Interpretation Of Lifeline

THE Line of Life shows health, physical strength, vitality, illness and span of life. I have not seen a hand without the Line of Life. Benham calls it the"map of natural course of life". This line always circles around the Mount of Venus. To give good results, it should be deep, even, curved, long and pink-coloured. The line on the left hand shows the subject's parentage and hereditary tendencies of health and constitution.

The line on the right hand shows the future events of health and career. The breadth of the line shows animal strength. When the Line of Life runs close to the thumb, the person is cold in behaviour, weak in sex and low in vitality. Sometimes functions of the Line of Life are taken over by the Fate Line. (See Fig. 27A)

There are several starting points for the line. When it starts from the Mount of Jupiter, the person is successful in his enterprises. He is -ambitious, aims high and can exercise ti self-control. He possesses good manners, power of leadership and an independant mind.

If the line is curved and defectless, success and happiness are achieved and the whole family enjoys a comfortable life. Starting from middle of the Mounts of Jupiter and Mars, it makes the person active and calm.

Starting from the Mount of the Positive Mars (lower), it makes the person suspicious and quick-tempered. He suffers from poor health in childhood. He has excess of acid in his stomach. His family expenses increase after his birth.

If in the beginning of the Life Line,' one of its branches starts from the Mount of Jupiter and the other from the Mount of Mars, the person imbibes the qualities of both the mounts (Mars and Jupiter) in his life.

If the line thins during its contestant a spot is found at the end of this thinned line, or, when the line terminates with a black dot, sudden death can occur, provided this is confirmed by other signs on the palm.

A short, outside fork at the start shows fidelity and justice.

A long, uncrossed fork, one branch going towards the Mount of Jupiter, gives success in life.

Small lines at the start of the Life Line, "meeting the Line of Head, denote riches inherited from parents. If these lines are crossed by other small lines, losing a law suit is possible. A fork at the termination of the Line of Life, both branches widely separated, show rheumatism or end in poverty, away from home, if other bad signs are found on the hand. A small fork at the end shows good health till the end and a life of activity.

The Line of Life tasselled at the end, or made up of crosses, shows waning of the bodily system or illness in old age and, if one of the tassels goes to the Mount of Moon, insanity is feared.

If the line is short, longevity is reduced for which other signs must be considered, i.e., the presence of a straight and defectless Line of Health and good and long lines of Head and

Heart which can make up for the incomplete Life Line.

If the line is uneven-thick and thin at some places-it shows a changeable nature and periods of illness and good health. A defective line also shows a change of jobs.

A pale line denotes poor circulation of blood. A chained line indicates a weak constitution, nervous trouble and a life full of hurdles. This line is usually chained or ill-formed in the beginning as the childhood is usually a delicate period. If the line is formed by small lines, one over the other like a ladder, poor health is sure.

Deep and thick lines from the Mounts of Mars and Venus touching the Line of Life show oppostition/interference from family members. Thin lines are acts of opposition/hurdles from outsiders.

When this line, while going round the Mount of Venus, suddenly turns down towards the Mount of Moon, it indicates trouble at the time of child-birth in a woman.

If there is wide break in the Line of Life in the right hand and a thin line connects it to the centre of the palm, there can be a drastic change in a woman's life after her marriage.

If the line is well-shapad, smooth, round and goes in a semi-circle around the Mount of Venus, the subject enjoys good health, status, family happiness and good children. Such persons gain weight as they advance in age or from the time the Fate Line becomes thin.

If the line is well-formed and round in the right hand but straight or weak in the left the person improves his family status in his life-time.

Good Lines of Life and Head show aptitude for learning and make the person generous and peace-loving.

Upward branches from the Line of Life are auspicious and good; downward branches are harmful. Branches from the Life Line reaching the Head Line or the Mount of Jupiter add to riches and honours.

A large downward line from the Life Line, going towards the Mount of Moon shows restlessness or travel on a normal hand, but, on a flabby hand, it shows indulgence.

A break in the Line of Life shows illness. If the break is covered by a square or a triangle or the broken lines are overlapping each other, the illness is cured.

If the Line of Life is connected with the Head Line and the Line of Head is illrformed and small, it indicates some accident or sudden illness.

When the Line of Fate is connected with the Life Line in the beginning, the subject is influenced by his family and parents.

A deep line shows energy; a shallow, faint or chained line show weak health. A thin line makes the person apprehensive of coming events and weak in muscular strength; a shallow line shows lack of vitality and a Line of Life composed of several lines indicates unstable health.

If the Line of Life bends towards and ends on the Mount of Moon, the person attains satisfaction and success in his later life but his youth is full of struggle.
A a-a Line of life starting from the mount of positive Mars

b- Line of life starting from the middle of mounts of liars and Jupiter

c- Line of life starting from the mount of Jupiter g-g The Line of Mars, adding strength to the line of life

f- The line of Life ending on the mount of Venus i  Island n the line of life

Break in the line of Life

e- Line of life ending between the mounts of Venus

d- Line of life ending on the mount of on

B a-b and a-c Lines of life and Head joined together ip beginning forming a long joint

a-s A straight line of life

d-d A thick line of Saturn ending on the line of Head e-e A deep line from the second phalange of the thumb, crossing the mount of oars and cutting the line of life      

 Ending of this line between the Mounts of Moon and Venus on the wrist is ideal and good.

