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Marriage Line On Hand With Images Palmistry

Palm Reading Marriage Line | Palmistry Marriage Lines
Palmistry Marriage Lines | Love-Arrange Marriage|Separation|Divorce|Breakup|Unmarried

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Marriage Line In Palmistry 

Signs Of Marriage, Breakup And Reason of Divorce In Palmistry

There are so many signs in palmistry denotes Love Marriage, Arrange Marriage, Happily Married, Unmarried, Separation, Divorce and Breakup. 

There are few signs in palmistry denotes Sexual Harassment, Extramarital Affair, Long-distance relationship, Forced Marriage, Arrange Marriage, Caste Marriage and Inter-Caste Marriage.

The things given here regarding Love Marriage, deception and Break up are for the information of beginners/learning palmists and it is requested to readers that they should not apply the same on themselves by looking there hands because by only looking at one sign it is not correct to predict anything. 

It requires a lot of practice and therefore readers should be careful not to just read and apply it to themselves and reach to a conclusion and getting worried or happy.

Mostly palmists do not give importance to marriage line compared to other lines because they think that fate line and sun line are the most important lines in hand.

Basic rule about marriage line is that if marriage line is clear, long, having no bad sign on it then it indicates good marriage. 

Most people believe that if subject is having three or four marriage lines on hand then he/she will be having three or four marriages which is absolutely not true. In this case you need to consider long, clear, dark and deep line as the marriage line.

If marriage line is close to heart line then it indicates marriage in teenage or if marriage line is close to little finger then it indicates late marriage or no marriage.

In India while predicting about marriage age you need to also consider subject's city, caste and religion because mostly upper caste and urban cities people (girls and boys) choose to get married late but in lower caste and villages they prefer to get married early and follow their tradition and culture.

In India most of the time weak marriage line indicates broken engagement or sometimes indicates unsuccessful affair or one-sided love.  

Signs Of Love Marriage - Divorce And Break-up
If Marriage Line combines with Heart Line then chances of divorce

1. If Marriage Line combines with Heart Line then there are chances that person will have Love Marriage but there is always danger to partner’s life or Breakup. This type of marriage line is inauspicious and overall indicates bad marriage. (fig-1A)

chances of love marriage if there is above marriage line on main marriage line
Fig 1B

If there is a parallel Marriage Line above the Marriage Line (2 marriage lines in palm or double marriage lines in palm) which combines with heart line then it is clear indication of Breakup of first affair or Love Marriage (Prem Vivah).  The reason may be partner’s or lover's death or anything.   (Fig 1B)

line of moon join fate line then indicates love marriage
Fig-2 (A)

2. If Fate Line is good and an Influence Line from Mount Of Moon comes and joins Fate Line then it indicates Love Marriage.  (fig-2A) After the Joining point if the Fate Line is broken and weak or cuts by influence line then it is possible that Love Marriage may end in Break up or deception in love/affair. This is the most common indicator of love marriage or unsuccessful love affair on hand.  (fig-2B)


3. If there is fork sign at the end of Marriage Line it indicates chances of Break up. If fork is not big then it means Break up for some period of time, reason being differences of opinion, Extramarital Affair.  (Fig-3)


4. If fork is at the beginning of Marriage Line there would be lots of problems in getting married or remaining unmarried or first phase of Married Life is problematic.   (fig-4)


5. If Marriage Line is forked and one branch of fork meets with Heart Line then it indicates Extramarital Affair, most probably in blood relation.  In this situation Breakup is possible.   (fig 5)

6. If fork on marriage line and one branch of fork crosses the Heart Line and then crosses Head Line then the person could lose mental balance due to failure/disappointment in love/marriage. If this line cuts the Fate Line and Life Line then it indicates death/suicide. (fig 6)


7. If a line raised from Heart Line reaches the middle of the fork then it indicates that the person could have a third person in life which could become the cause of his/her death also. (fig-7)


