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Learn Basic Rules, Secrets And Facts Of Indian Palmistry

Learn secrets of Hindu palmistry in this Indian palmistry blog and try yourself however you need lots of experience and practice. Learn most popular palmistry combinations here.

Love Marriage

Sign, prediction, significance and indications of Love Marriage in Palmistry:  There are few signs in Indian palmistry (Hast Rekha Vigyan) which denotes love marriage.  Love marriage concept is popular in Indian Subcontinent. 

Most Common Sign Of Love Marriage

sign of love marriage in palmistry
Love Marriage Sign (Fig-1)

If fate line is long and starts from bracelet and an influence line from Mount of Moon comes and joins fate line it denotes love marriage or if branch of fate line goes towards Mount of Moon then it denotes love marriage.  This sign (combination/yog) also denotes abroad travel or abroad journey after marriage.  (see figure - 1) 

Sign Of Deception In Love/Relationship
sign of deception in love palmistry
Breakup Sign On hand

If Fate Line is broken, weak or is cut by Rahu line or horizontal bar line after the Joining point of influence line from Mount of Moon it denotes Love Marriage may end in Break up or deception in love/affair.  (See example fig-2)  

You can read more information in detail about love marriage, divorce, talaak, breakup and extramarital affair signs on hand: Know about your married life 


There are various types moles in hand like red, blue, black, brown, red and yellow, etc. Mole is also known as dot, spot, til, kundak, birthmark, mark, nevus, etc in palmistry.  Black mole (kala til), black spot, or black dot is very commonly found in hand.  Most of the time these moles denote bad phase, accidents, and incurable diseases. 

You can read more information in detail about moles meaning, significance of mole on right and left hand, explanation of mole on fingers and mounts: Black mole in the middle of Hand


There are few wealth and money signs which denote rich man, countess, etc.  In Indian Palmistry wealth sign is known as "Maha Laxmi Yog".  If Sun Line and Fate Line is excellent then subject will be a famous and rich person.  Less lines on hand indicates less obstacles in life and good earning but if there are so many lines that intersect each other then many obstacles in life and lots of debt.  In poor people hands sun line and fate line is defected or not good.

You can read more information in detail about money line on hand, wealth sign and wealth line in palmistry: Sign of rich and famous in Palmistry

Swastika Sign

Swastik Sign is a Hindu Sign.  Swastika Chinha is an auspicious sign that denotes scholar, rich and spiritual person.  Swastik Sign on Mount of Jupiter denotes interest or inclination towards spirituality or a famous spiritual leader.  If Swastik Chinh on Mount of Venus then denotes profit from land and subject will donate big amount of money in temple or for good work. 

Broken Lines

Broken lines always denote misfortune and obstacles in life.

  • Broken Sun Line Palmistry:- Financial loss and loss of reputation.
  • Broken Fate Line In Hand:- Financial loss and change in career.
  • Broken Health Line Palmistry:- Health problems and loss in business.
  • Broken Life Line Palmistry:- Health and family problem.
  • Broken Mars Line:- Accident. 
  • Broken Marriage Line:- Separation.
  • Broken Travel Line:- Unsuccessful tour.
  • Broken Heart Line:- Unsuccessful affair.
  • Broken Head Line:- Head injury and mental stress.
  • Broken Jupiter Ring:- Mental stress and obstacles from family side.
  • Broken Children Line:- Miscarriage or abortion.
  • Broken Bracelet Line: Poor health.

Parallel Lines

  • Line parallel to life line palmistry:- Double life line or parallel line to life line denotes good health.
  • Line parallel to fate line palmistry:- Double fate line or parallel line to fate line denotes extramarital affair or double income sources.
  • Line parallel to heart line palmistry:- Double heart line or parallel line to heart line denotes overemotional. (
  • Line parallel to head line palmistry:- Double head line or parallel line to head line denotes dual mentality.  More information here:- 2 head lines palmistry  
  • Line parallel to sun line palmistry:- Double sun line or parallel line to sun line denotes two income sources and knowledge of two fields.
  • Line parallel to health line palmistry:- Double health line or parallel line to health line denotes bad health.

Fate Line

Fate line always ends on the base of middle finger (Mount of Saturn).

