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I hope you will find this blog helpful in gaining theoretical knowledge from the learning material provided.  Please leave your feed back about my site and services. 

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  1. Dear Sir Nitin,

    OK Thank you again for your replies and noted on your guidance.
    Thanks again for your patience in answering my numerous queries.

    Wishing you well in your life.


  2. namshkar nitin ji ,
    Aapka bohot bohot dil sukriya ..apne jo prediction kiya hai wo sab ekdum sahi aapka ye ehsan kabhi nahi bhulungi...

    You r god person for me...

  3. Thanku for your reading . The prediction about the life is matching.
    Will Neelam, emerald, daimond suit me I didn't get the answer

    Thanks and regards


  4. Dear Nitinji,

    Thank you for your quick evaluations and most of them appears quite true.

  5. Dear Sir, Your palmistry website is very good.

    I dont have a website by now. I am really new in this business and don't have much experience but I am aiming to get better.

    And actually I just have clients from my hometown in Germany. But european palmists don't do the future predicts and they don't have much knowledge about peculiar signs in the hands... So I just started to contact people all around the world to increase my palmistry.

    And I am so happy that you will help me. Thank you soo much! The hand I send you is from a really busy woman. She is an author, an artist and also takes an active part in science and has researches about senior psychology ect.

    Then I will wait for your answer.
    Again thank you very much.

    Hannah Marie

  6. Vishwanath Pratap singhApril 15, 2018 at 5:35 PM

    Ap sir achhe se kisi ko guide kr skte hai..knowledge v apko bht hai is field ka..lekin sir ap bht km charge krte hai itne knowledge aur mehnat ka ...

  7. Dear Nitin Jee,

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Thank you for reading our palms. Thank you for the detailed nature of the report.

    Most of the readings are very accurate. We are amazed at your skill.

    Once again, amazing skills you have. We were very impressed at your interpretation.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have read the reading and found it very accurate. Thank you for the comprehensive reading and suggestions for the rings. I shall try to find the suitable pearl and ruby.
    Looking forward to reading my wife's as we wanted to start a business abroad. It will be a restaurant business in Europe.
    Thank so much for your great help.
    Best regards,

  9. Hello Sir,

    Recently I bought pearl. you told to wear 8-9 CARAT but when I went to buy it.
    Seller told me if quality is good then you can even wear less than what is recommended.
    I bought 7.25 Ratti South Sea pearl with very good quality.
    I hope it will work.
    Please suggest.

    Also I wanted to say thank you, majority of the things you told me about me are true. thanks again.

    M. Lal

  10. I found Nitin online when I was looking for a good palmist who can read palm accurately. I was very excited to receive the result report he sent me and was amazed how accurate he is on each point as I read through the report. I referred him to my friends because he is super good in palm reading. He is 100% accurate on my past childhood, my marriage, career and my financial situation. I continue to consult him after the reading for questions, he is honest and reliable in his reading. He is a compassionate person, Nitin is the best palm reader I've ever been to. I have been to more than a dozen in the past and now I am only going to Nitin. You are the best!!

  11. KARTHIKEYAN GandhirajanJune 4, 2018 at 8:19 AM

    Dear sir,Namaskarji,
    I am Karthikeyan G an employee of SBI 54years old would like to consult you for my reading.Today I making payment to your SBI acct and I will confirm its soon as.i am myself a palmistry and had read 100s, of hands.but the lines on my hand is still a puzzles to me,so I am enclosing a good images of my palm for your kind guidance.after your reading kindly permit me to ask a few questions ,the whys of my life.only after I have received your report and read it.i hope that won't be necessary.
    Regards.and love sir,

  12. Hi Nitin,

    I would like to thankyou, as per your prediction last year it was true, I met my soulmate on Sept 2017. And now I want Nitin to read his palm. Btw, I want to pay by Western Union. What's your Western Union details?

    Thankyouuu Nitin

    Best Regards,


  13. Guruji Hastha Rekhas will Appear Clearly at that time when you See a Person Hand Directly in Presence of you.
    but in Captured Photos Small lines & Some Symbols on Palm and Fingers Parwat Can't Captured by any Camera na !
    so my Request is You will visit all States Citys & Towns for few days.
    It will helps to Develope your earnings with Name & Fame.

  14. Hello everyone!
    Nitin's palm reading is impressive by its exact details about past, present and future. I and my husband got our reading and feeling very satisfied by his job. Also we asked some specific questions and got good recommendations what we should do and shouldn't. So we highly advise Nitin's service for those who believe in palm signs. P.S. Sure that one day we are going to ask for your help once again. Thanks and may God bless you!

  15. Hello Nitinji Namasate, hope you are doing fine.

    We had connected 2 years back and I have already received your palm reading analysis for myself and my wife whcih was 99% correct!!

    We want to get this done for both of my daughters aged 16 and 11.

  16. My Dear Nitin Kumar,

    I am in tears, the accuracy is unbelievable all the way to the end...

    I hope your health will get better. Wish to meet you one day to thank
    you in person.

  17. Dear Nitin,

    Thanks very much for your mail. Yeh, I have been doing meditation on daily basis. As I follow Buddhism, I do Vipassana meditation. We need to be enlightened or else we will still be in this cycle of death and rebirth. Thanks again for your mail. Please keep in touch. If you are coming to Canberra or Sydney for a visit, please let me know. We can catch up.

    Best Regards,

  18. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the my brother palm reading report provide. Many things written in the report matches.

    According to you once in how many years Palm lines will change or new lines comes or existing lines disappear? I took my reading in 2014. Next when i can send my photos for reading?

    Thank you once again.


  19. Thank you very much .
    is there any remedy stop these false allegations .4 times I had false allegations and it gave me great mental pressure every time .

    I wanted to Start a new IT company . Hence I would like to know is my time good to start now ? is there good chance for success or less chance for success in IT business ,

    if there is less chance I don't wanted to do .

    Because your predictions are almost correct . So please be bold to say yes or no . I want to take a right decision .I appreciate your advice in this matter .

  20. Thanks for your reply, It really make me confident and stress free.

    Your prediction about my nature is 100% perfect and about my life is also accurate one.

    Please advice if i need your advice in future then please let me know the ways and quetion charges.

    Best regards, Pritam

  21. Nitin Sir,
    Good evening
    Your readings were very much accurate and to the point. Really unbelivable. I salute to your prediction. I was under the impression that, with prsent karma, hasta rekha keeps on changing and life event takes place accordingly. 50% of your prediction came out true and and rest 50% will definitely come out true with time.

    My specific question is my financial position and career. Till my retirement I don't want any chage of place . Is it indicated ? Also throw some light about my future financial condition. I want a peaceful life without any hudge pudge and job tension till my retirement.


  22. Thank you verymuch for your guidance and advise

    I am egerly waiting for the reply

    I have been in contact with you since July'2016 and most of the predictions about me and my son came out true. The events took place as predicted.We had taken precautions and difficulties/danger went away with little impact.

    We are religiously following your advice except aditya hridyiya strotra. This I will do now onwards.


  23. Hello Nitin Ji,

    How are you?Today I came to work.I wanted to update you regarding the surgery.It was successful.Went through so much but at the end it was all ok.
    Thank you so much for your support and your payers.

    Take care

  24. Hi Nitin How are you?

    Hope your doing well!
    could you read my palm again, I could go somewhere local
    but your really the only person i trust, your always very accurate

    I need to pay you though, otherwsie i cant do it

    I can email transfer some money

    Its quite some time since you have done ithis

    let me know ,kind regards !


  25. Good evening sir.
    My self SRINIVAS TALARI,from Telangana. I visit your site regularly. It's is full of information about palm reading.I really want to appreciate you for this. You explain everything clearly.
    So Sir I want my palm to be read. Shall I pay the fee sir..
    Please consider my Request sir.
    Thank you..

