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Dreams Meanings & Predictions ( Good & Bad Dreams Alphabetically )


Why do dreams or dreams come? 

Dreams come to every person but the question is whether they are true? Yes dreams also come true. Not all dreams are true, but the dreams seen right before the dawn opening in the morning only come true. It does not mean to be true, it will happen exactly in reality with you. If you dreamed in the morning that you are in another city, then it may happen that you have to go to another city within a few days. 

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No solid authentic answer to this question has been found till date. It is often believed that there can be a reason for dreams or dreams to be 'sleepy'.Science believes that sleep is related to those changes in our brain, which can help relax muscles in addition to increasing learning and memory. In this state of sleep, neurons (brain cells) become active again. Scientists have divided sleep into two parts. The first part is the R.e.m., ie Rapid Eye movement. (Which most of the dreams come in) in it the body is loosened but the eyes revolve rapidly and the brain is more dynamic than the waking state. The period of this REM is 10 to 20 minutes and every person takes 4-6 times the REM sleep during one night. This condition comes approximately 1.30 hours ie 90 minutes after sleeping. If calculated on this basis then the last night of night is the time of the REM (if the person normally sleeps at 10 o'clock in the night), the probability of arrival of dreams increases. 
If you see a dream in the first half of the night, the auspicious or inauspicious of that dream 
You are likely to get the fruits in a year. 

You see a dream in the second half of the night. The time to get her auspicious or inauspicious result  it is eight months old. 

If you look at a dream in the third half of the night, then in three months it is unlucky 

The time of the dream of the fourth day of the night is to get one month. And the dream 
The morning is seen in the morning hours and you get the result soon. 

The fruits of the dreams seen after the day's departure can be found within half-a-month 
is. There are many kinds of dreams in life and dreams on different topics. 

Are visible,  It is impossible to make all those choices, however, try to tell the full meaning of the dream I am trying to write with the order of words ..... 

Dreams are very attractive and mysterious to humans. Scary and  the bad dream is where it frightens it. He is happy, beautiful and good dream makes self-reliant. 

In the dream trap of dreams in the sleepy state at night, the whole the day experiences a strange happiness. A strange energy flowed inside it remains human nature is like this, who wants to know the fruits of bad dreams too. And Curious to know the fruits of good dreams too. 

Dreaming is an essential requirement of human life. Lack of dreams 
Meaning you have a deficiency of protein or you are a victim of Personality Disorder 
Are there. 

----- Snake- Seeing a snake snake in Indian tradition means, the horoscope 
Staying awake and struggling between internal motivation and external alert approach 
The snakes moving in dreams are visible. 

----- Bird-bird is a symbol of freedom from desires or desires. In dream 
The condition of the soul is estimated from what position the bird looks in 

----- Flying - this is a philosophy of self-confidence or freedom and salvation. modern 
Ideology sees it as a symbol of extraordinary ability. 

---- Horse-horse look is an indicator of being healthy. The ability of this indirect vision 
Suggests. Some people link it to reproduction. 
Some dreams and their impact ----- 
----- If a person finds himself in the dream to climb the mountain, then one day success 
Gets fixed 

If the owl is visible, then it is considered an indicator of disease or grief. 
If there is a bad dream, then when you open sleep, read Gayatri mantra and drink water. 
Should take. At the same time must read Hanuman Chalisa and not sleep again 

If a dove is seen -------------- it is an indicator of good news. 

----- If the person sees himself making bread, then it is indicative of the disease.
---- The person's life will be full of cereal when looking at Bhandara. 

Dream analysis and interpretations

----- Dreams seen in the day are futile. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans have always been interested in dreams In our Vedas-Puranas too 
Dreams have been mentioned about. If you have a bad dream, then sleep 
You should drink water after reading the Gayatri Mantra. Lessons of Hanuman Chalisa at the same time  must should do it and then not sleep. 

Dreams Meanings Alphabetically 


See walnuts - get rich food and increase money 
See grain 
Pomegranate food (sweet) - get the money 
Getting Strangers - Pre-Foreclosure Information 
Ajvin food - health benefits 
Viewing Teacher - Get Success 
See darkness - trouble comes 
Seeing the blind - the work was interrupted 
Viewing Apsara - Money and Value Receiving Honor 
See meaning - money gain 
Guava food - get money 
Pineapple Food - First Trouble Relief 
Eating ginger - respect honors 
Take pomegranate leaves - get married soon 
Flowers of Amalata - Jaundice or leprosy 
See tears - auspicious 
Arhar food - stomach ache 
See Arabic - Sir pain or abdominal pain 
Watch closet closet - get money 
Watch the wardrobe open - money loss 
Grapes Eating - Healthy Benefits 
See organ protector - risk of injury 
Seeing yourself flying in the sky - get success 
Seeing the attack of others - longevity 
Seeing organ cut - health benefits 
Organ Donation - Bright Future, Prize 
Finger Cutting - Family 
Thumb sucking - controversy in family property 
Watching Anesthesi - Mangalic work in the family 
See Bone - Avoiding Crisis 
Anxiety Watching - Eye Disease 
Seeing yourself alone - long journey 
Paper reading, buying - debate 
Pickle food, make - headache, abdominal pain 
Attend - get tragic news 
Becoming president - loss of value 
To study - fail 
See kidnapping - longevity 
To be proud - humiliation 
Viewing Apocalypse - Get Support From Woman 
To be new moon - get rid of distress 
Seeing Agarbatti - Religious Rituals 
See agarbatti burning - accident 
Offering Agarbatti - Good 
Read unreadable characters - get tragic news 
See fire burning - ominous 
Firefighting - good luck 
Seeing strange things - notice of the arrival of the loved one 
Watching python - auspicious 
Watching the Arms - Protection From Crisis 
Walking on coals - physical pain 
See the numbers - ominous 
See the numbers odd - auspicious 
Seeing yourself cut off from the weapon 
Seeing your teeth falling - the brother is suffering 
See Tears - Family Function in the Family 
Hear the sound - good times are coming 
See the storm - get rid of the crisis 
Falling in the storm - will be successful 