A straight Life Line causes problems of money and health having a straight Life Line and a defect in life. A woman The Head Line under the Mount of Saturn and a thick Fate Line suffers trouble at the time of delivery. She also suffers from acidity.

The daughter of a person having a straight and long joint of lines of Life and Head may have hysterical fits and greedy parents-in-law.

The wife of a person with a straight Line of Life suffers from ill health. Good lines of Head and Fate rectify the bad effects of a straight Line of Life. A straight Line of Life, like"

An incomplete or short Line of Life, gives bad results.

An incomplete Line of Life shows worry from children.'

An incomplete Life Line causes loss in business partnership. A clear square on the lower part of the Mount of Venus touching the Life Line shows a monastic life or confinement to a small place.

An island on the Line of Life with a wavy Line of Health shows a bad stomach and difficulty in child-birth in the case of a woman.

A double Line of Life running parallel (Fig. 27, b-b) to

Each other, circling the Mount of Venus, adds wealth, health and fame to the person's life. The Line of Life is always enclosing the Mount of Venus, while the Line of Mars is on the Mount of Venus. Wherever on the palm such an extra Life; Line appears beside the Line Life, one gets a better position,') good health and comforts during the period of its presence. A. person with three Life Lines is health conscious and not' sensual. Three lines are, however, rarely seen.

 If the Life Line is thicker than the other lines, the subject faces trouble. If a part of the line is thick, the person may face tension and trouble from health, business or children.

A thick Life Line on a thin hand, with a crooked Mercury finger, makes a person a liar or a thief. If all the fingers area; crooked and the band thin, blackish or reddish in complexion the person is mean and indulges in unnatural sex acts.        

Thick Lines of Life and Heart and a defectiess Head Line are generally farmers and have large families and their earnings and expenditures are heavy.

A thin Life Line, as compared to other lines on the palm, diminishes the vitality and self-confidence of a person. The Life Line, thin at the start, shows ill-health and dissatisfaction with life and family. The subject may have to live separately from his parents.

If the Line of Life starts late after a gap, the person may not get protection of his parents and may remain unsettled.

A thin line, almost touching on any side of the Life Line, causes difficulties to the subject during the period of its appearance.

A thick Line of Fate running close to the Line of Life and stopping at the Head Line causes marital disharmony.

When these Lines of Life and Head are separate at the start (Fig. 26, a-a,d-d), the Line of Life runs parallel to the Head Line and then goes down like a piIIar, the person becomes rich. He is simple, irritable by nature and does not keep well till his middle age.

A break in the Line of Life shows illness or change in residence, business or employment, but a break covered by a square or a triangle loses its bad effects to some extent. A break under the Mount of Jupiter shows appendicitis or a disease of the intestines, and, under the Mount of Saturn, a disease of the spine.

If both the Lines of Life and Head have islands in the beginning and their joint is thick and long, the opposite ear of the person becomes defective. An island at the end or start of the Life Line causes stomach trouble or fall from a height. A corn-shaped island in the beginning or end causes trouble and tension and there is mystery attached to the birth of the person. The person remains in some sort of difficulty throughout his life.

The Life Line crossing and curtailing the Mount of Venus makes the person cold, dry, unhealthy and childless. The person has low vitality and a semen defect.

A triangle on the Life Line shows acquisition of property. A small cross attached to the Life Line shows a surgical operation.

A sister line running outside the Line of Life, not on the Mount of Venus, ending in a cross or a star, forewarns of some tragic event; and the same result is predicted if this line is running correctly but turns round suddenly.

Short lines going up from the Life Line give opportunities and good chances in life for success.

In a woman's hand, a thick line from the Life Line to the Positive Mars shows a love affair.

A deep line from the second phalange of the thumb, cutting the Life Line after crossing the Mount of Mars, shows death or betrayal of a loved one.

A line of equal thickness from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Saturn, cutting the Line of Life, predicts an accident from a running vehicle. This is to be distinguished from a line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Saturn acting as a

Sister line to the Line of Fate, which increases financial gains.

A Line from the Mount of Venus, cutting the Lines of Life and Fate and ending on the Mount of Moon, shows some trouble due to a love affair. If it stops at the Fate Line, inter-ference in business by a relative is shown.

A line from the Mount of Venus, cutting an upward branch from the Life Line means a divorce.

A thick line starting from star on the Mount of Venus and ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn shows an unhappy marriage ending in the death of the spouse.

A line from a star on the Mount of Venus, joining the Line of Fate, improves the fortune of the subject, after some sad event, and if this line cuts the Line of Sun, loss of a law suit is feared.

A line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Jupiter, ending in a star, shows realization of a person's ambitions.

A thick line or a bar cutting the Line of Life predicts a serious illness; a blue spot indicates fever and a cross in the middle of the Mount of Moon with a black spot on the Line of Life shows gout.

An island at the start of the Life Line or a defect in the Head Line under the middle finger and the Line of Life inclined towards the Mount of Venus show lust and loose morals.

Source: everybody's guide to palmistry

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