What is palmistry ?

What is palmistry? - Palmistry is an art or practice in which a person ( Palmist ) predicts or tell the subject about his/her hand lines and upcoming future events.

We all check our hands and see lines on hand and try to get meaning of them.  Sometimes we are more curious to read our palm lines because we see lines on our hand are different than others. You will find people having many lines on palm but on the other hand some people having very less lines on their hands.

Is Horoscope reading and palm reading same? - No! Palmistry is different than Astrology.  In Astrology you need date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of subject and without these you cannot make ones horoscope to predict his future but in palmistry palmist needs only hand images to predict or tell subjects future.

Is Palmistry reliable or truthful? - Yes! This depends on accuracy of palmist so subject needs to visit different palmists and test them.  Palmist accuracy depends on his experience and practice.

How Palmistry is helpful? - Palmistry is helpful in many ways.  Most important advantage of palmistry is that you can get aware of any misfortune before it happens with you and you can prepare yourself about your upcoming bad time.

In western countries USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other European countries palmists follow Western Palmistry which is non-predictive but In India Indian palmists follow Indian Palmistry which is predictive palmistry. 

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Client's Feedback - January 2018

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.