See the mirror - wish fulfillment, get good friends 
Seeing your mouth in the mirror - trouble in the job, trouble in the wife 
Watch the sky - get a high rank 
Seeing yourself in the sky - good travel signs 
Seeing yourself falling in the sky - loss in business 
Looking for a fire - get money wrongly 
Burning Up Fire - Making Money, Profit in the Job 
Burning clothes with fire - Many grief, eye disease 
Seeing Being Freedom - Freedom from Many Things 
Looking potatoes - get plenty of food 
Seeing Amla - do not feel full 
Seeing Amla's account - Willingness to complete 
Seeing - Getting the Suffrage 
Seeing an ache - physical pain 
Viewing Common Accounts - The Pleasure of Money and Children 
Seeing the embrace of the man's woman - the pleasure of work 
Seeing the hug from the woman - the infidelity notice of the husband 
Seeing the embrace of the male - Increasing the enmity 
Seeing the hug from the woman's woman - sign of money acquisition 
Suicide or Watching - Long Age 
Hobbies - Get Money Profit 
Watching Aanchal - Conquest in the Competition 
Tear off tears - Good times are coming 
Hiding the mouth in anchal - the receipt of value equal 
Seeing the Ride - The crisis will end soon 
Aara stopped looking - sign of a new crisis 
Apply or write - long journey 
Viewing Ashram - Deficit in Business 
Watching - complete the work 
Ice cream food - get peace

Watching tamarind accounts - auspicious for the woman, unlucky for the man 
Viewing Idli Sambhar Account - All Support 
The idol of Ishwar Dev stolen 
Reading the account - cheated, stolen 
Putting perfume - Gaining respect for good fruit 
View building - Honor honor, gain wealth 
Looking brick - will suffer 
See the engine running - be careful, beware of the enemy 
Watch the rainbow - increase the risk, the loss of money 
Ace see Hukam - Grief and despair 
Ace see pan-family distress 
Ace Viewing of Clubs - Home Clashes, Notice of Guest Coming

See the desolate - travel to distant places 
Using Razor - Money Benefits in Travel 
Viewing the Park - Pre-Alert Information 
See opening - ominous sign 
Looking sad - good news 
Borrow or give - sign of money profit 
Seeing yourself flying - Pre-critical notice 
Owl-looking signs 
Take a Ubassa - Get Suffering 
Inverted clothing - insulted 
Seeing light - sign of success in the future 
Seeing bright clothes - Increase, get married 
Rise and Fall - The struggle will increase 
See troubled hair or yarn - will increase troubles 
Watching razor - money loss, fear of theft

Dizziness - fear of money loss, theft 
Seeing yourself at altitude - being humiliated 
Watching Wool - Get Money Profit 
Watching high mountains - work hard after hard work 
Viewing high tree - time to complete the desire

See medicines - see the wrong association

Look at the specs, see wisdom, happiness, goodness

Dig a grave - make money, build houses 
Slaying yourself - good dream, survivors of evil deeds 
Stature look your little one - bear humiliation, trouble 
Stature look big 
Seeing swearing - suffering from childhood 
Seeing Pen - Receiving Profit Money 
To give loans - prosperity came 
Taking a loan - loss in business 
Seeing Artwork - Increasing Value Equally 
Watching camphor - profit in business 
Seeing the Kabbadi - The Start of Good Days 
See pigeon - meet girlfriend 
Swarm of pigeons - Good news 
Lotus flower - Gaining knowledge 
Watching cotton - happiness 
See bracelet - insult 
Seeing Bust - Stomach Pain 
See daughter - money growth 
See the shroud - longevity 
See bud - health is bad 
Watch Turtle - Good News 
See vase - success 
See blankets - disease came 
Washing clothes - first interruption, then profit 
See chopped heads - embarrassment will lift 
See the cemetery - be disappointed 
See Comb - Injuries, tooth or ear pain 
Workout - Notice of Disease 
Black Eyes - Profit in Business 
See black color - auspicious fruit 
Cashew nuts - start new business 
Watching ears - good news 
Cleaning the ears - Knowledge of good words 
View Counter - Benefits in Giving 
View Factory - Notice of Fatal Incidents 
Watch black cat - get profit 
Watching the Horoscope - Crisis 
Watch the hunch - the obstacles in the work 
Seeing Kumkum - Success in Work 
Look at the charms - more to work, less profit 
Dog bhokana - funny joke by the people 
Dog Shot - Losing the Enemy 
See chair empty - get jobs 
Seeing a lot of garbage - money received after difficulty 
See fort - be happy 
Nail Watching / Hitting - Have a Betting In The Family 
Hairstyle - pilgrimage 
Banana eat / see - happy 
Watch the cake - good things 
Watching Camera - Keep Your Difference Hidden 
View leprosy - the benefits of wealth 
Fog - The End of the Crisis 
See the cloth - get grief 
Seeing / Listening Cuckoo - Good News 
Viewing the aura - auspicious signs 
Jumping from a high position - Failure 
Seeing male skeleton - sign of aging 
Chanting - victory 
Length look taller 
Stature event - insulted 
Watching the Bowl - Deteriorating Things 
Looking down the canister - auspicious 
See full of canister - ominous 
Viewing Kendalas - Discounts from a family member 
Karva Chauth - If you see a woman, then you should see the whole life 
Paper blank - auspicious 
See the paper written - ominous 
Looking white shirt - auspicious 
Seeing the other dyed knees - ominous 
Seeing yourself sitting on chair - new post, promotion 
See others sitting on chair - insult 
Grave Digging - Building a House 
Viewing Camphor - Profit in Business Job 
See pigeon - meet girlfriend 
Watching Selling - Benefits in Business 
Blood Stains on Clothing - Futile Denomination 
Watching Turtle - Finding More Than Hope 
See lotus cucumber - happiness, happiness in the spiritual food 
Looking at cotton - Happiness, prosperity came home 
Curry Food - Marriage to Widows, Widow Marriage 
Saber-dharam work completion notice 
Watching ears - good news 
Ears Cutting - Separation From The Apes 
Seeing Black Dogs - Success in Work 
View Counter - Benefits in Transaction 
Black cat - good news 
Yellow cat watching - ominous news 
Kana Person Viewing - Not Enough Time 
Seeing the worm - symbol of power 
Viewing Potter - Good News 
Watching a kettle - Peace in a married life 
See or eat banana - good news 
Scissors - Uncertainty 
See the cloth - get grief 
Watching Coal - Tired of the trap of love 
Koran - Increase the feeling of happiness peace


