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Various Signs & Related Predictions

Hindu Signs And Symbol On Hand In Indian Palmistry

Signs like crown, canopy, chariot, tortoise, natural pond, bowers, tail of a goat, tree, elephant, pitcher, palace, tomb, God's lotus like feet, mountains, mirror, ox, garland, etc, including the signs mentioned earlier are the 32 signs which are found and noticed on the hands of lucky persons. Following signs signify the trait and qualities, mentioned against each sign or symbol.

Various Signs & Related Predictions - Palmistry

1. Sign of parasol is found on the hand of emperors. 

2. Sign of lotus stands for the person who enjoys life. 

3. Sign of a lotus stem and lotus signifies a powerful emperor. 

4. A person who has sign of a human being is head of the village. 

5. Chariot sign denotes the native will enjoy all comforts, will have a large family and own vehicle. 

 6. Sign of tortoise makes a person lucky. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

7. A person is broad minded and philanthropic if he has sign of a natural pond. 

8. Person with a swastik symbol is worshiped by the state due to his righteousness and his sign is auspicious. 

 9. Sign of a bower makes a man noble, his married life remains happy and his life rises after marriage. 

10. Tail of a white goat denotes ministership. 

1 1. Sign of lion signifies utmost valour and hyperactivity.

12. One who is philanthropic and feeds a large family has sign of a tree on hand. 

13. Sign of wheel denotes grace, qualities and richness. 

 14. A person having a sign of wheel/ circle is devotee of Vishnu, and worships deities and Brahmins. 

15. Sign of elephant makes a person king. 

16. One who has a symbol of pond suffers from flatulence but despite this, he is prosperous.

17. Sign of a full pitcher helps a person to accomplish all his desires. 

 18. A person having a sign of fish leads life of navigator. 

19. One who has sign of a corn-seed leads a luxurious and comfortable life. 

20. Sign of plank makes a person head of his family.  

21. One who has control over his senses and has perseverance has the sign of a tomb on his hand.

22. Sign of a begging bowl indicates that the native is a recluse. 

23. A sign of mountain indicates the native is brave, courageous and unique. 

24. Sign of a temple makes a person head of a monastery, adored in the village and a religious minded person. 

 25. Sign of an ox indicates that the native owns live stock, is a prosperous farmer or a landlord. 

 26. Sign of a mirror indicates that the native can distinguish between truth and falsehood, is frank and justice loving.  (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

 27. Sign of a flag indicates the native is reputed and his old age will pass without hiccups/problems.

28.Sign of an urn indicates the native is well respected and worships his deity.
 29. A native is reputed and rich if he has sign of a garland of flowers.

30. Sign of a peacock feather denotes he will benefit from his maternal side. 

31. One, who has sign of God's foot, will have devotion towards God. 

32. Sign of a goad on hand depicts self control of the native over his senses.

source: wonders of palmistry by bhojraj diwedi



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