  26. Nitin!,

    This reading was absolutely amazing! I will give you a very good review. Everything you mentioned that happened before the age of 25 did happen! In fact, I would like to make my own tarot app/palmistry app/website in the future; there are too many fakes in the US, and I want to change this. I would be interested in enlisting you in the future, and I can get you much more than $20 USD for a palm reading, especially because you answer individual questions. :) Happy to chat with you in the future after my job search...

  27. Hello Ntin
    Thank you very much for your help the last couple of years, I think the readings you have given are starting to become more accurate. I am starting to get hermoid problems which you did say would happen. I hope all is good
    best wishes
    zach fillmore


  28. Thank so much Nitin ji are a very kind person....

    Kya kahu ....Thank you so.. much Nitin ji , very accurate palm reading वैसे तो सभी बात मेरे बारे में आपने 100 per ercent सही कहा है।

    Thanks kahana ab chota pad raha hai
    गली गली में जब ज्योतिष के नाम पर लोग बिना जानकारी के ही ज्ञानी बन ठग रहे हैं इतनी पुरानी विद्या को बदनाम कर रहे है आप सही मायने मे पुरातन संस्कृति को सेवा भाव से कर आगे बढ़ा रहे है
    ईश्वर आपको सभी मनोकामनाएं पूरी करें यही शुभेच्छा के साथ आभार

    I will always remember u for your supportive and motivation nature.

  29. Hast Rekha Shastri ji aapka bahut bahut dhanyavad aapne meri hast rekha dekh kar meri job ka bata diya kyuki mein bahut samay se naukari pane ke liye mantra aur upay kar raha tha lekin mujhko labh nahi ho raha tha lekin ab mujhko vishwas hai aapka naukri ka totka kaam karega. Mujhko pehly vishwas nahi tha ki palmistry se job prediction bhi kiya ja sakta hai.

  30. She was very shocked for you don't know her and all on her heand ... I thinks she will believe now palmistry or card reading :-)

  31. Sir, I have received the report. I like to thank you for the trouble that you have taken to prepare the report.
    I also like to inform you that the report is accurate in all respect. I shall try to follow your instructions in future.

    Please let me know, is it possible to get the palm reading of my 8 year old son.

    waiting for your reply.

    with Regards

    Sumit Saha

  32. सर आपने मेरी palm रीडिंग की... इसलिए धन्यवाद. बहोत सारी बातें आपने सटीक कही.... सर अती - कामुकता पर कैसे नियंत्रण पाए..... या उसे कम करे..... कुछ उपाय बताए सर

  33. Ab m sab smjh gya Aur shyad m abse acche s Aur pure dil s mahnat kr paunga. Aur aapne apni mahnat s mujhe jo baate btaii h , unhe m jald s jald start kr dunga . Nitin ji aaj aapne sirf mera doubt hi clear nhi Kia Balki meri bhot bdi help bhi ki h jiski wjh s m ab humesha confident rhunga . Abhi to m aapko Bas dill s aapko Thank u hi Bol skta hu lekin ha agar mujhe khabi mauka lga to m aapse jrur milunga . again thank u so much and plz sorry kyonki aapko mere lye dubare mhnat krni pdi .

  34. Dear Nitin
    this is Peter as I said I would update you.
    So far i have left Africa and live in the USA .
    My two noys are with my Wife and we are separated as you predicted.
    I would like to send you the palms of my youngest son - 8 year old boy i could only get his right hand and its only these two pictures.
    Please examine and read for me his hand and especially headline at this moment when he is 8 years in March and am 50 in June and what relation my leaving him in Africa has to his life .
    I see a travel line or settlement line but not sure ... and a sort of simian line
    I have worked on your remedies so far regards
    Am sending Payment soon
    Attached are pictures ...of his right hand palm and I kno they will change but I need to have this reading done .

  35. Dear Nitin,
    I hope you are well,
    I hope you had a good new year,
    I had an incident which happen on the 3rd of January 2019, I was directing traffic in the early morning at work. The car ran over my right ankle, I had fell to the ground, lucky landed on my left wrist for support.
    I didn't even see the car come to me, I was looking to the left to see if everything was okay.
    I am still in recovery mode after the accident, I saw on my palm reading it did say be careful of head i was lucky to land on my left wrist. I went to the ground, blacked out for a couples sec, felt like my soul came back to me again. I have never experienced that before,
    i hope all is well with you,
    best regards
    zach fillmore

  36. You are a honest and fantastic professional palmist. Thank you so much may GOD bless you and your family.

  37. Dear Mr. Kumar,

    How are you doing? Thank you for your guidance 3 years ago, I am doing really well after that. Three years ago, I was asking you about my relationship with an Indian guy. As you said We get married eventually and have a very very happy married life. His parents accept me and treat me very well right now.

    I also graduated from my PHD degree in the US and work in a very good university in the US. I have some questions about my future career. I am doing a medical license exam right now. it is very hard, and the chance to succeed is limited. I wonder should I continue doing it? Or just try to live a relaxed life. I wonder from my palm, do you think I have enough intelligence to do such a challenging thing?

    Thank you very much.



  38. Dear Mr. Kumar,

    I also forgot to include that the person I was dating was a White Catholic. On my reading it said that I’d be in a two year relationship but it was exactly one.

    The reading that you gave for me was so accurate for the most part that I wanted to see if I could ask further questions. I’m really impressed by how similar the reading was to my current situations and what I had planned for the future. The way you described my husband to be really matched with a lot of characteristics my ex boyfriend had.

    I was just curious if this same person was going to come back and if that was the person I am going to end up marrying. Also, since I’m also studying psychology, I was curious if I was going to end up being a psychologist or nurse.

    Best Regards,

  39. I live in the USA
    I am from Japan

    You looked at my palm last year. I could not beleave how accurate it was.
    You are awesome!😁
    So now like you said, I got devorced. (I attached summary from previous) and since I was a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, I do not have any skills or degree😢 I really need to find a good career for me so I can make living!
    If you could explain what kind of job I need to look for and example of jobs, (more detailed about the jobs) I really appreciate it!
    Thank you so much and have a good one

  40. Nitinji is really a good person , some time ago I contacted him and asked to give me palm reading free of cost , the reason I can't write here but I told him my problem and really he helped me and guided without taking a single rupee. He is really a kind hearted person .may god always keep him happy

  41. Mr. Natin Kumar,

    I contacted you 5 years ago and got my palm reading done from you.i am attaching yr palm reading report with this email for told many accurate things that happened to me in last 4 years as told by you in advance.i have been divorced as you said in yr report that there are strong chances of also told me that there is a chance of new relationship at age 37 and that happened exactly with me..Now i just want to know that is this person is sincere with me or is passing time. everytime he promised to come to my country to meet my parents and to marry then he breaks his promise and ask for giving him more time..IS HE SERIOUS WITH ME?can u plz tell is there any chance of long term future relationship or marriage with him or not in my hand??can u plz clarify that one point again from my hands pictures that i will send in another email .


    God bless you


  42. Thank you for your report and happy that almost whatever has been described is matching to my life.

    It's my second marriage. Husband and my relationship as such is good but due to interference of in laws we are having dispute. Also we trying for baby... Which is major problem for us, husband has some issues in sex, same what you have mentioned as ED. However when tried to take doctor's advise, we came to know that my oocytes count has reduced and I am lacking egg count in ovary, tried IVF means test tube baby also but dr could not found egg in ovary..i am very upset for not having baby at this age, egg count reduces with age , however I am trying exercise and taking other pathy medicine will see how results get, but I need your help ..major help for conceiving and once I get pregnant may be married life can be improve.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks once again.