  • Fate line means in Hindi: Bhagya Rekha.
  • Fate line ends in Trident (Trishool): Auspicious Sign, Rich and Wealthy.
  • Fate line touching life line: Self made.
  • Fate line starts from life line: Self made.
  • Fate line forked at the end: Obstacles in life.
  • Triangle on fate line: Steadiness in life. 
  • Two fate lines crossing each other: Problem in married life or loss in business.
  • Absence of fate line: Need more hard work than others.
  • Double fate lines palmistry: Double income source.
  • Fate line starts from Mount of Moon: Chances of abroad travel.
  • Island on fate line Indian palmistry: Loss.
  • Two parallel fate line palmistry: Double income.
  • Sun line from fate line: Auspicious sign.
  • Travel line joins fate line: Abroad travel.
  • Forked fate line meaning: Instability.
  • Square on fate line palmistry: Protection from any danger.
  • Fate line starting from head line: Success after age 35.
  • Fate line starting from heart line:  Late success, after age 50.
  • Multiple fate line palmistry: Many income sources, makeshifter.
  • Cross on fate line palmistry: Loss. (
  • Long fate line meaning: Auspicious sign.
  • Fate line ends on head line palmistry: Loss due to wrong decision.
  • Fate line going to index finger (Mount of Jupiter or Jupiter finger) : Auspicious Sign.
  • Break in fate line palmistry:  Loss.
  • Life line branches to fate line: Auspicious sign, promotion.
  • Fate line palmistry in detail - fate line timing and calculation

Lines Hindi Names & Meanings Palmistry

  • Jivan Rekha is known as Life line signifies strength and vitality.
  • Mastisk Rekha is known as Head line signifies thoughts and imagination.
  • Hridya Rekha is known as Heart line signifies emotions.
  • Bhagya Rekha is known as Fate line signifies luck.
  • Surya Rekha is known as Sun Line signifies fame.
  • Swasthya Rekha is known as Health Line signifies Health and Business.
  • Mangal Rekha is known as Mars Line signifies courage.
  • Vivah Rekha is known as Marriage Line signifies Marriage.
  • Santan Rekha is known as Children line signifies children.
  • Chandra Rekha is known as Intuition line signifies intuition.
  • Suman Rekha is known as Via Lasciva line signifies luxury life and sensuality.
  • Shukar Rekha is known as Sibling Line signifies brothers and sisters.
  • Manibandh Rekha is known as Bracelet signifies vitality.
  • Shukar Mudra is known as Girdle of Venus signifies sex.
  • Ravi Mudra is known as Ring of Sun signifies deception and hurdles.
  • Shani Mudra is known as Ring of Saturn signifies loneliness.
  • Prabhav Rekha is known as Influence line signifies obstacles or influence from others.
  • Vidhya Rekha is known as education line signifies education.
  • Guru Mudrika (Diksha Rekha) is known as Jupiter Ring signifies ambition.
  • Budh Mudrika is known as Ring of Mercury signifies  business.
  • Yatra Rekha is known as Travel line signifies Travel.
  • Shatru Rekha is known as Enemy line signifies Hidden enemies.

Mounts Hindi Names & Meanings Palmistry

  • Guru Parvat is known as Mount of Jupiter signifies father, leader, spiritual, respect and ambition.  Located under index finger (Jupiter finger).
  • Shani Parvat is known as Mount of Saturn signifies luck, misfortune, hurdles, poverty, fate, age and service.  Located under middle finger (Saturn finger).
  • Surya Parvat is known as Mount of Sun signifies education, wealth and fame.  Located under ring finger (Sun finger/Apollo finger).
  • Budh Parvat is known as Mount of Mercury signifies speech, business, and marriage.  Located under little finger (Mercury finger).
  • Ucch Mangal Parvat is known as Mount of Negative Mars/Upper Mars/2nd Mars signifies religion and enemy. Located under between Heart line and Head line.
  • Nimn Mangal Parvat is known as Mount of Positive Mars/Lower Mars/1st Mars signifies fights, courage, fear, suicide, accident and danger. Located inside starting point of Life line.
  • Mangal Ka Maidan is known as Mount of Plain of Mars signifies debt, accident and obstacles.
  • Shukar Parvat is known as Mount of Venus signifies sex, family and love.  Located inside ending point of life line.
  • Chandra Parvat is known as Mount of Moon signifies imagination and intuition.  Located outside of Life line or underneath to Mount of Upper Mars.
  • Rahu Parvat is also known as Mount of Dragon's head signifies troubles cheating and quarrels. Located underneath Head line.
  • Ketu Parvat is also known as Mount of Dragon's tail signifies mercy.  Located underneath Mount of Rahu.     

