
  • If the heart line parallel to the line head, it indicates that a person can control his emotions well. Heart line that come into contact with live lines mean you heart broken.
  • Heart line is broken or that traversed a smaller line may indicate emotional trauma. Line shaped like a chain could mean depression.

Check the head of the line

This line shows the learning style, communication style, intellect and thirst for knowledge. How to read this line specifically is as follows: 
  • The absence of head lines signify someone who is lazy. Blurry line denotes someone who is easy to forget and hard to concentrate and love imagining things. The lines in signaling a good memory, good concentration, and nature wise.
  • Short head line indicates someone who is practical and no-nonsense. A long line denotes someone who is focused and very successful with selfish tendencies.
  • Head straight line indicates someone who thinks realistically, logical, orderly and attention to detail. Wavy line signifies the jittery with short attention spans.Curly or sloping line that denotes someone who is very creative.
  • If the line starts at the head of the line of life, it means someone who is determined. Head line separate from life line denotes someone who like adventure and enthusiasm in life.
  • Severed head line indicates someone who is consistent in thinking. The existence of lines that cut across the head signifies that the important decisions are made has a huge influence in his fate. Chain or spheres in the head lines indicate a personal conflict or emotional difficulties.

Check out the life line. 

This line describes the physical health, general well-being, and major life changes (such unfortunate events, physical injuries, and resettlement). The length is not related to the age of the owner of the hand. The specific meanings are as follows: 
  • If there is no line of life, it indicates a person who strung, anxious and tense.Faint line denotes someone who is energetic weak and her life without adventure. The lines were in signify someone who has a life journey that is more subtle.
  • If the line is long and deep, this indicates a stamina good health and vitality. The lines were short and to signify someone who is easy to overcome physical problems.
  • Lifeline curly signifies someone who has lots of energy. A straight line and close to the end of the palms means a person who carefully.
  • The lines were approaching thumb signify someone who is tired. If this line is curved to form such a circle, it demonstrates the strength and enthusiasm. A straight line and close to the tip of palms signify someone who is very cautious.
  • Note if there is more than one line of life. Life line of more than one signifies strength and greater vitality.
  • Broken life line indicates a sudden change in the lifestyle of the owner of the hand. If the line is disconnected in both hands, it could indicate the presence of disease or serious injury. Circle or form a chain in this line could indicate that a person susceptible to health problems and life can take him to a lot of different directions.

Learn the fate line. 

This line is also known as the line of destiny and signifies the point of a person's life is affected by external circumstances beyond her control.This line begins at the base of the palm. The main directions of this specific line is: 
  • Line in showing the man strongly controlled by fate. Remember, not everyone has this line.
  • If the fate line begins to fuse with the life line, it indicates a person who self-determination, that is, those who have developed his goal since the beginning of life. If this line is fused with the life line in the middle, it indicates a point in her life when her interests should be sacrificed for the sake of others. If the fate line starts at the base of the thumb, it indicates someone who has strong ties with family and friends.
  • Fate line breaking and change directions indicate many changes in life as a result of external circumstances.
Learn the lines of significant others in the palm of the hand. 

In addition to the four major lines (heart line, head line, life line and fate line), there are several other lines that need to be considered and read. These lines include health line, fame line, marriage line, money line, and the line of travel.

  • Health line can be found extending from below the little finger, to the bottom of your palm to the base of the thumb. 

  • Line fame, if it appears, begins under the palms, and went up to below the ring finger, parallel to the line of fate. 

  • Line marriage is a minor line (or lines) that is located just below the little finger.

  • Money line, have different paths and means adapted to its location.

  • Line journey usually starts from the end of the palms on the side opposite the thumb and extends horizontally. 

Deciphering health lines. 

The lines of health-related material and physical well-being. This line appears if the life line of vague or hard to see. If someone has a quirk of fate, fame, or success are vague, health line will play a big role in the development of material prosperity. Health line can be found extending from below the little finger, down across the palm of the hand, to the base of the thumb. Sometimes, this line even joined a lifeline. Some traits that need to be seen is: 
  • The absence of this line indicates that a person will only have fewer health problems, or even not at all. Strong lines and uninterrupted signify someone who has business sense and strength to work hard for money.
  • Wavy lines indicating the possibility of health problems as a result of anxiety and nervousness.
  • The lines were disconnected could indicate poor health, leading to business problems. If there is a small line is cut, it means the person is prone to accidents. If there is another line branching out into the line of life, this is a sign of life-threatening situation in old age. Square shape surrounding the line is a sign of protection, either in the form of good medical care or assistance in solving business problems. Pieces of this line if it formed a "donut", indicating that it may require hospitalization.
  • The triangular shape of the lifeline, the head of health and is known as the "Triangle of Luck". This triangle indicates a greater fortune if the angle is widening.

