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Most Popular Hindu/Indian Remedies | Upay & Totke

Remedies for business, career, job, enemy, evil planets, marriage, vashikaran and all aspects:

Remedies for business, career, job, enemy, evil planets, marriage, vashikaran and all aspects:

Remove all obstacles from life:
1.  Read “Aditya Hridya Strotam” every day.  It removes every type of problem from life, removes obstacles and progress and success in career, business, improvement in health and peace of mind is achieved.

2.  Offering water to sun at sunrise increases wealth and respect.

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Business growth & financial issue: 
3.  Every Saturday you need to pluck one peepal leave and wash it with gangajal and then energize it by chanting gayatri mantra.  After this keep this leave where you keep your money  Every Saturday you need to bring a new leave and put the old leave at peepal tree.

To get success in interview & exam:
4.  When you are going for interview take one lemon and insert four cloves in it and then chant the mantra “om shri hanumante namh” and blow on the lemon.  Now take this lemon with you in your purse or bag to the interview place.  When you are returning after interview throw this lemon at any crossroad or road and do not bring it back home.  You can get success in interview.

For good health, career & money problem:
5.  On Saturday night soak about 100 gram wheat in water and then on Sunday morning mix 50 gram of jaggery in it and give it to a cow to eat.  You need to do it on Sundays only.  Keep doing for a few months.  There is no problem if you miss on any Sunday in between Nitin Kumar Palmist.

To get success in career:
6.  Donate your old footwear (only leather shoes) to poor people on Saturday (this will reduce hurdles in your career life).  

Black magic problem: 
7.  Take 3-4 green chilies, let them dry in sunlight.  Now collect juice of one lemon in a bowl.  Now dip all chilies in the bowl of lemon juice and later burn those chilies.  Now, collect the ashes and things left after the chillies have burnt and drop them on the main gate of your house  You will see good results in every aspect of your life.  Do this on Saturday and no one should be seeing you when you perform this.  You need to do this continuously for 11 Saturdays.

Conceive problem:
8.  Recite this mantar 108 times daily

Garbharakshambika Mantra..

Namo Devyai Maha Devyai Durgaayai Satatam Namaha |

Putra Sowkhyam Dehidehi Garbharakshaam Kurushvanaha ||

Fulfill of wish:

9.  Donate these below items in a temple on Wednesday:
       Wheat 250 gm
       Jaggery 250 gm
       Bajara 250 gm
       Cooking oil 250 gm
       Ghee 250 mg

Remove hurdles from life:
10.  On Saturday you need to light a diya with four battis with mustard oil at a lonely place and do your prayer.

11.  Every Saturday light diya with mustard oil outside your main gate.  On each Saturday you need to light a new diya and put the old diya in a peepal tree.

Vashikaran Mantra:
12.  Mantra: "Om Vashyamukhi Rajmukhi Swaha:


You need to start in early morning before sunrise (4:00 AM to 
5:30 AM).

In Morning you have not to talk to anybody and not spit, and not urinate or defecate.  Nobody should be able to see you when doing mantra.
First thing in the morning you have to do the mantra.  You have to do continuously for 21 days.

In Morning you can do it in bathroom or terrace.  Take water in your mouth and recite this mantra seven times in your mind and then throw the water out of your mouth.  Then again fill your mouth with water and again recite mantra for seven times and then again throw water out of mouth.  You need to perform this procedure seven times (that is seven times you will be filling your mouth with water reciting the mantra seven times each time)

It means that you will be reciting the mantra 49 times in one day.  In 21 days you will have recited the mantra 1029 times

While reciting the Mantra you have to also think about the boy also.  That is you need to keep his picture in your mind

Husband Vashikaran:
13.  On Thursday or Friday night between 11 to 12 cut a few hair from your husbands head and put them at a place where he cannot see them.  By doing this he will start agreeing to what you say.  After a few days keep these hair under your foot and thrash them and then throw them out.  This will be more effective if done during your menstrual cycle.

