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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Palmistry Interpretation Of Main Line

Palmistry How to read Palms


Palmistry is an ancient art and one that has many interpretations.It is extremely difficult to master the art, however it is easily learned by understanding a few basics.

In palmistry the fingers, mounts, signs, lines as well as shape of the hand needs to be analyzed.

Lets now discuss them in detail :

Lines Of Hand :

There are 3 major lines in hand. Life line,Head line and Heart line and 6 major mounts . See in the figure below. 
Mount are shown in red color and lines in blue color .
Palmistry Interpretation Of Main Line

Life Line :

  • This line extends from the edge of the palm above the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist.
  • It represents the person's vitality and vigor, physical health and general well being.The life line does not indicate how long you will live. What the line reveals is the quality of your life.
  • A perfect line, without breaks, crosses, or irregularities of any kind, promises a healthy and active life.
  • A chained life line indicates a delicate health.
  • Lines running in the opposite direction cutting the line of life show worries and obstacles
Branches :
  • A branch from the life line leading to the Jupiter mount is a sign of academic achievement. branch that leads to the Saturn mount indicates taking on some extra responsibility such as buying a house or taking a new .A branch towards the Apollo mount indicates monetary gain. branch towards the Mercury mount indicates business success.
  • Even small branches that rise upwards but do not reach the mounts indicate minor achievements.

Head Line : 

  • This line starts at the edge of the palm under the index finger and flows across the palm towards the outside edge
  • It represents the person's mind and the way it works, including learning style and communication style.
  • It does now show how intelligent you are rather gives an impression of how much clarity of thought an individual possesses

  • A Short Line indicates a person whose thinking is to the point.
  • A straight and clear head line, denotes practical common sense and a love for material things more than those of the imaginations
  • An extremely long and straight, and going directly to the side of the hand, represents high intellectual power
  • A sloping head line represents an imaginative as well as a creative person
  • A faint line indicates poor memory.
Origin and End :
  • A head line that rises inside the life line on the mount of Mars indicates a worrying nature.
  • A small gap between the head line and the life line shows that the person is a bit restless and like to be active
  • If your Head Line and Life Line are joined at the beginning, this indicates that you approached childhood with a cautious and outlook.It also shows your closeness and how dependent you were in your childhood
  • A floating headline indicates a carefree attitude
  • Head Line ending in a fork indicate your ability to look at more than one point of view.

Heart Line : 

It is found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers.
This line represents the matters of the heart,emotions and also various events centered around love.

Origin and End :

  • If the line starts high it can suggest a jealous type. While a low start suggests a serene and rational love, but if the line is to low to start it shows coldness.
  • A selfish and materialistic look at love is characteristic to those whose Heart Line start below the middle finger
  • A normal and content love life is represented by the line that starts beneath the index finger 
  • A heart line that rises between the first and the second fingers, is the most favourable sign, this sign represents calm temperament in matters of the heart.
  • If the line extends boldly across the entire palm, then the person tends to look for those whose status rises above their own, and has great respect for them
  • If the person has a heart line that that joins a head line this suggests a person who lets head rule his heart


  • A short line shows a lack of interest in the affairs of love and affections. However if the short line is also very strong and deep, then the person's affections tend to be quite stable.
  • A wavy line, as well as a broken or chained line, represents many love interests, but none of them very serious
  • Happiness in love is shown by small lines that extend upward from the Heart Line. However, if the lines extend downward, then it symbolizes a disappointment
  • Broken lines indicate disappointments in relationships.

Fate Line : 

  • It is located in the center upright line on the palm of the hand
  • This line is believed to be tied to the person's life path, including school and career choices, successes and obstacles
  • Strong fate line belong to those who have clarity in terms of career and who settle into an early pattern in life
  • Presence of two lines indicate dual careers

Origin and End :

  • If the Fate Line starts joined to the life line, it indicates that you are a self-made individual. Often you will know very early in life just what your life's aspirations are
  • If it starts on the base of your thumb, inside your life line's curve, it indicates a point where family or close friends are supportive of you
  • If it starts from the Mount of Luna denotes that success will be more or less be dependent on the fancy and caprice of other people
  • A Line of Fate starting from the wrist and going straight and clear to its termination on Saturn, is a sign of extreme good fortune and success which will last even in the latter stages of ones life


  • When there is a break in the line, it is sure sign of misfortune and loss
  • If the fate line is absent it indicates instability in terms of life goals
  • If the line of Fate sends off shoots or lines towards any other mounts but that of Saturn, it denotes that the qualities of that particular Mount will dominate the life.


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