The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle

The Quadrangle 

The flat space between the head and heart lines on the palm comprises the quadrangle. The area is at its best when smooth, with few lines crossing it.

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An even disposition and intelligence are shown when it re-mains fairly even. The quadrangle also represents a nonjudgmental, broad-minded, and accepting nature.

When the quadrangle narrows, so does the individual's view of the world; the narrower it gets, the more it leads to bigotry, judging others, and abruptness.

The quadrangle usually sits in the upper portion of the palm, standing for the person's intellectual and philosophical bent. Palm readers typically deal with very few palms that show narrowed quadrangles, because the types of people who have them usually aren't open enough to get their palms read.

Through more than 30 years of palm reading, I've had the pleasure of reading the hands of bricklayers, attorneys, waitresses, superior court judges, politicians, engineers, housewives, writers, artists, professors, weavers, electricians, contractors, and just about every profession imaginable.

Politically, they've been a mixed hag, and no particular persuasion holds a concession on being nonjudgmental. broad-minded, and accepting of others.

 The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle

The Great Triangle 

The great triangle, also referred to as the "plain of Mars," encompasses what is usually the thinnest portion of the hand in the center of the palm measured from the palm side to the back of the hand.

The triangle lies between the line of life and line of head. Its narrowest point is beneath the finger of Jupiter, with the widest part opening toward the mount of Luna.

In palmistry lore, in the same approximate area as the great triangle, but with the addition of the line of heart, the top points of the letter "M" are formed by the line of head and the line of heart and the upper portion of the line of life in a few hands.

It has been thought to be a sip of peel knee and success. However, I've never found it to he that telling of a person's success in life.

Too many other formations and lines intertwine to determine whether or mot a person is successful and then a definition of what constitutes would be necessary.

However. a well balanced, smoothly tapering triangle is the sign of intelligence, good health, and a certain amount of luck. especially if the lines forming it are clear and deep.

Within this great triangle lien another sou), a Chinese flak that I've heard told in several different ways, chiefly relating to people who are ex. newly sensitive to their surroundings and to other people.

I have seen people with this very thin both, in the center of the hand; they're usually philosopher or deeply spiritual people. Former King Hussein of Jordan appeared from photo to have thin thin hollow in the center of his palm. 
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