Read the fame line. 

The line fame affect social rewards to the success of the owner of the hand. This line, if it appears, it starts at the base of the hand and move up to the bottom of the ring finger, parallel to the line of fate. Here are the characteristics of fame line that need to be considered: 
  • Absence of fame line signifies that a person should be sought fame in other parts of the hand. Someone might be successful but have received no public recognition. If the fame line looked strong and clearly it indicates their recognition and satisfaction with your work.
  • If the fame line interrupted several times, it is a marker of rise and fall of public recognition.
  • Fame line that extends to the ring finger indicates someone who is well-known in the art possibilities. If it starts at the line of head and extends to the heart line, it indicates hard work and success in old age. Separation of fame line into two smaller lines signify that the success of the owner of the hand may be questionable value.
  • Line fame that led below the ring finger to form a star or triangle shows the great success waiting in the arts (acting, music, or dance). If tipped below the ring finger, rectangular, indicating a good protector.

Line marriage.

 The relationship is indicated by a small line (one or more) which is located just below the base of the little finger. The closer this line with the base of the little finger, the slower this relationship will be established. Characteristics of the line of marriage to note are: 
  • Some faint lines indicate relationships. Strong and clear lines signify marriage.Some lines overlap signifies infidelity. Lines meet but do not intersect show the children that will be born.
  • The form of a fork in the line leading to the back of the hands signifies a long engagement. Fork shape at the end which leads to the palms signify separation (with or without divorce).
  • The lines at the end of the line that cuts sharply marriage means the end of a relationship through death or divorce. However, the line is disconnected and knit overlap signifies separation and then reunite.

Read the money line. This line is not a marker of wealth directly. 

This line only describe one's ability to obtain wealth, as well as how. Here is a characteristic line of money: 
  • Money line that starts from the base of the thumb down the index finger ends with a star shape indicates the natural ability to make money.
  • The line that starts from the base of the thumb to the little finger signifies that a person's wealth derived from family inheritance. The line that starts from the base of the thumb down the middle finger signifies the money earned from the business. The lines leading to the ring finger through the line signifies wealth gained fame fortune and surprises.
Read the trip line. 

The line of travel is the main marker of the trip is going to happen in life either already or will affect your life. The line also indicates your desire to roam. Some things to diperharikan associated with this line is: 
  • Line of travel that intersect with the life line indicates impending travels relating to or affecting the health of the owner of the hand. Line of travel that intersect with fate line indicates that the trip will provide a life changing experience that person.
  • If the trip is truncated line, it means there is a danger or a problem on the way. If there is a square shape surrounding these lines mean no protection throughout your trip. The lines were disconnected likely to mean a delay in your journey.

Read the minor lines. The lines of this minor can be found on almost all hands.
  • This line includes the line resistance, line intuition, break-out line, and the line of influence.
  • This line might seem very sketchy in some people.

Discover a resistance line. These lines can be found on the outside of the palm of the hand, between the heart line and head lines. 
  • This line illustrates the opposing forces that we have to face in life.

Discover intuition lines. These lines appear on the outside of the palms (at the base of the hand below the little finger). 
  • This line illustrates the strong views. If you have this line, you are very sensitive, intuitive, and may have a sixth sense ability or "ESP" ( extra-sensory perception).
  • Intuition line may appear to curve into the palm of the hand or to the outside edge of the palm. However, the meaning remains the same.

Break-out line. This line is heading into the bottom of the palm, near the bottom.
  • This line is often cut line of life, and this intersection symbolizes the time in one's life where certain experiences occurred.
  • These lines describe an individual who escape from her problems by submerging himself in his imagination. If the line is associated with a line of fame, he will focus on the creative arts to cool down.
  • If this line is tangent to the lines of health, the man escaped by drowning in problems of drugs and alcohol. This line can also be a warning of possible suicide.

Lines of influence. This line comes from the base of the thumb and spread throughout the palm of the hand. 
  • In persinggungannya point to another line, this line depicts important events.
  • Line influences the most sought after is the line that can show how and where you will find the money, if it crossed the line of finance.
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