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Principles to see a Palm

               Nature regulates the whole universe. Sun rises and sets in tome. day & night appear in time, school. offices and traffic work in time. The entire system way be disorganized if there is not any principle. Same way. there are some principles Mich should be followed by a palmist because in its absence a palmist can not work to produce accurate results and his work will be affected. Some important principles of palmistry are present here: -

1. An appropriate arrangement of light is must.
2. The shape of the palms should be examined first like the thickness, length, colour & inclination etc.
3. After that examine the structure of the palm. There are seven types of palms, all the shapes of palm should be taken into consideration like - whether they are square. small or big etc.
 4. The structure of fingers and thumb should also be examined like - their length. thickness. width. etc they are small or tall, they are inclined in front or backside. they are soft Of hard or cap like.
5. Alter all these, life line should be studied like its thickness island on it, whether the line is clear or incomplete & its origin place?
6. Brain line. its shape. size, length and how it is ending should also be examined.
7. Destiny line should also be examined in the same way. Its thickness, depth, thinners, not fully developed, whether it is inclined on brain or ends at heart, or it goes to Saturn line.
8. Other small lines like Surya line, Moon line, Marriage line, Mars km, Mercury line. Jupiter finger, Saturn linger, Sun finger. Venus linger. Trikona. square, bracelet lines and spots in palms should also be studies.
9. Palmistry is Incomplete without the knowledge of planets. That giving to predict events without the knowledge of planet will not be justified. We have to see which planet is strong or which planet is weak & where it is placed. 

History Of Palmistry

  Around 75% people believe in the science of Astrology all over the world. In France 47% people believe in this science. In America, 5000 esteemed astrologers are involved day and night in this field. According to 'Jyotish Adaveta ka vigyan' book, not only common people but a great number of scientists. philosophers and intellectuals also believe in this science. Now, even the universities of various countries have started their courses in astrology.

The knowledge of palmistry has been prevalent in Indian society & its boundary since ages. Samudara Rishi was the first one who takes the credit of creating this astrological science in chronological order. So Jyolish Shastra is called samudrik Shastra also. According to vedic scriptures, Kashayap Muni has given great importance to 18 Acharyas & called them the great Scholar and experts of Jyotish shastra. They are — Surya, Bhishma Pitamaha, Vyas, Vashishth, Atri. Parashar, Kashayap, Narad, Garg, Marichi, Manu, Angira. Labhesh, Paulish, Chayawan, Bhuvan, Bhrigu, and Shaunik.

According to palmist Shastra, human hand is a horoscope which never perishes and Lord Brahma is its creator. The horoscope made by the creator Lord Brahma Contains Solution of every problems in which there is no possibility of any mathematical error. Even the lines on the palm provide prediction like planets & nakshatra and provide guidelines for the future.

 Just as two people can not have same destiny, same views and same course of life, in the same way palm lines can't be same for two persons. The great palmist from Paris Disbarsolalas has declared that, if anyone in the world gets me two people with same palm lines and I will make my life's will and wealth on his/her name. Everyone in the world has different lines. This is a definite and a universal fact. Every person has got his or her own destiny&character. Even the twins have some dissimilarities between them.

The point of concern is that the ancient knowledge of India, inspite of being age old is neglected. Acharya Rajnish has written in his book- since the universe has emerged. there was no such civilization or time when knowledge of astrology was not present. 26 thousands years before Christ. in the remains of bones of sumer civilization, the symbols of astrology were found.

The great Greek Palmist Aristotle (314-322 before christ) was the author of two great epics — Cairomanta Aristotle Cum Figris' and 'D EOEO HUT Mandicount'.

Albertas Magnas (1205-1280) in Europe wrote a wonderful book on Palmistry called 'Hand Vaharyusgain'.

The knowledge of Palmistry was prevalent in China 3000 years before Christ. It is recorded in the History. that Hispanda has presented a palmistry book written in golden words, to great Emperor Sikandar.

In 1500 Italian scholar — Koshvas Andriz composed an astrological epic called 'Law Art Di Siaromanes'.

In 16' Century. Tennisyar wrote a book "popes Mathematics- which described palmistry & planets through mathematical tables.

In 17^ century, English Palmist Richard Sender started predicting the death date through the palm lines. Not only this, sendar combined palm symbols with predictions described in Bible through this experiment, sendar's own astrological literature became very popular in Britain & Europe.

 In 18' century. Johnan Albert (1668.1736) wrote many educational & remarkable books on palmistry.

