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Libra Love & Sex Horoscope 2017 | Astrology

Zodiac Libra: Love Horoscope (September 23 to October 22)

Guest post by Jack Thomas (Famous astrologer)

Love horoscope of Libra

libra love and romance and sex

The sign of Libra prefers above all balance and harmony. If this can be achieved with a partner is better. 

The Libra is helpful and fully functioning in social situations where their communicative ability is much appreciated. Scales like to be liked or even loved by anyone who crosses their path. It is difficult to resist as they throw their charm and attraction in the struggle. Libra This character ensures that he / she gets everything, be it in a fair way.

Romance in Libra 

Libra likes to keep the peace and is not someone with whom you will fight soon. Also does this constellation them to talk and as a fight occurs, this often resolved quickly. Scales would like a committed relationship and romance is therefore only comes into play if they are bound to someone. Libra likes surprises and gifts romantic. They can sometimes arrive with a nice trip, to promote the romance. Honesty Scales find most important in his / her partner, then they are best advantage.

The relationships and Libra 

Because Libra viewing a topic always two sides, it is easy for him / her to decide what is right. This is a very strong point of Libra because it may well come when the partner is a problem. Useful in relationships This character tries to stand up to help solve the problem. In the shoes of the other Although Libra wants to explore a relationship in a safe distance he loves the attention and love that gives a partner. This constellation will alternate in a relationship affection and dominance, depending on what their gut says. Libra does not like fighting, but rather talk calmly about what happened, at peace away. Hoping The ideal partner for Libra someone nice to talk to, and gives confidence. If the partner is also nice-looking, it can not go wrong.  Libra in Love There is no doubt about it, the Libra loves to be in love, there's nothing can surpass this feeling. For someone who strives to find the beauty in themselves and others is fun and love therefore very important. This sign can someone win with style and the art of love convey a sensual way. Libra might prefer a partner that much of him / her and from whom he / she can learn. Still something Libra wants to feel involved and it is his / her desire to do what is best for both.

Sexuality in Libra 

Like all characters with the element of air, experiencing this constellation more a mental than a physical experience that involves sex. Libra is strong in communication. Instead of having to perform great in bed, per se, rather he showered the couple with beautiful sensual words. And because this sign should be taken for granted in balance, they often take the partner and what it wants. Libra absolutely love foreplay and this should come as no lack of good lovemaking. Scales can spoil their partner and can therefore often happen that a nice conversation ends in "warmer atmosphere" ...

What needs? Libra

Libra A partner who gives the feeling that he / she can be honest, open and freely follows the right path. Trust and support giving is important. Libra show well that he / she is valuable creates confidence, though giving a nice present also a good incentive. This sign needs a partner who can talk to someone he / she makes less thinking and more felt. The Libra is someone who gives a lot of love, passionate love and harmony. A partner who is mentally attractive in this constellation top of the list. Such a partner can put the world's total balance upside down.

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AMAZING Feng-Shui Tips For Apartment & Office

Applying feng shui for apartments and office is not the same as for house feng shui.

Guest post by Mui Lui (Feng Shui Expert)

An apartment building or condo has many floors and units. Every unit has its own direction. You have to know the tips on apartment feng shui in order to define the feng shui direction for your apartment, studio or loft.

Same as the house feng shui, you have to examine your apartment location and direction. We know that the earth chi comes from the building front door and then goes to your apartment door.

So which door is your feng shui front door?

An experienced feng shui master has to determine your condo direction first.

Sometimes there is more than one entrance for the building. When she conducts feng shui for apartments that have many entrances, she has to decide either the door of the building address or the door with most traffic by the tenants.

vastu tips

She can draw a trigram feng shui map for the building after determining the feng shui direction. Then, she can apply this trigram feng shui map to your apartment and determine your front door direction and your unit direction.

101 Apartment/Clinic/Office Feng Shui

She'll use this Chinese trigram map together with the 101 apartment feng shui principles for your apartment.

She has to evaluate your front door feng shui.

She has to examine the exterior of the front door.

Make sure that your front door is not facing:

  • The door of the unit directly across yours.

  • A long hallway because it is a "spear" chi and is killing energy.

  • The elevators.

  • The garbage room and electricity power room.

  • The emergency exit door.

Feng shui for apartments has to evaluate the interior of front door.

Nowadays, the new apartment is not very large. The foyer is small. It is an important part of apartment feng shui. Keep this area free of cluster; particularly get rid of shoes, to allow the chi to enter smoothly.

