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Mole On Right & Left Hand Of Women/Men Means

Moles On Mounts And Fingers - Palmistry

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A mole on the back of the neck marks out the possessor as in danger of hanging—Durham and Ireland.

A round mole in the right position will bring good luck, but an oblong mole means always misfortune.

A mole on the left breast of a girl will enable her to choose any man she likes; she is irresistible.

There was much more misfortune and fortune in moles. If in the middle of the forehead, it made a man abound in benefits. If it was warty as well, his good fortune was increased.

A mole on the left side of the face, near the hair, was ominous of ill luck. (There we have, again, that ominous left side.) One on the forehead a little above the temple, if it appeared red, secured excellent wit and understanding, but black denoted falsehood.

A mole on the chin was lucky, also on the ear and neck; but one on the right breast foretold poverty.

One near the bottom of the nostrils was also lucky, also on the right foot, whereas the left foot was definitely unfortunate. A mole on the eyebrow was lucky, as was also one on the wrist.

Many moles between the elbow and the wrist betokened crosses in middle life, but prosperity at the end.

Famous Astrologer from England, said he found a curious belief that the hairs that grew out of moles were regarded as tokens of great luck.
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