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Ring Of Saturn Palmistry


Saturn Ring indicates loneliness from inside, interest in spirituality, interest in occult science, interest in lottery and gambling, pessimistic, etc.  

The Key Diagram: Points On The Hands

Types Of Thumb In Palmistry


There are many things to look for when studying the thumb, which is certainly one of the
most important indicators on the hand. As with the fingertips, note whether the thumb's
tip is square, rounded or pointed, thus indicating a bias toward a practical, artistic or
idealistic nature.

Stiff thumb - that is, one that is fairly rigid and inflexible so the tip will not bend
backward to any noticeable degree - indicates that the person is stubborn, has fixed
ideas, does not easily adapt to changing circumstances, derives more satisfaction from
saving money than from spending it and does not tend to be naturally generous.

Flexible thumb is found when the nail phalange bends back without resistance. It
indicates a generous-natured person who enjoys giving or spending and is versatile,
adaptable, restless, changeable, tolerant, flexible, interested in many things and willing
to listen to new ideas.

Large thumb indicates strength, achievement, capability, self-reliance, confidence and
inner power. It belongs to a person who can be a leader, a doer. A large thumb adds its
strength to other factors in the hand.

Small thumb indicates a weak character - one who will follow rather than lead. There is
little determination or will to win so this person is easily defeated. A small thumb
weakens good qualities elsewhere on the hand.

Medium thumb is the average, neither large nor small, so it endows its owner with the
potential to achieve an average degree of success.


The first phalange of the thumb (the one with the nail) relates to willpower and
determination; the second phalange relates to reason and logic.

In average hands the second phalange is slightly longer than the nail phalange,
indicating normal balance of willpower and reason, found in people who formulate
plans and then have the determination to carry them through to a successful
conclusion. However, if the second phalange is noticeably longer than the nail
phalange, the person thinks about all the things and plans which he intends to
put into action but does not have sufficient drive, determination and willpower to
translate those ideas into practical reality.

When the nail phalange is longer than the second phalange, the person's reason
is overshadowed by willpower, so he or she is the type who acts first and thinks
afterwards. This type can be too willful and determined for their own good.

Courtesy: Speed Palmistry ebook

Fingertips (Rounded-Squared-Pointed) In Palmistry


The fingertips usually will be either square, rounded or pointed or even a mixture
of these.

Square tips signify a practical, realistic, rather down-to-earth person who likes
method and order, especially if born in the Star Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or

Pointed tips are fairly rare because they are the hallmark of a person not
interested in the material, practical side of life, preferring to live in a world of
fantasy, imagination, idealism and dreams. They usually possess poetic, musical
or artistic abilities but, as they lack drive and practical application, they seldom do
much about using them

Rounded tips give a nice balance between the square-tipped realist and the
pointed-tipped dreamer. These belong to the average person who appreciates
the finer things of life but who also recognizes the need to attend to the practical
necessities of day-to-day living.

Courtesy: Speed Palmistry Book

Short-Smooth-Long & Knotted Fingers In Palmistry


Most people have fingers of normal length but you will find some, which are
either very short or very long when compared with the size of the palm.

Short fingers (see Diagram 2A) belong to people who hate to beat around the
bush. They think and act quickly and cannot be bothered with lots of small, fussy
details. Slow, careful analysis bores them; instead, they like to go straight to the

 Long fingers (see Diagram 2B) belong to people who think, Move and act very
slowly. They are careful, attentive to small details and seldom will do anything
without thinking of all the pros and cons; consequently, they often miss
opportunities. Fast, efficient or impatient people will become exasperated by the
way long-fingered people give slow, detailed, drawn-out accounts of everything
they discuss.

Smooth fingers (see Diagram 2C) are on people who are guided their feelings, 
first impressions. They are quick to think and act and their motivations are based on 
intuition or inspiration rather than on cold, hard facts, reason, logic and rational analysis. 
They appreciate all that is refined and beautiful. 

Knotted fingers (see Diagram 2D) belong to people who seldom make snap judgments, 
because they like to analyze and thoroughly investigate all the facts. They reason things 
out rather than act on feelings or sentiment. If they carry these characteristics to excess, 
these people can be quite skeptical and lacking in imagination. 

Courtesy: Speed Palmistry Book



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