5 Signs Indicating Bad Health On Hand Palmistry

5 Signs about bad health On Hand 

1). Chained Life Line
2). Island on Life Line
3). Wavy Health Line ( Hepatica Line)
4). Downward Lines from end of Lifeline
5). Too many lines on Hand

Detailed description about signs of bad health on hand

1). Chained Life Line - Chained lifeline indicates bad health just after birth or general weakness (leg, calf pain, back pain and anemia, etc). Feels less energetic, always feel tired. Weak immunity and ill-health.  If chained life line is tie with head line (underneath mount of Saturn) then it indicates subject is suffering from depression, ADHD, shy, phobia, introvert and sexual dreamer.  Due to over-sensuality subject is suffering from venereal diseases.  Subject is addicted to masturbation and due to excessive masturbation subject is suffering from general weakness, back pain and other issues. See image below-
sign of mastrubation
Lifeline tie with headline
2). Island on Life Line - Island on lifeline is very inauspicious sign.  It indicates severe health problems.  Mostly island on lifeline denotes health problems related to stomach and indigestion issues.  Sometimes island on lifeline denotes family problem and problem in married life.  Island on lifeline also denotes accident (you need to confirm with both hands). See below image-      
island on life line
Island On Life Line
3). Wavy Health Line ( Hepatica Line) - As you know health line is also known as business line, mercury line, liver line and hepatica line which denotes health and career related issues.  If health line is wavy then there are strong chances of regular illness which means subject is suffering from prolong illness.  If there is no health issue then there are chances of loss in business or business is not running well or subject is not able to perform good in his/her business due to his/her prolong illness.  See below image-

Wavy Health Line 
4). Downward Lines from end of Lifeline - As you know upwards lines are good and downward lines are always bad.  So downward lines at the end of lifeline denotes bad health in old age.  See below image-

Downward Line At The End Of Lifeline

5). Too many lines on Hand - Too many lines on palm, more lines on palm, lines intersects each other, many crisscrosses and zigzag lines indicates more worries and more tension. Subject could be suffering from nervousness, indigestion and hypertension.  See below image-

Many lines on hand

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