  43. Hello sir
    This is me Rinita Chakraborty. I did my horoscope from you through my sister few days back and I m highly satisfied with your findings. I actually recommended you to many of my relatives and friends and one of my cousin sister is interested in knowing her findings
    Her name is Debangana Bose Dhar. She is married in the year 2013 and she has lost her mother before her marriage but she is having lil trouble in her marriage and she has still not conceived. So therefore she wants to do her horoscope from you. If you can tell me how much do I have to pay for her and in which account and how long will it take it ll help me do it as fast as it can


  44. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for sending the report.i have a question sir,Please help me as i was in dilemaa.

    we have purchased a flat recently attached is the map of it..

    its east facing flat

    My doubt is i have kept shoe rack in the place of no 1 outside the flat..

    some are saying its not good and some are saying as it was outside the flat it does not matter.

    Please check this and let me know sir..I will go by your words as i completely believe you and have got more than 15 palmreports for my family and freinds which are obsolutely true.

    Thank you

  45. Dear Nitin Sir,

    I apologize I did not get to emphasize this as much as I would like to, but your readings are so accurate I am truly amazed and impressed. I revised the readings with my cousin and you honestly said the outmost truth about a lot of things. A lot of people just say the positive aspects but you give both the good and the bad which makes you more trustworthy. I will definitely recommend your name to as many people as I can.
    Please let me know if you want further payments for the additional information that you would like to add to my palm reading. I seriously appreciate it. Whenever I lose hope through obstacles I encounter, I look back at the reading you have done for me, and I couldn't be happier.

    Best Regards,

  46. Ok sir..thanx alot for advising..actually apke 99% baten sach prove hoe then jo kuch ap nay pehlay bataya tha when i contacted u many years ago esiliay mein ap he pe trust krti hon..i dont need any second opinion after your opinion.

    allah apko salamat rakhay..

    take care.

    thanx again sir.

  47. Pranaam sir, prabhu ki bhakti se, unki kripa se aur aapke batai cheeze maine ki. Meri surya rekha double ho gyi hai. Ab pehle jaise depression mein bhi nhi jaata. Maine aapko photo bheji hai. Dhanyavaad sir. Main UPSC civil services k preparation k baare mein soch raha hu. Iss vishay par mera maarg darshan kare

  48. Hi Nitin Kumar,

    You are accurate with the palm readings. I am logical so I don’t want to get swayed but also just wanted to see if lines on your palm tell a story.

    I am thinking of getting a divorce soon. Husband and I have grown apart and don’t share same values. I am in a long distance relationship and would like marry him in the future! I am in US and he is in India. Inspite of challenges we hope to be together.. hopefully where we both can we happy!

    I have an adopted son who is 13 years now. I just got diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer but will be fully treated for it since it early stage.

    I don’t know if I can bear children of my own but would love to adopt or try surrogate to have another child with the man I am in love with. I feel hopeful when you say you say 2 sons.

    I wish to marry again and have another child. If that were possible, it would be a blessing.

    Thanks very much!

  49. Excellent blog. Very much valuable information. You must have admitted 95% accurately. God bless you.

  50. Hello Nitin, I did my last reading when I was around 18, I am 20 now, would you be able to see if there are any changes in my palm, and if there is I will pay you on paypal for a new reading. I am also curious about what you said about doing a career in acting. If I were to pursue this, will i have a lot of popularity or not that much. Also how hard do I need to work in order to achieve this?

    Thank you very much,
    Erika Evatt

  51. Yathiraj GovindaluriJuly 16, 2019 at 11:05 AM

    Thanks a lot sir :) . I was really worried and whatever u said about is almost accurate and i am ditched by my lover and she is my best friend as well . i went into the depression and came across your site and thank you so much sir i really try to follow your remedies :) If i had any doubt i would definitely contact through this mail :) .

  52. respected sir
    i am nishikant gupta and reads your blog. it's really good. actually i want to learn palmistry and thinks you would be right person to whom i should make guru... plz help me and accept my proposal.

    plz tell me fee sir.

    plz do reply

    thanking your


  53. Dear Sri Nitin ji

    I introduce myself as an astrologer and Vastu consultant do work in Odisha

    I am interested to learn Palmistry education, also want to show interested in getting palm reading
    by paying fee

    kindly inform me in detail to move further
    a favourable are expected soon


    Dr. Sudershan

  54. Sir,

    Thanks for your accurate palm reading report. I have a small doubt regarding the marriage line. In my right hand there are two lines below little finger. One line is touching the heart line and the line above it seems to ends in trident.
    In your blog I read that marriage line touching heart line is not auspicious.

    Does that Indicate ill health of partner or separation from him?


  55. Nitin ji apane bahut hi achhi janakari diyi hai.

  56. Thank you so much Nitin. I am married with 2 kids one girl 12years and one boy 5 years old. I am actually planning to conceive another baby not sure it will work out thou. Had one miscarriage early this year. My husband is a very good man and I love him alot but sometimes I feel we don't understand each other. I really don't want separation would try my best for that not to happen. I am a muslim so I might not understand the remedies. You actually have given a very impressive report. Most of the things are true. I do suffer from depression and hope it just goes away. The gem remedy is for which hand?

  57. Hello!

    Hope you are well.

    If you recall I had requested for some clarifications with regard to my palm reading. print. IN March you had asked me to send you fresh pictures. I am attaching fresh pictures to this e-mail.

    A. You had predicted that my marriage is in trouble. You were absolutely right - my wife and I have separated and I have moved out of the house. There is a lot of anger in her and mujhe lagta hai ki woh koi legal cases file kar sakti hai mere against. Shayad criminal cases bhi file kar sakti hai.
    B. Do you remember last year you you had done predictions for one girl named Monika - I am going to met her this month. Aapne bola tha ki there is no problem with continuing with her.

  58. Nitin Sir, Thanks for your help. Its urgent query for me. I have anxiety disorder named OCD since 2010 after i underwent eye operation. Please look at my palm and give me the best remedy. I am suffering a lot and on the verge of committing suicide. Please help me.

  59. Thanks Guruji

    I appreciate your patience and replies, seems to me you are good heart and kind being

    Best RegardS

  60. Hi Nitin Ji,

    I had a quick look of my palm reading, most of the points mentioned are true & happened in my life.

  61. महोदय
    आपने मुझे लाजवर्त पहनने की राय दी थी तथा आपने मुझे लाजवर्त भेज भी दिया उसके लिए आपका बहुत धन्यवाद्।
    महोदय जी , मेरी आपसे विनती है की मुझे थोडीसी सलाह दे की मेरे पास पैसो की बरकत नहीं है जितना भी कमाता हूँ खर्च हो जाता है। जिससे मैं काफी परेशान रहता हूँ। तथा कर्ज भी हो गया है
    कृपा करके मुझे सलाह दे की मै क्या करू। कोई उपाय हो तो बताने की कृपा करे.

  62. Dear Mr Kumar,
    Can you please send me the Islamic ritual so I can place on my attackers photo?
    I am getting more and more ill. I have two sprained feet and constantly a migraine, plus eye and shoulder pain. It’s unbelievable all the terrible things happening to me and also now my children are getting ill.
    If you want me to send you more money I can do that.
    If any more guidance please tell me,
    Kind regards,

  63. I am grateful to you that you have accepted my request
    I hope everything goes fine.
    I have read your blog many times and its been very beautiful and knowledgeable, thank you for your appointment, I am obliged.

    Thank you sir

  64. Thanks a lot nitin ji
    May god bless you
    But i just wanted to ask you answers to my specific questions, i will be obliged
    You have done a great reading sir, i am officially a fan of yours, i will surely bring others to you too.
    But sir i would really like to know the answers because they bug me a lot please sir.

    Thanking you sir
    Thanks a lot


  65. Dear Mr Kumar
    Thank you very much for all your help.
    You are truly AMAZING
    Kind regards

  66. Thank you so, so much omg I really appreciate it! You’re the best! :)

    Best Regards,

  67. Thank you so much again, Nitin Sir. Seriously I’m blessed to find someone as good as you :) But seriously, I don’t ever mind sending you fees through PayPal so don’t hesitate to ask.

  68. Hi Nitin,

    First of all thanks a lot for sending my palm reading report. Secondly, I can't believe it. It's 90% correct & the same thing was told after checking my horoscope & nadi astrology.

