5 Important Lines In Hand Palmistry

Top 5 Most Important Lines On Hand Palm Reading

1) Life Line. 2) Heart Line. 3). Head Line. 4). Fate Line. 5). Sun Line
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There are so many lines on hand but 5 lines are very important in palmistry.  

1). Life Line.

2). Heart Line.
3. Head Line.
4). Fate Line.
5) Sun Line.

Detail description about all 5 important lines on hand-

1).  Life line is main line on hand.  Life line denotes about subject health and family. You will find long life line, short life line, curved life line, small life line, chained life line, straight life line, and breaks on life line, etc on hand.  

General prediction of Life Line in Palm-

  1. Long life line- Good health.
  2. Chained life line- Indicating bad health.
  3. Break in life line- Indicating on and off health problems.
  4. Straight life line- Struggle throughout life.
  5. Curved life line-  Good health and success (only if life line is good).
  6. Small or Short life line - Health and family issues (mostly in middle age/from 40s).
  7. Island at staring of life line- Health issues after birth and family loss.
  8. Island at middle of life line- Family loss, problem in married life and stomach upset/disease.
  9. Island at the end of life line- Health issues in old age, diabetes, piles, fistula, stomach disease. http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.com
  10. Influence lines from inside of life line- Interference in personal life from others (mostly family members).
  11. Upward lines from life line- Promotion, and success.
  12. Downward lines from life line- Losses and health problems.
  13. Cross on life line- Health and family problem and accident.
  14. Wavy life line- Weak immunization and general weakness. 
  15. Small fork at the end of life line- Health issues in old age.
  16. Big fork at the end of life line- Desire to leave homeland, long travel, abroad travel.
  17. Round life line- Good vitality and good fertility.
  18. Small Mount Venus due to life line- Weak health.
  19. Big Mount of Venus unusually due to life line- Venereal disease and over-sensuality.
  20. Life line starts from Jupiter Mount- Good teacher and ambitious.
  21. Life line starts from Lower Mount of Mars- Struggle and obstacles in life.
  22. Lifeline tie with headline- Cautious person but weak decision power.
  23. Gap between lifeline and headline- Independent thinking and impatient.
  24. Heart line touch life line- Unlucky, suicidal tendency.
  25. Life line ends on Mount of Moon- Sea travel, gynec and urinary diseases and nature lover.  
  26. Life line suddenly move towards Mount Moon- Epilepsy and brain disorder.
  27. Life line cross bracelet lines- Long life.
  28. Fish touch at the end of lifeline- Good social life, spiritual person.
  29. Triangle at the end of life line- Problems in old age.
  30. Many crosses at the end of lifeline- Health and financial problems in old age.  

2).  Heart line is second main line on hand.  Heart line denotes about subject love and emotions. You will find long heart line, short heart line, curved heart line, small heart line, chained heart line, straight heart line, and breaks on heart line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Heart Line in Palm-

  1. Long heart line- Emotional and helping nature.
  2. Chained heart line- Jealousy nature, sensual, and indigestion.
  3. Break in heart line- Unsuccessful affair or deception in love.
  4. Straight heart line- Honest and religious person.
  5. Curved heart line-  Unsuccessful affair (if ends between middle and index finger).
  6. Small or Short heart line - Sensual and introvert.
  7. Island at staring of heart line- Stammering issues.
  8. Island at middle of heart line- Family problems and unsuccessful affair.
  9. Island at the end of heart line- Lungs related issues, asthma.
  10. Upward lines from heart line- Fickle by nature.
  11. Downward lines from heart line- Many love and affairs at same time
  12. Cross on heart line- Inner sorrow/depression due to love and affair.
  13. Wavy heart line- Dishonest person.
  14. Heart line starts from base of index finger- Deception in love.
  15. Heart line starts from inside index finger- Looser, failure and unsuccessful person.
  16. Fork on heart line- Deception in marriage or love.
  17. Triple fork on heart line- Property dispute in family.
  18. Long heart line across the palm- Jealously and sensuality.
  19. Heart line ends on headline- Serious sorrow due to love/affair/marriage.
  20. Heart line cross head line- Anger issues and stickler.
  21. Heart line ends on Mount of Saturn- Sexual dreamer.
  22. Branch less heart line- Childlessness.
  23. Downward curve on heart line- Heart controls mind.
  24. Heart line cut by bar lines- Heart disease.
  25. Double heart line- Over emotional and trust easily on others.
  26. Square on heart line - Protection from any danger.
  27. Circle on heart line - Eye disease.
  28. Black mole or dot on heart line- Inner sorrow and heart disease.
  29. Star on heart line- Eye and heart disease.
  30. Branch of heart line cut fate line- Emotional setback and family loss. 

