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Mole On Right & Left Hand Of Women/Men Means

Moles On Mounts & Fingers - Palmistry

mole palmistry

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Fate Line Starts From Mount Of Rahu In Palmistry

If Fate line starts from Mount of Rahu or starts from below head line indicates struggle till age 27/28, career (job/service) starts from age 27/28, stability in career only after age 27/28.

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Thumb Palmistry

                                                         THE THUMB OF THE HAND

Indirectly, the thumb is the representative of the entire hand/palm. The thumb is surprisingly more important than the lines on the palm. Although the thumb is one of the five fingers right from times immemorial unexpected significance is coveted to the thumb. That is the reason why it is known as the king of the palm.

Without the thumb neither does one does not get a grip on holding a particular thing nor do the four fingers get support to join at one place or point. The structure of the thumb and its placing make a human being different form other unevolved animals. The thumb is the signifier of one's will power and just adjoined to the thumb is the Mount of Venus. The Mount of Venus is an indicator of love, pity, compassion, sexuality and vitality but in no way is the thumb associated to the mount of Venus and nor does it represent any aspect of the Mount of Venus. On the contrary, the thumb represents judiciousness and mentality, nature, temperament etc. According to 'Samudra Tilak', a good thumb should be straight, smooth, round and long enough and should curve towards the right side. If the thumb is healthy, firm and fleshy it denotes a wealthy man. If below a person's thumb there is a sign of 'barley' it makes the person very intelligent and virtuous. Similarly if person's thumb between the phalanges there is a sign of barley, then it makes the person very fortunate.

If around the thumb, there are 3 circles of barley then this person is a king or if not at least a minister of the king. This person will own a number of vehicles.

If the length of the thumb is till the middle of the third phalange of the index finger then the thumb is considered of normal average length. The thumb, which reaches below the middle of the third phalange, is a small thumb.

People possessing the thumb longer than average normal are people who are very attractive and are those who desire power. If the thumb is equally long along with the index finger and if the Mount of Jupiter is equally developed then this person attains a very high designation or position in society. According to Western philosophers, the thumb, which is not only long but also fat and thick, is known as elementary thumb. People possessing such thumbs are people of animal nature, lose control over senses and are dacoits. They are people whom although are physically strong, are mentally weak and are egoists.

If the thumb is long and slender it is a signifier of health and vitality. These people are well educated and are blessed with aesthetic and poetic talent. But developments in their life often take place slowly.

If the thumb is short and firm then it indicates a person having bad temper and fire to take vengeance against his enemy. He is also said to be surreptitious and treacherous. If the thumb is short and slender, these people are devoid of will power and courage.

If the structure of the thumb itself is uneven such a person is treacherous, a robber and a fraud. Such a person is cursed with inferiority, bad temper and violent nature. He has no interest in God and spirituality and he considers them meaningless and worthless. Such a person is often stigmatized by society.

If the nail part of the thumb is mace-shaped and if the second phalange is slender, this is often known as 'murderer's thumb'. Such people are violent natured and it is natural for them to murder anyone with weapon whatsoever. These are people who do not repent over anything in life.

If the circular portion of the upper portion of a thumb is very much even an smooth, such a person is selfish and is parochial in his approach. Although such people are materially and financially well off, they are misers and avoid spending as much as they can. These people are very efficient in handling business and domestic work. These people avoid meeting people and abhor the company of many people.

If the thumb is firm and does not bend behind these people are people with strong perseverance and will power and are idealistic. These people avoid company of people. If the thumb is flexible and bends behind, these people befriend men or women very easily, are people of benevolent disposition and are people who tend to overspend. Such persons often waste money and time and seldom bother about them. They mould themselves very easily into situations and adjust to new people and surroundings very easily.

Persons having a firm thumb are people who value time, save money and because of their strong perseverance, complete and accomplish the work once decided. They are very efficient and sincere.


If all the fingers are brought together and if the thumb is by force pulled by and if it creates a 90 degrees angle (right angle), it shows a person of balanced thought. If the angle between the fingers and the thumb is less than 90 degrees then it shows lack of balance and independent thought. As the angle becomes less, it shows more and more inclination towards orthodoxy and traditions.

