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Dream Meaning Walking With Dead Person

Dreams Interpretation - Dead

Dream Meaning Walking With Dead Person

You see yourself lying in the dead bed; you are in the coffin and as soon as the box is closed and you are buried, you wake up with a chill in your spine! 

It is quite common to see yourself dead in your dreams, especially if you are going through a terrible and emotionally disturbed waking life.

Seeing yourself dead in your dreams indicates closure of something that was important to you; it may mean a broken relationship for which you gave everything that you could, yet it couldn’t survive; it may also mean divorce or end of a healthy and beautiful relationship. 

Seeing yourself dead in your dreams indicates loss, but not financially. You may lose a good friend or may enter into a dispute with one of your loved ones. 

If you dream of a loved one’s death, it is time for you to solve all the problems that exist between you and him. No matter what the dispute lies between the two of you, it is the time to talk or else you will lose him forever.
Dreaming of a dead child indicates end of a project.

Death signifies fear, closure, end, spiritualism and also reincarnation. Let us not forget - your soul travels to another body when you die and you are reborn in the world with another name and another life. It also indicates second chance.
Dreaming of talking to a dead person indicates that you are being influenced by negative forces. If the speaker tries luring you to die, you may get suicidal thoughts in your waking life. IGNORE such thoughts and look at the brighter sides of your life. 

Talking to a dead friend, parent, grandparent or lover is a visit that he pays to you. Try remembering everything about the conversation as it may hold some information about your future.

Most Common Dead Dreams:
• You are dead - Dreaming of your death is an indication of an unachieved dream.
• You are dead, yet walking - If you dream of yourself walking and talking, even after death, it indicates that you are holding on to something that has already ended.
• Talking to a dead person - If you dream of talking to a dead person you don’t know in your waking life, you are unable to focus on your hidden talents.

  • Walking with dead person - Dreaming of walking with dead, a relative or loved one, is quite common. After all, the person may have played a big part in your life, as for instance a husband or wife. Therefore the influence of their existence is still very much a live in you.

  •  Dreams about a Dead husband or wife:  Many dreams of dead people come from women who have lost their husband. It is common to have disturbing dreams for some period afterwards; or not be able to dream about the husband or wife at all; or to see the partner in the distance but not get near.

    If You saw Your Laptop Broken In Your Dreams
     If You saw Your Laptop Broken In Your Dreams


    To dream of a laptop computer represents a higher level of interest in how you are thinking. You may be more motivated or excited to explore yourself or improve yourself. Whereas a regular computer reflects a general awareness of what you are thinking, a laptop reflects more enthusiasm in yourself. Awareness of yourself thinking in ways that are modern, making progress, or savvy. Liking organization, making serious plans, or thinking of issues related to success.

    What you do or see on a laptop computer symbolizes areas of your life that are the most interesting or motivating for you to think about. You may want to improve yourself, change beliefs, or cut out bad habits. Making plans on how to get ahead in life.

    Problems with your laptop computer reflect mistakes, bad choices, outdated beliefs, and faulty logic.

    To dream of losing or broken your laptop or having your laptop stolen may reflect fears of having to start over from scratch when you believed you were getting ahead in life. Losing power, employment, or resources that allow you think about the more interesting areas of your life. Feeling that you've lost your ability to get ahead in life or plan interesting things.

    If a laptop computer is your sole computing device then consider looking up the definition for "computers" for a more general explanation.

    Example: A young woman dreamed of having her laptop stolen. In waking life she feared losing her an extension on her employment. The loss of the laptop in this case may have reflected her fears of losing the ability to think of herself as a successful adult making progress in life if she lost her employment extension and her income. 

    What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Pregnant
    What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Pregnant

    Dreaming of pregnancy and being pregnant is very common. Nearly everyone has had a dream of being pregnant or dreaming someone else was pregnant at some point in their lives.

    Since pregnancy is a universal thing which we all experience in one way or another (either as a mother or as the child) - there are many possibilities on what this dream can mean.

    Here are some common pregnancy dream meanings:

    Creation: In many cases, dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes the "birth" of something. It can be a great new idea, a company, a small project, or other creative endeavor - whatever it is that you are meant to bring into this world. Many people who dream about being pregnant are in need of finding a creative outlet or are working on creating something in their waking lives.
    Growth and Development: Another common dream meaning for this symbol is personal growth and development. It can be aspects of your personal life, spirituality, your career or your relationships with others.
    Anxiety: If you are pregnant, dreaming about pregnancy can symbolize your natural anxieties and fears of everything being okay during the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery. If you are not currently pregnant (or are a male) and feel anxiety in the dream over a pregnancy, it can symbolize a fear to create or get started on a new project or career path.
    Mother Symbol: Pregnancy and motherhood go hand in hand, and it is also not uncommon for pregnancy to be a symbol of one's mother, or "mother's instincts" one may have. If you have children, the dream may be a symbol for you questioning your mothering ability.
    Someone Else Pregnant: To dream someone else is pregnant can symbolize that a change is happening. It can also symbolize jealousy or that you may be comparing yourself to others.
    Wish Fulfillment: If you are actively trying to get pregnant in your waking life, dreaming of being pregnant could be a wish fulfillment dream or it could be a precognitive dream that you may be pregnant. Wish fulfillment dreams are a way for you to express your desires to the universe, precognitive dreams can predict the future. While it is more often a wish fulfillment dream than a precognitive dream, it can still emphasize that you are on the right path to conceiving.