8. If a branch from Head Line reaches the middle of the fork then there would be always tension in Married Life due to difference of opinions.  (fig-8)


9. If Fate Line is cut by an Influence Line which comes from Mount Of Venus then it indicates divorce or death of partner and also loss from relative. If Influence Line from Mount Of Moon cuts Fate Line then it indicates Divorce or Breakup and also loss from In both Cases mostly problems created in marriage by relatives, family members and opposite sex. (fig-9)

Fig 10

10. If there is break in Fate Line on Mount Of Rahu and other part of Fate Line goes towards Mount of Jupiter then it indicates Divorce, most of the time the person himself/herself is responsible for Divorce. (fig 10)

Fig 11

11. If Fate Line is cut by Influence Lines which come from Mount Of Negative Mars then it indicates enemies causing problems in love and relationship matters. (fig 11)

Fig 12 A

Fig 12B

12. If a branch of Heart Line goes to Mount of Jupiter then it indicates Love Marriage (fig 12A), but if this branch is cut by any Vertical Line then it indicates Break-Up. (fig 12B)

defamation through marriage
Fig 13

13.  If Marriage Line joins Girdle Of Venus then this indicates sad Married Life. (Fig 13)

very close to marriage line denotes affair
Fig 14

14. If there is a parallel line close to marriage Line then it indicates there was a relationship before marriage and this will be going on after marriage also (extramarital). 

There are always chances of secret or extramarital affair with ex-partner or long distance affair/relationship with ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband or ex-girlfriend (mostly this is true in western countries/developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada). (fig 14)

small side line to fate line indicates affair outside
(fig 15)

15. If there is a small Vertical parallel line close to the Fate Line in quadrangle then it indicates starting of new relationship/Extramarital Affair or new business. 

Mostly this happens in 40s but the reason of this type of unethical love/affair with another woman is bad marriage or unsatisfied married life. (fig 15)

16. If a small semi-circle line coming from Little Finger on Mount Of Mercury then it indicates that person will get married in old age due to obligation.   

15. If branch of Heart Line goes towards Mount Of Saturn then it indicates an affair.  If this branch cut by any Horizontal Line or the branch curved back like hook towards heart line then it indicates unsuccessful affair or affair will ruin person’s life.

Signs Of Divorce And Separation 
(Prem Vivah - Shadi Aur Talaak)

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There are so many signs and indications that tell whether the person would be having Divorce or Separation. But when you predict this type of thing you should not be telling it directly. 

You should always convey it indirectly because predicting this with accuracy needs a lot of experience and practice. Some common major indications about Divorce and Separation are:

1. If a branch of Fate Line is raised from Mount Of Rahu or middle of Mount Of Rahu or Mount Of Ketu and conjunct with Heart Line then it indicates love converting into marriage but the person could get Divorce or may have Extramarital Affair. You should also consider Marriage Line.

If a branch of Fate Line is raised from Mount Of Rahu and cuts the Heart Line then it indicates love not converting in marriage or if converts then the person will get Divorced after a short period of time. 

forked marriage line indicates separation and divorce

2. If a big fork in Marriage Line then this indicates trouble in Married Life and Divorce but if the fork is not big then it would indicate Separation for some time.  (fig 20)

3. If Marriage Line is cut by any Influence Line then it indicates Separation from partner due to any reason. 

double marriage line indicates divorce of subject
Fig 22

4. If two strong Marriage Lines are running parallel then it also indicates Divorce.  Person will have two marriages.  (fig 22)

5. If a branch of Life Line is cut by an Influence Line which is raised from inside of Life Line and goes to Mount Of Saturn then it indicates Divorce.

6. If an Influence Line raised from inside of Life Line goes to Mount Of Saturn and gets forked there then it indicates sad Married Life or Divorce.  

7.  An Influence Line turned towards Mount Of Venus which runs parallel to the Life Line indicates Separation.  

8. An Influence Line raised from a line running parallel to Life Line joins Heart Line indicates Divorce.  

9.  Branch of Life Line cut by Influence Lines coming from inside of Life Line indicates Divorce.  

If Marriage Line slopes down towards Heart Line but not touch the Heart Line then it indicates always quarrels between the couple.

