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Traveling Lines Palmistry

Description of Traveling Lines

Line Of Travel On Palm

Traveling Lines are found on palm in following places:

1. Line going upwards from first line of bracelet. (D)
2. Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line. (B)
3. Line starting from Mount of Lower Moon and going towards Life Line. (A)
4. Line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting the Life Line and going toward Mount of Rahu. (A)
5. Horizontal lines on Mount of Moon. (C)
6. Line starting from Mount of Upper Mars and going towards Mount of Sun indicates abroad travel. (E)
6. Other than these lines, we can also know about travels by Sun, Fate, and Head Lines.

Indications on travel lines:


1. If there is fork at the end of Life Line and one branch goes towards Mount of Lower Moon and second branch goes towards Mount of Venus then this indicates that the person will leave his homeland and settle in different country or place forever. If there is no fork at the end of Life Line and Life Line is covering Mount of Venus then this indicates the person will settle in his homeland forever. (A1)


2. If lines start from Mount of Lower Moon and are going towards Life Line then it indicates small travels but if these lines are meeting Fate, Sun or Life Line then it would indicate big and beneficial travels. (A2)


3. Line starting from first line of Bracelet and going towards the Mount of Lower Moon indicates good travel. (a). If this line reaches Mount of Jupiter then it indicates person will go for long travel and it would be good for him. (e). If this line reaches Mount of Saturn then it indicates unfortunate incidents while traveling. (d). If this line reaches Mount of Sun then it is good and indicates name, money and fame from traveling. (c). If this line reaches Mount of Mercury then it indicates success in business and sudden financial gains from traveling. (b)


4. If Traveling Line coming from Mount of Lower Moon is not going upwards and is going downwards towards the bracelet then it indicates unsuccessful travels. (A4)


5. Cross at end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel. (A5)


6. Island at the end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel and loss from traveling. (A6)


7. Two travel lines cutting each other-Needing to go two to three times for the same work to get it done.


8. Travel line meeting Head Line and spot, island, or cross is there-Head injury while traveling. (A8)

9. Travel line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting Life Line or reaching Mount of Rahu-Long travels (mostly in childhood). (Travel Line On Palm - A)

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Prostrate & Urinary Disorder Palmistry

If there is a triangle underneath on Mount of Jupiter on Heart line towards Head line (see-3) then it indicates prostrate and urinary related issues.  If Life line ends on Mount of Moon (see-2) then it indicates urinary disorder and prostrate related issues or in women's hand gynec related issues.  If branch of life line (see-1) goes towards Mount of Moon then it indicates urinary and gynec related issues.  
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Star Mark Or Star Sign On Mount Of Saturn In Palmistry

Star on Mount of Saturn is most unfortunate sign.  Star on Mount of Saturn denotes incurable disease, paralysis, obstacles in life, depression, murder and suicide. 
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Triangle On Head Line Under Mount Of Mercury Palmistry

If there is a triangle underneath Mount of Mercury on Head Line then it indicates subject will get success in science and research field. 
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Head Line Tie With Life Line Palmistry

Headline and lifeline tie together which indicates cautious, lack of confidence and always like to get a second opinion before making any important decision and family has a strong influence on subject.

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Trident On Heart Line Palmistry

Trident On Heart Line Indian Palmistry

Trident On Heart Line:  Emotional, family oriented, spiritual, not good relationship with parents and siblings, and property dispute not good relationship with siblings (brother and sisters).    
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sign Of Divorce - Miscarriage Indian Palmistry

Sign of divorce & Abortion 

If small vertical bar line or small branch of Life Line cuts by influence line which comes from Upper Mount of Venus and goes towards Mount of Saturn indicates miscarriage, abortion and divorce.
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Trident on Sunline Or Mount Of Sun Palmistry

Upward Trident
Downward Trident

There are two types of trident, one is upward and second is downward.  If trident found on Mount of Sun or Line of Sun upward then it is good (lucky) but if it is downward then it is not good (unlucky).