Scratches-the body is healthy 
Watching Things - Conflicts in Life 
Flogging - Rid Of Difficulty 
See melon-get success 
Reading script - Good news 
See Rabbit - infidelity to the woman 
See the barn - respect big 
Eating sours - money loss 
Seeing empty cot - notice of sickness 
See empty vessel - loss of work 
Drooling - Tragic news findings 
Ridicule - disappointment with people 
Watching the toy - eyes get pleasure 
Itching - a sign of getting rid of the disease 
Seeing happiness - increased trouble 
Fragrance - Increase Honor 
Blood clash - good fortune 
See blood - get money 
Seeing the Rain of Blood - Famine in the Country 
Loot in the blood - sign of wealth gain 
Participating in sports jump - fate 
See the field 
Seeing biting the farm - beating a wife 
Viewing Skull - Success in Intellectual Job


See donkey 
Seeing Asshole - Benefits in Business 
To hear the asshole - be sorry 
Riding a donkey - Good news 
Watching Cows - Get Money Profit 
Cows or bulls look yellow - symptoms of pandemic coming 
Seeing hot water - Fever or other diseases come 
Watch bald heads - get into the exam, respect big 
Viewing the Alley - Advantages of seeing a deserted street, news of death by seeing crowded streets 
Look at the bugle - Trouble watching empty, happy blossoming 
Seeing the rug or sitting on it - bereavement 
Watching Guwahala / Gwalior - auspicious fruit 
Watch the carrots - the harvest is good 
Watching a car - Travel is worthwhile 
Seeing the street - slander 
Gayatri recitation - rare dream values ​​respect big 
Viewing Glass - Domestic Expenses 
Counting - Loss in Work 
Chameleon Viewing - Failure to Fail 
See squirrels - very auspicious 
See giddha - get fear from enemy 
Seeing wet items - signs of prolonged illness 
See gita - rare time 
See rose - increase in respect 
Eat Meat - Get Success 
Watching dolls - early signs of marriage 
Kutley Food or Throwing - Notice of Great Money 
Watching wheat - earning hard work 
See the ball - having trouble 
Seeing the Flowers of the Lake - Mental Unrest 
Look at Garuda Clothing - It's auspicious time 
Gita - The pain should go away 
Granth Sahib - interested in religious activities

Watch the clock - go on a trip 
Missing the clock - postponing the travel work 
Home view (decorated) - Loss in property 
Home View (Ruins) - Advantages in Property 
Seeing someone else's entry in the house - victory over the enemy 
Seeing fire at home - benefit from government 
Home to see sleeping - home fire signs 
House of iron - respect will be respected 
Feeling full of money - get money 
Hearing Hours - Signs of theft 
Watch the clock - ominous news 
Viewing the Wharf - sign of going on pilgrimage 
Seeing injured - get rid of the crisis 
Looking grass - will benefit 
Watching Ghee - Increase in Wealth 
Kneeling - get success in the debate 
To hear the voice of the ghungroo - The respect will be respected 
Watch Veil - New Business Begins 
Seeing horse decorating - loss of work 
Watch horse black-will respect respect 
The horse or the elephant should be upset -

Walking Wheel - Turns Into Business 
Wear slippers - go on a trip 
Viewing a mill - respect will increase respect 
See leather - be sad 
Watching the Stables - The Honorable Honor Will Increase 
Rock watching (Kali) - auspicious 
Watching the rock (white) - ominous 
Chatting - money loss 
Sweet food - Achieving good fruit 
See fat - sign of fire 
Walk on land - get new jobs 
Walking on Water - Loss in Business 
Walking on the sky - signs of disease coming 
Seeing the moon eclipse - All the work 
Watch the Batman Flyer - The Long Journey 
See hanging bats - ominous signals 
Seeing spoon - cheating close person 
Watching sandals - going on a trip 
Eating Chutney - Increase in Sorrow 
Charkha running - machinery is bad 
Losing Glasses - Signs of theft 
Drink milk in a silver vessel - increase the asset 
See bunk - loss 
Wrapping the sheet on the body-the house has increased the tribulation 
Watch the bed linen - get money 
Holding the sheet - sign of theft 
Watching Ageless Eyes - Notice of Disease 
Seeing Silver Goods - Increased Home Affliction 
Eat chocolate - good time is coming 
Seeing tea - money growth 
Viewing Rice - Difficulty Receiving Money 
Watching a knife - finally triumph 
Viewing Pictures - Meet Old Friends 
See picture - Sign of guests coming 
See Ant - Get Money Profit 
Ants look a lot - trouble came 
Seeing the eagle - slander 
Ant - get instant success 
Kiss - Financially prosperous 
Kissing - Increasing Friendship 
Pinching - Kalaash in the family 
Taxing - hindering work 
Earnings - Economic Benefits 
Seeing a witch-damaged 
See rat-and cheat 
Seeing Rat - Body Trouble 
Seeing Rat Rat From Donation - Liberation From Troubles 
Rat dead look - money gain 
Rat Chasing - Money Loss 
Chadia break - Husband should be long life (for woman)

Watching white chicks - get money

See the hearth - get the best food 
Eating Churan - Benefits in Illness 
Smallpox - Receipt of Money 
Thief catching - notice of money coming 
Seeing yourself on top - Loss 
Watching Chorhaa - Success in Travel 
Watch the Watchman - Sudden Money Come 
Watching the moon's moon - very unlucky

Roof look-house 
Seeing the Stick - Benefits From Children 
Umbrella walking - getting rid of troubles 
Visiting the umbrella - honors in the Raj Darbar 
See sieve - loss in business 
Wearing Ring - Increasing Education 
Junk - Failure Hands 
The sound of the sixth voice came - the guests came 
Seeing the Chase - Increase the Honor 
Drink tea 
Viewing Printing - Money Profit 
Viewing Group of Students - Advantages in Education 
Viewing the Lizard - Trouble with the Enemy 
Sneeze - ominous symptoms 
Hug meals - get money 
See the stabbing - fear the enemy 
Seeing small children - wishing to be full