    Unfortunately, I have enemies wherever I go & they play games behind my back even though I haven't harmed them. Since I am following my religion strictly, Lord Buddha is protecting me. After getting married, my life is good even there are few differences due to different nationalities. Thank God I have a very good wife with 2 beautiful daughters. I will send their palms to you for reading in future.

    Once again, thanks for your predictions. I will follow your remedies strictly.


    Sanjaya De Silva

  69. Dear Nitin ji,

    Many thanks for the mail and sending the detailed report as promised. I have gone through your report and it really provides a lot of clarity with correct predictions. Since the report along with the remedies is very detailed, I wish to take some time and revert to you with all my queries after reading it so that you can guide accordingly and provide further clarifications.

    Thank you for your support.

    Regards, Aditi

  70. Sir I already get your service last March 2015, the one I'm about to pay for later is for my friend but I'll bet using this email add.. I will send through SBI here in Dubai via Al Ansari which I did twice last 2015 but you have a new account now so I will just modify it. I will just wait for her questions later then make the payment tomorrow. I will send you the receipt after. Thanks in advance

  71. Dear Nitin Ji,

    Thanks for the report with good accuracy for past happenings. I really appreciate the same and would do the remedies as advised

    I have a request regarding my current job, I am really not feeling comfortable and want to get out of it at earliest.

    So please help to advise if there is any possibility of changing job this year and if any remedy can be done to get out of current job.

    Thanks again.

  72. Hello sir Namaste
    Jaisa ki humari baat aapse ho rahi thi aur apne kaha tha ki aapko acchi naukri milegi.. To mujhe naukri to mil gayi par kaam jo main karta hu to kaam bigad jata hai... Mujhe maruti suzuki Arena mein sales Excutive ki naukri mil gayi hai. Lekin mera kaam ho nhi pata hai.. Customer convince ho jate hai par ain mauke par kaam bigad jata hai... Iska aapke paas koi विकल्प है तो बताये... Customer mujhe gaadi nhi lete hai aur kisi aur dealers ke paas ja kar लेते है... Kaam bante bante bigad jata hai...

    Kuch upaye bataye... Agar aap kahe to main aapki fee dubara de sakta hu....

    Thank you

  73. Thanku sir from bottom of my heart such an accurate prediction about my present and past nd i hope it turns out true for future also. Have already recommended your website to various people.

  74. Thanks for your email. My sister was impressed by the results. I had a question to ask you. Do you also make rings for clients? I am finding it hard to get yellow saphire ring here which touches your skin. And also ruby ring. Australian designs stone is usually not touching skin.
    Waiting for your reply.

  75. Respected Guruji,
    You are very grate, you are doing my palm analysis free only because you are taking fess only 600 Rs. that is very very nominal charge or noting ,for me you are giving full life guidance. So i dont want fess back. Please check all 4 email palm images, i marked all good & bad signs in different palm images please check all these images & meanings of particular signs with full concentration & guide me for my further life & suggest me remedies also. You can take your own time for palm analysis. Guruji first take care of you health.

  76. Dear Nitin jee ,
    I really appreciate your work. It’s mind blowing. My wife was divorced. It is her second marriage. You said in her hand reading that bad relationship with in laws. She had bad relationship with in laws in past. Do you see that in future as well? Please this question as well.Please advice us for an ideal life. Uptill now we have an ideal relationship.
    Please find the attached close ups of my hands.

  77. Many thanks for the reading, I found it very useful.

    I will pass your details to some other people I know who may be interested in having one done


  78. Namaste Nitin Ji,

    Please agar aapko time mile to mere problem ko ek baar check kare.

    Apne mere past ki jo baatein batayi hai woh ekdum accurate hain aur bahut sari baatein mere family ke alawa kisi ko pata bhi nahin hai.

    Mujhe aapse ek baar baat karni thi, please bataye aap se baat karne ka koi upay hai kya.

    Please respond kariega, mujhe aap ke upar bahut bharosa hai aur aap pucca mujhe sahi rasta batlaenge.

    Bahut Dhanyawad.


  79. This is my second palm reading service but I did have a friend separately request you palm reading from her PayPal and email 😊 We think your palm reading is accurate thank you!
    My parents born in Vietnam yes but I was born in California.

  80. Thank you so much sir for the Palm reading and specially for clearing my doubts.
    You are very honest and respectable- even towards your youngers- the quality which is found very rare.
    Your predictions are much accurate and you provide information in a very understandable way.
    Thank you and it was an experience getting reading by you.

  81. Hi Nitin,

    About 5 years ago, you read my palm. A lot has came true these past couple of years. I was wondering why on my Sun-line that "I won't get credit due to my efforts". This seems to be true in many cases because no matter how hard I work at my job, they don't recognize my hard efforts. Do you know why? If so, can you explain.

    Thank you,

  82. Hello sir..namaskaram...previously u told.
    I can do few things to relieve from pressures of my mother-in -law...

    As u noted in my palmistry report...few things are extramarital relations to my husband..and i came to knew all...and i lost my peace...and staying together only for my baby son sake...
    Am in lot of confusion..

  83. I am really impressed for your knowledge on palmistry .I have confusion in birth date & year .Is it possible to find my birth nakshatra & Lagna by palmistry ?.

  84. Hello Nitin ji, Thanks for the reading all the things you said 100% true , there was property dispute from my wife,s side I hope it's not coming anymore and you are right about the career I was thinking about 3 different careers but now I am still confused out 2 which one be best for career change later Software QA Engineer or project management . Another question is do I have to wear gem stones, is there any other option? in my family no body wear it and also I do know advantage and disadvantages of Neelam if I have to wear I need to now how many ratti's I need to wear Neelam and pearl. I do have rudraksha bracelet if this helps. My wife is diabetic but she is good about managing it. I hope this won't effect pregnancy, Thank you so much . God bless you 🙏. Aapne mere ko sahi rasta dikhaya ..

  85. Sir
    I am a doctor working in Govt. Sector. Most of your analysis are spot on. I'm an amateur astrologer too. However what I'm concerned more about is my marriage. So, will you please clarify everything regarding that in more details.
    Thank you

  86. hello Nitin sir, I am Vivek Kushwaha and i actually took reading from you about 1.5 years ago, and i must say your reading about me and my father were true. You told that there will be some health issues with my father and later he got diagnosed with cancer. Although now things are getting better and my father's health is also getting better. I have more questions about the future. So i would like to get th reading again.

  87. Dear
    Nitin ,your reading was very nice and till now everything is correct.I am trying to get gov job from 5years , I am doing private job from past 8 month.Stomach related issue(gall bladder) I faced it is operated in 2018 August.

    Thank you

  88. Thank you very much Sir. Very interesting and informative. I do have 2 sons. No daughters and no
    miscarriages or abortions. I wonder if it’s still in the future. (Second marriage?) I did have a drowning incident at around 18. My friend saved me. I had poor health growing up. Not that bad now but you are correct on my health issues now. I do live far away from my birth place. I was very surprised you mentioned a divorce and a second marriage in the near future. But again my life has been full of unexpected changes and surprises. My husband now is much older than me. Don’t know if it matters.

    Thanks a lot again. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who shows interest.

  89. Hello Sir,
    This is Sucheta and I have read few of your blogs
    regarding palmistry.
    One of your blog talks about black/Brown dot on
    mount of Jupiter. I have this on my left palm. I'm
    36 and despite of many efforts haven't got married yet.

    Could you kindly help me and provide me remedy if
    there is any.
    Please let me know the details I need to send the
    amount I need to pay for your services.
    Many thanks,

  90. Hello sir,
    She said you were absolutely accurate with the reading about past. But for future so many negative things . So, she was actually a bit depressed with it. So, any positive things about her from the reading and any remedy for the hurdles she will face.
    Aur sir, uske saath mera koi rishta hone ka possibility ke kya?
    And always thanks sir for taking out your precious time and helping to show us the path of our lives with your accurate readings.

