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Boy friend ko apna banane ka totka

Yadi aapka boyfriend aapko dokha de raha hai ya aap se door ja raha hai to aap ye upay kar sakti hai Apne Boyfriend Ko Paane Ka Totka

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palmistry love lines pictures

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how to judge sex power in palmistry

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Sherlyn Chopra Hand Image Palmistry

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Palm Reading For Love

Hast samudhrik shastra mein vivah (marriage)  ya lagaav (attraction) ki isthithi gyat karne hetu vivah rekha (marriage line) ka sahara liya jata hai.  Vivah rekha ko lagaav rekha kahna jyada uchit hoga kyuki inhi rekhao mein se ek rekha vivah rekha (line of marriage) hoti hai.  Vivah rekha ki upisthithi kanishka ungli (little finger) ki jad (root) mein budh parvat (Hill of Mercury) par tath hridya rekha (heart line) ke upar hatheli ke bahari bhag (outside of palm) ki taraf se hatheli ke andar aati hui paayi jaati hai.

yaha sabse badi bhranti (misconception) yah hai ki vykti ek se adhik paai jaane waali rekhao ka sambhandh ek se adhik vivah (multiple marriages) se jod dete hai jabki aisa bilkul nahi hai.  Kuch apwado ko chodkar ek jeevanshati ke rahate doosara vivah (second marriage) karna gairkanuni shadi (illegal marriage) hai.  Isliye doosare vivah ke barein mein anumaan lagate hue partham pati ya pahali patni (first wife) se divorce (talaak) hona jaruri hai.

Vykti ke marriage sambhandhi ikcha va dharana us par grah (planets) vishesh ke prbhav se niyantrit hoti hai.  Grah prbhav awam vivah ke parti dharana yah hai:-

1.  Chandra (Moon) prbhaavi vykti bemale vivah se bhi parhez nahi karte hai tath sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai.

2.  Shani (Saturn) prbhavi vykti vevhahik maamlo mein udaseen hote hai tatha deri se vivah ke pakshdhar hote hai.

3.  Budh (Mercury) prbhavi vykti sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai.  Vevahik maamlo mein samjhota kar lete parantu chatur, ameer jeevanshati ki talash karte hai.

4.  Guru (Jupiter) prbhavi vykti seeghra vivah ke ikchuk rahate hai tath apne parivar ko vishesh chahate hai.

5.  Surya (Sun) prabhavi vykti sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai inka bodhik istar uccha hota hai isliye ye apne jeevanshati mein wo sab qualities chahate hai jo in mein hai isliye inka vivah asontajanak hi rahata hai.

6.  Mangal (Mars) prabhavi vykti sheegra prem va prem vivah ke ikschuk hote hai.

7.  Shukra (Venus) prabhavi vykti sheegra vivah karte hai aur jydatar inka vivah kahi parichit ke ghar pr hi hota hai.  Chat mangni pat bya ho jata hai.

Vivah rekha samabhandhi kuch sanketo ka fal is prakaar hai:-

1.  Lambi, gahari, tath gulaabi rangat ho to accha vevahik jeevan (good married life).
2. Peeli vivah rekha ho dukhi vevahik jeevan.
3. Khandit ya tooti hui vivah rekha ho to dukhi vevahik jeevan aur algaav hona baar-baar ya phir kalah bani rahana vevahik jeevan mein.
4. Ek ek tukda doosare tukde ke upar chada hua hai (overlapping marriage line) to separation nahi hoga lekin kalah bani rahegi vevahik jeevan mein.
5. Vivah rekha pr dweep hone pr to kalahpurna vevahik jeevan. 
6. Vivah rekha hridya rekha pr chali jaay to jeevanshaati bimar rahata hai.
7.  Chotti vivah rekha (short marriage line) kalahpurna vivah darshati hai.
8. Vivah rekha upar hridya rekha ki taraf mud (curve) kar jaay to vykti ka vivah bahut muskli se hota hai ya phir hota hi nahi hai. Keywords:  palm reading near me

to be continued.....