See the crowd - the work will be appreciated 
To hear cheer 
Jalna - Honor of Honor 
Seeing Astrology - Troubles for Children 
Jathede see sadhus - auspicious signs 
Seeing the ship - indicator of crash 
Seeing Chained Charging - Charged 
Seeing yourself in chains - getting rid of problems 
See water 
See the stud-good dream 
Volcano Watching - Previous Notice of Location Change 
Digging up the ground - benefit from difficulty 
See the jungle 
Jalebi Food - Suvidha Suvidi Increased 
Burning Home - Increases Problems 
Burning Morning Watch - Good News 
See or do magic - loss of money 
Seeing the trap (of the spider) - Auspicious signs 
Seeing the trap (of the sprain) - the sign of the clue 
Eat or eat berries - go on a journey 
See the jungle 
Jukeing or hitting - mental anxiety 
Wearing boots - respect honors 
Beat yourself with shoes - honor will be honored 
Looking pocket empty is bad 
Watch pocket full - indicator of high interest 
See the prison - the world is laughing 
Prison release - Success in work 
Watch Joker - Wasting Time

See the quarrel-good news 
Waterfall (cold water) - is auspicious 
Waterfall (hot water) - disease came 
See the flag white or the temple-good news 
Watching the Green - Trouble in Travel 
See flag yellow - disease comes 
Brooming - Stolen at home 
Watch the rattles - happiness in the family

Seeing Tank empty - Auspicious signs 
Watching tank - sign of ominous event 
Tie white look - ominous 
Tie colorful look - auspicious 
Telephone Making - Increase in Number of Friends 
Looking basket empty - auspicious signs 
Watching the basket - sign of the ominous event 
Unloading Cap - Increase Honor Respect 
Put the hat on the head - be insulted

Bliss in the cold - get pleasure

Watch the wand - beware of the enemy 
Playing Duffle - Festive Information at Home 
Seeing food - bad news 
View the post office - get good news 
See doctor - get frustrated 
See the hood - money growth
Watermelon View - Money Profit 
See the scales - the work is fair 
Playing a Tabla - Life Has Gone Well 
See the pillow - increase respect respect 
Watch the sword - conquer the enemy 
See the ascetic 
Fried dish food - good news 
Divorce - Money Growth 
Slap-to-beat conquer 
Comparison in the Scales - Fatal illness 
Trivial looking empty - ominous symptoms 
Sake bread on the pan - Increase the property 
Viewing or entering the basement - sign of visiting pilgrimage 
Seeing the copper - benefit from the government 
Swimming in the lake - health benefits 
Locking-stop work 
Watch Clapping - Will Be Done To Work 
See the copper - get happiness, ride the benefits 
Building talisman - loss of work 
See the talisman - auspicious time 
Seeing the card - Fight with friends or neighbors 
Star watching - unlucky 
See a butterfly - get a wedding or a girlfriend 
Fly away from the butterfly - there will be pain in the married life 
Sesame Viewing - Profit in Business 
Viewing the Thirteen - Fighting Trouble 
Viewing Trident - Good Directions 
Viewing trinity - get government jobs 
Catching a butterfly - new baby 
Closing the Vault - Get Rid of Money 
Seeing the Vault Break - Business Turnover 
Making Tilak - Business Increases 
Seeing Storm or Stumbling It - Get Rid of Crisis 
See oil or oil - increasing the problem 
Tola - Increased inflation 
Watch the Cannon - conquer the enemy 
See the parrot - gladly meet 
Seeing the growth of the stomach - there is trouble in the stomach 
Viewing Tollia - Get Healthy Benefits

Stop eating - success in work 
Stabbing - Struggling in the Fight 
Tired - get success in work 
Watching the plate - ominous 
See plate empty - get success 
Spitting - respect enhances honor 
Watch the pouch - rise in the property 
Watching the pouch empty - There is a fight in the real estate

Watching the Door Closer - Increasing Anxiety 
See curd - Get the benefits 
Eating or seeing porridge - Healthy is bad for some time 
See cracks - Break in the house 
See bog - laziness in work 
Opening the door - starting a new job 
Door fall - ominous sign 
Dakshina or giving - loss in business 
Fireworks - increase money 
See mirror - mental disturbance 
Wearing Gloves - Good News 
Dowry or Dow - the probability of theft 
See Daraji working - getting rid of the court 
Food or feeding - get good friends 
Falling medicine - the disease should go away 
Tooth breaks - auspicious 
Seeing pain in tooth - new work begins 
See Dadi - Have a mental problem 
See Grandfather or grandmother who is dead - respect honors 
Charity - Money Growth 
Donating - Money Loss 
Seeing Dada Action - Signs of Being Thoughtful Work 
Tooth brushing 
Pampering a penny - gain business 
Stain - steal 
See son-in-law 
Falling on lentil cloth-good taste 
Drinking pulses - interrupted work 
Watching beard white - interrupted work 
Beard looking black - grow up money 
Burning Daisilai - Increase Enemy 
Extinguish lamp - new work begins 
Burning lamp - ominous news received 
Watch Diwali - Losses in Business 
Seeing the lamp - Increase honor 
See the bride - find happiness 
Shop - Increase Honor Respect 
Selling a shop - Defamation 
Buying a Shop - Benefits of Money 
Shop closure - increase the sufferings 
See scarf - improve health 
Being a bride / groom - Be a defamation 
Seeing the bridegroom / bridegroom with a bridegroom 
See binoculars - loss of honor 
See milk - get financial benefits 
Sitting at the shop - Increase the respect 
Getting the Mantra from the Gods - Success in the new work 
Viewing Goddess Deities - Happiness of Property 
Donation - Receiving Money Assets 
See two-month snakes - get accidents, get betrayed by friends 
Running - Failure to Work 
Watching Goddess God - Krishna - Increase in Love Relations 
See Goddess goddess Ram 
Watching Goddess Devi - Shiva - Increased mental peace 
See Goddess Devi - Vishnu - get success 
Seeing Goddess Deity - Brahma - good time is coming 
See Goddess Devi - Hanuman - destroy the enemy 
See goddess goddess Durga - get rid of disease 
Seeing Goddess Deity - Sita - get the first tragedy and prosper again 
Seeing Goddess Deity - Radha - Find Physical Happiness 
See goddess goddess Lakshmi - Blessed be blessed 
See Goddess Deity - Saraswati - The Future Is Enjoyable 
See Goddess Devi - Parvati - get success 
Viewing Goddess Deities - Narada - Good news from far away 

