Types Of Fate Line In Palmistry

The Fate Line or Line of Saturn Shows Your Psychological Attitude towards Work and Material Prospects
The Fate Line is also called the Line of Destiny as well as the Line of Saturn. It is referred to as the Line of Saturn because it is under the influence of the planet Saturn. This line reveals the material prospects of the subject to a significant degree. It accurately records changes in career and job position during the lifetime of the subject. Periods of financial brightness or dullness can be worked out by a close study of the line. Financial losses, specific set-backs in married life, and periods of worry and anxiety are all reflected in the structure of the line. By itself, the Fate Line does not give any health indications, but it most accurately shows the effect of good health or poor health upon the career of the subject.

The ideal Fate Line will be long, deep, clear and well cut. Such a line will bestow favorable effects on the career of the subject. This type of line has got plenty of potential to brighten the material prospects and general success of the subject.

Origin of the Fate Line
The Fate Line or Line of Saturn can start from various places in the hand. It may start from the center of the palm or the Plain of Mars as it is called in this science. In astrology Mars symbolizes strife, struggle and determined efforts. Such an origin means that the subject will really have to struggle very hard to achieve success in life. It will only be by "blood, sweat, toil and tears", to use Winston Churchill's famous phrase, that the subject's aims in life will be achieved. Mars and Saturn are malefic planets, hostile to each other. When the Fate Line starts from the Plain of Mars and ends on Saturn, there is a connection between Saturn and Mars in the career of the subject. Since Saturn and Mars are bitterly hostile to one another, it is easy to understand why such an origin shows a bitter struggle before success is achieved. Truly, such a subject will achieve success with practically no help from anyone.

The Fate Line Starting From The Plain Of Mars
The Fate Line Starting From The Plain Of Mars

In astrology, the planet Venus symbolizes, among other things, the family and relations of the subject. By family here, is meant the father, mother, brothers and sisters of the subject. You will sometimes find the Fate Line originating inside the Vitality Line, from the Mount of Venus. The life of such a subject will be strongly influenced by his family, and his career could be very strongly influenced by family members. It is observed through practical experience that such subjects will be very strongly attached to their families even after marriage.

The Fate Line can also have its origin from the first Bracelet or Rascette and travel straight up through the centre of the palm to end on the Mount of Saturn just under the second finger. With other favourable indications, this means that the subject will attain great heights in his career. It is a truth of hand analysis that a long, well-marked Fate Line shows that the subject is very much under the influence of fate.

The Fate Line Starting From Inside Of Mount Of Venus
The Fate Line Starting From Inside Of Mount Of Venus

You will often find the Fate Line rising from the Vitality Line. This means that the subject will be self-made and rise through personal merit. Most of the planning for his career will be done by the subject himself. In a few cases I have seen, such origins also mean that the subject initially secured help from family members.

The Fate Line Rising From The Vitality Line
The Fate Line Rising From The Vitality Line

The normal termination of the line is on the Mount of Saturn just at the base of the Saturn or middle finger. The earlier part of the line refers to the early years of the subject's life up to adolescence. From the plain of Mars up to the meeting point of the Fate Line and Line of Mentality, the ages twenty-one to thirty-five approximately are represented on the line. The subsequent part of the line represents, roughly, the ages of thirty-five to seventy. The principle is that the higher up the line appears in the palm, the later in life will success be achieved by the subject. The career only becomes meaningful when the Fate Line makes a distinct appearance in the palm.

The Fate Line Rising Only From The Line Of Mentality
The Fate Line Rising Only From The Line Of Mentality

If you are an experienced hand analyst, you will sometimes find the Fate Line starting from the Line of Mentality, and heading towards the direction pf the Mount of Saturn. Naturally, in such a case, there will be no Fate Line from the wrist to the Head Line. Such a line means that the subject will achieve success through intensive planning and mental ability. We can easily understand how mental ability enters the picture because the Fate Line touches the Line of Mentality. This line will also mean that success will only be achieved in middle age, from approximately the age of thirty-five.

Sometimes you will find the Fate Line starting only from the Heart Line and ending on the Mount of Saturn. This will mean that success will come to the subject very late in life, starting approximately from the age of forty five. It is not often that even a very experienced hand analyst encounters such a formation of the Fate Line.

The Fate Line Rising From The Mount Of Moon
The Fate Line Rising From The Mount Of Moon

The Planet Moon represents public appeal, water, foreign travel, foreign contacts, migration and the feminine element in astrology. The Fate Line can also start from the Mount of Moon and rise to the Mount of Saturn. Such a subject can achieve success in a career that deals largely with the public. We hand analysts find such an origin of the Fate Line very often on the hands of doctors, lawyers, politicians, entertainers, hand analysts and astrologers. It will readily be perceived that these people owe their success to the approval and appreciation of the public. With such a line, the subject will get plenty of help from outside contacts and pretty often also from the opposite sex. If the Marriage Line or Line of Affection is favorable, the Mount of Venus is well-formed and free of defects, and the Fate Line is strong and well-marked, the subject with this formation will definitely get substantial help from his or her spouse. This help need not always be financial or material. It can also mean good, timely advice, or introduction and recommendation to influential parties.

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