In 19^ century. innumerable books were written on palmistry shastra. This period can be called the best or golden era for the literature of palmistry.

 In 1801 — 1883. Dasbaroles extensively studied the books of Hindu Brahmins and Popes of Misra. He also studied the literature of palmistry of Arbi, Italy. Roman. Frances and German Language. Dasbaroles written book — 'Less Mysteries De Law Main' is wonderful and a marvelous example in itself.

The renewed most known numerologist & palmist scholar Kero of 19'" century wrote—Believe me that the supreme father of the Universe never wants that his world or his best creation, human should wander in darkness and get any kind of miseries in his fife.

 That is the reason Supreme power has created various types of knowledge for our help. God has imprinted lines on human hands in such a way so as to help the humans to know about conditions, reasons and inclinations which push him to pain & miseries, as well as those karakas that provide happiness.

In Dwapar Yuga Lord Krishna Presented his desire in front of Lord Shiva to know auspicious & inauspicious symptoms of humans. Ancient saint Maharishi Valmiki has described — merits. demerits. auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the main characters of Ramayana through their limbs.

According to Hindu mythology this creation belongs to Treta Yuga. 

Osho Rajneesh has said describing the knowledge of astrology — Future is not completely Uncertain but our knowledge is insufficient. Scientists have started saying a new fact since last ten years — Every human being has such a divine sense organ which can forsee the influences of future and worldly incidents (like animals can sense before hand an earthquake or fishes can sense, tide or crying of dogs is an indication of coming death or emigration of birds a month before the onset of winter). 

Perhaps the same divine power, a human has. Infect Birds & animals have been natural, uncivilized, unscientific in this world that is why they did not loose their divine powers. But human, have lost this ability due to their intelfigence, unnatural conditions, and advancement of science. 78 percent people of the world believe in this science called palmistry. Such a large part of population might have seen the truth or relevance in this science. that is the reason why they believe in it. 

During Pitra Shradhas, People arrange feast for the peace of their ancestor's souls. It is also seen that some people are influenced by evil spirits. In order to get peace people go to peer, pandit or to some religious places. []

The scientists discard the existence of soul but people have not stopped worshipping, praying, to God, performing Pitrashradha, paying respect to their ancestors, Bowing heads to Peer Mazar or temples as they still have faith in all these and it will be there in the future also. The same way the importance of palmistry shastra, its utility, respect of masses to this knowledge, and accurate prediction through palmistry is present here since ages and this faith & respect for palmistry will remain in the times to come. 

Who Is A Palmist

A palmist is a psychic who feels the awe of life without knowing why.

Magic and mystery attract them.

A palmist has the ability to read palms—to read the book of nature.

There is no study more arduous or more fascinating, nor one that will repay the time and labor spent upon it with more interest.

A palmist resents being deceived. Palmists are alive with instincts and impressions.

A palmist has highly developed intuitive faculties, in tune to one's feelings. A palmist is especially adept at guiding one towards their transformation, awakening individuals to their potential for love, happiness and prosperity.

A palmist empowers one to break free of past obstacles; helps one to discover their gifts.

A palmist can outline problem areas and suggest strategies and options for continued growth. Energy blocks must be released to allow for the present-time ecstasy and spiritual wealth.

A palmist can access hidden memories and help one to under-stand present conditions and issues.  []

A palmist allows you to see, hear for yourself and to experience the latest developments in your life.

A palmist helps people to center and expand their frame of reference, to increase their self-awareness and to deepen their experience.

Wealth Signs Palmistry

Money problems are part of life. Charles Dickens' character, Mr. Micawber, expressed the matter very well: "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery."2 Since no one ever has enough, you will be asked many questions about this subject. Money is indicated in three ways on the palm (figure 48). Inherited money is shown by a small line between the third and fourth forgers that curves part of the way around the third forger. Unfortunately, this line is not very helpful. It gives no indication as to when the money will be inherited or how much money is involved. It is simply an indication that the person has, or will, inherit money.

Easy money is shown by a triangle on the inside of the life line. One side of it is made up by the life line, and the other two lines are minor lines. This triangle always indicates a large amount of money.

 However, the term "large" depends on what the person considers to be a large amount. A large lotto win, for instance, would be shown as a triangle on the life line. A win of a thousand dollars on a horse race would probably not be shown, because that is not considered a large amount of money these days. However, if you were living on the streets and suddenly won a thousand dollars, that might very well be indicated on the palm, since you would consider that to be a fortune.