If the angle created between the fingers and the thumb is more than 90 degrees, it denotes a person of total independent thought and does not listen to any advice whatsoever.

A long and a firm thumb is the best thumb. The body of a chimpanzee is very much alike the body of a human being but the thumb does not even reach the base of the third phalange of the index finger. This proves that the length of the thumb is directly proportional to one's intelligence and vitality and judiciousness.

When a child takes birth, its thumb is hidden in between the fingers denoting that its will powers is very weak. If the thumb is not within the fold of the fingers then it denotes a mentally strong disposition.

A strong mental disposition is a backbone of a person's task to be accomplished. The structure of the thumb determines a big position of one's life. The 3 phalanges of a finger determine will power and logic/reasoning respectively. The breadth and vitality of these phalanges denote the existence of that particular energy respectively. Keyword:- how to stop thumb sucking.


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Life Line Ends On Bracelet Line In Palmistry

Lifeline Bracelet

Check Your Longevity From Life Line

Bracelet Lifeline :

If your lifeline is good and long and ends on bracelet line then it indicates long life but if your lifeline cross or cuts your bracelet line then it indicates bad health.  if your lifeline is short then it indicates bad health.

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Star On Sun Line Palmistry

palmistry star on hand, star on thumb in palmistry, movie star planet, world star hip hop, star trek , star trek into darkness pawn star married, toronto star, star wars the old republic, lego star wars

Star on Sun Line or Fame Line is a lucky sign.  If star is present at the end/top of the Sun Line or bottom/starting of Sun Line then indicates subject will get fame & wealth, Famous person, Fortunate Sign, Rich, Talented, & Success from others help.

Star on Sun Line at the middle of palm or star on Sun Line at the Plain Of Mars indicates obstacles in life, unlucky, and misfortune.

The star at the end of the sun line is certainly favorable. The subject will achieve fame, perhaps even international fame, if the star is well formed and the other lines favorable as well. However the star on this mount and line has also a sinister interpretations: although the subject will be well known or famous, there will be very little happiness or peace of mind. Perhaps the very success of the subject will arouse envy, anger and hatred in others.

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Wavy Life Line Palmistry

Wavy Life Line Palm Reading

Wavy Life Line

Wavy Life Line:  Instability in life and frequent health problems.  Weak Health. 

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Hindi Articles Palm Reading-Hast Rekha

Palmistry Articles In Hindi

Hindu Palmistry Signs-Chinha-Symbol

भारतीय सामुद्रिक शास्त्र में हथेली के निशानो में रथ, पर्वत, झण्डा, हाथी, घोडा, कमल, तराजू वृक्ष, गज, शेर, धनुष, तलवार, गद्दा, हल, मंदिर, छत्र, छाता , मछली, मगरमच्छ शंख, ध्वज, पताका, बैल, मयूर, सर्प, मुकुट, कछुआ, तीर, जहाज, पेड़, देवयान, दर्पण, और सिंहासन आदी कि  चर्चा मिलती है लेकिन ये आकृतिया जैसे हमको हकीकत में या चित्रो में नजर आती है वैसे हाथो में नहीं पायी जाती है |

जैसे मछली चिन्ह एक बड़ा द्वीप होता है जो जीवन रेखा के अंत में जीवन रेखा से निकली हुई शाखा से बना होता है जो घूमकर जीवन रेखा पर बड़ा द्वीप बनती है ना की जैसी हकीकत में मछली होती है वैसा चिन्ह होता है  |

जैसे कमल हकीकत में दिखता है वैसा हाथ में नहीं पाया जाता है ! जब भी हार्ट लाइन पर गुरु पर्वत के नीचे त्रिकोण बना होता है तो वह कमल चिन्ह कहलाता है  |

जैसे तस्वीर हम तलवार कि चित्रो में देखते है वैसी हाथो में नहीं पायी जाती है बल्कि जब कोई प्रभाव रेखा किसी मुख्या रेखा के बिलकुल समांतर सटी हुई कुछ देर चलती है तो उसको कुठारा रेखा या तलवार चिन्ह कहते है  |