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Broken Fate Line Palmistry

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Broken or Gap in Fate Line (Bhagya Rekha) on Mount of Rahu:  Problem in married life, financial loss, change of job/business, and major change in life in late 20s.

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Island on Sun Line Palmistry

Island on Sun Line indicates defamation, loss of money, demotion and eye disease.

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Double-Tripple Fate Lines Palmistry

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Triple Fate Line:  More than one income source or extramarital affair/problem in married life due to extramarital affair.

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Tips For Beginners Palmsitry

Tips for beginners on how to become a palmist:

1. You should have desire to learn palmistry.

2. First of all confidence in yourself. Never hesitate when giving prediction whether it would be right or wrong. Just go ahead what you have learned and predict because without practical experience theory does not mean anything. 

3. Start with your family members, relatives, and friends. 

4. Make a diary. Every time when you see a new hand you would learn new things. 

5. If you are a beginner try to give more past readings than future readings and see more hands of people of age 30 plus years.
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Star On Sun Line Palmistry

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Star on Sun Line or Fame Line is a lucky sign.  If star is present at the end/top of the Sun Line or bottom/starting of Sun Line then indicates subject will get fame & wealth, Famous person, Fortunate Sign, Rich, Talented, & Success from others help.

Star on Sun Line at the middle of palm or star on Sun Line at the Plain Of Mars indicates obstacles in life, unlucky, and misfortune.
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Marriage Line Attached To Girdle oF Venus Palmistry

Marriage line meets venus of girdle show selfishness in the matter of affection and sexuality, bad marriage.

Marriage Line cuts venus of girdle indicates separation due to over sensuality.

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Long Marriage Line Palmistry

Long Marriage Line indicates good Marriage and there are chances of rich after marriage, good success after Marriage, big change in life after Marriage.  If long marriage line ends on Mount of Sun then subject will get name and fame through marriage.
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Phalanges Of Fingers Palmistry

All the fingers have three phalanges each. The first phalange represents mind world; the middle, abstract and the base phalange represents baser work.

All these phalanges are not of equal length but comparatively increase in length from top to bottom. These three phalanges denote whether the qualities of the mounts underneath excel in mental or abstract that i.e., material or baser world.

When the top phalanges are most developed idealism, emotionalism and mental approach is prominent generally or particularly.

When the middle phalanges are most developed business sides of the mounts are most developed and the native displays common sense at every plain, be it home, profession, business, service, friends. He earns a good living by appealing and appeasing the persons in his environment and is endowed with pronounced money making abilities.

When the baser phalanges are most developed, the person is a sensualist seeking gratification of appetite and luxury. He has great love for eating, drinking, merrying and sleeping. He cares only to make money for baser needs and enjoyments. The more pronounced the thickness of third phalanges, the more these lower traits get strengthened.

When the third phalanges are narrow than thick, the person eats only to live and displays his strength in business or mental world. He thinks that money is not only for purchasing and pleasures rather spends it on gratification of his mental appetites. He basically is of inquisitive mind, which is an added force to spatulate fingers. With narrow base phalanges on long fingers one may be an investigator. Summarily this person cares little for money, eats little but is an enquiring and curious mind.
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Forked Head Line Palmistry

Forked Head Line

Forked Head Line: Multi-talented , frequent changes in career or many job/work at a time.

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Mystic Cross In The Quadrangle Indian Palmistry

Mystic Cross

Quadrangle, the quadrangle is lies between head and heart lines.

Independent Cross in the quadrangle: A cross formed independently in the quadrangle under the mount of Saturn is called “Mystic cross” is a favorable sign for aptitude in occult sciences. It should neither touch the main lines and nor be formed by the main lines.

Cross touching Heart line: If a cross in the quadrangle not touching the fate and sun lines but touching the heart line, indicates a favorable influence of opposite sex on the person.