    With Regards,
    Pratyay Saha

  91. Hello Nitin,
    Thankyou for the help the last couple of months. Interesting that there is some friends asking me for money.
    I have said no already. The predictions were right.
    I am getting better now with ankle. I've been praying everyday.
    I am seeing the ankle surgeon specialist on 21 st of February to find out If XRAY went okay.
    They said I should be fine by march April time the physiotherapist. The guy is very good it was a blessing to get him.
    Thanks. I hope you're well.
    Its snowing in Toronto.

  92. Thank you and once again a million thank you for always answering my emails.

    Good luck for you.. you are a very nice person.. I can feel that when the first time you replied without expecting too much material forms..

    Thank you Mr. Kumar!!!

    With Love from Indonesia,

    You're the best palmist
    I appreciate your detailed analysis
    I wish you the best!

  94. Thank you for the information Guruji . What ever happened in my life is correct as per your prediction. I escaped from the death in my childhood in the river of godavari my father saved me.. I am having phobia of height..My father recently passed away..i am always over thinking about some issues and get confuse in decision taking. I had knee surgery. I love the nature and travelling, imaginative person, worked as a assistant professor.

  95. Hello Nitinje,

    I was recently able to secure a high paying job in the city where I plan to move out and be independent. Thank you again for the guidance!


  96. Hi nitinbhai. I trust your reading and come out perfect now I like to have read my wife palms too if you can do for me? Because & Before I make any diseason about remedy or gemstone, poja.
    Please let me know so I can send detail about her and palm picture if you have to do in 24 hour and I will pay.
    Please let me know

  97. Dear Nitin Ji,
    You have helped a lot of souls in this world with the divine knowledge of palmistry. Your knowledge has given us a clear defined path for our lives to progress. All of your predictions have come true with respect to your predictions made for my, my wife's and my son's future. We consider you no less than our well-wisher and our family palmist. Hence, I request you to accept the fees as a token of our gratitude and respect for this divine knowledge so that you may utilize the same for the well being of human kind.

    I am sincerely and eagerly waiting for your reply as I am worried about my son's future.

    Thank you. Regards

  98. Thanks Nitinji for your mail. I sincerly thanking you for your response. You are master in your field n that is why I ask you for your opinion.

  99. Hello Mr. Nitin,

    I want to request you to read my palm.
    I have also requested you earlier to send report of my husband and I was really satisfied with your service.

    Kindly reply to me with list of what details are required amount charged by you and details of payment, so that I can do the needful.

    Thank you

  100. Panagiotis VarvarasJune 28, 2020 at 4:33 PM

    Thank you so much Mr.Kumar for taking time to answer to my questions😇
    God bless you🙏
    Ps I really like the art of palmistry and I have studied carefully all of your articles that you've posted to your site..I believe that I've gained valuable knowledge about palmistry and I can read hands

    Εστάλη από το Huawei κινητό μου

  101. Mr. Kumar,

    I'm reading this palm reading you created for me two years ago and it seems like almost everything you talked about was correct!

    I have a couple of questions: do the palms change? Do people usually get multiple readings? Also, I'm not married yet but I am 32 and am interested in someone, but we live in different countries. Could that be what you meant by a disturbance in the relationship?


    1. Dear Madam, plz email me at (I will check again and try to reply soon)

  102. Thank you sir aap please youTube par real palm analysis par ek channel shuru kijiye jisase jo palm reading sikhna chahte hai unko bahut fayda hoga aur apaki fees baki palm reader se bahut hi kam hai lekin apko knowledge bahut accha hai baki palm reader se please aap youTube par channel shuru kijiye jisase apko bhi bahut fayda hoga mein us ladki ka relative hi hoon dhanyavaad reading bilkul sahi hai

  103. thanks i was much satisfied with your reading, shall circulate among my family members and friends. can u tell last thing,am i afflicted with any black magic.

  104. Dear Nitin Ji
    Charan Sparsh (Dil Se)
    Absoulety 100% correct reading until now. she is my real sister. she gone through very bad time with black magic. then she have a affair which we broke with very much difficulty. she even attemped suicide for marrige but survive. now that is over and we are looking for a groom. we have seen very reputed family in delhi but not able to get her marriage as many groom reject her. though she is very pretty but still we are struggling for a good realtion. pls give remedy for a nice person and family for marrige for her.
    also my work is completely stopped, i am bankrupt there any hope for me in money and business, pls give me good remedy for money. also are remedy work or just a gimmick as thing will happen as per as god wish and our past karma. also can i send hand of my daughter and son. daughter 11 and son 6


  106. Namaste Nitin Ji,

    You had given my Palm reading in July 2014. Now its 6 years over.
    Please let me know if i can send my latest photos of Palm to give the reading?
    As your reading very accurate, i just want to check if there is any changes in palm lines so that i can take precautions.

    Uday Padiyar

  107. Hello Nitin Ji,

    Thank You very much for your analysis. Your predictions are on point. All past events you’ve mentioned starting from birth till today have already happened. You’re fantastic! I will do the remedies you have suggested and let you know the outcome.

    Thank You, once again!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sayan Roy

  108. Dear Nitin,

    Trust me, me and my husband are too impressed. The analysis is almost accurate and too detailed. My husband is really happy with your observations and remedies. He read it multiple times😛😛😛 I too have started doing the remedies you suggested.

    Sorry to bother you but just wanted to know that how much ratti moti and ruby am i supposed to wear. And both on silver? Can i buy gemstones online.


  109. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for the predictions.

    Your predictions made for all of us is perfect. We really appreciate you for the efforts you have taken to study in your life.

    My cousin will send you his palm photo also I will forward my younger son.

  110. I have been using Nitin ji's palmistry guidance for many years and he is extremely honest and VERY accurate. He is very supportive and has upay for most issues.

  111. मेरे पति का काम हो गया I
    हमारी समस्या की समाधान बताने के लिए आपको बहोत बहोत धन्यबाद I
    मैंने आपके एकाउंट में कुछ पैसे डाल दिया है I
    डोनेशन समझ लिजीए I

    भगवान् आपकी भला करे I

  112. Many many thanks for the report sir. I'm very happy to invest money in analyzing my palms because I always attracted to occult & mystic , supernatural things.
    Contact u in future life if needed.


  113. Sir ap boht achay hain..whenever i offer prayers..i do special prayers for you..

    Mein apko personally janti nahi..but i have very good views about you..boht kam log hain jo itna acha sochtay hain dusron k liay..

    God bless you always..

  114. Hi Nitin,

    I am Shruti Mangal from Bagalkot , Karnataka. I got your details by one of my friends . I want to know about my present and future regarding marriage and married life and career life. So please suggest to me how do i send the palm pics and what all will be included in the palm reading report.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. You need to visit here -

  115. Greetings 🙏
    Thankyou so much Nitin ji, Acknowledged your report!
    Everything seems to be very true, it's like with palm reading you get to know my whole life.
    Also, with a friend's recommendation I connected with you and made assured that you will really help, indeed u did!

  116. Thank you very much:)
    It really was a very revealing review. You've been very helpful.
    I hope I will succeed as you say.I'll always keep this review.

    I will inform you when I get married :))
    By the way You can write directly when you need one in Turkey.
    Thank you again.
    I wish you and your family happiness :))

    with my best wishes ,


  117. Amasing..the depression is killing me for years cant stop it ..can you help me with some advices? In rest i think 99% very true
    You are trully a professional

  118. Hello panditji...

    Hows are you? Marriage meri ho gai baki sab sahi chal raha hai.goverment job bhi contract base mil gai as per your prediction.
    Mere friend ko palm reading report hindi me chahiye? Kya aap uska hand image dekh denge?

    Please reply me

  119. Pranam Pandit ji,

    Yes, You had given prediction on the basis of palm reading of Meenakshi in the year 2019. It has come true. She got married on 10th November 2019. But now she is facing some problems in her married life. That is why we approached you to see her palm again on the point of her married life. What will be the fate of her married life ?