जैसे हम चित्रो में मंदिर देखते है वैसा हाथो में नहीं होता है हाथ में मंदिर चिन्ह तब बनता है जब वर्ग के ऊपर त्रिकोण बना हो  |

जब कोई रेखा लहरदार होती है तो वह सर्प रेखा कहलाती है |

जब किसी मुख्या रेखा से काफी छोटी-छोटी रेखाए ऊपर कि और निकल रही हो या जा रही हो तो उस रेखा वृक्ष रेखा या पेड़ चिन्ह बोलते है  |

भंवरा चिन्ह हाथो कि उंगलियो और अंगूठे के सिरे में जो चक्र पाया जाता है उसको बोलते है  |

Bhartiya Samudrik Shastra mein hatheli ke nishaano mein Rath, Parvat, Jhanda, Haathi, Ghoda, Kamal, Taraju, Vriksha, Gaj, Sher, Sinha, Dhanush, Talwar, Gadha, Gadda, Hal, Mandir, Chatri, Chata, Chattar, Macchili, Magarmucch, Shankh, Dhund, Dhawaja, Pataka, Bail, Suyra, Umbrella, Chandra, Mayur, Kachua, Bhala, Mukut, Sarp, Teer, Jahaaj, Ped, Devyan, Darpan, chhatra, aur Shinhasan aadhi ki charcha milti hai.  Ye aakritiya jaise hakikat ya chitro mein dikhai deti hai, vaisi haatho mein nahi milti hai.

Jaise macchli chinha jeevan rekha ke ant mein ek bada dweep hota hai na ki jaise hakikat mein macchli dikhti hai waise aakriti hoti hai.

Jaise Kamal chinha hakikat mein dikhta hai waisa haath mein nahi dikhta hai.  Heart line pr yadi guru parvat ke neche triagle bana hua hota hai to usko lotus sign kahte hai.

Jaise tasweer hum talwar ki chitro mein dekhte waise haath mein nahi hoti hai.  Yadi kisi mukhya rekha ke saath koi prabhav rekha bilkul sameep samantar chalti jaay kuch door to usko kuthar rekha ya talwar chinha bolte hai.

Jaise Mandir chitro mein paya jata hai waisa haatho mein nahi hota hai jab square ke saath triangle mil jata hai ya square ke upar triangle ban jata hai to usko temple sign bolte hai.

Jab koi rekha lahardaar hoti hai to usko sarpa rekha bolte hai.

Jab kisi mukhya rekha (major line) se kaafi branches uppar ki aur jaati hai to usko vriksha rekha ya tree sign bolte hai.

Bhanwara chinha jo ki ungliyo aur anghoote ke tips pr jo whorl banta hai usko bolte hai.

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Hindi Names of Hand Lines

Hindi Names of Palm Lines Palmistry

Life Line: 

Jeevan Rekha, Pitra Rekha, Gotra Rekha, and Kul Rekha.

जीवन रेखा , पितृ रेखा, गोत्र रेखा , और कुल रेखा |

Head Line/Mental Line:  

Mastak Rekha, Matra Rekha, Dhan Rekha, Sheersh Rekha, Vibhav Rekha, Darvya Rekha, and Vyagrah Vilas Leela Rekha.

मस्तक रेखा , मातृ रेखा , धन रेखा , शीर्ष रेखा , विभव रेखा , द्रव्य रेखा , और व्यग्र विलास लीला रेखा |

Heart Line:  

Hridya Rekha, Aayu Rekha, and Sheel Gun Rekha.

हृदय रेखा , शील गुण रेखा, आयु रेखा |

Fate Line:  

Bhagya Rekha, Urdhav Rekha, Prarbdh Rekha, Bhavitvyata Rekha, Dhan Rekha, Vibhav Rekha, Madhya Rekha, Shani Rekha, Indira Rehkha, Nad Rekha and Rajyaprdaayi Rekha.