Spongy Soft Hands

Very soft hand means very soft heart for example that of a child. Too much of softness in hand (palm) increases all of the above tendencies. It looks like cotton and sponge. When pressed, it doesn't exhibit any resistance at all. Their heart is extremely soft so their feelings are very easily hurt and they are always in some emotional trouble. Their mental energy is always scattered so they can't focus themselves. These people are also seen as lazy and they love a luxurious and comfortable life, and don't want to do any tough physical work. They like leisure and are more suited to desk work. Even if they say they are not lazy, still they are not suitable for tough physical tasks. Remember the hands of children and think of how sensitive they are, and how easily one can befriend them. (

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Remedies Of Palmistry

Seeking Remedies: For Whom? 

How to know the planet is inauspicious for a native? You can know this by analyzing the horoscope. In case there is no horoscope, I apply certain simple rules to ascertain which planet has put the native in trouble. The ailments and worries caused by Navagrahas are listed below:

Sun: Strained relation with father, trouble from the government, problem in government job, headache, diseases of eyes, heart, skin, bones, jaundice, fever, tuberculosis, mental weakness, etc.

Moon: Strained relation with mother, mental tension, insomnia, asthma, respiratory problem, cough and cold, urinary troubles, menstrual problems, stones of gall bladder, pneumonia etc.

Mars: Excess aggression, troubled relation with brothers, accidents, blood impurities, leprosy, skin-eruptions, high blood pressure, piles, small pox, plague, etc.

Mercury: Trouble in education, aggressive speaking, strained relation with maternal uncle, loss of memory, epilepsy, nose and throat problems, religious passion, loss of wisdom and business, suspiciousness, fickle mindedness.  (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Jupiter: Disenchantment with worship, loss of faith in Gods, Gums, and Brahmins, fall in income and accumulated wealth, delay in marriage and child birth, epileptic fits, stomach disorder, ear-problem, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc. (

Venus: Hindrance in conjugal life, dejection in love, vehicle-problem, disenchantment with make-up, impotency, hernia, diabetes, semen problem, urinary problem, problem in womb, etc.

Saturn: Trouble with servants and in service, gastric trouble, paralysis, trouble in spinal cord, fear of evil spirits, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, impotency, ailment in feet, etc.

Rahu: Strained relation with grandfather, ego problem, skins and brain disease, ghost phobia, etc.

Ketu: Strained relations with maternal grandfather, trouble inflicted by witchcraft, contagious diseases, impurity of blood, pain, small pox, cholera, etc.

Once the troublesome planet is ascertained, remedies can be pondered over.

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Loss Of Money Palmistry

If there are so many crisscross lines (lines intersect each other) on your hand then this denotes lots of tension in throughout life. In this situation you should never trust on relatives/close friend and avoid lending money to them as far as possible because there are chances of getting deception of any type by relative.  Never invest money in lottery and share market as there are strong possibility of big loss.

ब्लैक मैजिक और काला जादू - Black Magic Aur Kala Jadu

 chamatakari upay
Learn Kala Jadu Ke Totke In Hindi Book - बंगाली मंत्र तंत्र - Bangali Mantra Tantra


Yaha par bahut sarein saral upay diye gaye hai jinko kar ke aap log faayda utta sakte hai.  Yaha lagbhag sabhi problems ke liye upay batay gaye hai aur aapko sirf apni samasya ke anusaar us upay ki post ko click kar ke padna hai aur yadi aapko upay accha lagta hai to aap aajma kar ke labh prapt kar sakte hai.

