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Marriage Line Related Palmistry Question & Answer


marriage and sex problems

Marriage lines are underneath the little finger.

Q: What if a person has no marriage lines in both palms. Will that person never get married?
A: If there is no marriage lines in both palms this does not mean that the person would not get married. There are other signs those indicate marriage also. I have seen many people in my practice who had no marriage lines in both palms and they had not one but two marriages.

Q: What if a person has more than one or two marriage lines in both palms. Will that person marry two or three times?
A: If there is more than one or two marriage lines this does not mean that person would marry two or three times. The strong marriage line is indicating marriage in this period. Yes there are chances if two lines are strong then sometimes person gets marriage two times or extramarital affair.

Q: What are indications for good married life.
A: If marriage line is good, not having any bad signs on it and coming inside the palm straight and also other major lines are good then we can say good married life. If marriage line is touching sun line then person will be having good married life or marriage in rich family or to rich, famous person. It cannot only be found through only marriage line, but other lines also needs to be considered.

Q: Indications for divorce or separation?
A: There are so many signs and indications that tell whether the person would get divorce or separation. But when you predict this type of thing you should not be telling directly you should always tell indirectly because predicting these correctly needs a lot of experience. Some common major indications about divorce and separation:

1. If a branch of fate line is raised from mount of Rahu or middle of mount of Rahu or Ketu and conjunct with Heart line then it means the person will get divorce or married two times in life or he may have extramarital affair. But you need a lot of experience to tell this also. You should also consider marriage line.
2. If a big fork in marriage line then this indicates trouble in married life and divorce but if the fork is not big then it would indicate separation for some time.
3. If two marriage lines are running parallel then it also indicates divorce. Person will have two marriages. There are so many other signs and indications but I have given here the most common which you find in hands but sometimes it is noted that even with these indications a person has good married life and he may have some other problems. So you need a lot practice on these.

Q: Saints do not have any marriage lines?
A: Saints have marriage lines but marriage lines not always means marriage. If a saint has two or three marriage lines that indicates his love for his students and for his god. Also see other things like Saturn mount and finger and mount of Venus and the person is actually a saint who never married and not one who had become saint later in life after marriage.

Q: How we count marriage period.
A: Shown in figure Time Calculation. It needs practice. You can see different palms and the gap between heart line and little finger varies from person to person, so you need practice as one scale may not be correct for every palm but the basic rules will be same as shown in figure.

Q: What if marriage line meets heart line.
A: This is not a good sign. If marriage line meets heart line then there are always chances of loss of partner. If strong marriage line is too close or meets the heart line then person gets married in childhood (around age 3 to 10 in Indian perspective Baal-Vivah).

Q: What if marriage line goes upwards to little finger.
A: There are chances that the person may not get married but see carefully the marriage line, whether there is any other strong marriage line or other sign is present.

Q: Significance of signs on marriage line.
A: Most of the signs are not good. They indicate health issues of partner and bad relationship with partner but good signs indicate good marriage.

Q: What if many marriage lines?
A: The strongest marriage line is considered as marriage line. Person with many marriage lines will be having trouble getting married.

Q: What about minor lines going down from marriage lines.
A: They indicate health problems for partner.

Q: What happens if marriage line is cut by any influence lines.
A: This is not a good sign. This indicates separation from partner due to any reason. 

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