Long And Broad Fate Line In Palmistry

Meaning Of Long Fate Line

It is a grievous error on the part of amateurs to think that a Long Fate Line promises a bright career and untold wealth for the lucky subject. A lot of subjects have been disillusioned by such well-meaning but ignorant amateurs. You will find, much to your surprise, that even beggars and bankrupts have long Fate Lines.
Long Fate Line

I have examined the palms of several beggars one of the main roads of India, and I have also examined the palms of beggars sitting in Market and found many among them with long Fate Lines. So, although the Fate Line can be long, in such cases there have to be reasons why such subjects are beggars. Invariably it will be noticed on the palms of these subjects that the mounts, especially the upper mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury, will be flat or depressed; the palm will be dry, and unattractive to look at, the fingers will be poorly shaped, awkward looking, and not evenly set on the palm either.

Meaning Of Broad Fate Line

A broad Fate Line is unfavorable as the Current travels through a shallow channel. Hence the energy flowing through the Fate Line will be diffused and not concentrated. I have observed in the hands of beggars that even though the Fate Line may be long, it is invariably thick and broad.

Board Fate Line

So far, I have not even once come across a beggar with developed mounts, especially the upper ones, in the palms. Should a beggar have well-developed mounts, a long Fate Line, fingers evenly set on the palm and well-shaped as well, you can rest assured that this so-called "beggar' has a healthy bank balance, with money stashed away, perhaps in India.

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