भाग्य रेखा,  उर्ध्व रेखा,प्रबध रेखा , भवितव्यता रेखा , धन रेखा, वैभव रेखा, मध्य रेखा, शनि रेखा , इंदिरा रेखा, नाद रेखा, राज्प्रदायी रेखा |

Sun Line (Line of Success, Line of Brilliancy, Line of Apollo):  

Pratibha Rekha, Safalta Rekha, Yash Rekha, Dharm Rekha, Punya Rekha, Vidhya Rekha, Vivek Rekha, Gyan Rekha, Partishta Rekha, and Aishwarya Rekha.

प्रतिभा रेखा, सफलता रेखा, यश रेखा, धरम रेखा, पुण्य रेखा, विद्या रेखा, विवेक रेखा, ज्ञान रेखा, प्रतिष्ठा  रेखा , और ऐश्वर्या रेखा |

Health Line (Liver Line, Line of Hepatic, Business Line, Line of Mercury): 

Budh Rekha, Swasthaya Rekha, Vyapaar Rekha, and Aarogya Rekha.

व्यापार रेखा , बुध रेखा, स्वास्थ्य रेखा और आरोग्य रेखा |

Marriage Line (Line of Love, Union Line, Line of Union, Sex Line): 

Anurag Rekha, Prem Rekha, Lalana Rekha, Jeevansathi Rekha, Aasakti Rekha aur Vivah Rekha.

अनुराग रेखा, प्रेम रेखा, ललन रेखा, जीवनसाथी रेखा, आसक्ति रेखा और विवाह रेखा |

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Lines Found On The Palm Palmistry

Life Line

Life Line - Yoga, Signs and Misconceptions  - Whenever you make a prediction from the Life Line, it is very important that you see the Life Line of both hands! While making predictions using all the yogas of the Life Line mentioned herein, follow the above rule.  Palmistry Ebook.

life line, head line, sun line, mount of jupiter

1. People often get caught in anxiety by looking at their little Life Line in their hand, thinking perhaps God has given them a short age, but it is not so! The small Life Line never means less age! Those people whose Life Line goes up to the wrists (Bracelet) or are having very long and clear Life Lines also become the victim of untimely death, and on the other hand those people having a small and unclear Life Line spend a 100 years of life without any physical sufferings! It is never appropriate to guess the age from the Life Line!  From the Life Line the ups and downs in the person's health and family situation are estimated.  Palmistry In Islam.

2. Dual Life Line does not mean that a person cannot die early, such a person can also have an accidental death! Dual Life Line does not mean that there will never be any disease in life, such a person can also have a life-threatening illness! Dual Life Line does not mean that the person will lead a double life in the same life! Dual Life Line is found in very few people's hands, in reality most people understand the Mars line and the fate line passing nearby as the Life Line, that is why they understand the double Life Line in their hands! Dual life line means that if the main Life Line is faulty and the second Life Line is free from it, then the person will be saved from the difficulties in life, to a large extent! If the double Life Line is in the hands of the person then the possibility of getting a new life (escaping from fatal incidents/diseases) increases. Palm Reading Denver Co.

3. Life Line being separated in two parts does not mean that the person will die at that time!  Even if the Life Line is broken in both hands, it is not appropriate to guess the death! From breaking of Life Line, we can estimate that at that time there should be troubles or change in the family life of the person or the person can suffer any physical problem! If the part of the Life Line that starts after breaking is good then we can guess that a person will soon be able to get rid of all the troubles and soon everything will be back on track in his life. 

4. The person whose Life Line is straight has to struggle in life, but the person whose Life Line is spherical, does not have to struggle so much! If the person's Life Line is straight then he has struggles in marital and family life.

5. If the Life Line in the hands of a person appears to be like Gaupuch (cow’s tail) in the beginning, then such a person's health is not good in childhood! Such a person keeps getting liver/stomach problems! Such a person can have jaundice! Such an individual is having strained relations with his father. Palm Reading Child Lines.

6. If the Life Line and the Head Line in the hands of the person are grooved with one another, meaning that both of them together with each other are making many crosses, then the nature of such a person is sensual! Such a person is highly masturbating and having sensual thinking! Such a person gets afraid easily.

