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Remedies To Get Job Soon

Are you facing problems due to not getting a good job?

First it is important to know why you are not getting it? What is the reason behind it?

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1).  Because of Shani, Ketu, and Rahu a person keeps having problems.  These are evil planets and create most obstacles in getting a good job.  Either they do not allow the person to get a job or create lots of problems in the job so that the person has to keep changing his jobs and cannot get stability.  The person loses his job in short intervals, gets arguments with boss, or gets false allegations.  Those who have bad influence of these planets definitely suffer in their careers.  Whenever these planets have mahadasha antardasha the person has to suffer from physical and mental problems.  Like Rahu antardasha coming in Shani mahadasha is an indication that the person will be losing his job/getting transferred or will have any other change in his life.

2). Person has to suffer lot of problems due to Pitra Dosh also like not getting a job, not getting married on time, not having children, etc.  Pitra dosh remedies are given in the blog and you can get benefited from them.

3). Person has to suffer lot of problems due to Kaal Sarp dosh also and the person is not able to settle down in life.  But experts are not unanimous on this dosh and their opinions vary.

4). Person has to suffer lot of problems due to Bandish, tone-totke, kiye-karaye, buri najar also.  Nowadays a large number of people tend to be jealous from each other and do bad rituals and tantrik rituals on their enemies and due to which the person affected has to suffer lot of problems.  Like in bandish the whole family of person gets ill, study of children goes down, family members go in depression and sometimes even untimely demise of some member also happens.  Remedies to get rid of Bandish and tone totke are given in the blog and you can get benefited from doing them.

What to do when not getting job after making all efforts possible???

If you are not getting job then you do not have to worry as I am telling some simple remedies here but you have to make sure that you do them by heart and faith and not for formality sake only.

Easiest remedy to get job soon

You can do this remedy on Tuesday and Saturday but it has to be done in night between 11 and 12 o'clock.

Take one lemon and go to any quiet crossroad and cut the lemon in four equal pieces and then throw them in four directions and come back home. While you are throwing the lemon pieces you have to make your wish like "I wish I get a job soon".  A lot of people have benefited from this and hopefully you will also get desired results by doing this remedy

Simple and Effective Mantras and Paaths to get job:

Aditiya Hridya Strotam

You might have heard about this or doing this or can have mp3 version of it on your mobile that you may be listening in morning like it is becoming a trend nowadays that people lie down in bed and listen to the mp3 version on mobile and think that they have completed the mantra paath.  Whereas it should be that after bathing in morning you should be offering water to sun and do paath (reading) of this book three times.

Those people who do not have enough time to do this daily can do it on Sundays only and still get good results from it.

Those who are not getting a job and not getting success even after giving multiple interviews and exams should offer water to sun and read this book three times and they will surely get success.  This book is given on the blog from where you can take print of it too.

Reading of this book also makes up for weak sun line or defects in sun line and makes sun line strong.

Very Effective Remedy to get job:

On Sunday morning offer water to sun.  You have to fill water in a copper vessel and put 31 seeds of red chilli in it and then offer water to sun and make your wish speaking in your mind like “I wish I get a job soon”.  Your wish will be fulfilled soon.  The water you offer to sun should not get under your feet so you can keep a tulsi plant on the floor so that water does not fall on floor and goes to the tulsi plant.

Very Effective Remedy to get a desired job:

On a Friday take a new Key Lock and donate it to a Hanuman or Shani temple on Saturday.  You have not to open the lock before donating it and instruct the shopkeeper also to not open the lock.  It sounds strange but it has been effective and people have benefited from it.

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