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  • Most Popular Hindu/Indian Remedies
  • Baalon Ke Jhadane Kaa Ghareloo Upachaar ( Hair Fall Treatment At Home in Hindi )
  • Bakaya Dhan ( Udhar Diya Hua Paisa) Kaise Prapt Karein
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  • पितृदोष के लिए (Pitra Dosh Nivaran Ke Liye Totka)
  • Sharab/Daru Chudane Ka Totka Aur Desi Nuskha
  • Tulsi (Holly Basil) Ka Totka
  • Neembu Ka Nazar Utarne Ka Upay ( Lemon Totka To Remove Evil Eye )
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  • अपने प्यार को पाने का टोटका (apne pyaar ko wapis pane ka totka)
  • इस दीपावली को धन प्राप्ति के लिए ये उपाय करें
  • व्यापार बाधा को दूर करने का अचूक उपाय :- [ Vyapaar Badha Ko Door Karne Ka Achook Upay]
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  • Vashikaran Yantra For Men-Husband
  • Wazeefa For Fulfill Wish
  • Mohini Vashikaran Mantra
  • शनि के दोष का निवारण
  • नारियल के चमत्कार
  • Kala Jadu/Black Magic Ka Upaay/Utara
  • Paresaniyo Aur Takleefo Se Mukti Paay
  • Naukari Jald Paane Ke Liye Upay/Totka
  • Totke Se Mukti Pane Ke liye Upay
  • Baar Baar Garbhpat Se Bachaav Hetu Totka
  • Dhan Labh Ke Liye Totka
  • Dukaan Ko Buri Najar Se Bachane Ke Liye Upay
  • Vashikaran Aur Akarshan Ke Liye Totka
  • Ghar Se Upari Badha Door Karein
  • कालसर्प दोष का उपाय - Kaal Sarp Dosh Ka Upay
  • Pati Patni Ke Beech Jhagda Door Karne Ka Totka
  • Najar Dosh Ke Liye Ghode Ki Naal Ka Totka
  • Improve Your Sun Line By Reciting आदित्यहृदयम्‌ ( Aditya Hridaya Stotra ) Palm Reading

  • Right and Left Hand Comparison Palmistry

                   Palmists need to compare one hand with the other to get the most accurate interpretation possible. No two hands are alike, not even two hands belonging to the same person. A proper comparison can provide a great deal of information regarding past occurrences and future trends for the client. To begin a comparison of the two hands, ask your client which hand he or she writes with. Many people are ambidextrous when it comes to sports or other hobbies, but very few are able to write with both hands. The hand the person writes with represents present and future trends. The reason for this is quite simple. The hand a person writes with is the hand which is used to send messages from the present into the future. We will refer to this hand as the sending hand. The other hand will be referred to as the receiving hand, and, to the palmist, it represents past influences regarding the person's conditioning and circumstances as a child. This hand also reveals the kind of health or temperament that resulted from the childhood environment. Assuming for a moment that the client is right-handed, the left hand will show what was inherited from the parents in terms of health and conditioning, while the right hand will tell what was actually done with these qualities. Sometimes. we will find a left hand that indicates talent. and a right hand that is a mishmash of snarled lines. flabby muscle tone, and other unfavorable markings. A minute's glance will be enough to disclose that the client came into this world with talent that might have led to many opportunities. However, as the right hand—the message-sending hand-was so unfavorably marked. it would lead us to believe that these talents and opportunities have not been utilized. We then return to the left hand to discern the age at which the person began to misuse or squander his or her energy. There will always be at least one telltale spot on this otherwise marvelous hand that provides the clue to unraveling the mess that later ensued. If there is no clue to indicate where the trouble began. look closely at the thumbs. It is not unusual for the thumb of one hand to differ slightly from that of the other, but if the thumbs differ radically, the person's willpower and reasoning—or lack of it—was the culprit in creating this chaos. Read more about the thumbs in'the subsequent chapters for more specific information. []

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    Fire Hand & Love In Palmistry

     Look for short fingers on a rectangular palm that boasts clear-cut, definite lines. Fire hands arc found on people with a high bum rate; meaning that these teens have lots of energy and are always on the go. Fire hand people possess lots of charm and charisma. They love a good challenge. Always ready for action, fire hands fall head over heels in love. Many are creative. Some enjoy competitive sports. These folks are fun to be with! There is never a dull moment. They love to travel to exciting places, are considered thrill seekers, and are always first in line to ride a roller coaster. In relationships, they want to share lots of affection, romance, and fun with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Fire hands relate to the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. []

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    Can Hand Lines Change? Palmistry

               Yes, the lines can change but not so easily as you may think. You can changes your lines by changing your character. You can change your character only through a very great effort of will . It is believed by most of the palmists that some changes do take place every seven years; but usually these are not very significant alterations. These are mostly influence lines that creep up here and there to neutralize the evil effects or strengthen the good results.