7. If there is a branch coming out from the very end of the Life Line going to the moon mount then the person is more likely to get diabetes. Palm Reading Marriage Age.

8. If the Life Line starts from the root of the thumb, then the life of such a person has struggles.

9. If the Life Line starts from Jupiter Mount, then such persons are very ambitious and they have a higher ego too. Palm Reading NYC.

10. If Life Line starts from a few distance, then such a person's childhood is filled with struggle! Person has to face physical or family problems in childhood.  Palm Reading Near Me.

11. If the end of the Life Line is on the moon mount then the death of such a person is far from the place of birth or we can estimate that such a person will get settled abroad forever! If a woman has this in her hand, then she is likely to have uterine disease and if a male has this then there is a possibility of getting venereal disease.

12. If the Life Line breaks down under the mount of Jupiter then such person can get injured by falling from height. Such person suffers from inferiority complex! Life Line is broken down under whichever mount problems and diseases related to that mount comes in the life of the person! What is the disease from which mount will be told in the section of the Mount.  Palm Reading Psychic Cross.

13. If the Life Line breaks down under the Saturn mount, such a person is at risk of being hurt by arms! Such a person is a loner. Palm Reading Relationship.

14. If the Life Line breaks down under the sun mount then such a person gets failure in the work, he also receives family infamy.  Psychic Reading West Palm Beach.

15. If the Life Line in the hands of a person is wavy, ladder like, having islands, and formed in pieces, then all have the same meaning that health or family problem keeps going on in life.

16. If the Life Line in the end is like a cow tail, then there are problems in old age.

17. If there is a branch from the end of the Life Line going to the mount of Venus then marital life is not good.

18. The small lines rising above the Life Line gives auspicious indication, the same downward lines gives an inauspicious indication! Progress should be guessed from the above going lines and disease and family problems should be guessed from the downward lines.

19. At the end of the Life Line, a cross joining the Life Line indicates quietude or imprisonment.

20. If a branch comes out from within the Life Line and goes to mount of Venus along with it, then it means there is effect of a particular person in the life of the person.

21. If there is a big island at the beginning of the Life Line, then it means that the person would have suffered very troublesome period as soon as he was born! If there are multiple islands one after another at the beginning of the Life Line, then it means that the person must have suffered illness for a long time! If the person does not get sick, then surely the family would have suffered after the birth of the person! You may have read in different books that if there is an island in the beginning of the Life Line, then there is some secret involved with the person's birth but it is not the case with everyone so this should be carefully predicted, after making sure that the big island is present at the very beginning of the Life Line in both hands.

22. If the island is in the middle of the Life Line, it means that the person will have to undergo any illness or family problems.  How to read someone's Future.

23. If the island is at the end of the Life Line, then it means bad health and prolonged illness at the end of life before death.

24. If the Life Line is cut by some lines coming from the lower Mars, then it means interference of the family in the life of the person, which keeps the person worried.

25. If a line originating from the Life Line goes to the mount of Jupiter then such person has more ego and ambitions! Such a person has problems related to throat and liver.

26. If there is a square on the Life Line, then the person gets protection from the difficulties coming in life.

27. If Life Line is very small but fate line joining to the Life Line is originating then the beginning part of that fate line should be considered as the last part of the Life Line! So, it should not be guessed that the Life Line of this person is small therefore he will live short because here fate line will be working as a Life Line.

28. If the Life Line is broken in two parts and a line coming from one of these part covers the broken part of the Life Line, then it shows that there will be problems in the life of the person but he will get out of that trouble.

29. If the Life Line is broken in two parts and the lines from both parts are cutting each other inside then the person gets physical or family problem, but if the Life Line is good after that then he will soon get out of the trouble.

30. The small lines falling down from the end of the Life Line means person has to face physical problems in old age.

- Nitin Kumar

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Good Life After Retirement In Old Age: Palmistry

Palmistry: Good Life After Retirement In Old Age

There are so many signs on hand which indicates quality of life, of course all major lines are needs to be good.  If your major lines are not good then there are chances of health and relationship problem and if your sun line and fate line is not good then there are chances of financial problems.