Fulfill your wish with coin:
14.  Put a 1 rupee coin under your pillow on Saturday and then on Sunday morning throw this coin at any graveyard or where funerals are performed.  You should not be called from behind from anyone while leaving from home and you should talk to anyone when leaving.  While throwing the coin you have to say “ He ma durge and all other powers that are here it is my prayer to you that my work (say whatever work you want to get done) be done soon.  Then come back home.

To get rid of buri nazar/evil eye15.  Utara (Removing negative energy/evil influence)
Bring some sand from outside of your main gate (from place between road/street and your main gate from where people enter your home).  Now mix some red chilli powder, rai (black mustard seed), and salt to that sand.  Now rotate the utensil (in which this mixture is) in a clockwise direction seven times like doing arti to the person who is affected with evil influence.  After this burn this mixture in a pan (tawa) and then when it cools down throw it on the road.  It can be done on any day and if improvement is not felt then it can be done again also.

For Peace in Home and Removing Obstacles in Business:
16. If business running smoothly is disturbed or peace at home disturbed due to evil influence this remedy will help

On any amavasya or Saturday take one lemon and cut it in four pieces, some yellow mustard, 21 black pepper, 7 cloves.  Put all these things anywhere in your shop/factory or home.  In evening tie all these in a black cloth and go and throw this into a well that is dry and not having any water (Never throw in a well with water).  Do this every month.  Evil influence/negative energy from business or home will be removed and it will start running smoothly like before again

Husband/Wife Vashikaran:
17.  On a bhojpatra write down the name of husband/wife with a red pen.  Now chant “om shri hanumante namh” 21 times and blow on the bhojpatra and then dip this bhojpatra in a bottle of honey and close the bottle and put this bottle in a corner of house where nobody can see it.  Hopefully you will see the results soon.

18.  On a Saturday night take seven cloves and then blow on them by taking your husband/lover’s name 21 times.  On Sunday morning burn these and throw the ash on road.  Do this for seven Saturdays continuously.

19.  This is to be done when you are having menstrual period.  In night take all your clothes off and take seven cloves in your right hand and then take 21 times name of your husband/lover and blow on the cloves.  Now put these cloves inside your vagina and put back clothes on and go to sleep.  Next morning take out all the cloves and after drying them make powder of them and sprinkle this powder in your husband/lover’s hair or mix in his food which he will eat.

To remove tantrik kriya:
20.  To remove tantrik kriya done by enemies due to which problem in business/home:  Take 1-1/2 kg black gram, 1-1/2 kg coal and tie them in 1-1/2 meter length black cloth.  Now rotate it on your head 21 times and then on Saturday throw this in running water and think of lord hanuman in your mind.  Do this for seven Saturdays continuously.

21.  Start reading “Bajrang Ban” on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Safety of house from evil eye:
22.  Outside your house on top of main gate place a trishul which has om sign joined.

To get rid of ghost/aatma:
23.  For problems due to evil spirit/supernatural power:  On Saturday take five clean peepal leaves which are not broken from anywhere and put five betel nut (supari) and two cloves on them.  After this rub sandalwood in gangajal and from this write “ramdutay hanuman” on the leaves two times.  Now light dhoop batti and agarbatti in front of these leaves.  Now pray to free the person (take full name of the person and his/her mother’s name) from evil influence.  After this collect all the leaves and take them and put them under a peepal tree.  For a few months do this every Saturday

Husband/Wife vashikaran:
24  This needs to be done on a Friday night.

Take a white paper and write down the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on it using a lipstick.  Now spray some perfume on this.  Now put this paper in an envelope and also put some rose petals in the envelope.  Now kiss the envelope and pray that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife starts loving you and listening to you.  Now you have to hide this envelope in your house so that no body opens it.

All these remedies work and you will benefit from doing these but you need to do them with full faith and should not expect results overnight.



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