Listening to Explosions - Increases Pain 
Datura Food - Avoiding Crisis 
Coriander Green Watching - Go On A Journey 
See bow - success in all karmos 
Looking at spots - auspicious signs 
Putting or seeing heritage - business losses 
Viewing religious planning - auspicious signs 
Watch the thread - increase work 
Watching the Pivot - Increase the Honor of Honor 
Seeing Smoke - Increase Pain, Read Stuck In Trouble 
See smog - good news 
Listening to Tune - Troubleshoot 
Seeing pompousness - increased trouble 
See dust - travel 
See spoilers - get success in work 
See dhoti - go on a journey

See tap open - work will be fast 
Seeing the taps closed - the work will be difficult 
Looking hell- increased difficulties 
See Nagina - get benefits from government, good news 
See Nagada - Money Benefits, Famous 
See Praying Prayers - Till the Tribulation, Peace Will Come 
Salt Food - Struggling in the Fight 
Seeing salt - Get rid of illness, gain business 
Seeing Namakani - the happiness of the householder 
Seeing yourself in drunkenness - wealth increases but the neighborhood increases 
See the flower of Nargis - family happiness 
Seeing Drowning in River Nullah - Signs of Many Crises 
Nakta man watching - wealth and honor respect increased 
Mimicking - Failure in the Work 
Seeing Imitating - Happiness in Travel, Worrying Work 
Creating a map - Start new plans 
Hypocrisy-Brain Problems 
Masking - Critical Illness Arrives 
See nut - family happiness 
Snuff Snuff - Increased mental neighborhoods 
See the river - be happy with the future 
Bathing in the river - get success in work 
Falling in the river - get relief after crisis 
Canal Digging - Work Related Schemes Found 
To be naked - increased luxury 
See river, tree, or mountain - get sorrow, get wealth 
Watch drama - the future is uncertain 
Nail breaks - success is delayed 
Nose look very big - respect should increase, promotion should be 
Seeing nails - there is a problem with work 
Nose bleeding - Increase in wealth 
Watch drama - enjoy happiness 
Participate in drama - get cheated 
Watching coconut - get money, get good food 
Injury on the nose - loss in respect of honor 
Seeing cancer - get rid of the disease 
Disadvantage - There is a loss in business 
Seeing the passage of the nag - money collection 
Seeing out of the bill of snake - money loss 
Snake Stalking - Increase Honor Respect 
Seeing the house of Nag - the sign of the sanctity of the place seen 
Signing of raising snake - - Sign of receiving property 
Nana Nani Watching - Increasing Family Happiness 
Nada binding or breakage - Increased family climax 
Seeing the drain - there was a grave crisis 
See the boat - Enjoy the house 
Sitting in the boat - there were many crises 
Making haircut from hairdresser - cheating 
Looking coconut - auspicious signs, religious planning 
Seeing the stream - get success in the work 
See Narada - money gain but fight quarrels 
Seeing the Navel - Progress and Money Benefit 
Seeing Disparagement - Increase Value of Honor 
Aim - the old desires are fulfilled 
Seeing the buttocks - the happiness of the house 
Neem's eye-sighting 
See sapphire-good news, get enemy 
Sleeping or sleeping in sleep - get money 
Seeing Neelkanth - Increase the honor, get married 
Lemon cutting or squeezing - be religious work 
Injury with sharp things - fashions in dispute 
Watching Edgy Shoe - Increase Honor Respect 
Watch the weasel - the crisis ends, the gold jewelery is found

Explosion - Increase in Crises 
Viewing Religious Places - Money - Money in Good Job 
Viewing Religious Places - Gurudwara - Getting Knowledge 
Viewing Religious Places - Mosque - Solving Problems 
Viewing Religious Places - Churches - Increased Mental Peace 
The Book of Religion View - Ramayana - After Success

See the angel - get success, get health benefits, increase honor, increase wealth 
See the mountain - conquer the enemy 
Removing water from the pump - business interruptions 
Distribution of Prasad - Disease decreased, increase prosperity 
Mountain climbing - respect and wealth increase 
Falling from the mountain - be down on business 
Seeing a foreigner - Fulfill the desire 
Binding - Honor, respect and wealth 
See crackers - gladly meet 
See bed - be humiliated 
Viewing the Solid Waste - Invites From Any 
Watching the crowd at Havana - Celebrating in the family 
Viewing the Family - Auspicious Results 
Cottage cheese - grow money 
Papaya eating - stomach worsened 
Watch the watch - the possibility of theft 
Registered food - Information about sickness 
Look up shadow bad news 
See turban - money loss 
Watch curtain white - value - loss in respect 
Watch curtain black - increase money 
Purse see - secret work completed 
to see the wheel - progress faster 
to see stalls - Joining a big celebration 
to see leaf or food -shub symptoms that 
look stone or kill - to benefit from the government 
to write a letter - hassle 
onion food or feed - unfortunately full event happened 
to hear praise - ominous 
share offerings - auspicious met 
Piaui make - funding increased 
to sit the exam - failure of 
kite flying - Long visit 
to study or teach - in success 
dish food or make - increase grieves 
view wheel - Travel successful 
view water - well enrichment increased 
see drinking water - wealth increasing 
progress in -naukri to Polish 
see Tree of Hearts - of childrenRiches to 
see crazy - increasing auspicious 
see paan-dan - increasing friendliness 
find powder - respect increased 
Parvati see parents - well enrichment increased 
anklets look ringing - disconnection from the woman 
get the reward - to be read humiliated 
sit sedan - health poor the 
crib to see - family happiness 
cradle swing - increased suffering for the child 
to take the parcel - suddenly benefits 
Hades view - respect increased,Appreciation found 
to produce die or experience - profit professional travel trade 
to cross (swimming) - respect increased 
see Box - funds benefiting 
view Pijra - be healthy ill 
look empty Pijra - funding increase 
watch birds Pijre - home to Kalesh 
Watching people - good news after 
watching yellow health worsened 
look back - have benefited from friends 
to see brass utensils - wealth gain,Trade increased 
see yellow mustard - all the good the 
view library - riches increased 
book lose - defamed 
get the book - value increase honor 
to be a priest - to advancement in life 
chartula tie - increased physical pain 
got the award - a loss 
to cross the bridge - money benefit 
see broken bridge - get rid of the crisis 
to worship - ease and total prosperity 
see ancestor - Good Swapna, prosperity increased 
E Interpretation Prayer - Mental Peace 
love proposal - Marriage Vilnb in 
view Flora - gain in jobs 
open box - the possibility of theft 
piss - crisis awayEnrichment tax be 
Peda food - disease in the mouth 
to see the severed leg - a victory over the enemy 
foot Khujlana - travel quickly 
find patchwork - notice the trouble 
to get money - money received for free 
to see pen pencil - be Uttirn test 
out Pocha - relocation be 
dressing up - a sign of the disease