    “People do not change their typical qualifies until they have a strong desire to change, and are armed wit a resolution to do it. Thus it seems that there is no greater truth than that we are indeed free agents. planned for a predestined destiny, but always a e to change it if we determinedly desire to do so. There is, then, no such thing as absolute fatalism.” []

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    Formation of palm lines

    Formation of hand lines:

    The human body is composed of molecules in motion arising out of conglomeration of several biochemical reactions. This continuous process sets in the generation of electrical charges in the human system. It is appropriate to quote Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa who compares this mechanism of electricity and its generation to a flash lamp: "If you go to a shop and buy a battery for your flash-lamp you get a container with a zinc case and a carbon electrode in the center - a piece of carbon, perhaps as thick as a pencil - and a collection of chemicals packed tightly between the outer zinc case and the central carbon rod. The whole affair is quite moist inside; outside, of course, it is dry. You put this battery in your flash lamp and when you operate that switch you get a light. Do you know why? Under certain conditions metals and carbon and chemicals react together chemically in order to produce something which we call electricity. This zinc container with its chemicals and its carbon rod generate electricity, but there is no electricity within the flashlamp battery; it is, instead, merely a collection of chemicals ready to do its work under certain conditions.

    The brain generates electricity of its own. Within the human body there are traces of even metals such as zinc, and of course we must remember that the human body has carbon molecule as its basis. There is much water in a body, and traces of chemicals such as magnesium, potassium, etc. These combine to form an electric current, a minute one, but one which can be detected, measured and charted."

    Thus we recognize the existence of an electric field in the human body which brings about electromagnetic induction. This is precisely what is called personal magnetism. This electricity is generated in the brain, the center of the nervous system. Thinking about the different organs of the human body it is the hand that has a larger number of nerves that connect the cerebrum and the hands are seen to he in a highly developed state and act as transmitting agents of ideas, thoughts and feelings in an inexplicable fashion. The impressions whatever, from the brain arc chiefly carried with the help of a nervous fluid more subtle than electricity; it is these impressions that make special marks on the palm in the form of lines, rays, crosses and others.

    Misconception about their formation: 

    There is a prevalent mistaken notion that these lines are left there on the palm because of the folding of the hands. But the truth is that these lines are clear enough even at the time of the child's birth. If at all they are formed on account of folding, there can be only horizontal lines. But we find that vertical lines are formed when we do not fold our hands in a manner that cause the formation of vertical lines on the palm. []

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    Marriage Line is Divided Into Two Parts

    Palmistry Marriage Line:

             Marriage line is related to man's family life, love, understanding and to some extent with his health also. Marriage line is not an independent line. The prediction can only be made after analyzing the coordination of other lines along with this line. Generally, it is seen, that an astrologer predicts the incidents of marriage in man's life on the basis of number of marriage lines present in the palm. But it is not correct. Marriage line is located in the middle of the origin of heart line and Mercury finger in the palm.

    If marriage line is divided into two parts in the front, then the native faces bitterness and misunderstanding in marital relations. Their family life runs on the sharp edges of a sword. The ladies with such lines are very sentimental. (See in figure 6)

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    On Differences in Divination and Why These Contradictions Work...

    Let's start out by laying some groundwork, so that we're all on the same page.

    From both my experience and that of the people I've talked to, psychic ability seems to be hard-wired into the human condition. While I can't say for certain that everybody's psychic (after all, I haven't met everybody yet), most of the people I've encountered seem to have one or more signs of innate ability, whether functioning consciously or unconsciously.