10.  If Marriage Line slopes down towards Heart Line but not touch the Heart Line then it indicates always quarrels between the couple.  This is the most common type of marriage line.  Mostly direction of marriage line is towards heart line but not touch or cut it.

How To Know When You Will Get Married - Your Marriage Age

See below chart or diagram of age calculation of marriage line. Stronger and long line is your marriage line.  To learn how to calculate exact year of marriage "Method To Calculate Marriage Age From Position Of Marriage Line On Hand"
how to know my marriage date of year
Palm Reading Marriage Line Left Or Right Hand
There are so many other signs and indications but I have given here the most common which you find in hands but sometimes it is noted that even with these indications a person has good Married Life and he may have some other problems.  So you need a lot of practice on these.  

You need to read both hands (left and right) of person to reach any conclusion.  But mostly you will find same type of marriage line on both hands. 

How To Read Children Line Above Marriage Line 

If there is a question in your mind related to children line, gender or you are not able to conceive after long period of marriage then you may also like

How To Know About Girl Or Boy Is Virgin Before Marriage Through Marriage Line

Marriage Line can reveal about your future partner's nature, beautiful or handsome, rich or poor, or he/she is from different community but it is not possible to tell that he/she is virgin or not from marriage line before marriage.

Marriage Line On Male And Female Hands

It should be kept in mind that most signs are same for males and females. If any sign is in the hand of a female then it will give the same result as it would be when it is in a male hand.

You can get an idea about Love Marriage by Fate Line, Head Line, Marriage Line, or Heart Line. If the sign is good then there will be no problem in Love Marriage but if sign is not good then problems come in Love Marriage or Love Marriage does not happen or Love Marriage breaks after happening.

It is wrong to jump to the conclusion that each line refers to a legal attachment.  Scientific hand analysis does not recognize a legal union-marriages are man-made institutions.

When two peoples love each other, and there is an emotional impact, this event will be recorded by a strong line of affection, even though the couple may never legally marry in their lifetimes.

Live-in-relationship And Homosexual/Lesbian

Now days, the concept of free love or live in relationship has complicated matters for hand analyst.  When scientific hand analysis began thousands of year ago, a line of affection could confidently be analysed as a legal marriage, but in these days of free love, we must not jump to such a conclusion without a careful study of the palms.

The lines of affection usually refer to attachments with members of the opposite sex, but in my professional practice I have analysed the hands of homosexuals and lesbians, and in their cases the lines of affection will indicate an attachment to member of the same sex.  The lines of affection never refer to attachments towards brothers, sisters, mother or father.

Marriage Line is also called Line of Affection/Line of Sex. Marriage line does not necessarily show marriage it may only indicate attachment to someone male or female.  In other words this line can indicate anyone whom you consider a friend or loved one.

Marriage line is often found on porn star, prostitutes, unmarried person, celibates, saints (sadhu), and kinnar, bisexual, hinjda, eunuchs, and in such cases indicates strong friendship. So every marriage line does not necessarily represent marriage but it does represent an affection that you have felt or feel for someone. 

Ideal Marriage Line Prediction On Hand    

The ideal Line of Marriage should be long, clear, well-formed, and free of defects such as islands, breaks, chains or starts.  Such a line could suggest a happy marriage but only if there are confirmatory indications of this in the rest of hand.  

Short And Long Marriage Line In Palmistry

Always consult both hands.  The ideal marriage line merely shows the possibility of a happy union nothing more, nothing less.  This line should not be too long or too short. Short marriage line denotes bad marriage and long marriage line indicates good marriage but too long marriage line also indicates bad marriage.

Other names of Marriage Line - Union Line, Affection Line, Love Line, Spouse Line, Partner Line and Romance Line, etc.  

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Sign Of Second Marriage On Hand In Palmistry

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