Old Age Palmistry

Basic rules of palmistry to know about "Good life in old age"

1). If your sun line is good above heart line then it surely indicates good financial stability in old age.

2). If your first line of bracelet is good then it indicates good health in old age (also check life line).

3). If your fate line is  good above heart line and there is a trident on fate line then it indicates very good life after retirement.

4). If there is a vertical line of Mount of Jupiter from Life line then it indicates tension free life in old age.

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Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

Property line is a small vertical line between the Mercury and Apollo finger which drops downward. If it is clear and not cut then definitely indicates property. (1)

Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

If a branch from Health Line meets Head Line then it indicates inheritance. (2)

If a cross is present on first line of Manibandh (Bracelet) then it indicates inheritance. (3)

If an island on the thumb joint between the first and second phalange then it indicates person will enjoy on parental property and he won’t lack anything. (4)

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Palm Reading Tutorial For Beginners

Palm Reading Lesson -  Fate Line 

If the fate line is not in the hand then there is success in life after having a lot of struggles in life.  But there is a fate line in the palm and if it is cut by a line then it gives more trouble.

Due to this one has to face a lot of ups and downs in life.  According to Samudra Shastra, if any line originating from any side of palm cuts the fate line then it is a sign that the person should be cautious of the enemies otherwise he could be harmed. This also creates a situation of differences and discord in the family.

If a line originating from near the thumb cuts the fate line then it is a sign that the person can have illicit relations and he can do his own loss under the influence of lust.  Such a person has a loss of money and business due to sexual desires.  There are obstacles in progress.

palm reading fate line

Those who have a straight line from the wrist to the middle finger in their palm are very fortunate. In contrast, a waving fate line in the palm is not considered auspicious. They have to face repeated failures in business and job. There is a lot of fluctuation in life.

In the Samudrashastra it is said that it is not good to have the fate line coming and stopping on the heart line.  Such a person has to face failure in love. Such a person suffers in his career by being trapped in love affair.  The fate line coming and stopping at the head line indicates that the person may be harmed due to his some wrong decision and progress may be hindered.

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Combination Of Lines On Hand Indicates Subject Is Rich Or Poor

Rich and Poor Yogas

If there is a good fate line in the hand as well as a good sun line then the person enjoys happiness and prosperity in his life, and in contrast, if there is lack of fate line and sun line in the hand, then the person has to face difficulties in life!

In the hands of a wealthy person, origin of fate line is from Moon/Ketu mount and it ends on the Saturn mount without any defects! The fate line should be free of defects and should not be having many cuts, meaning that it should not be cut by any obstacle line! Along with the fate line there should be a good sun line without any defects! If there is such a fate line and sun line in the hand then the person without any doubt will be enjoying a luxurious life! (Fig-1)

Fig 2

The person who is wealthy since birth has the island between the first and second halves of his thumb! (Fig-2)


In the hands of the poor, the fate line and the sun line are often lacking! In the hands of the poor, there is a web of lines!  The person who is having a web of lines in his hand has to face many difficulties in life! The fate line and the sun line loses their effectiveness! Due to the formation of web of lines, there are continuous obstacles in the life of the person! (Fig. 3)

Hence, the more clear and without defects are the fate line and the sun line the more successful will be the person and the more defects the fate line and sun line have, the person will have to suffer as much difficulties!

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to Calculate Marriage Age In Palmistry


Palm Reading Marriage Line Age

Mark a dot on the root of third Phalange of Little Finger (fig 75-A) and then mark second dot on Heart Line (fig 75-B) and now draw a straight line to joint both dots. (fig 75-C)  Now, assume this distance to be 60 years.  Now, if you can make a dot in the middle of these two dots then it would be 30 years (central dot). (fig 75-D)  Now, make a dot between heart line and the central dot (30 year mark). (fig 75-E) This will be 15 years.  Now, make a dot between central dot and root of third Phalange of Little Finger. (fig 75-F) This will be 45 years.  By making dots in this way you could find out every year.  

