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Want to know about your career progress? Your earning potential? When is the next change expected? 

It is very difficult to tell someone that you will get success in this field but in palmistry there are some signs which indicate success in particular field.  There are so many signs but here I would like to share some common signs.

I would like to mention something before describing those signs that for getting success in any field subject must have good sun line with good fate line.  If sun line is not present on the palm then subject needs to do a lot of hard work for (Nitin Kumar Palmist) getting success in life and if both sun and fate line are absent on palm then subject is always unsuccessful due to bad luck.  If Rahu lines are present on the palm it indicates struggle and losses.  If horizontal bar lines cut subject’s fate line frequently it indicates frequent hurdles in career.

If branch of lifeline goes to mount of Jupiter it indicates good writing skill, leader qualities, income from abroad or abroad travel, teaching, banking, and juridical. (fig-1)  If a square on the branch then it is considered to be flag sign which indicates good success in writing field, etc. (fig-2)  If branch is cut by any horizontal bar line (Nitin Kumar Palmist) then it reduces the effect of sign. (fig-3)


If branch of life line goes to mount of Saturn indicates astrologer, palmist, tantrik, success in business related coal, real estate, building contractors, agriculture, heavy machinery, iron, oil, leather. (fig-4)


If branch of life line goes to mount of sun indicates artist, signing, dancing, name and fame, government service, (Nitin Kumar Palmist) high rank and position in job. (fig-5)


If branch of life line goes to mount of mercury indicates orator, mathematics teacher, C.A., sportsman and broker, stationery, printing, publishing, communication media, auditing. (fig-6)


If branch of life line goes to mount of upper mars indicates salesman, development of land, copper, any manufacturing where fire is used, chemists, druggists. (fig-7)

If branch of life line goes to mount of moon ( indicates travel for foreign education, abroad travel, shipping, import-export, food business, milk products. (fig-8)

If branch of fate line goes to mount of Jupiter indicates high position in government service. (fig-9)

If branch of fate line goes to mount of sun indicates wealthy, getting name and fame in job/service. (fig-10)

If branch of fate line goes to mount of mercury ( indicates success in science and business. (fig-11)

Fig 11

If branch of fate line goes to mount of upper mars indicates loss from enemies. (fig-12)
Fig 12

If branch of fate line goes to mount of moon indicates success after marriage or travel. (fig-13)
Fig 13

If branch of fate line goes to mount of venus indicates success after marriage or from relatives. (fig-14)
Fig 14

If fate line starts from head line indicates success in science related job or sudden gain of wealth after age 35. (fig-15)
Fig 15

If fate line starts from heart line indicates success late after 50s due to relationship. (fig 16)
Fig 16

As per hindu palmistry, fish sign, trishul, swastika, lotus sign, tree sign, temple sign increases good luck but again we need to consider other signs too.



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