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Life Line - Yoga, Signs and Misconceptions  - Whenever you make a prediction from the Life Line, it is very important that you see the Life Line of both hands! While making predictions using all the yogas of the Life Line mentioned herein, follow the above rule.  Palmistry Ebook.

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1. People often get caught in anxiety by looking at their little Life Line in their hand, thinking perhaps God has given them a short age, but it is not so! The small Life Line never means less age! Those people whose Life Line goes up to the wrists (Bracelet) or are having very long and clear Life Lines also become the victim of untimely death, and on the other hand those people having a small and unclear Life Line spend a 100 years of life without any physical sufferings! It is never appropriate to guess the age from the Life Line!  From the Life Line the ups and downs in the person's health and family situation are estimated.  Palmistry In Islam.

2. Dual Life Line does not mean that a person cannot die early, such a person can also have an accidental death! Dual Life Line does not mean that there will never be any disease in life, such a person can also have a life-threatening illness! Dual Life Line does not mean that the person will lead a double life in the same life! Dual Life Line is found in very few people's hands, in reality most people understand the Mars line and the fate line passing nearby as the Life Line, that is why they understand the double Life Line in their hands! Dual life line means that if the main Life Line is faulty and the second Life Line is free from it, then the person will be saved from the difficulties in life, to a large extent! If the double Life Line is in the hands of the person then the possibility of getting a new life (escaping from fatal incidents/diseases) increases. Palm Reading Denver Co.

3. Life Line being separated in two parts does not mean that the person will die at that time!  Even if the Life Line is broken in both hands, it is not appropriate to guess the death! From breaking of Life Line, we can estimate that at that time there should be troubles or change in the family life of the person or the person can suffer any physical problem! If the part of the Life Line that starts after breaking is good then we can guess that a person will soon be able to get rid of all the troubles and soon everything will be back on track in his life. 

4. The person whose Life Line is straight has to struggle in life, but the person whose Life Line is spherical, does not have to struggle so much! If the person's Life Line is straight then he has struggles in marital and family life.

5. If the Life Line in the hands of a person appears to be like Gaupuch (cow’s tail) in the beginning, then such a person's health is not good in childhood! Such a person keeps getting liver/stomach problems! Such a person can have jaundice! Such an individual is having strained relations with his father. Palm Reading Child Lines.

6. If the Life Line and the Head Line in the hands of the person are grooved with one another, meaning that both of them together with each other are making many crosses, then the nature of such a person is sensual! Such a person is highly masturbating and having sensual thinking! Such a person gets afraid easily.

7. If there is a branch coming out from the very end of the Life Line going to the moon mount then the person is more likely to get diabetes. Palm Reading Marriage Age.

8. If the Life Line starts from the root of the thumb, then the life of such a person has struggles.

9. If the Life Line starts from Jupiter Mount, then such persons are very ambitious and they have a higher ego too. Palm Reading NYC.

10. If Life Line starts from a few distance, then such a person's childhood is filled with struggle! Person has to face physical or family problems in childhood.  Palm Reading Near Me.

11. If the end of the Life Line is on the moon mount then the death of such a person is far from the place of birth or we can estimate that such a person will get settled abroad forever! If a woman has this in her hand, then she is likely to have uterine disease and if a male has this then there is a possibility of getting venereal disease.

12. If the Life Line breaks down under the mount of Jupiter then such person can get injured by falling from height. Such person suffers from inferiority complex! Life Line is broken down under whichever mount problems and diseases related to that mount comes in the life of the person! What is the disease from which mount will be told in the section of the Mount.  Palm Reading Psychic Cross.

13. If the Life Line breaks down under the Saturn mount, such a person is at risk of being hurt by arms! Such a person is a loner. Palm Reading Relationship.

14. If the Life Line breaks down under the sun mount then such a person gets failure in the work, he also receives family infamy.  Psychic Reading West Palm Beach.

15. If the Life Line in the hands of a person is wavy, ladder like, having islands, and formed in pieces, then all have the same meaning that health or family problem keeps going on in life.

16. If the Life Line in the end is like a cow tail, then there are problems in old age.

17. If there is a branch from the end of the Life Line going to the mount of Venus then marital life is not good.

18. The small lines rising above the Life Line gives auspicious indication, the same downward lines gives an inauspicious indication! Progress should be guessed from the above going lines and disease and family problems should be guessed from the downward lines.

19. At the end of the Life Line, a cross joining the Life Line indicates quietude or imprisonment.

20. If a branch comes out from within the Life Line and goes to mount of Venus along with it, then it means there is effect of a particular person in the life of the person.

21. If there is a big island at the beginning of the Life Line, then it means that the person would have suffered very troublesome period as soon as he was born! If there are multiple islands one after another at the beginning of the Life Line, then it means that the person must have suffered illness for a long time! If the person does not get sick, then surely the family would have suffered after the birth of the person! You may have read in different books that if there is an island in the beginning of the Life Line, then there is some secret involved with the person's birth but it is not the case with everyone so this should be carefully predicted, after making sure that the big island is present at the very beginning of the Life Line in both hands.

22. If the island is in the middle of the Life Line, it means that the person will have to undergo any illness or family problems.  How to read someone's Future.

23. If the island is at the end of the Life Line, then it means bad health and prolonged illness at the end of life before death.

24. If the Life Line is cut by some lines coming from the lower Mars, then it means interference of the family in the life of the person, which keeps the person worried.

25. If a line originating from the Life Line goes to the mount of Jupiter then such person has more ego and ambitions! Such a person has problems related to throat and liver.

26. If there is a square on the Life Line, then the person gets protection from the difficulties coming in life.

27. If Life Line is very small but fate line joining to the Life Line is originating then the beginning part of that fate line should be considered as the last part of the Life Line! So, it should not be guessed that the Life Line of this person is small therefore he will live short because here fate line will be working as a Life Line.

28. If the Life Line is broken in two parts and a line coming from one of these part covers the broken part of the Life Line, then it shows that there will be problems in the life of the person but he will get out of that trouble.

29. If the Life Line is broken in two parts and the lines from both parts are cutting each other inside then the person gets physical or family problem, but if the Life Line is good after that then he will soon get out of the trouble.

30. The small lines falling down from the end of the Life Line means person has to face physical problems in old age.

- Nitin Kumar

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