Cross touching Head line: If a cross in the quadrangle not touching the fate and sun lines but touching the head line, indicates that the subject gains favors for himself from the persons of opposite sex and friends.

Cross touching Fate line: If a cross touching the fate line is a fortunate symbol found in the hands of religious authorities.

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Double Head Line Palmistry

Double Head Line:  Talented or  concentration issues and fickle minded (if head line defected).  Always consider long and good head line as main head line and other line as second head line or sub head line.  Some Indian Palmists consider double head line as unmarried, problem in married life, famous person and famous businessman.

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12 Months On Palm Indian Palmistry

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Marriage Line Cuts Sun Line Palmistry

If your sun line cuts by your marriage line then there are chances of financial loss and defamation through soul mate, life partner, opposite sex and relationship.   
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Simian Line Indian Palmistry

If head line and heart line are joined together in a single line known as simian line.  This indicates someone whose thoughts and emotions work together.  Also indicates depression, ADHD, troublesome childhood and suicidal tendency.  
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Eight Pointed Lotus Sign Indian Palmistry

Lotus Sign Underneath Mount of Saturn (Asterisk Shape)

Lotus Sign (Kamal Chinha) is a 6-8 pointed sign that looks just like 5-6 pointed star. 

Lotus Sign (Padma Chinha): If a lotus flower or like-shaped figure be here, the person, if a female, will be sure to become a great lady, in fact almost a queen. If the same be on a male hand he will be sure to be renowned and great.
                                                                By: J. B. Dale

Triangle on Heart Line
If there is a triangle on end of heart line then this yog/sign consider Lotus Sign (by some Indian Palmists)

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Palmists and Astrologers’ Hand Palmistry

These signs are mostly found on Palmists, Tantriks, Vaids, Sprititual Leaders, Healers and Astrologers’ hands or those people who are interested in these subjects.

Yav (Island on thumb) (1)
Long Mars Line (2)
Jupiter Ring (3)
Mystic cross (7).
Triangle on Mount of Saturn (6)
Secondary Fate Line (8) raised from Life Line with Main Fate Line (5) from Mount of Moon.
Intuition Line (4) 
Triangle created by Health Line , Head Line and Life Line (9)

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28 Nakshatra On Palm Indian Palmistry

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Life Line Ends On Mount Of Moon Palmistry

If Life Line ends or goes to Mount of Moon then it indicates venereal disease, increase in sensuality, abroad travel, and problem related to uterine, cervix, womb.

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Separated Fingers Palmistry

When all the fingers are widely separated the person is free in thoughts and actions, lacks conventionality and is a freethinker easy to approach befriend.

When there is no spacing and fingers are held together in an open hand the person is sale to formality, self centered, stiff to get acquainted, lacks independence of thought and action. he can only be approached in a most respectful manner.
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Life Line Broken Or Overlapping Under Mount Of Saturn Palmistry

Lifeline broken (overlapping) under Mount of Saturn: Result: -

There are chances of below things (points) happen with subject in his/her life-

1. Depression and ADHD (subject suffering from severe depression and feel loneliness). 
2.  Big change in life in 30s (most probably change of location/residence/birth country). 
3.  There are chances of any suicide or murder case in family (close relative, uncle, cousin, etc).  
4.  There are chances of property dispute in family.  
5.  Shoulder (most probably right shoulder) and back related issues. 
6.  Late marriage, unhappy married life. 
7.  Fearful nature (subject suffering from phobia, most probably phobia related to crowd, height or driving etc).
8.  Injury due to fall from height.
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Sign Of Wealth In Palmistry

If branch of sun line join health line then denotes good success in business or sudden gain in business.

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No Union Line On Hand Palmistry


If there is no Marriage Line in both palms this does not mean that the person would not get married. There are other signs those indicate marriage also. I have seen many people in my practice who had no Marriage Lines in both palms and they had not one but two marriages. (fig-2)

(Read ebook to see figure-Line of Love In Palmistry)
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