Most people have to earn their own money. Their potential is indicated by a small triangle in the center of the hand. Two sides of this are created by the destiny and head lines, and a minor line on the little finger side of the palm creates the third side. This triangle is extremely small and shows the person's potential. It does not necessarily mean that he or she will earn that amount of money over a lifetime.

First, we have to see if the person is motivated to achieve it. We determine this by looking at the top two phalanges of the thumb to see if willpower and logic are roughly even. If the second phalange (logic) is much longer than the tip section, the person is probably not going to make much money, since he or she will think, and think, and then think some more. This person is likely to achieve very little.

We also have to look at the head line to see if the person has the necessary brain power to make much money. Remember that a short head line does not mean a lack of intellectual ability. It denotes a quick, sharp, and often highly shrewd thinker. Someone lace this could well make a great deal of money, compared to someone with a long head line who enjoys learning for its own sake.

We also need to see if the money triangle is open or closed. If it is closed, the person is able to hang on to some of the money after earning it. If it is open, most of the money will disappear.

A thin line that bisects the minor line (third side of the money triangle) indicates financial difficulties at different times. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because it can be a spur to progress. This person often takes two steps forward, and then slides back one step. Ultimately, this person may very well be extremely successful, but will be a plodder rather than a "whiz kid."

Sometimes you will see a double money sign. In this case, there are two minor lines that each join the destiny and head lines, creating a small triangle inside a larger one. This is a sign that the person will make money, and will then have investments which create additional money. It is a sign of both earned and unearned income. 

 I always tell my clients that the amount of money indicated is a potential, and it is up to them to achieve it. 

Signs Of Nervousness On Hand Palmistry

A. -The three main lines are joined at one point.
B. -A break in the Heart line.
C. -The Girdle of Venus is double in fragments, with a flat Venus.
D. -An island in the Life line and the hand is full of cross lines.
E. -The absence of the Mount of Mars shows little presence of mind and nervousness.
F. -Two perpendicular lines from the Heart line to the Mount of Moon.
G. -A line coming from the Heart line touches the Life line.
H. -White spots on nails. 

Indications of Sharp And Weak Memory on Hand

Sharp Memory

a) The Head line terminates on the percussion with a good line of Mercury.
b) The Head line is straight and clear.
c) The line of Hepatica is short and fine.
d) The index finger and the little finger are both conical.
e) A strong thumb with a good single Sun line or a double Head line.

Weak Memory

a) Broken head line. []
b) The line of Liver is wavy. 
c) The first phalange of the thumb is bendable. 
d) The Head line and the Life line are mixed under Jupiter to a little distance . 
e) The line of Mars starts from the point of the Life line. 

Lines Related to Mental Nature Palmistry


Lines Related To Mental Nature 

More than a dozen lines provide information about an individual's mental nature (Figure: A1). Few people's hands contain all of these lines, but palmists are likely to find at least one or two of them on a person's hand.

The of girdle f Venus

A much fainter line than the major lines of lift, head. and heart, the girdle of Venus (A) lies slightly horizontal above the line of heart. It is sometimes seen in two or three parts. People with the girdle of Venus can be unusually bright, entertaining, emotional, and prone to hypochondria. The line also stands for a love of luxury, sensitivity, and, sometimes, sensuality. I've seen it equally on the hands of men and women, interior decoration and also rugged outdoorsmen.

The line of intuition (moon line) 

The line of intuition (J) (also known as the moon line) lies, as it should, on the mount of Luna and is a curved and distinct line. It has long been associated with people involved in metaphysics and the occult. However, many intuitives, psychics, and metaphysical teachers I've met do not have this curved line. More often, I've seen it in the hands of people who take risks with their beliefs and who follow their own paths.

 The ring of Saturn 

This small half-ring or eyelash-shaped line (B) beneath the finger of Saturn, which can be a temporary sign, shows a loss of energy and pen-chant for melancholia, as well as a tendency toward unfinished projects and business.

The ring of Solomon 

The ring of Solomon (C). another half-ring, found beneath the finger of Jupiter, can be a very favorable sign, because it belongs to the natural adept, psychic, or meta-physician. Such leanings are inherent to people who possess this line without formal instruction or study. In fact, they often become metaphysical teachers.

Healer's marks 

A series of short vertical lines on the mount of Mercury called healer's marks (D) belong to people with natural abilities to help others heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Healer's marks can be found on the hands of nurses and others in the healing profession, but I've seen them many times on the hands of people in a variety of professions who simply know how to listen and offer comfort to others free of judgment. These people seem unaware of their abilities but often have a dearth of friends.