    About the charges/ consultancy fee, I submit that there is no problem in making payment for your good spiritual services.

    I request you to give your prediction and advise on her marriage life, so that she may take her decision accordingly and shape up her life.



  120. I suppose you are right, your previous reading was right. I have met someone now, and will be patient
    and try to be independent, as the future is here now. I will let it unfold and be happy and grateful now.
    Thank you so much for your wisdom.


  121. Hi, Mr. Nitin,

    How are you?

    Could you tell me why my retired life is okay?
    What is the difference between okay retired life and satisfied retired life?
    I will get a name and fame but my retired life is okay...that is sad.

    Buy the way, I have sent the result to my friend and she told me that everything is right!
    She was so surprised and excited!
    I am thinking about do more practice on translating and launch the website soon as possible.
    I don’t know when but when that happens, please help me.

    Thank you,

  122. Hello Sir,
    Yes, I've recently had a baby boy (at age 45). This came as a surprise, although in your last reading for me you said "blessed by a son" which confused me at the time, but was accurate.

  123. Hello sir,

    Thank you so much for very accurate analysis and providing remedies. I will follow remedies you have given. Your analysis has been more than 95% true in my case. Thank you again.


  124. Donate your fund, thank for the way you put my name in a temple of India. Now i can see the improvement with job.
    - get the job near my house, with the sign of promotion
    - get new job as part time job
    - and see new improvement with Amazon

    Thanks a lot!

  125. Nitinji...Most of the things you have written is Bang On about me...
    Thank you for your wonderful will take sometime for me to analyse the same..will get back to you in case of any queries..
    Thank you again..

  126. Dear Sir

    Hope everything is fine with you. Hope your health is also good. I got the courier send by you in a proper manner. I am happy to see the stone with my own eyes. Its shiny and exceptional quality and eye appealing also. Thanks for the stone that you have sent me.

  127. Gd mng sir
    As u know, m your past follower and your fan also. 4-5 persons perdiction you have done very perfectly in the past including me.
    I want to know that can u give life perdiction with DOB, date and time only.
    Because person do not comfortable with send palm images.

    Waiting for your kind response!


  128. I just wanted to tell you, whatever you have said in the report is almost accurate. I will follow ur remedies.

  129. Nitin ji,

    Bahut bahut dhanyavaad...........aaapki baatein bahut achi laagi.......aaisey hi logon ko aaap prernaa detey rahahiyeee.......coz hum log aaj key time maai itney negative environment maai jeetey haain ki.......hameshaa chid-chida pan rehtaa haai.....

    Thank You,

  130. Hi Nitin Sir,

    I hope you’re doing well and I hope you are staying safe from the virus.

    I was thinking about you because some of the things you had told me before had come true. Thank you so much for always reaching out whenever I have questions. Please keep in touch.

    Best Regards,
    Ishani (from U.S.A.)

  131. Hi Nitinji,

    How are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you,

    I hope you remember my palm analysis did 3 years back, as you mentioned big shift in life, it look like it’s happening now, I need your advise to predict immediate future to feel better.

    May I have your further advise and predictions.

    Please revert me back.

    Best regards,

  132. Dear Nitin Jee,

    Thanks a lot for the report. I agree with most of your observations especially about my past, they are more or less perfect. For example, I have three children and initially, while my wife conceived the third child, we initially thought of abortion. Later on we decided to have him, Also, I have a strong difference of opinion with my wife, and many times I have thought of separation because of this. I suffered health issues in my early childhood. I am very spiritual and yes I have a lot of interest in Tantra and Mantras.
    Interestingly enough, One Nadi astrologer had also mentioned that my golden period starts from 49 to 55.
    I had liver issues and in my past i sufferred from Inferiorirty complex. I love travelling a lot. Thanks

  133. Sir,
    I am astonished by your knowledge/power whatever you had predicted was so correct regarding all my negatives points except the good point..
    Sir, I am in great needs of guidance and is not going as desired. Sometimes I surrendered with my life.
    Sir, can you help me to overcome my all problems?
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    With regards

  134. Namaste Sir,

    Aaj bas aapse ye puchhne k liye mail kar rhi hu k aap aur aapke priyajan kaise hain?
    Es bure waqt mein kripa apna aur apne priya jano ka khayal rakhein...

    Aap ek achche palmist hone k sath sath ek achche insaan bhi hain. Prabhu se prarthna k sadaiv aap par apni kripa banaye rakhein.

  135. I recommend everyone try once your palm reading with Nitin sir..his palmistry reading that too through mere mobile photo is amazing. His knowledge is incredible.. Mine was correctly predicted. Never met such highly knowledgeable palmistry... Palmistry is not supposition it is Fact/real.Respect to Nitin sir, may god blessed you and your family, may you excel in your work.thanks once again

  136. Thanks Nitin Kumarji Thanks for reading of my palm.. I am satisfied thanks for clear my confusion.. Your reading method are so good with line,sign and faladesh..I interested in palmistry so I like very much and satisfied answer.. Maximum reading are fact and true...

  137. I really appreciated for your prediction which is matching with my life and will introduce my family and friends to you.

  138. Thankyou so much sir.
    Despite of the fact your health was not good, you answered all of my queries with only few days. Im satisfied with your answers.

    I wish you great health and happiness. Thanks again

  139. I sure will. Is your Mom doing better? Did you find out if you had Covid? Delta variant is hitting the US hard now. I am so sick of this Pandemic.

    I really appreciate your read. I have more questions for you. Do you do follow-ups? How much is the charge?

    Everything you said was ON POINT AND TRUE. I enjoyed the read. I do have more in-depth questions about my love life and sex life, though.

  140. Hello Nitin ji,

    Good afternoon..

    Hope you speedy recovery from cold and cough.
    I have just gone through your analysis and shockedby seeing your comments: :😊All mounts are low and main 3 lines also have with some defects.Most of your analysis is true as i lost my mother 5years back and went on depression.

    Thank you somuch for your analysis and time you spent for this though you are not feeling well.🙏

    I subscribed to your channel(Learn Indian palmistry) ..

    Also thanks a lot for the remedies too.🙏🤝

    I definitely refer you to my family members and friends.

    Ram K

  141. Thank you so much Sir for the reading. Really insightful. I am
    thinking of sharing my mother and father's hands too to get their
    readings too.

  142. Thank you for your kind response sir. If I will posted in area of Rajasthan then definitely I will come to meet u personaly. Yor are really a good advisior in my journey and I am running on the path u hv advised me.

    Once again thank 🙏 u sir

  143. one news guruji

    after praying to bhairavnath of riteshwar

    I got the job with stellantis (fiat Chrysler) for 38 lakhs. 60 percent hike in salary

    Maine bhairavnath ko wine chadahiya

    your predictions are 100 percent correct

    I am indebted to you for rest of my life

    I will wait for my nephew report.

  144. Thank you Sir

    I appreciate the reading report & respect your knowledge, the things mentioned are quite matching to past & present. Shall definitely follow the remedies mentioned.

    Is it possible to meet you sir? Where do you stay?

    Pravin P Shastri

  145. Thanks for the report Sir, it is quite accurate I have a request meri nature bahut fearful hai confidence bada low hai bike ya car chalane ki himmat hi nhi aati aur negative thinking aur akelepan se bhi pareshan hu iska upay bataiye

  146. Dear Nitin Kumar,
    This is to let you know that you are an impressive palm reader and fortune teller. You have provided me with an accurate prediction in the past and opened my eyes to the things I could not see. I would like to have my palm read again. Could you please confirm if the paypal ID is still valid. Once confirmed I will send in the payment and my queries along with the pictures of my palms.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Warm Regards,
    Patrick Budhathoki

  147. Thank you for your response sir , that's so kind of you.. Because i never seen a person with this accuracy while giving prediction. If possible can i have your number for future reference.