To fruit - prosperity increased 
see torn clothes - be Dnhani, concerns increased 
see Fakir - work success met in 
view angel - wish done 
to find decoy or see - get rid of troubles 
blister rupture - troubles ended 
view Shower - all Musibte away , increased happiness 
to see Fakta - found trouble from the wife, mental guilt get 
to see gate - Sue finished 
-sflta crossing gate at 
alum Ekna - money benefit 
out executions - change direction in life 
to see turquoise gem - a victory over the enemies 
see Fulwari - favorite marriage be happy to get 
to see lighthearted account - economic prosperity,But woe news got 
to see Fuljdi dropped - attend her wedding 
to see read SHOTS - wealth increased Snmriddhi 
see vase - respect increased 
footy see eye - physical persons economic hardship increased 
blow - increased respect for social work 
to see the flowers bloom - increased happiness, children are 
flowers look envious - see the death of dear person

BTC see water - good news got 
to see -dn loss Duck Land 
see monkey - Money growth, good food at 
buttoning - Notice of crisis 
see the buttons - increased funding 
to see rainy city - increased prosperity 
see rain on your home - crisis came 
canopy in the rain with a walk - crisis from 
goat to steal or lose - fighting the 
snow food - concerns away 
to watch the falling snow - economic prosperity 
look at the door to be - Kh Gh increased 
see Wallet - wealth gain, diseases from 
increased Banyan Pehenna - wealth, happiness Peace 
Watch Heron - benefits to view white,Black look at a loss 
receiving messages of congratulations - sad informed 
view heifer - good news at 
Children see falling - increased economic distress 
cutting arm - to be read humiliated 
wound on arm - ominous for the parents 
to see the cut side - met conquer enemy 
bamboo watch - constant advancement 
view falcon - Stuck educated accident 
swoop by Falcon - signs of falling off a cliff 
to the West - bad news Got 
to see Tiger - a victory over the enemy, 
see reindeer - visit distant places 
to see flood - to get rid of crises 
thicken flood - pleasant environment 
to save the trapped men in flood - Home Kalesh growing 
success swim -Trade in floodwaters found 
flood peopleWatching the setting - a journey to 
cloud rain to see Family ease or prosperity 
falling see -ashub news at lightning clouds 
touch the clouds - funding increase 
self walking in the market - good news only 
to see the market - funding loss, loss of business be 
seen juggling - Fsna read masterminding 
the almond meal - healthy poorly educated hospitalization 
view almonds - funding increase 
to see the king - th Increase,Respect increased 
hair look to get rid of the head - debt cut 
hair look black (your head) - More money received 
see gray (its) - at a higher position in society 
to see cut hair - Home Kalesh increased 
see Child (palm or Tluon in) - Fsna read in debt 
hair look (read be next to or below the navel) - degraded 
to pretty things - an increase in work, respect enlarged 
view sand - plus benefit 
see sand Chhante - economic as Eshani increased 
Bicu, see snakes or terrifying creatures - money received 
to see dwarf - a good time close to 
the Bible - an increase in knowledgeRespect increased see sand - plus benefit see Chhante sand - Economic problems increased see Bicu, snake or terrifying creatures - money received to see dwarf - a good time close to the Bible - an increase in knowledgeRespect increased see sand - plus benefit see Chhante sand - Economic problems increased see Bicu, snake or terrifying creatures - money received to see dwarf - a good time close to the Bible - an increase in knowledge

Watching reserves - enough to gain money 
to see kiln - an increase in land and buildings 
to find ash - early marriage and the family's happiness 
to see brother - age rise brother and disease away 
to see her - own pain met, nephew born 
rush to see - suffering Mitte, best time to come 
to intoxication fractures - be read humiliated 
buffoon see -ldai fight or stuck down in debates 
carry spear - a victory over the enemy 
spear ma Rana - read humiliated 
to perform the game spears - crisis or accident came 
to see the sixth of the crowd - a considerable advantage at the 
crowd of cutting - sorrow came 
to see okra - increase in Sukho,Increased laziness 
see beggars - good results of assignments 
look to get wet - well lead to an increase in prosperity 
beg or pay - Family Happiness - Property and prosperity increased 
to see the crowd, or the walk - work unfinished 
look in the crowd as the furious - success in assignments 
storm watch - catastrophe came, the crisis read on public 
view chaff - benefit from animals found 
underground see themselves - had a disease or affliction increased 
wolf opened - believed killed notice of danger 
to see only sheep - unlucky 
to see a group of sheep - profits 
to see bison - struggle to success will be to 
see buffalo - had good foodCrisis read on public view chaff - benefit from animals found underground see themselves - a disease brought or increased fatality see Wolf - believed killed notice of danger to see only sheep - unlucky sheep view group - benefits see bison - the struggle success will see buffalo - had good food

Seeing the Fish - To Be Humiliated 
Seeing Fish - Finding Happiness 
Seeing flies - money loss 
Watching the Spider - Too much work to do 
Seeing house build up - respect should increase 
Cream cooking - money growth 
See temple or mosque - increase prosperity 
Seeing the priest in the temple - 
Die - grow up money 
Sit on velvet - prolonged illness 
Watching All - Good News 
See minister - respect should increase 
Sign of the good times 
Garland Flowers - Increase Honor Respect 
Weeds - Increased prosperity 
Viewing Mali - Increased prosperity at home 
Eat chillies - get success in work 
Suffering or seeing epilepsy 
Sweet food or sharing 
Meet meals - have fun 
Seeing the lifting of a mortal - without earning goods 
Watching the dead alive - worry should be overcome 
The sound of a dead body - getting worse 
To see the group of dead - work in the wrong society 
Breathing a Murder - Wealth Growth 
Give some to the hell - Good news 
Eat with the chick-good times 
Watching cocktails - Expanding business abroad 
Look at poultry 
Stamping - Money Growth 
Seeing the Flies of Flowers - Children suffer 
Seeing shavedness or getting rid of the stress of your home 
Viewing Muharram - In Business 
Wearing or seeing coral - in business 
Moong lentils or seeing big - there are many problems 
Watch the shoemaker 
Watching Wax - Settling in Conflict or Dispute 
Peacock watching dancing - good news 
See More Peacock - Increasing Doubts 
Stocking Wearing - Husband in Wife's Love Large 
See candles - get married