    Here are some tips to help you interpret your dream about pregnancy:

    What are your thoughts about pregnancy? Everyone has different views on pregnancy. Some people find it to be very exciting, such as couples who have been trying to conceive. Others may find it terrifying, such as someone who does not want to be pregnant. Identifying your own personal thoughts about pregnancy, and writing your own definition of pregnancy can help you better understand this common dream symbol.
    Are you currently pregnant? Dreams during pregnancy can be especially strange and vivid. You may have many anxieties over the pregnancy, or wonder much what it might be like to have a new child. While dreams can sometimes be precognitive in nature, they usually are not, and generally just reflect the natural ups and downs of pregnancy emotions and mood swings. Try not to fret too much about the dreams you are having, and if they continue to puzzle or trouble you, mention them to your doctor.
    Are You a Man? Men can dream of being pregnant, which surely is a startling dream! It can symbolize your desire (or fear) of having children someday, or it could symbolize the motherly instinct that you may be missing or fulfilling in an unconventional way. Typically for men though, it means a new project, business, idea, or need to express one's creativity.
    Do you have additional dream interpretations or meanings for pregnancy and being pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    What Does It Mean To Dream You Are Been Raped By Your Dad


    What Does It Mean To Dream You Are Been Raped By Your Dad

    A dream symbols importance is not so much with the symbol itself but rather the thoughts that we associate with it. Therefore a rape dream could symbolise total humiliation.
    RESEARCH INTO DREAMS OF RAPE : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "rape" dream may translate into this type of emotion - "I felt violated by my boss yesterday. The way he spoke to me totally humiliated me". The rape would therefore be a symbol for the feelings of "humiliation" and "violation". The dream simply uses the rape to express these specific feelings. Its meaning can be translated into these words "humiliation" and "violation".
    This section will give you an insight into virtually any rape dream.
    "humiliation" (Rape in a dream may just mean that you were humiliated the day before - humiliation being one of the most common emotions during rape)
    "abuse" (Rape could link to any abusive behaviour. Some people say they felt as if they were raped to signify some situation where they feel totally abused)
    "violated" (try to think of any incident which made you feel disgusted or tainted.)
    "male power" (think of any issue involving male dominance or male power over women.)
    "sexually inappropriate behaviour" (Any sexual harassment may trigger a rape dream. Its the minds way of saying that this person has no respect for women and could even be a potential rapist)
    "callous" (did anyone behave callously yesterday - did they behave in a cold and heartless way, like a rapist)
    "sly and hurtful" (Did anyone say something yesterday with the intention of hurting you or others - just in the way a rapist would)
    "a bleak view" (The mind may occasionally use rape as a metaphor in a much wider sense - environmentalists say we are raping the world. Have you got a very bleak view of the world thinking people possible of only bad things?)
    "taken advantage of" (who took advantage of you yesterday?)
    "betrayal" (rape is a very powerful symbol and can link to any other extreme situations such as a complete betrayal)
    "violence towards women" (Just think of anything that links to violence towards women)
    "man hater" (maybe your dream was caused by a woman who expects the worst from men. Some women think all men are evil and potential rapists)
    "being used" (Rape may occasionally indicate that you feel used in some way in life e.g. a boss using an employee. Do you feel used by a friend?)
    A dream symbol can translate into a specific word or phrase. Rape could translate into the phrase "unbelievably vile" and the dream could represent your feelings about some situation right now where that emotion was important. - "expecting the worst from people" (rape is a powerful metaphor and can link to any situation where we expect the worst from people e.g. cowboy builders)
    "actually raped" (if you actually have been raped then the rape dream could link to that. You have maybe been thinking about how you have been dealing with this traumatic event - monitoring how well you have been getting over the pain)
    "sexual harassment" (rape can be the minds way of saying - he could be a rapist or he is sexist. So a rape dream could link to any sexual harassment)
    "awkward and nervous about sex" (A virgin may feel violated by any man, even a caring and loving partner.)
    "kinky sex" (rape could hint occasionally of a preference for wild sex.)
    "innocence" (we associate rape with victims who are completely blameless and innocent. So rape can represent any innocence lost. Can you think of anyone who has lost their innocence recently? Has someone who is rather naive been tainted by the world? Have your children grown up quickly and been subjected to the harsh reality of the world around them?)
    Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "I was sexually harassed yesterday" then the "rape" is symbolic of the man's attempt to dominate a woman sexually and for his lack of respect for women in general.
    Rape dreams can have odd meanings. For instance a dream about children being raped was linked to the dreamers extremely bleak view of the world - she felt that there was only pain in the world. So really her "gang rape" dream could translate into the words "a bleak view of the world". What better way to express your pessimism for the world in general by showing the darkest crime committed against the most innocent.
    In fact rape dreams can be your minds way of saying the word "vile". A dream about the dreamers daughter being gang raped was linked to the dreamer finding out the man she loved was having sex with men. The rape symbolised the feelings she felt about this - she was disgusted and utterly humiliated. The story contained in the dream was a symbol for how vile she thought her ex was.


    To dream of killing someone or that you are being murdered may suggest that your unconscious is trying to kill off an unpleasant or unneeded aspect of yourself. Dreams about murder may be releasing repressed rage or anger towards someone or something, possibly yourself.

    To dream of murdering your mother represents feelings about hurting your future or terminating opportunities. "Killing off" your good luck or making a drastic reversal of past decisions. Killing your mother may also reflect feelings about choice or plans you regret and now you feel you have to put an end to it. 

    Christian Dream Meaning Of Seeing Yourself Cooking What Does It Mean
    Christian dream meaning of seeing yourself cooking what does it mean

    Cooking can symbolize creativity.

    There is a delightful fable which tells how god baked the various ethnic races into being.



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