3).  Head line is third main line on hand.  Head line denotes about subject intelligence and nature. You will find long head line, short head line, curved head line, small head line, chained head line, straight head line, and breaks on head line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Head Line in Palm-

  1. Long head line- Intelligent and fast learner.
  2. Chained head line- Slow minded and suffering from headaches.
  3. Break in head line- Chances of head injury.
  4. Straight head line- Practical thinking and down to earth.
  5. Curved head line- Imaginative and creative thinking.
  6. Small or Short head line - Thinks very slow or understand very late, slow mind.
  7. Island at staring of head line- Eye, ear and lungs related issues.
  8. Island at middle of head line- Ear, backache and arthritis.
  9. Island at the end of head line- Eye problems.
  10. Upward lines from head line- Success in career.
  11. Downward lines from head line- Headaches and spinal problems.
  12. Cross on headline- Head injury and headaches.
  13. Wavy head line- Instability in thoughts and fickleness.
  14. Thick head line- Mentally strong person.
  15. Thin head line- Mentally weak person.
  16. Fork on head line- Writer, poet and creative thinking.
  17. Triple fork on head line- Talented, success in more than one field. 
  18. Headline starts from Jupiter Mount- Ambitious, careless and impatient.
  19. Headline starts from Mount of Saturn- Late maturity.
  20. Headline starts from Lower Mars- Restlessness.
  21. Headline parallel to life line- Suicidal tendency.
  22. Headline curved towards Heart line- Mind controls heart.
  23. Branch from headline towards Jupiter Mount- Fulfill of all wishes.
  24. Branch from headline towards Mount of Moon- Imaginative and creative.
  25. Downward lines from headline- Low confidence.
  26. Upward lines from headline- Good confidence.
  27. Triangle on headline- Success in science and medical field.
  28. Broken headline- Accident and head injury, and eye injury.
  29. Circle on headline - Blindness.  http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.com
  30. Double headline- Extraordinary, unmarried. 

4).  Fate line is fourth main line on hand.  Fate line denotes about subject good and bad time. You will find long fate line, short fate line, small fate line, chained fate line, straight fate line, and breaks on fate line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Fate Line in Palm-

  1. Long fate line- Good successful career throughout life.
  2. Chained fate line- Regular obstacles in career and success after hardwork.
  3. Break in fate line- Change of location or any type of loss.
  4. Straight fate line- Good successful career and businessman.
  5. Curved fate line- Good successful career and social worker
  6. Small or Short fate line - Obstacles in career due to family problems.
  7. Island at staring of fate line- Secret behind birth, born in ordinary family.
  8. Island at middle of fate line- Financial and family loss.
  9. Island at the end of fate line- Health and family problem in old age. 
  10. Upward lines from fate line- Good success and promotion.
  11. Downward lines from fate line- Demotion and financial losses.
  12. Cross on Fate line- Financial loss or health problem.
  13. Wavy fate line- Instability in career.
  14. Thick fate line- Obstacles in career.
  15. Thin fate line- Good successful career.
  16. Fork at starting on fate line- Born in ordinary family and adopted. 
  17. Triple fork at the starting of fate line- Troublesome childhood.
  18. Breaks in fate line- Unsuccessful career.
  19. Fate line stop at head line- Problem due to wrong decision.
  20. Fate line cross by bar lines- Unlucky person.
  21. Ladder type fate line- Regular money losses.
  22. Tree type fate line - Success and name and fame.
  23. Double fate line- Extramarital affair and success in two fields.
  24. Trident on fate line- Rich and wealthy.
  25. Fate line cuts by horizontal lines- Struggle a lot and success after hard work.
  26. Star in the middle of fate line- Loss of money.
  27. Trident on fate line- Good successful life.
  28. Influence line from Mount of Moon touching fate line - Love marriage.
  29. Branch of fate line goes towards Jupiter Mount- Extraordinary success.
  30. Fate line ends on Sun Mount- Success in politics, films, public sector, etc.

5).  Sun line is fifth main line on hand.  Sun line denotes about subject good luck and bad luck and name and fame. You will find long sun line, short sun line, small sun line, breaks on sun line, etc on hand. 

General prediction of Sun line in Palm-

  1. Long sun line- Good name and fame.
  2. Sun line from Mount of Moon- Success in art, films, signing, designing, etc. 
  3. Break in sun line- Loss of reputation and money.
  4. Straight sun line- Good success.
  5. Wavy sun line- Instability and doubt in success. 
  6. Small or Short sun line - Late success.
  7. Island on sun line- Loss of reputation and demotion.
  8. Cross on left side of sun line- Loss in business.
  9. Grille on sun line- Poverty. Nitin Kumar Palmist
  10. Upward lines from sun line- Good success.
  11. Downward lines from sun line- Downfall.
  12. Star on sun line- Financial gain but in old age.
  13. Downward fork on sun line- Less success.
  14. Upward fork on sun line- Success in two fields at same time.
  15. Upward triple fork on sun line- Good success in business. Rich.
  16. Cross on right side of sun line- Spiritual healer/astrologer.
  17. Triangle on sun line - Happiness throughout life.
  18. Square on sun line- Protection from enemies.
  19. Double cross on Sun line- Religious fervor.
  20. Cross at the top of Sun line - Loss of reputation due to wrong decision.
  21. Black dot, mole, or spot on sun line- Eye disease, loss of reputation.
  22. Island at the end of sun line - Financial problems in old age.
  23. Sun line crossed by marriage line - Demotion, loss of reputation due to marriage/partner. Nitin Kumar Palmist
  24. Sun line cuts by bar lines - Problem create by enemies in success.
  25. Sun line ends on third phalange of ring finger - Too much hunger for success and fame. http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.com
  26. Chained sun line- Unlucky person and unsuccessful career.
  27. Double sun line - Success in two fields.
  28. Branch of sun line join fate line- Auspicious sign. Name and fame.
  29. Trident on Sun line - Rich and wealthy.
  30. Downward branches from sun line- Unsuccessful career and sadness.

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