You can also follow seven year method for calculate marriage age. (fig 75-G)

Now by relating the position of Marriage Line to the central dot (30-year mark) you can calculate age of marriage.

If Marriage Line is below the central dot then you can tell that the person should get married before 30 years of age. If Marriage Line is above the central dot then you can tell marriage will be after 30 years of age.

Take into consideration the strongest Marriage Line.  Furthermore, you also have to decide according to the gender, country, culture, religion and background of the subject when deciding on age.

It needs practice.  You can see different palms and the gap between Heart Line and little finger varies from person to person, so you need practice as one scale may not be correct for every palm but the basic rules will be same as shown in figure.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Prediction Of Cross Sign On Mounts In Palmistry

What is the meaning of Cross Sign On Mounts?

Cross on Mount of Jupiter: - Cross on Mount of Jupiter gives results. Such person is lucky in matters of love. Person gets married in a good family. I have a lot of money in the house. If the cross in below the index finger then the person is married or has affair very late, after 40 years of age. If the cross is between life line and the index finger then the person gets married after 30 years of age. If the cross is near life line then marriage or affair of person happens in adolescent age. You have to take into account marriage line too and the cross should be independent. Person having cross on guru mount has idealistic and religious thinking but if any obstructing lines are cutting the cross then auspicious results turn into inauspicious. 

Prediction Of Cross Sign On Mounts In Palmistry

Cross on Mount of Saturn: - Cross on the Saturn mount gives inauspicious results. Such a person is unfortunate. Such a person is fanatic. If the cross is near or below the middle finger, such a person does not have a child, and such a person practices tantra mantra and witchcraft.

Cross on Mount of Sun: -Cross on sun mount indicates person faces failures in getting govt. job and also not getting success in the field of his talent. Such person gets more disappointed as he tries hard to get success.

Cross on Mount of Mercury:- Such a person can be a fraud. Such a person makes money from dishonesty. Such a person always deceits others.

Cross on Mount of Moon:- Such a person is afraid of water, gets diabetes. Gets troubled by sinus problem and gets married late. Cross on Moon Mount gives inauspicious results.

Cross on Ketu Mount: Such person’s childhood passes in anonymity and he remains ill in childhood. Such person is susceptible to skin diseases.

Cross on Mount of Venus: It reflects ideal love. If the cross is near the lifeline then such a person becomes a saint or goes to jail or the person's relation is not good with his family. Cross on Mount of venus indicates such a person can have venereal diseases or lack of reproductive power.

Cross on Mount of Mars: The person has angry nature and because of anger they can do abusive acts or commit suicide. Such a person can also go to jail. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross on Rahu Mount: The person has to face a lot of problems in his youth, because of death of someone in the family or due to sudden loss of money. Such a person has to undergo a lot of problems in the beginning of life.

Cross on Life Line: The person's relation is never good with his family members. Cross in the beginning indicates accident, cross in middle of line indicates stomach related disease and cross at end of line shows fatal illness.

Cross on Head line: It indicates worrying, anxiety and headache. Such a person can have head injury. Such person’s eyesight becomes weak if the cross is on the headline under the sun mount (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross on Heart Line: Cross on the heart line means the person's heart is weak. Such a person is compassionate because of which he gets cheated many times. Such a person gets very nervous by looking at a small problem.

Cross on Sun Line: Such a person does not get success in his work and efforts. Such a person is likely to have loss of money and can also get defamation.

Cross on Fate Line: Cross in beginning shows problem in childhood, cross in middle shows loss of money and cross at the end of line indicates that luck not favors the person.

Cross on Health line: Cross on the health line means long illness. Such a person is frustrated and depressed by his life.

Cross on Marriage Line: Marriage is troublesome, reason can be any.

Cross on Children Line: Person’s children usually do not survive at birth.

Cross on Mars Line: When cross on the Mars line, the person becomes timid and such a person becomes physically weak.

Cross on Travel Line: Cross on travel line means unsuccessful travel and accident while travel.

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Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

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