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How To Know Disease From Mounts Palmistry

How To Know Disease From Mounts Palmistry

In palmistry if there is a bad sign on mount then you are suffering from disease related to that planet or mount.

Suppose there are two-three vertical lines on Mount Jupiter or there is a net sign on Jupiter Mount then there are chances of respiratory, throat and lungs related problems. 

Mount of Jupiter (Guru Parvat), lungs, liver, and throat.

Mount of Saturn (Shani Parvat), depression, ear, leg, bone, and teeth.

Mount of Sun (Surya Parvat), Eye, back and heart.

Mount of Mars-I (Mangal Parvat), operation, accident, piles, and BP.

Mount of Mars-II(Mangal Parvat), attack, intestine, asthma and bronchitis.

Mount of Mercury(Budh Parvat), lack of concentration, laziness, wound, and speech disorder.

Mount of Moon (Chandra parvat) kidney, kidney stone, UTI, thyroid and hysteria. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Mount of Venus (Shukara Parvat), STD, UTI, infertility, hair loss and prostate disorder.

Mount of Rahu (Mount of Uranus), stomach, gastric, acidity, and intestine. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Mount of Ketu(Mount of Neptune), skin, leucoderma, white spots and throat infection.

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Hand Of Criminal Indian Palmistry

Hand Of Criminal Indian Palmistry

Hand Of Criminal Indian Palmistry

There is no specific sign of criminal or crime as there are so many types of crime (personal crimes, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes and property crimes). 

Some general signs on hand which indicates crime or criminal hand of palmistry:

1). Stiff and short thumb with prominent Mount of 2nd Mars (positive mars)
2). Clubbed thumb.
3). Head line terminating towards heart line between Mount of Mercury and Mount Of Sun.
4). Short head line and short head line.
5). Cross on positive Mount Of Mars.

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Love For Married Person In Palmistry

Love For Married Person In Palmistry

If there is an Island on the middle of fate line in both hands then it indicates love for married woman/man or physical relationship with married man/woman or relationship with married man/woman.

Also there are possibility of financial loss due to opp. sex or loss of reputation due to (love/relationship).

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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Sign Of Suicide Palm Reading

Sign Of Suicide Palm Reading

Suicide Indications On Hand

Nowadays, suicide is very common especially among young boys and girls, and large number of college going students are committed suicide daily because of failure and extreme depression.

Few common signs and indications on hand that someone may be thinking about or planning to commit suicide include:
1. Cross in Girdle Of Venus indicates suicidal tendencies.
2. Cross on Mount of Lower Mars.
3. Fate line in too many parts.
4. Only Mount of Moon is prominence in hand.
5. Head line ends on Health line.
6. Net on third phalage of little finger.
7. Vertical lines on first phalage of middle finger.
8. Influence line from mount of venus ends with star on mount of moon.
9. Head line slopping downward at Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon.
10. Star at the end of fate line and net on mount of moon.
11. Net on plain of mars and defected fate line.

(Always be careful when predict about suicide or never predict about suicide)

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Sign Of Bad Health In Old Age In Palmistry

Sign Of Bad Health In Old Age In Palmistry

Forked Health Line Or Business Line

As you know generally fork is not good sign in palmistry always gives bad result to subject.

If there is a fork on health line or mercury line then there are always chances of chronic health problems in old age.

In Indian Palmistry some palmists consider this as "Kalsarpdosh" which means subject is not able to get success in his/her business due to obstacles and bad luck.

So, if Health Line is fork under Mount of Mercury or at the ending point then it indicates bad health or health problems in old age.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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