Prediction Of Cross Sign On Mounts In Palmistry

What is the meaning of Cross Sign On Mounts?

Cross on Mount of Jupiter: - Cross on Mount of Jupiter gives results. Such person is lucky in matters of love. Person gets married in a good family. I have a lot of money in the house. If the cross in below the index finger then the person is married or has affair very late, after 40 years of age. If the cross is between life line and the index finger then the person gets married after 30 years of age. If the cross is near life line then marriage or affair of person happens in adolescent age. You have to take into account marriage line too and the cross should be independent. Person having cross on guru mount has idealistic and religious thinking but if any obstructing lines are cutting the cross then auspicious results turn into inauspicious. 

Prediction Of Cross Sign On Mounts In Palmistry

Cross on Mount of Saturn: - Cross on the Saturn mount gives inauspicious results. Such a person is unfortunate. Such a person is fanatic. If the cross is near or below the middle finger, such a person does not have a child, and such a person practices tantra mantra and witchcraft.

Cross on Mount of Sun: -Cross on sun mount indicates person faces failures in getting govt. job and also not getting success in the field of his talent. Such person gets more disappointed as he tries hard to get success.

Cross on Mount of Mercury:- Such a person can be a fraud. Such a person makes money from dishonesty. Such a person always deceits others.

Cross on Mount of Moon:- Such a person is afraid of water, gets diabetes. Gets troubled by sinus problem and gets married late. Cross on Moon Mount gives inauspicious results.

Cross on Ketu Mount: Such person’s childhood passes in anonymity and he remains ill in childhood. Such person is susceptible to skin diseases.

Cross on Mount of Venus: It reflects ideal love. If the cross is near the lifeline then such a person becomes a saint or goes to jail or the person's relation is not good with his family. Cross on Mount of venus indicates such a person can have venereal diseases or lack of reproductive power.

Cross on Mount of Mars: The person has angry nature and because of anger they can do abusive acts or commit suicide. Such a person can also go to jail. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross on Rahu Mount: The person has to face a lot of problems in his youth, because of death of someone in the family or due to sudden loss of money. Such a person has to undergo a lot of problems in the beginning of life.

Cross on Life Line: The person's relation is never good with his family members. Cross in the beginning indicates accident, cross in middle of line indicates stomach related disease and cross at end of line shows fatal illness.

Cross on Head line: It indicates worrying, anxiety and headache. Such a person can have head injury. Such person’s eyesight becomes weak if the cross is on the headline under the sun mount (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross on Heart Line: Cross on the heart line means the person's heart is weak. Such a person is compassionate because of which he gets cheated many times. Such a person gets very nervous by looking at a small problem.

Cross on Sun Line: Such a person does not get success in his work and efforts. Such a person is likely to have loss of money and can also get defamation.

Cross on Fate Line: Cross in beginning shows problem in childhood, cross in middle shows loss of money and cross at the end of line indicates that luck not favors the person.

Cross on Health line: Cross on the health line means long illness. Such a person is frustrated and depressed by his life.

Cross on Marriage Line: Marriage is troublesome, reason can be any.

Cross on Children Line: Person’s children usually do not survive at birth.

Cross on Mars Line: When cross on the Mars line, the person becomes timid and such a person becomes physically weak.

Cross on Travel Line: Cross on travel line means unsuccessful travel and accident while travel.

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