Making or viewing a machine - is a bad effect 
Yug or see - money growth 
Seeing Yamraj - The disease is far away 
Making plans - bad fruit 
Doing yoga - auspicious fruit 

Quilt - get money 
Make quilt new - change location 
Watching the quilted old look - an invitation to auspicious work 
Wrapping rope - get success 
Raspberry food - get married 
Rasgulla Food - Increase in Money 
Watch the trash - get the paused money 
Coloring - Loss of related Vaastu 
Protect - Honor respect should increase 
Darning - Get New Clothing or Jewelery 
Watching Raksha Bandhan - money growth 
Kitchen look messy - good food 
Look at the kitchen - The crisis of money came 
See the way 
See the way (terda maida) trouble 
See Ash - money is destroyed 
Watch Rockets - Increase in Money Property 
See the night 
Seeing the rye - the work stopped 
See monsters - trouble came 
Watch Ramlila - An increase in happiness fortune 
Taking a bribe - be careful 
Revolver Run - End Enemy 
Seeing or sitting in a rickshaw - Increased excitement 
Viewing Railway Station - Getting Traveling 
Seeing Rails - The Traveler's Journey 
Watching the radio ringing - there is a break in progress 
Viewing Refrigerators - Get Financial Benefits 
Viewing Desert - Increase in Wealth Assets 
Keeping Rosa - a sign of a financial crisis 
Crying - Honor respect should increase 
Watching through the sky - get money from abroad 
Food or Bread - Signs of Illness 
Sharing Roti - Get Money Profit 
Watching or losing the bread - do not feel in the country, travel abroad

Eat or see anchor - grow up, business booms 
See Langur - Good News 
See the loins - increasing the financial difficulty 
Drawing the streak- Increase the power of the house, there is unnecessary conflict 
Seeing dangling or hanging-speedy work started, economic prosperity increased 
Looking at boy lap (his) - money growth, business boom 
Looking at the boy's lap (unknown) - Trouble should rise, get home 
Fighting - With the rebels - unrest in the country and society spread 
Watch the hinge - Increase honor, increase wealth 
Looking at the picture of Lakshmi - the growth of happiness and happiness 
See Garlic - Money may increase but there is a loss in the trade of food and vegetable 
Watching Tung Tigers - Signs of New Troubles 
Seeing flames (of fire) - Increase peace in the family, fight ends 
Seeing red eyes - Achieving good fruit 
Burning Lantern - Stuck Into Moving Away 
Extinguish lanterns - Many problems should be handled by themselves 
Watch the wave or the tower - increase the heat and increase peace 
See the blackjack - Increase in peace, get good supporters 
See red criticism - get benefits from sensation, get success in work 
Appears red clothes - money is destroyed, risk increases 
Watching in the red sky - Lack of fight and terror, increase in wealth and loss of the country 
Veneer (your clothes) look white - happiness, peace and prosperity increase 
Veneer looking green - wealth riches, health is good 
Veneer looking yellow - health is stolen, stolen 
Veneer looking sloppy - Damage, bad times are coming 
Opening the envelope - there is a libel in the society, the secret thing came out. 
Seeing iron - success after hard work 
See the blacksmith - respect should be respected, victory over enemies 
Labia food - increase the wealth and business 
Watch gourd or eat food - Good news, money growth, job position! 


Watching lawyers - Difficulty growing up, fight 
Wage earning - failure in work, loss of money 
Seeing or pouring a wallet - In the house, fight with friends. 
Will be the land-related dispute, increase the tension in the house 
Promise - Read the habit of lying 
Wow, laughing, take care of honor, honor the enemy 
Varnishing (on household items) - a crisis on the family, health is bad 
Seeing vapors flying - beggary, accident and physical pain 
Participating in farewell celebrations - business growth, money growth 
Viewing the plane - money loss 
See or hear explosions - start new business, meet big people 
Playing Veena (By Himself) - Receive Money Grain And Prosperity 
Playing the harp - have to be involved in mourning, (by others) mental distress 
Looking old - bad news 


Playing conch, watching, listening - good news 
Seeing Shankaraji - Increase in Sukho 
Seeing Shrub - Disease Is Away 
Watch chess - time is wasted in vain 
Seeing Alcohol - Unpaid Money 
Drinking - Money Growth 
See Shama (lamp) - Honor respect should increase 
See Shama donation - get rid of disease 
See honey bean - money growth 
Seeing honey - interest in auspicious work 
Eating or eating food - get health benefits 
See mulberry - get good food 
Playing clarinet or watching - get tragic news 
Going to Cremation - Increase Age 
Go to the city - increase the wealth 
See the destruction of the city - have to evacuate your home 
Walking with the dead body - fortune growth 
Massage the Body - Increase Disease 
Seeing the canopy - increase the money 
Shraddha - good time to notice 
See shark fish - travel abroad 
Hunting - a crisis on the family 
See mirror - prolonged illness 
Break the mirror - trouble came 
Watching the Tiger - Victory Over the Enemy 
To be mourning - Celebrate at home 

Adornments - love affair increase 
Dealing with Adarangar charity - Find happiness and success in marriage 