Some apartments have front door facing directly to the windows or to the kitchen. This is bad feng shui for apartments. The auspicious chi escapes through the windows or burns away by the stove "fire" immediately upon entrance. You have to correct this problem with proper feng shui items.
Most apartments seldom have the kitchen at the back of the units because of the modern designs. Very often, the kitchen is located by the front door or in the center of the apartment. The better choice of feng shui for apartments is to place the kitchen at the "white tiger" side. Good kitchen feng shui principles apply to feng shui for apartments as well. Therefore, you have to consider the stove and sink placement.

The landscapes and buildings outside your apartment windows and balcony are very important to feng shui for apartments, studio or loft. Some outside buildings, objects and roads are killing energy (sha chi) to your apartment and yourself when you are able to see them from your windows and balcony.

Your feng shui master has to advise you to place feng shui item to neutralize the killing force if possible. However, a feng shui item will not be effective to overcome the sha chi if the killing energy is too powerful. In this situation, you have to avoid living in or purchase this apartment.
She has to study your apartment feng shui wealth spot.

Very often, this wealth spot has windows on both sides. To fix this problem, your feng shui master has to create a proper wealth spot for you; otherwise, your wealth is down the drain.

She has to study your bedroom feng shui and feng shui bed too. When she does feng shui for apartments, she has to follow these feng shui tips.

Bunk bed is very common in apartment, studio and loft because of small space. Nowadays, there are many designs of bunk bed and bunk bed with desk. Your feng shui master has to advise you the bunk bed size and design for your feng shui for apartments. Otherwise, whoever sleeps in an improper bunk bed has health problems.

In addition, she has to evaluate your apartment or studio feng shui for your bathroom and washroom. Unsuitable bathroom and washroom locations have adverse effect on health too.

She has to apply trigram feng shui for apartments in the living room, dining room, family room, study and balcony.

Many modern apartments have irregular designs, which are bad for feng shui for apartments. She has to apply feng shui principles to solve these problems.


Twitching Of Eye, Lip, Eyelid, Eyebrow | Astrology

Twitching And Blinking Of Body Parts

According to astrologers, twitching (to undergo a brief spasmodic muscular contraction) of your different body parts actually reveal something about your future. They tell you what is going to happen in your future — good or bad.

Meaning Of Eye Twitching

Meaning Of Eye Twitching

Twitching of the Right Eye in men and the Left Eye in women is a portent of good fortune. The exact opposite is also believed: that the Twitching of the Left Eye in a man and the Right Eye in a woman portents misfortune.

-This belief is extended to the twitching of all body parts. They are considered portents in the same way as the eyes: Right side body parts are god for men and vice versa, Left side body parts are auspicious for women and vice versa.

There are several superstitions about eye twitching, they vary in different cultures. In China a twitch in the left eye is a sign of good luck and a twitch in the right eye is a sign of bad luck, except for women, then the opposite is true. In parts of Africa lower eyelid twitches mean sadness is coming and upper eyelid twitches foretells an unexpected meeting. The unexpected meeting is one that I have heard over multiple cultures.

Still other places say that left twitches foretell a death in the family and right twitches foretell a birth.

There is absolutely no technical or scientific or fact based validity to any of these superstitions, they are completely based on blind faith.

The right eye brow: attains a higher rank and an increase of wealth.

The left eye brow: experiences difficulties.

The right eye: a good omen.

The left eye: indication of happiness. Will face difficulties boldly.

Edge of the eye adjacent to the nose: will win the case in the court.

Edge of the eye on the other side: will get wealth.

The upper lid of the right eye: attains wealth and status.

The lower lid of the right eye: people speak well the native. Possible danger to the brother.

The upper lid of the left eye: people speak ill of the native. A traveler comes back.

The lower lid of the left eye: a long distance travel.

Meaning Of Lip Twitching

Your lips begin to twitch uncontrollably at any time and are usually not a cause for concern. If you are experiencing a frequent lip twitching, or if it does not stop after a few minutes, you may want to further investigate the cause. This common event can be an indicator of an underlying health condition that requires medical attention.

Meaning Of Lip Twitching

Both lips: Meets a loved one.

The upper lip: Will hear good news from relatives or friends. A dispute leading to a positive outcome.

The lower lip: Will eat delicious dishes which he never tasted before. Very near sustenance.

Tongue Twitching: Dispute.

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