    At that point, the different systems of divination seem less to be methods that are graven in stone, and more like frameworks that enable us to get in touch with what is in our heads, and our hearts, and our spirits. Different systems of divination (palmistry, tarot, tea leaves, etc.) may each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they all boil down to different ways of touching the Wisdom that is within us and without us.

    When it comes specifically to palmistry, you'll find a lot of books with a lot of different systems for reading palms out there. Many say different things. Some actually say contradictory things.

    So what do we make of that?

    That it all works (if you do the following)....

     If you want to learn from books, I recommend that you chose a book that speaks to you. Learn from that, and then add to it with information from other books and other sources that don't contradict the first one.

    If you want to learn from this book (and I'm assuming you do, or you wouldn't be reading it), I recommend that you read it carefully, and try what I have to share with you. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest, adding things from other sources that speak to you as you find them.

     If you do this and listen to your own inner wisdom as to what is right when you do a reading, then you will find what you end up with will be amazingly effective...

     No matter what book or system you choose...

    I' m going to be teaching you the system that I've been working with for around 40 years. I look forwards to seeing how it evolves for you.

    Source: Adventures in Palmistry

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    Which palm should be seen first - How To Learn Palmistry

    A palmist should see both the palms if lines are not very clear in one palm in that case second palm should be studied. An independent or right handed person, male/female's right hand should always be seen first. Whereas these person, male or female who are dependent, disabled or lefty their left hand should be seen first. Sachin Tendulkar is a lefty (left hander) so his left hand should be seen first. Kiran Bedi is a powerful and an independent lady, So her right palm should be seen first. It is generally a trend that ladies left hand should be seen first because they are beautiful.

    It is only a misconception. While examining a palm the first priority should be given to the structure, color, fingers, thumb, nails of the palm. After that main line in the palm and planet should be studied. Before (interpretation), remember your favorite deity. As it enhances self confidence, steadiness and energy for absolute powers.

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    Multiple Marriage Line - Palmistry

    Many Marriage lines :

    Study (fig. 321) carefully. If there exist many affection lines and the top most line is deep and there is also another deep line on the fag end ( there being also smaller lines in between both the deeper uppermost and last lines), it should be concluded that the native has lost no love for his fiance. Closely and minutely study all the affection lines but only the deepest line will indicate his optimum affection level. (

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    Thin and Heavy Hands - Hand Reading

                If the palm is thin and soft, the owner of such a hand loves money. It is not easy to read what goes on in his mind. A person with a heavy and firm palm has greater capacity for work. If the skin over such a palm is flexible, you can assume that the person is adjustable. A person with a heavy but flabby palm is afraid of hard work. He is highly sensual and fond of eating, drinking and making merry. In short, he believes in enjoying life. If the skin of a heavy palm is thick and rough, the man has no interest in art. And if the thumb of such a hand is short, the owner of the hand has no control over his mind or heart. He is given to violence. We will come to the peculiarities associated with a long and a short thumb when we come to the relevant chapter.

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    Wide Palm - Palm Reading

                 These people like to do big things. They are courageous, excited and make quick decision and work on it. They are quick. Speed is their power.

    Wide hands look at anything as a whole. But they can't put their time into checking the detail of every single thing. They have more care for speed and how much time they can save. They would say, "Look! How fast I have done it." But many times this speed reduces quality and makes them unsuitable for very fine things. Again, wide palms are seen more often in hands of people doing physical tasks.

    A palm with a good proportion between length and width i.e. length 20% more than breadth of palm will be called normal and it points to a good balance between quality and speed.

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    Palm Reading House Parties

                       Palm Reading house parties arc another very lucrative money making area. This is a party when the hostess invites a bunch of her friends to her house. While they sit in the living room you're in another room. seeing each person privately for a palm reading. Each person pays you after their reading or you can have the hostess collect the money from everyone.

    To start off the party. you should give a brief 10-15 minute presentation to the entire group. During the presentation. you could give spot readings to everyone (short 30-60 seconds readings). Talk about psychics, what they do and what to expect from a reading. You should also bring products to sell. Take the time to demonstrate each product and how it works. Offer the hostess a percentage of the profits.

