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Fate Line Prediction Palmistry

The Fate Line

The Fate Line is also known as the Destiny Line. This is not one of the major lines in the palm, but when lam looking for answers regarding romance, I also look at the Fate Line. Some palmists call this the karma line. It runs from the bottom of your hand through the middle. It first and foremost will show what you are supposed to do with your life-its true purpose and path. Secondly, it can foretell what a future husband or wife will do for a vocation. In addition, it reveals what is important to you in life; what your values are. This information will help you determine how successful a relationship can be. If a guy you like has a similar line, then its a safe bet that he'll be a good date. If your lines are mismatched, the relationship may not work as well because you have different objectives and goals.
Let's examine your Fate Line more closely:
• If the Fate Line on your dominant hand is well defined, you are an independent person. You don't want a bossy or possessive mate who will smother you or hold you back from achieving your dreams.
• If the Fate Line runs up the middle of your palm to your index (pointer) finger, you will be very ambitious in your career. You'd make a good business person, lawyer, or police officer. A career will be of utmost importance to you, so you will need to make sure you don't neglect your personal life. You could put off marriage in order to build a career.
• If the Fate Line moves straight up to the middle finger, you are a born leader, You would be good in politics, business, and supervising, managing, or teaching others. You need a partner who will allow you to take charge and not try to deter you from your goals.
• A Fate Line that falls under one of your ring fingers shows that you are dramatic and creative. You'd make a great actor, musician, or artist. You will be sentimental and romantic when it comes to love, or you could marry a rock star or someone who is in the public eye.

If your Fate Line leans toward your little finger, journalism, writing, broadcasting, and teaching are some careers to consider. You need someone who will communicate. If you end up dating someone who doesn't express himself or herself, the relationship may not last long.
If your Fate Line starts in the middle of your palm, expect to become successful a little later in life. It may take a decade or longer to decide what it is you want to do. That's okay, as everyone matures at a different level. You may be well into your thirties when you feel you are ready for a serious relationship. You could value freedom more than commitment.
If the Fate Line starts at the bottom of the palm and ends midway up, you'll start working at a young age and retire early You may decide to marry and have kids earlier than some of your peers. When it comes to love, you may be very mature.
If your Fate Line doesn't start until it reaches the Heart Line, your love life will always be more important to you than work. Your world will center around those you love. Strive for more of a balance between your career and your partner.
If the Fate Line is deep, this means you are determined to succeed. Nothing will stand in the way of your goals. You will leave a relationship if need be to become a big star or further your career ambitions.
If the Fate Line comes to an abrupt end at the Heart Line it means you have emotional barriers that keep you from finding lasting love. Some of you may have a problem with commitment, and others may have built up walls because of past heartache. You don't want to get hurt again, so you protect yourself.
If there are a lot of breaks, there may be difficulties and career losses. Breaks also mean many different types of employment. You could bounce from one job to another, or your spouse could !

Along line that runs from the very bottom of the hand to the base of the fingers is the sign of the workaholic. If you have this type of line, be sure you learn to balance work and play. You'll never get a chance to meet someone if you're stuck at work all day
A Fate Line that ends in a fork means you may have to make a big decision or that there will be a career change at some point in your life. That decision or change could have a major impact on a relationship.
A star at the bottom of the Fate Line means you will find success and happiness in your chosen career.
For those who have no Fate Line, it merely means that no set path has been made. You will create your own.



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