Signs Hindi Names & Meanings Palmistry

  • Gunak is also known as Cross signifies inauspicious sign, misfortune.
  • Varg is also known as Square signifies protection.
  • Tribujh is also known as Triangle signifies promotion and wealth.
  • Jaal is also known as Grill signifies troubles.
  • Kundak is also known as Circle signifies diseases.
  • Til is also known as Mole signifies misfortune. (
  • Trishul is also known as Trident signifies auspicious sign.
  • Macchli is also known as Fish signifies auspicious sign.
  • Yav is also known as Island signifies losses.
  • Nakshatra is also known as star signifies auspicious sign.

Fingers Hindi Names & Meanings Palmistry

  • Tarjani ungli is also known as Index finger (Jupiter finger) signifies leadership.
  • Madhyama unlgi is also known as Middle finger (Saturn finger) signifies fate and luck.
  • Anamika ungli is also known as Ring finger (Apollo finger) signifies fame.
  • Kanishka ungli is also known as Little finger (Mercury finger) signifies business.
  • Angootha/Angutha is also known as Thumb signifies will power and logic. 

Significance Of Head Line Palmistry

  • Head line starts from Mount of Jupiter :- Ambitious and egoistic.
  • Head line tie with Life line:- Timid, introvert and dependent.
  • Head line not joining Life line:- Independent, and careless.
  • Head line ends on Mount of Upper Mars:- Thinks logically, practical.
  • Head line ends on Mount of Moon:- Imaginative and creative.
  • Head line ends on Mount of Ketu:- Suicidal tendencies.
  • Short Head line:- Dull, unintelligent and arrogant.
  • Long Head line:- Good memory and intelligent.
  • Mole on Head line:- Head injury or brain disorder.
  • Island on Head line:- Mental stress and injury. 
  • Cross on Head line:- Fatal accident. 
  • Forked Head line:- Good writing skill and fickle-minded.
  • Island on Head line under Mount of Jupiter:- Lungs disease.
  • Island on Head line under Mount of Saturn:- Ear, leg and Back related disease.
  • Island on Head line under Mount of Sun :- Eye disease.
  • Island on Head line under Mount of Mercury or end of Head line:- Intestine disease.
  • Head line starts from Ist Mount of Mars:- Quarreler.
  • Double Head line: Dual personality.  

Chained Line Interpretations Palmistry

Chained Line is known as Srinkhaladaar Rekha in Hindi.

  • Chained Head line :- Weak memory and inconsistent thoughts.
  • Chained Life line:- Weak health.
  • Chained Heart line:- Ill-fated relationship/love.
  • Chained Fate line:- Misfortune. 
  • Chained Sun line:- Defamation and loss.
  • Chained health line:- Ill health. 

Wavy Line Interpretations Palmistry

Wavy Line is known as Lahardaar Rekha in Hindi.

  • Wavy Head line :- Unstable thoughts.
  • Wavy Life line:- Unstable health.
  • Wavy Heart line:- Unstable emotions.
  • Wavy Fate line:- Unstable career. (
  • Wavy Sun line:- Unsuccessful Career.
  • Wavy Health line:- Unsuccessful business and cheater. 

Flag Sign Meaning In Palmistry

Flag Sign is known as Pataka Rekha, Pataka Chinha, Parcham Chinha, and Dhwaj Chinha in Hindi.

If vertical line from Head line or Life line goes towards Mount of Jupiter and square on it then it is considered to be Flag Sign which signifies lots of happiness in old age, spiritual and good writer.

If vertical line is cut by any bar line then it reduces the effect of Flag Sign.

Bow Sign Meaning In Palmistry

Bow Sign is known as Dhanush Chinha in Hindi or Hast Rekha Shastra.

Bow Sign is present on inside of Life Line: Support from family most probably financial support from in-laws gharjamai ( live-in son-in-law ).

Image of Bow Sign Palmistry

Yavmala Meaning In Palmistry

Yavmala is an auspicious sign as per Vedic Indian Palmistry. Chained line on thumb base is known as yavmala.  Yavmala denotes good fortune.

Sex Diseases Indian Palmistry

Sexual problem, weakness, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, loss of libido, less interest in sex, unsatisfied sex life in men Indian Palmistry:

  • Crooked, curved, twisted, hooked, bent or deformed Little Finger.
  • Short little finger (not reaching above second phalange of Ring Finger).    

Read here for more detailed information on Sex Line in Palmistry

Rahu Rekha Indian Palmistry

Rahu Rekha is known as Worry lines in Palmistry.

Rahu lines (Dragon's Head Line) are slanted lines from Mount of Lower Mars towards Heart line and fingers. 

Read here for more detailed information on Rahu Line In Indian Palmistry

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