  148. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I don't know if it was you (I don't think it was) or another person who carried out the reading, but the things that were described (the past and the present) are 80% true. I was quite shocked.
    Just a question please, there are negative things described for the future (impossible to tell) and I was wondering if these events are fixed or can be changed. Changed because we are aware of potential problems and can rectify them.

    Thank you.

  149. Did u remember me iam from Telangana l had consultation 5 years ago….your predictions were accurate Nitin ji..I need your advice again. Can I get your contact number..

  150. Nitin Kumar ji,

    With lots of respect, please accept my " PRONAM".


    My heartiest recpect and pronam.


    Tapan mukherjee

    Note: please take care of your health,,,,
    I am too much worried about you.

  151. Namaste,

    Apko or apke pariwar ko Diwali ki hardik shubh kamnaye.

    Is shubh avsar par apko ye batana chahunga ki mein ek sadhak hun or aaj tak jitne v jagah Maine apni Kundali dikhayi, Kewal aap hi ne sabse sahi bhavishya vani ki. Atah apke diye gaye marg darshan pe hi jivan ke kuch mahatyapurn nirnaya lene hai.

    Pratiksha mein.


    Soumyakant Panda

  152. Hello Guruji

    apka blessing ke saath mujhe General manager position mil Gaya in fiat Chrysler company

    Mera salary changed from 24 lakhs to 38 lakhs per year

    apka blessing chahiye aur job taking Kaleya much bairunath riteswar ka Pooja roj karta hoon

    Anne jo Bola Sab Sach ho Gaya Mera Jeevan mein

    thank you guruji


  153. Sir, I want to say you that Mili is my Sister , she told me about you. I am satisfied with your reading , but tell me about gemstone which I have wear. And which about stone you told , is it ok na.

  154. Dr. Kaiser Simab ZirakJanuary 26, 2022 at 5:44 PM

    Dear Mr. Nitin Kumar,

    Good Morning,

    Well I wanted to personally thank you for making this reading of mine. And I shall pray that you be in good health and get rid of your ailments very soon.

    May Allah bless you greatly.

    Thank You and Take care.

    Dr. Kaiser Simab Zirak

  155. Thank you sir! It was extremely accurate and I'm very grateful. I have already recommended you to others.
    Have a wonderful day.

  156. Hello Nitin,

    Thank you so much for your detailed reading. I’ll start to incorporate the remedies you suggested. I want a happier and balanced life!

    Happy new year!


  157. Yes, good deeds are somethings that it's difficult to say. But everything has happened to the members of my family, i also try the best, and with your assistant of your help!

  158. Dear Sir,

    With your remedy, now my grandmother can get perfect from operation, and after 2 times of catastrophe. It's a miracle when i can meet & talk with my good_health grandmother when she's nearly 100 years old on Christmas Day.
    And my father gets some first positive recover signal, now he's working as guardsman in the near by location, and live with my younger brother. 4 years ago, the scandal came with him that make him mental mad and confused....
    It's a miracle

  159. Hello Nitin,

    Wow! Thanks for answering all of my questions. This really means a lot. I always mention you to my mom regarding your reading. She is also interested.
    Will send her picture of both palm soon. :) I told her, that you are a professional palmist and you really help me when I was down.

    Thank you for including me in your prayers! I really need it.

  160. Thank you so much for your prediction!!

    This actually happened! I got admission for July intake in New York University.

    I have never seen such accurate predictions from palmist!!

    I am going to Ujjain mahakal temple to offer alcohol.

    Also, you can share me your address so I can send you sweets!!

  161. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for the palm reading. It is a very detailed reading. I will definitely recommend your name to friends, and relatives of mine wanting similar services.

  162. Sir aap YouTube pe videos kyon nahi banate hand analysis ka kyonki aapka knowledge bahut deep hain palmistry me, apko bahut benefit milega iska kyonki abhi social media effective way hain marketing aur branding ka....baki palmist ko aap jaisi knowledge hain bhi nhi lekin social media pe update rahte hain aur charge bhi bahut jyada karte hain......So plz try it nd be updated on social media

  163. Hello Guruji,

    aap ka blessing ke saath. divya ko koi cancer nahi hai

    abhi biopsy ho Gaya or report aah Gaya

    hum log ne bhairav ko whiskey ka bottle de diya

    uska baad miracle ho Gaya

    mrithunjay homam has been done too



  164. Thank you for your email… no one does that in this much of little fee!!

    Thank you once again

  165. Dear, Mr Nitin,

    I understand your point. People want to feel good about their future so they keep asking you until they hear what they want to hear from you…

    I know you are the best online palmist...

    Thank you so much for your help!


  166. u r vry genuine person ap kisiko jhoot nahi bolte . Ap apne kaam me bahut loyal ho. Mere man se to hamesha ap ke liye blessings ati hai.first time Maine ap jaisa insan dekha hai. Aur us bhagwan se bolti hu ke ap jaisa sab ko banaye.

  167. Charlotte BadgeryJune 7, 2022 at 4:04 PM

    Dear sir, you are one of the top 10 palmist in the US. I saw your name in a ranking website!

    You are the best!!

    Thank you!

  168. Hello Mr. Nitin,

    Thank you much for your astounding reading which really amazed me! I’m seeing myself like in the mirror in your reading. it was really impressive. Especially about the time frame and about health, marriage, money, job…! The only thing is it’s not easy to perform those various remedies for me but I’ll try. I’ll keep watching about my potential fame and richness because so far I’ve been living very low profile in the last ten years and my humble wishes don’t come true yet. my admin relative job doesn’t seem to bring much financial prospect as well so far. I’m not very much interested in other businesses as I used to be and unfortunately, the real estate we invested in didn’t bring any fruitful results yet. Hopefully, all your predictions about the good stuff will come true and I’ll keep in touch with you and recommend you as one of the best, most accurate palmists I’ve ever seen!

    I sincerely wish that you’ll be successful, healthy, and safe in your personal and professional life!

  169. Dear, Mr. Nitin,

    Thank you for your support. I am still working on my ecommerce website but I started talking to people about my business and they are interested in it.

    All of my friends said the report is accurate and I am so happy about it!

    I am very impressed with your knowledges about palm reading. I watch YouTube, read other people’s palm reading posts so I know that you are the best palmist!

    Thank you,

    Rebecca Greaves

  170. Kelly Alexa MartinaJune 13, 2022 at 4:11 PM

    Awww you are so so kind. That means a lot to me Nitin Ji :)

    Thank you so much. May God Bless You always. I know I will pass with your blessings and prayers :) I will definitely keep in touch with you along the way :)

  171. Hello Nitin Ji,

    This is Gallardo Martina. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that a few days ago I got my results back for my nursing class. You said I would pass and I did. I still have two more semesters to go so if I pass those two semesters, I will graduate one year from today.

    I cannot thank you enough. Seriously thank you to you. You always encourage me and always tell me I will pass. Please take my pranam and with your blessings, I hope that I pass the remainder of my nursing program.

    I could not have done it without you.

  172. I'm sorry you're going through this tough time. Please take care.. Do write down whatever you can.. And wherever possible do mail it to me please. I'm concerned about my son. You wrote one for me years ago. It was very accurate. Hence the request. Thankyou

  173. Hi Mr. Nitin,

    Your palm reading service was highly recommended by a friend in Manila. I am very interested in having my palm read, and based on your reading, I’d also want your advice on how to approach a problem I am currently experiencing.

    Before I send screenshots of my palms & other details, I’d like to confirm that this email reaches you and we can correspond through this email exchange.

    FYI. I currently live in Tokyo.

    Looking forward to your prompt response.

    Kind regards,

  174. Nitin ji


    Year 2014 me meine apney ghar walo ka aur apna Palm reading karwaya tha aapse ... us samay aapka 99% prediction sahi tha ...