St. Andres's Cross

 A marking (E) with a meaning similar to that of healer's marks can he found in either the shape of a cross or a small, semi-horizontal line lying between the line of life and the line of fate. It belongs on the hands of those who give aid and are deeply concerned with the welfare of others, often on a global scale. []

The escape or avoidance line 

This short horizontal line (F) at the bottom of the line of life, which may or may not touch the line of life, belongs on the hands of people who try to escape from life and responsibilities. Often they channel their energies into drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy habits.

The line of stubbornness 

Indicating a stubborn nature, this distinct line (G) is found on the in-side of the thumb above the bottom line that separates the thumb from the mount of Venus. Ironically, it sits in the overall area of the phalange that stands for logic. This line can also represent a tenacious, persistent nature.

The temper lines 

The temper lines (H) lie just below the line of stubbornness on the thumb and just above the lines that make up the second joint, closest to the mount of Venus. Frequently they are seen with the line of stubbornness, indicating a quick temper. []

The curiosity line

 A short horizontal line on the mount of Jupiter near the side of the hand, the curiosity line (I) adds to a person's curious nature. If it's chan-neled in the right direction, such as following through on wanting to find the right answers to a question (as opposed to just being a busybody), the curiosity can provide benefits to the person's life, as he or she tends not to be bored or boring. It is placed further outside than the Ring of Solomon (C), sometimes beginning on the outside of the palm.

The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle

The quadrangle 

The flat space between the head and heart lines on the palm com-prises the quadrangle. The area is at its best when smooth, with few lines crossing it. An even disposition and intelligence are shown when it re-mains fairly even. The quadrangle also represents a nonjudgmental, broad-minded, and accepting nature. When the quadrangle narrows, so does the individual's view of the world; the narrower it gets, the more it leads to bigotry, judging others, and abruptness. The quadrangle usually sits in the upper portion of the palm, standing for the person's intellectual and philosophical bent. Palm readers typically deal with very few palms that show narrowed quadrangles, because the types of people who have them usually aren't open enough to get their palms read. Through more than 30 years of palm reading, I've had the pleasure of reading the hands of bricklayers, attorneys, waitresses, superior court judges, politicians, engineers, housewives, writers, artists, professors, weavers, elec-tricians, contractors, and just about every profession imaginable. Politically, they've been a mixed hag, and no particular persuasion holds a concession on being nonjudgmental. broad-minded, and accepting of others.

The great triangle 

The great triangle, also referred to as the "plain of Mars," encompasses what is usually the thinnest portion of the hand in the center of the palm measured from the palm side to the back of the hand. The triangle lies between the line of life and line of head. Its narrowest point is beneath the finger of Jupiter, with the widest part opening toward the mount of Luna. In palmistry lore, in the same approximate area as the great triangle, but with the addition of the line of heart, the top points of the letter "M" are formed by the line of head. the lined heart. and the upper portion of the line of life in a few hands. It has been thought to be a sip of peel. knee and success. However. I've never found it to he that telling of a person's success in life. Too many other formations and lines intertwine to determine whether or mot a person is successful. and then a definition of what constitutes would be necessary. []

However. a well balanced, smoothly tapering triangle is the sign of intelligence, good health, and a certain amount of luck. especially if the lines forming it are clear and deep.

Within this great triangle lien another sou), a Chinese flak that I've heard told in several different ways, chiefly relating to people who are ex. newly sensitive to their surroundings and to other people.

I have seen people with this very thin both., in the center of the hand; they're usually philosopher or deeply spiritual people. Former King Hussein of Jordan appeared from photo. to have thin thin hollow in the center of his palm. []

To Determine Date & time of Event Palmistry

Time The System Of Seven



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Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

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Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

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यदि आप पारिवारिक या व्यवसायिक समस्या से मुक्ति पाना चाहते है तो यहाँ दिए गए उपायो को एक बार अवश्य करें । आपको अवश्य लाभ होगा । आज अधिकतर लोग किसी न किसी परेशानी से ग्रस्त है । किसी को व्यापार में घाटा हो रहा है , किसी को नौकरी नहीं मिल रही है , कोई भूत-प्रेत या ऊपरी हवाओ से परेशान है, कोई संतान के न होने से दुखी है तो कोई भयंकर रोगो से ग्रस्त है ।

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