See ink - get respect from government 
Burning stove - good food 
Seeing Sundas - money growth 
Seeing or listening to music - Increases pain 
Watch the chests - serve the wife, get the money suddenly 
Engagement or joining engagement - 
Getting Punched - Getting Rid Of Crises 
Speculative play - sign of cheating 
Viewing Salad Accounts - Wealth Growth 
Watching the Circus - Too hard to work 
Seeing the Soul - Increase Honor Respect 
Mustard greens - Disease away 
See mustard - business benefits 
See father-in-law - good news 
Watching Sir - Traveling abroad 
Seeing cracks - loss of business 
Sir Shave - Increase in Home Improvement 
Seeing the head of the head - salvation from debt 
In-laws - Increase in home improvement 
Crossing the ocean 
See bicycle - get success 
Cycling - get work done 
Viewing Sign Board - Benefits in Business 
Seeing Sawan - Finding Joy in Life 
See saris - get married, get happiness in married life 
See Stork - Wealth Growth 
Seeing Salah or daughter-in-law is happiness in her life, guests come, get rich 
Seeing the sea drowsiness - sickness came, famine came 
Playing violin - failure, money loss 
Watching the greens - suddenly there is a dispute, be careful 
Watch soap - get health benefits, get rid of disease 
Snake or catch - Victory over the enemy, suddenly get money 
Fear of Snakes - Betrayed by a Friend 
Talking with snakes - benefit from the person 
Seeing the war of Snake Nevala - Court has to go to Kachhera 
Seeing Snake Teens - Relative Relationships to Damage 
Falling from snake roof - Home sickness comes and there is a loss in the courtroom 
Seeing snake meat or eating - huge money came, but the money in the house did not stop 
Seeing the soldier - the opposite of the law, the causative signal 
Watching a movie - time is lost in vain 
Seeing smoking cigarettes 
See sewing machine - Husband wife may have a fight 
Stitching - Become a Bigger Job 
Look at the jackals - there is loss, disease comes 
Seeing Indoor - The Probability of Accident 
Clinging to the goddess goddess - the desire will be fulfilled 
Seeing seizure - poverty will be overcome after some time 
See Sita ji - Increase honor 
Crossing the border - Advantages in foreign trade 
See Sippy - loss on sight of it, profit on lifting 
Sena being wide - increase popularity 
Caddy climbing - Failure in work 
Seeing Hearing - Cheating with Partner 
Sutle waist binding - Garibi came and struggled to read 
Seeing the Sleep (iron) - get success in work, get married 
View Sudarshan Chakra - Fines of Bimani get fast 
See Bethel - Get married soon, increase the number of friends 
See golden colors - get paused money 
See tunnel or enter tunnel - new work begins 
Seeing dipping - Seeing happiness on one's look and increasing the pain in many 
Seeing a fire flutter - mournful news 
See beautiful woman - loss of honor 
Seeing golden sunshine - gaining money from government, enhances honor 
Look at the jar - there is tension in the house, the husband or wife's character is bad, the disease is gone 
Feeling of aroma - skin diseases came 
Seeing the deserted place - grow strong 
Watching Sood - Free Money 
Seeing the Soup- Death Destroyed, Poverty Has Come 
Crucifixion - Freedom from anxiety, good news. 
Viewing the Sun - Increase the Wealth and Value of Honor 
Shining your face like the sun - get reward, honor honors 
Seeing swine - get stuck in bad things, friendship with bad people and defamation 
Drinking pigs milk - bad character, read to go to jail 
Sunflower Flowers - Notice of Crisis 
Seeing the destruction of the sun moon etc. - 
Seeing the bean pods - there is a loss of money but good food 
See the fruits of apples - there should be an increase in suffering and happiness 
Serving - the hard work will get 
To Serve - Healthy Dangers 
Relationships - Chances of Sexuality in a Companion Life 
See soldiers - increase courage 
Dry food - money loss, improve health 
Watching gold - Increase the disease in the family, there is loss of money 
Getting Gold - Increase in Money 
Give gold to others - to benefit others with their foolishness 
Gold Looting - Grow Troubles, Understand Condemnation 
Keeping mortgages gold - be dishonest and insulted 
Seeing the sleeping lion - act boldly, will get success 
Seeing the sixteen make-up - a sign of a bad deterioration 
Seeing Manic Gem in the Dream - Growth in Power and Rights 
Seeing the Pearl Gem in the Dream - Get Mental Peace 
See Coral Gems in the Dream - Conquer the Enemy 
See Emerald Gem in the Dream - Growth in Business 
Seeing Topaz Gems in Dreams - Increasing the feeling of hostility 
Seeing Diamond Gem in the Dream - Economic Progress 
Seeing Sapphire Gems in the Dream - Get Involved 
Seeing Onyx Gems in Dreams - The Problems Suddenly Come 
Seeing Garlic Gems in Dreams - Increase Honor Respect 
Seeing Ferros Gem in the Dream - Growth in Business 


See bone - Good news, Benefits in health 
Watching greenery - the mind will be happy 
See tilde of turmeric - economic progress 
See turmeric pc - trouble came 
Seeing Flying in the Wind - Tried to Travel 
Seeing the wind moving fast - the increase in suffering 
Seeing the wind moving through the air 
See Handicaps - Increases Problems 
See palm (of men) - enlargement hostility 
Palm Watching (Female) - Increased Love 
See the mansion - news of the death of a close person 
Seeing the disease - disease came but knowledge increased 
See murdered - be long life, beware of enemies 
Killing - Symptoms of Fighting Fighting Conflict 
See green color - happiness increase in comfort 
Seeing hammer - honors but hard work 
Seeing Hashesh Drinking - Growth in Troubles 
Seeing shaving - the possibility of being cheated 
Hajj - complete the wish 
Be Attack - Accidental News 
Looking at the confectionery shop - wishes are too big but incomplete 
See airplane - read more lies in the business, gain profit 
Laughing - Uncomfortable Trouble 
Seeing a Laughing Woman - Increasing Your Home 
Laugh out (by others) - Wish you complete 
Seeing Beauty - Increase the Joy in Life 
Seeing Happiness - Meet Good Friends 
Seeing the hand cut off - there is a loss in the fight 
Seeing Painting on the Hand - Learn to Fight for the Livelihood 
Hand washing - work is incomplete, failure 
Skyrocketing with hands - full of desire, progress in work 
Seeing the hand-held - The bad result of bad work is to suffer 
See elephants - children, new work begins 
Riding an elephant - Increase honor, gain from the government 
Seeing the elephant - get rich 
Accounting - Dissipation, Carefulness in the Work 
See reindeer - get success, get married soon, get money 
Watching snow - get worse, get enough money 
See iceberg - a close friend is likely to cheat 
Watching the diamond - wealth increases but the struggle is over 
Hoonar Hearing - The defeat of the enemy 
Hookah drink or drink - Increase friendship 
Seeing Hookah - Wasting Time in Waste 
Viewing the ace of Spades - Walking will be a hindrance, disappointment 
Seeing the hotel - Stuck in work, lack of money



Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?

Answer: Contact me at Email ID:

Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera
(Take image from iphone or from any android phone) or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:-

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Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

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Client's Feedback - July 2018

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.