    Ab ek baar fir se aapke reading ki jarurat hai ...

    to aapke bank details aur Fees ka details bhejiye.... Mein payment receipt ke sath Palm ka photo bhejta hu ...

    Ajay Sharma

  175. Namaste Nitinkumar ji

    Thank you very much for palm reading with solutions.

    Arround 90% are match/correct with my past & present.

    Once again thank you

    I will send you my son's palm image for reading shortly.

    Thanks & Regards

  176. Thank you so much sir,
    Sir mujhe ek baar apse milna Hain personally main apke knowledge ka bahut bada fan hoon sir, jitne bhi mere dost aur relatives ki apne last 7 years se report bheji Hain woh sabhi perfect hain sir.

  177. David Ardinaryas LojayaJune 17, 2022 at 5:21 PM

    Dear Sir Nitin,

    Thank you so much for this detailed palm reading. I'm really enjoying the result.
    I wish you the best and stay safe. Thank you again.


    David Ardinaryas Lojaya

  178. Hi Nitinji,
    Namasthe, I hope you remember me. I am Prajeep Nair. You read my palm one time. Just I want to let you know that I am happy with your advice and experienced some of your advice.
    I couldn't follow all of your Remedy, but some I did. I achieved many academic achievements last year in my profession and haven't changed my profession yet.

    Once again thank you so much and appreciate all your advice and guidance and would like to talk and discuss my future plan with you when you have time.


  179. Namaste Nitinji,

    Apne sahi kaha . Meri Ma vi har samay eahi kaheti hay. Mujhe bachpan se bahut jaldi buri najar lag jati hay.
    Agar kisiko kuchvi bolu aur kisiko kuchvi pata jal jati hay to meri koii kam nahi hoti hay
    May jarur kale kutta ko khana khilana kaushish karungi
    Thank you so much aap mujhe itna help karte ho. May apki avari hu. Sat janam tak apke yea udhar may chuka nehi paungi. Agar jindegi me apke liye kuchvi kar saku to apne aap ko khoosh nasib samjhungi. Dua karti hu aap susth rahe, khoosh rahe aur bhagban apki sare umide puri kare🙏

  180. Hi,
    I would like to say thank you from bottom of my heart.
    I'm reading kunjika stotram every day in the morning. I had started with one then three times, then 5 times, and now I'm doing 11 times everyday sometimes 21 times.
    But after I started I had listened only mantra on YouTube and then I started to reciting mantra all day but after 2 days mantra was keep going on and on in my brain even I found I was reciting mantra in my sleep also.
    I just want to ask you is that OK if I reciting mantra by doing some other activities? Like cooking, showering, cleaning etc. All routine activities..
    And after started reading kunjika stotram I found I'm not thinking any negative thoughts, my relationship with my family members is improving. I'm feeling very blessed.

  181. Hi Nitin, I'm Lary from Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you very much for the guidance. I pray this works 🙏 Bless you and the work that you do. I’ll be sending photos of my husband’s palms soon. Can you do a reading of his palms also? Thanks again. Lary Land

  182. Hi Nitin,

    Thank you very much for sending the report. I hope your mother is doing well now.
    If you can still do your palmistry work, I have a couple of friends who want to have their palms read also. Please let me know if you can take the job.
    Many thanks again. And I pray your mother will fully recover.

  183. Hey!

    I’m from Norway. I would like palm reading of two people. Is it possible to have a conversation through whatsapp to discuss the predictions?


    Fatima Bibi

  184. Dear Sir,

    I have read the reading report.

    It amazes me by its accuracy, especially on family-related problems and mental health issues. You are absolutely right about my upbringing and this uncanny accuracy hits me hard. It's true that I was brought away from my birth parents and raised by my relatives which has led to many traumas in my life.

    Although I'm still a university student at present, I haven't started working yet but your prediction about my professional life resonates with me so much. Honestly what you said didn't surprise me because that's what I know intuitively. I have always got a strong sense that people in my workplace won't like me and will seek to cause troubles with me due to my personality and point of view. But I will never let them destroy me or take things too far nor try to seek revenge for what they will have done to me. Life is suffering. Humans are born neither good nor bad. But because they suffer they may choose to inflict their suffering on others. If anything bad happens I will choose to forgive.

    About my marriage. I feel like what you said is not likely to happen in the future. Because I won't marry or have kids in my life. I have suffered enough in my life and I don't want anyone to suffer the same pain as mine.

    Thank you for this reading. It's truly amazing and helpful.

    I wish you well and may good health envelop your mother.

  185. apki reading se zindagi badalti dekhi hai hm sb ne toh itna wait hm sb kr skte sir ye hmare good works hai ki hm sb apse connect ho paye ...apki reading k liye wait krna koi inconvenience ki baat nhi

  186. Nitin ji aap ka Thankyou karna tha Patna nahi Kis tera se muji police ke help mil gayi aur mera ghar mera pas he rha Gaya . Bakhi court me ha mera property un ke pass ha woh court me dekh lega . Bhoot stressful time tha . Ma bahut dar gayi thi kabhi ase feeling nahi aye .Thankyou so much Nitinji Pata nahi aga kesa hoga . 🙏navneet

  187. Thanks for sending the report. You are right about financial loss at age 37. It happened. I am in deep pain. Scamster took away my money.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ian Crook from Switzerland

  188. I see. Thank you so much! :)

    Got goosebumps from your reading. Most of them have happened in the past. Will manifest on the good things. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  189. Hi Nitin!
    I'm Ritika from Germany.
    Thanks for the reply. I will start the remedies. Thanks for the lengthy reply.

    Thank You once again


  190. Namaste Nitin ji,

    I hope all of your family members are doing well now.
    Thank you for the detailed report.

    Most of the past readings are very accurate except child related. I have one daughter after that not planned for any child.

    Also, I want to take your palm reading reports for my family members asap.

    May the Divine God bless you & your family members.
    Once again thanks a lot for detailed & valuable report to secure & plan future for improvements.

    Thanks With Best Regards,
    Vipin Mathur

  191. I would just like to let you know that your advice of driving slow was very useful… I got into a major car accident a few weeks ago , but because I was driving slow no one was hurt and I sustained minor injuries

  192. Hello sir I earlier done analist by you as its all come very true I traveled abroad in same period of time span which you had given but I have only one question if u help me out will I get perment residence visa I applied for that I will be greatful to u thanks

  193. Adolophina DeogratiasFebruary 2, 2023 at 4:55 PM

    Namaste sir

    I am really impressed with your vast knowledge and detailed explanation of each lines/mount and life period waise explanation.

    I have got more than i have desired. This will really helpful in planning a better life.

    Thank you 😊


  194. Dear Nitin Ji,

    In my search for making some sense of my current predicaments, I came across your wonderful palmistry blog.

    I am a 26years old woman whose life has been stagnant in all spheres for some years.
    Hence, I would really appreciate your help.

    I would like to know if your service is still available. If so, kindly let me know as soon as possible.

    I will be waiting for your reply.

    Thank you.

  195. Dear Sir,

    I had a full palm reading from you in 2018. It was the most accurate reading I ever had till now. Sir, I have some more questions regarding my future. Can I get a palm reading from you again?

    Thanks in Advance

    With Regards
    Sheeba Arshad

  196. Dear Nitin Kumar,

    You did my Palm reading a few years back. I would like another reading. I live in the USA and am planning to come to India in 2023. Do the palm lines change after a few years?

  197. Hello Mr. Nitin Kumar –

    Sometime back in 2013, you provided me with Palmistry consultation.

    I would like to point out that what you predicted regarding 2 events in my career came out almost as predicted (I will provide some more details on this when I order the follow-up reading so that you have some reference).

  198. I have not seen a palm reader like him, is he the god to predict everything line by line ...

    I don't know if he's a magician or
    Howz he able to predict soo accurate everything, my only request n prayer is he has to be healthy to help humanity, a lot of atheists will become his disciples of they read their palm... Dear nitin please read my friends n relatives palms too


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