    Remember, the party is a lady's night our for hostess and her friends. They want to have a good time, so keep the readings upbeat and entertaining. You're not going to be rebooked if you predict gloom and doom for her guests.

    The readings should take 15-20 minutes per person and cost about twenty dollars. It's a good idea to offer the hostess a free reading or free product as an incentive to tell all her friends. Make sure you tell the group what free goodies the hostess is getting. That gives them the incentive to book their own party. During the group presentation. I have the hostess come up in front of everyone as you give her a free chart, gift etc.

    Make up a flyer offering your other services. i.e. charts, cassette readings, products and so on. On many occasions you'll walk out of the party with more money from product sales than from the readings themselves.

    Use referrals. Offer people a free reading or free chart or free dinner in exchange for setting up a party.

    source: Amazing Palmistry Secrets: A Shortcut to Professional Palmistry

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    Sign of a cross on the marriage life (obstacles in marriage/love affairs) - Palmistry

    If sign of a cross is noticed on the line of affection, the native will encounter, face a number of hurdles in the way of his marriage or/and love affair (see fig. 327). It is my expert opinion that wife of such a native is a scholarly lady but, despite this, the conclusive period of her marriage is ridden with painful and problematic episodes. (

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    Marriage-line bent like a hook (Bitter marital relations) - Palm Reading

    If the affection-line turns or shapes like a hook at the terminal point (see fig. 337), then the marital relations are to remain strained, with hardly any chance of retrieval to normalcy.

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    Signs on Lifeline Palmistry

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    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    Hand Image Of Ranveer Singh - Palm Reading

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    Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?
    Answer: Contact me at Email ID:

    Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

    Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

    Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

    Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

    Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

    Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

    Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

    Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

    Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

    Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

    Question: How to capture palm images?

    Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

    Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

    Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

    Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

    Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:- 

    • Your Gender: Male/Female 
    • Your Age: 
    • Your Location: 
    • Your Questions: 

    Question: How much the detailed palm reading costs?

    Answer: Cost of palm reading:

    • India: Rs. 600/- 
    • Outside Of India: 20 USD

    ( For instant palm reading in 24 hours you need to pay extra Rs. 500 or 15 USD ) 

    Question: How you will confirm that I have made payment?

    Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

    • UTR/Reference number of transaction. 
    • Screenshot of payment. 
    • Receipt/slip photo of payment.

    Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you?

    Answer: Payment options for International Clients:

    International clients (those who are living outside of India) need to pay me 20 USD via PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer.

    • PayPal (PayPal ID :
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    • Western Union: Nitin Kumar Singhal from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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    Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

    • Indian client needs to pay me 600/- Rupees in my SBI Bank via netbanking or direct cash deposit.

    • SBI Bank: (State Bank of India)
           Nitin Kumar Singhal
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    • ICICI BANK: 
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    Email ID:


    In this palmistry website you will find palmistry articles in both Hindi and English languages with pictures, figures and diagrams. If you are interested in palmistry and want to become an expert then this blog will be helpful for you and guide you how to read palms.

    You can learn basics of palmistry, lines on hand, signs on hand, and you can learn about Indian Palmistry here.

    लाल किताब के प्रभावशाली टोटके

    यदि आप पारिवारिक या व्यवसायिक समस्या से मुक्ति पाना चाहते है तो यहाँ दिए गए उपायो को एक बार अवश्य करें । आपको अवश्य लाभ होगा । आज अधिकतर लोग किसी न किसी परेशानी से ग्रस्त है । किसी को व्यापार में घाटा हो रहा है , किसी को नौकरी नहीं मिल रही है , कोई भूत-प्रेत या ऊपरी हवाओ से परेशान है, कोई संतान के न होने से दुखी है तो कोई भयंकर रोगो से ग्रस्त है ।

    यहाँ पर प्राचीन टोन टोटके द्वारा  अनेक समस्याओ का समाधान प्रस्तुत किया गया है ।

    Client's Feedback - APRIL 2017

    If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.

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